Hey you hypocritical communist pieces of shit...

Hey you hypocritical communist pieces of shit, you'd better stop denying the first amendment and let people speak who have a permit to speak. Otherwise you're just violent uncivilized retards and will get what's coming to you. Peace.

Shut up burgerfat, not everything is about clapistan and your meme constitution


Only two presidential candidates are allowed to go on tv and debate and now you're all worried about the first amendment? You are the hypocritical corruption apologist.

why hello there


You retards lost your permit when you decided to show up a night early and started assaulting the locals

Someone doesn't belong here. And that's you, goontard.


Holla Forums only understands shitposts and memes.

So if we just don't give you a permit we don't have to listen to you guys talk? Fucking sweet.

First amendment protests you from being arrested or persecuted by the government for your views.
It does not protect you from getting your teeth kicked in when you say something controversial around a bunch of people who don't agree.

Yeah there are other laws for that including "stand your ground," faggot.


I'll also say that you
faggots aren't fooling anyone.

You're treasonous anti-Americans. We need another McCarthy to round up you dipshits who can't coexist in a free society.

As long as I've corrected your misconception about the first amendment, alls good. Just remember to scream "HES COMING RIGHT FOR ME" before you pull out your gun.

That was one of Koei's best games back in the day. It is so ridiculously easy to out-general the real George Washington. It missed by not having a way to do sea battles, but otherwise it was cool by early-90s standards.

Fuck off. You american are the cancer of the planet. Cultureless barbarian drooling for world domiantion.
All of you need to be wiped ou. All, whites, blacks, asians, browns, children, republican, democrat, conservative, liberal, libertarian.
So we can finally have world peace.

I suspect samefaggotry.

oh shit its on now boys, pack it up, lolbertarian really told us

Talk shit, get shot. It has happened every time you fags have come to our neck of the woods and it will continue to happen. So come by and see how long you'll last :^ )