Can we get a capitalist expolitation feels thread?

Can we get a capitalist expolitation feels thread?

How can I help him?
I'm just so drained and I don't know what to do, I found out about how bad it was last night like 8 shoots deep so I haven't even fully processed all of this yet.

Bring him to your place, let him stay there, try to motivate him, get back together, helpt him go search for a new job…you shouldn't have never broke up in the first place, because it's obious you still care very much for each other.

He better get his shit together, because diabetes fucks you up. I have an uncle with type 1 diabetes and he is really fucked. He can barely see, he has an amputated leg, he is missing teeth, and a whole bunch of other stuff I can't really remember right now.

Also, if your life is so difficult already, you shouldn't make it more difficult by trying to take care of another person. You can try to advise him, but if he doesn't want to get his shit back together, there is nothing you can really do to convince him, and you might as well let go.

I moved in with my parents to save money, they are both pretty homophobic.

I'm actually seriously thinking about telling his mother or something.

You should do that. See if she helps out. But, again, keep in mind that he is his own person. He should be doing this. Not you. Don't let yourself be dragged down.

You think I should get his family involved and do an intervention type thing?

Nah. Just get his parents to talk to him. No need for fancy stuff. He can't be fucking around with his health like that, or he'll regret it later on.

I'll talk to him and if we can't come up with some game plan and he still plans on financing his life by fucking old men he meets on grindr grinder for money then I'll just have to take matters into my own hands and go full intervention mode.

Now someone else post a story so I don't feel like I'm /r9k/ posting.

Here you go:

The one thing that always surprises me is that, even in the most serious part of his paranoia, he never suspected his son and his wife. He always really trusted her, even though she was always trying to get rid of him.
I can't stand the thought of seeing my father doing poorly.

Sounds like your mother is a legitimately horrible person. You should shame her into tears.

That being said ots unfortunate that your father cant really get the help he needs without costing your family money you can't afford to spend.


be honest OP, you're the trap

Well, as always, the situation is more complex than it at first appears. My father has many flaws. He is extremely lazy, irresponsible, and sometimes cares more about his reputation than about his family. I don't doubt that I feel more loyalty to him than he does to me.
My mother, on the other hand is pretty much the opposite of him. She is ruthless, individualistic, but very responsible. She wants to get rid of him because she spend literally decades married to him, hoping he would change into the guy she wanted him to be. Now the pills have made him even more irresponsible and lazy than he was before.

All this taught me a lot:
1- People don't change
2- You can't demand a person to change for you
3- No one is simply good or simply bad
4- Schizophrenia is really bad

Dang it, Nazbol! You cheeky ol' coot!

Dang it, Nazbol! You cheeky ol' coot!

Customer service always exposes you to the horrors of the real world more than any other job becides crime scene investigator I think.

Few days later
I will never forget this man, I still feel bad to this day. Trump will never make it so he can live in the u- haul storage unit.


Mods don't ban people for jokes please.

From another thread today

my peasant life in syria was legit better than this bullshit

i legit still want to die

Plan to go after the war?
or during the war?

I'm an American and all I want to do is die in Syria for something I believe in.

You are not alone comrade. One day we will both be home in the desert together.

Does trap means its a tranny or a girly dude? If the latter post pics.

As of right now he is a girly dude but he plans on taking hormones and getting a sex change. And I would but something tells me that would be a violation of his trust. He is blonde and has long hair and is beautiful though.

Unf. Pity every pretty boy is turning into a hormone monster these days.

Post pics anyways.



needs nose job

make him read and fuck

Jesus Christ, these are possibly the most depressing threads. I'm sorry for you folks. I'm glad I'm going to just mooch off my parents until they die then immediately an hero.

Pretty good for an alcoholic prostitute with diabetes.