American Revolution

If America had a revolution or a civil war how many people would die?


How many times has that happened? 0? Civilian guns are useless against armor and planes, and don't go that well against better trained, equipped and coordinated troops either.
Your question makes no sense, it's impossible. What could be possible, although VERY unlikely, is a coup. Didn't work the last time it was tried in the US, and with today's communications it'd be even harder to pull off. Maybe if they could block comms with a few EMPs it could be done, but for that to be possible it'd need a near-war with another superpower.

There's at least a few million violent reactionaries and porkies that would have to die. Then there'd be all the casualties on the good guys' side (the communists). Definitely millions of Yanks dead.
Reminder that the American Civil War killed more Americans than any other war in history.

Hezbollah vs IDF, now fuck off.


but the reality is that guns aren't distributed equally. its mostly people in the south and rural west that have them and the ones that do have them usually have more than 1. some have more than 5. so its not that a whole lot of people have guns, its that some people have alot of guns.

aghan war jackass.

a rebel force in the rockies mountains would be literally invincible.

The black sun is approaching. Hundreds of millions will die in the hyper violence that will follow.

Hopefully everyone. No but really though, probably everyone in the cities would be fucked, while rural folks would be better off, not peachy, but better than those stuck in the cities.

Is this like Y2K, mayan calender 2012, and september juvilee habbening?

the first casualty was the dailystormer
I suspect more aut-righters will follow as their mommies toss them out in the streets

Daily stormer is still up and is constantly bouncing around. It will be fine. You leftcucks are so thilly.

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Did you get your adrenochrome, brother?
The pendulum will swing in the darkness of this summer.
Then the scarlet guillotine will awaken from its slumber.
Our leftist pawn's heads shall roll into the gutter.
That sweet September rain will wash away our sins.
Then we shall laud the comfort of our plunder.

All of them.

no one
national guard, the army or the militarized police forces would isolate the area and take care of you

hell they would hire some mercs to slap you around at first before doing all that

If a civil war happened how long would it be until the US just started nuking its own people?

That would allow Russia and China to Bring Democracy.

The moment antifa storms an airforce base and uses torture to force the commanding officers to launch the nukes.

A metric fuckload. It would also take a pretty long time to resolve.

Probably ranging from 100 million to 800 gorillion

Every time, in history, basically. The army will be demoralized and will be divided into standing down, fragmenting and usurping local power, desertion and joining both sides.

I don't know, but we will soon find out. America did have a Civil War though.