Fish hook theory done right


Good meme I guess but if u mean in terms of actual political analysis or propaganda it's shit

I maintain that it's pretty accurate.

I maintain that your stupid

Not an argument

Not arguing, just telling.

and the fisherman is the kulak reactionary with his scheming hand-rubbing

horseshoe theory is literally just politically retarded people observing pic related

Best version

my fucking sides at Distributism

Best I've seen yet

Dorothy Day did nothing wrong

seems like it

Woodrow Wilson was not left wing

Top meme

Even he leftmost column are all right-of-center

Obama belongs on the same square as Trump.
Bernie and FDR are pretty much the same.
Chomsky's a left libertarian, not a fucking anarchist
Reagan is a neoliberal, he goes where Ted Cruz is.

There is probably other shit I missed tbh. Maybe Bordiga goes on the very top left instead?

Hitler was a lib.

yes, and liberals go right-of-center

I thought he was an anarcho-syndicalist? in any case Leninists often get in that square, you don't have to be an anarchist to get there

Reagan isn't on the chart

fuck, I mixed up Nixon and Reagan.
yeah that's about right actually.


Xexizy is in that square