What happened to presidents like this? What went wrong?

What happened to presidents like this? What went wrong?

Hello Succdems

FDR is the closest man to being the savoir of capitalism if there ever was any

FDR was mediocre tbh; paying farmers to destroy their crops is my personal favorite reason why capitalism is retarded. Also because I'm spooked as hell I think his way of ignoring the constitution and coming up with contrived excuses to pretend his agenda works was shitty of him; he should have just amended the damn thing.

Huey should have been president instead.

fuck FDR

How do you resist the urge to vote succdem presidents?
We have had neoliberal policy in America for so fucking long now, since before I was born. If even one president came up with a jobs program and single payer I don't think I could resist voting for him, even if he was a fucking Nazi.

only because the powerful bankers of the time agreed with him

I wish he didn't have polio and became god king for life

Never change succdems, never change!

nobody claimed either of those things in this thread
why are you getting upset an argument that nobody is making?

The real question is why you would fawn over FDR when you could have had a fucking communist revolution instead you fucking numb skull

Succ-dem plz go

What's a succdem?

dude concessions lmao

ah yes

He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth aka no working-class cred. His grandfather sold opium to the Chinese. Claims he became paralyzed after swimming in a river, truth is he was in a boat that tipped over. What a liar!

I mean his whole campaign mantra was that he was a traitor to his class.
But this just shows how fucked America always was
A succdem was considered far left and our best president had internment camps


Lol imagine thinking that the axis powers were tired of corruption and capitalists


Love the manifest falsehoods in that image (at least on Labour.)

#1 If Labour betrayed it's socialist ideology in the late 1980s, it's implied that the governments of Wilson and Callaghan were socialist, far from being classcucked the social democratic Labour governments wind up being praised. (Isn't it funny how both the left and right bugger up their Labour history in the same way?)
#2 Blair didn't remove all references to socialism. He removed the commitment to nationalisation, but added the claim to democratic socialism. 15 seconds with a Labour membership card could've verified this.

Social Democratic parties dropped social democratic ideology in the 80s. I'll spare you a lecture about alcohol and painkillers.

slur towards social-democrats what the slur implies is obvious

how is that not a downgrade? so you go from language that has strict implications that has a singular interpretation to some fuzzy, vague bullshit that can be warped any which way (capital wants)? you a liz kendall supporter too?

Because the image doesn't say "New Labour downgraded Labour's commitment to socialism by abandoning concrete policy proposals", it says "New Labour removed any references to socialism", you fucking wanker.

MIC and bible belt happened.