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Don't delete threads like these you nigger faggots. OP asked a reasonable question politely. Of course were not going to police our language on here but people are allowed to ask why and who gives a fuck where they're coming from if they're not being cunts, just newfag.

Also it's good clarification for the genuine reactionaries.

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That thread was a waste of space and so is this

Thanks for ur understanding now here are some responses from the old thread so we can continue

Good thing this board has no obligation to be efficient

You're the kind of low-born filth who have infested this board. You are the reason Holla Forums is shit.

You're the kind of low-born filth who have infested this board. You are the reason Holla Forums is shit.

No, DO delete those threads. Delete the deluge of Holla Forums threads as well.

To be fair the thread was kind of shitty, but the thread should have been anchored instead probably tbh

I agree we should stop using these words. I have been convinced, partially through my experience of seeing other communities develop and the way that using these words nurtures many forms of bigotry within in a community, that they shouldn't be used. Isn't that obvious? They are slurs. They demean, and they otherize. People don't build commadrie by calling the people from other groups slurs.
The issue comes with enforcing a word-ban through moderation. This also seems to be an ineffective tactic that makes people who are actually using the slur out of thoughtlessness sympathetic to the "plight" of truly hateful people.
So I think we shouldn't have a moderation policy about it, but we, as a community should be harshly critical and offer up no defense of anyone using such slurs.

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This, outlawing the use of slurs only makes using the slurs a subversive act. I think a good middle ground is shitting on people who use slurs to avoid having to actually say anything substantive and allow the use of slurs in actual subversive ways. Zizek is right about humor being a outlet to relieve social animus tbh.

You're actually a prime example of what I'm taking about here. You're being edgy for the sake of edginess itself, and it's really not interesting at all.

There was nothing subversive about the use of Nigger in the American South for more than 100 years. There is nothing subversive about using it today. Slurs aren't used because they are subversive. They are used because they are oppressive.

Obviously. I think slurs are generally used in racist contexts to justify hating other people without having to articulate where that hate comes from. This qualifies as "non-substantive", so like I said earlier I think this kind of slur usage should be ridiculed. But outlawing the use of slurs entirely makes using them transgressive when it otherwise wouldn't be. So a good middle ground would be to shit on people who don't say anything interesting when they use slurs.
Implying words can be inherently oppressive. Wew, psychic violence is literally the biggest problem our society faces today. Thanks for taking a stand here user.

your idea may have merit if leftypol wasn't a board that was 99.99999% straight white guys that collectively believed in the most insipid, undistilled class reductionism possible

That was deleted but "fish-hook theory" is still up? Tell that isn't the most retarded bullshit you've ever seen, like the leftist equivalent of Holla Forums infographics

Nice strawmen pal, but most of the positions you've listed get regularly mocked. And additionally "class reductionism" is more often than not a baseless epithet thrown at people who reject idpol.

Anchored would have been fine. It was a dumb meta thread sure.

Been here since /lit/ retard and I don't have a PC

That's exactly what I mean

Race realism threads can stay up for days, and even tho they're derivative shit they're useful for people who feel like it to try and get their non-idpol anti-racist rhetoric right

Liberal idpol posting, especially when it's respectful and not someone coming here and saying were shit.lord heretics who won't go to heaven, should be allowed so we can explain ourselves and at the very least get the reasoning down for ourselves

Problematic cishet white male sinners!

Said no one here ever. Slavery is a class issue.

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I'm glad the mods deleted it tbh.
fuck redditors

ffs stop treating fucking websites as tribes.
I mean gods sake.

Because OP was an authoritarian Fuckwit from r/soc who wants to police the culture of the board.

tbh honest guy its hard to draw the line between board culture and actual racism these days, especially with unironic nazbols on the rise

tbh sounds like an excuse to sanitize and corporatize one of the few surviving Non-Neo-Liberal/Non-idpol left leaning sites on the internet.

Ultimately leftypol is the one remaining heir of the tradition that gave us people referring to themselves unironicly as 'straightfags'

I don't know what's wrong with asking the question.

Don't you think its hypocritical to want the removal of confederate memorials because of their racist roots while being racist?

how many black people do I condemn when I'm saying "nigger"? please, tell me.

Yeah we're actually browner than reddit, And all without idpol

Does anybody have that .jpeg comparing surveys done on both sites?

tbh honest no we shouldn't limit ourselves. we should use the right words at the right time thats it.

Holla Forums uses Jew as an insult we don't.

Who said he wanted the statues removed because of racism or at all? Maybe he wants them removed because they're shit like i do (pic related). Do you simply enjoy pulling shit out your ass?

The people making posts and threads here saying they should be removed. Try lurking a little more Holla Forums

I have, where do you think i got that picture. Also, not an argument


I dont use racist or anti-semitic terms.
Just say "read a book" and it puts rightists in a fit of rage.

insults on top of alienating potential new comrades, just don't work. Just calmly explaining why someone is wrong pisses them off way more, and gives information to lurkers that may have held the same views.


reaching critical levels of idpol

We recently had a demographics poll. Hint: leftypol is more diverse than any of the reddit safe "socialist" spaces. Turns out the youth (gays, blacks, latinos, trannies, etc.) prefer humor to constipated word-policing. WHO WOULD HAVE THUNK?!

At least you acknowledge that you are not a communist.

Whenever Leftypol climbs the influence ladder sour /r/soc and tumblr types find their way here to complain about their imagined version of the ugly and oppressive brocialists. I bet that idiot voted for Hillary as a lesser evil to Drumpftrth.


good job mods. i didnt think they were active on this kind of tone policing.

google "concern trolling".