Centrist fag here, would honestly like to see positive aspects in this side of politics, care to enlighten me...

centrist fag here, would honestly like to see positive aspects in this side of politics, care to enlighten me, or just call me a faggot, I really have nothing better to do (pic semi-related)

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Nearly ever major advancement in human rights since the turn of the century has come from very far-left wing figures.

human rights are objectively a joke since every other person has an entirely different vision of what they are, making them worthless as a concept since the whole point of them is to be non-negotiables. thus, politics ought to be argued without any moral axioms and from the standpoint of increasing the quality of life of the masses per rawls etc

because of this, the idea of protecting private property rights becomes fucking stupid. if some dude is making people give him a crazy cut of their work for the muh privilege of using a factory, the rational thing to do is to cut that guy out of it to ensure more production is done

also consumerism is aids and only anti-capitalists can deal with it since capitalism is built on people buying shit they don't need

Workers controlling MOP leads to more productivity


Read this instead.

Us socialists are the only ones still defending Enlightenment values betrayed by liberals


the only real political compass

I use to be involved with an alt-right group. Found them to be fucking stupid so I actually tried some theory and traveled now I'm way less reactionary. Wouldn't say I'm completely cured but the left is the only praxis that offers any form of solution rather than fear mongering

"Centrism" doesn't exist. There is no political spectrum to be in the center of. If you believe that politics is somehow free from economic conditions, then I recommend you go to a board more suited for you. Or you can read Marx and get on this level.


Shows in your flag

the political compass and the political spectrum are both grossly inadequate memes for describing politics tbh.


Those two are not even great arguments through, weras the one I posted is.

Which is why I use it. Sorry I don't fit to your ideological purity but frankly I stopped giving a shit a long time ago. I don't see me going full leftcom anytime soon

pic related is the way to do it IMO

lol no
liberalism and fascism go on the same side.

literally the same thing

no. you're generalizing too. yours is worse.
also you put morality over it which is even worse, labeled things as good or bad. when thoughts don't care about these things.

Yugofags btfo forever.

This. Fish hook theory proven right again.

Well, in a nutshell our aim is to destroy the concept of what we call "private property". This is not your house, your phone, your toothbrush, ect. Private property refers to private ownership of the tools of your trade, anything you need to do your job. Think a butcher who requires the owners bone saw to cut T-bone steaks, or a landscaper who requires the company lawnmower, ect. There are many books (Wage Labour and Capital) that describe this more thoroughly, but essentially this creates a situation where the owner can sit back and profit from your labor despite doing no work.

On the surface this may appear trivial, but when considered in the frame of massive multinational corporations, the idea that a board of directors invests their inherentance from their rich dads, sits back, and rakes in tons of money off of the work of others is exploitative. We seek to return the factory, the company to the workers such that they can self-manage and directly see the fruits of their labor.

Also in general we see capitalism as a system to be massively corrupting to many values we hold dear. Issues in regard to racism and sexism, as examples, can largely be traced back to capitalism. Issues in regard to imperialism have roots in maintaining cheap labor forces and a means of bleeding poorer nations of their resources to feed the capitalist's insatiable appetite. Community values have degraded as capitalism pits us against one another in regard to competition, be it businesses, or workers looking for jobs. Inherently, capitalism cannot work without a class of poor workers to exploit for their labor, otherwise who else would the owner (capitalists) exploit?

Obviously this is a super distilled rundown, obviously things are really complicated so I'll lurk if you have questions.

get woke my dudes

and you really do not understand anarchism or being an anarch.
you still think like a monach.

Also worth noting that major advances in worker's rights, such as the weekend, vacation time, the minimum wage, ect, all things you likely hold dear, were fought for and won by far leftists who organized against the ownership class. Without these things you'd be little more than a slave to these people, out of fear of starvation.

anarchists study Marxism too. they just discard the "social" "man" ideology of Marx. Nobody thinks the theory is wrong except retards.

who exactly occupies most anti-authoritarian part of the center on the political compass? is there a such thing as anarchocentrism?

Those are the lot who could genuinely call themselves "classical liberals", or whom refers to as liberals. Property rights, unfortunately, but also democracy. Pretty shit but popular frontable against anti-democratic ideologies or legitimate nutters.

no. anarcho centrist doesn't exist. if you're a centrist its because you believe in authorities and have an ideology.

the anarch rejects these things.

If you let ancap doing "what they feel is best for them", you will regret it.