The war is on now you go too the gulag

the war is on now you go too the gulag.

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He is not wrong. The imperialists are going to start providing significant funding to rightist paramilitary groups in the First World soon.


this. there's probably some weight on mainstream sources ranting on russian "collusion", eg: promoting far-right ideologues and spam around the us election for their own national-bourgeois interests

is america going to get a taste of its own medicine? are internal terrorists organizations going to get outside funding like we did in iraq, syria, lybia, egypt, and afganistan?

Support america in its fight against chinese imperialism.

does he mean american neonazis?

True. China is indeed USA tier, same retarded domestic policies. Their cities are looking more and more burger tier cities…but i believe they will crash and burn faster than the US, because they did everthing much faster. China is real accelariotionism. They will have a revolution soon.

I'm fucking tired of this. Americans today are on fire. Shitting up the board like they never did before.

Have stormfags disowned him, yet?

ex-polyps are coming

Counting on the American military to train wannabe brownshirters would be a spectacular mistake that I am sure that the CIA would not make. Veterans tend not to be particularly fond of the people in power when their tours are over. Look at where the DAPL's protestors came from.

For a very long time now. They only liked him briefly before the US election. Afterwards they started to hate him. Same with liberals, they liekd him during Bush and hated him during Obama administration.

you really think that polyps are going to leave in droves and come to leftypol over this?

They literally don't need funding from any other imperialist power. White nationalists are already learning how to build bombs and use guerrilla tactics in the army right now.

No, but in a year or two into Trump's term, yes they most certainly will.

There do seem to be a lot of them lately. It is like a Gallager show. It may be amusing to see fruit get smashed with a gigantic mallet, but you are going to get bathed in the flying guts.

Why would China fund neo-nazis?

White nationalists in the US army? Come on…the US army is full of blacks and latinos.

to destabilize american politics and lessen our geopolitical influence i'd guess..

It's kind of funny/sad how the government is perfectly ok with mistreating veterans and consequently churning out people who don't like the government.

they're too shortsighted. they just want to raise their quarterly profits. they dont think ten years down the line when there's an army of disenfranchised and disaffected veterans looking for a change.

Let's hope they're secretly still gommies and fund Black American Maoists or something.

I may just be an ex-airman, but I don't think that Army training is like that. Why would guys who are supplied with all the ordinance they need for their jobs ever need to build bombs? And why would anyone who is not a Green Beret learn to fight like a guerilla? We are talking about conventional soldiers.

only the cointel/pol/pot tier groups for the same purpose.

Not to mention the fact that if a serviceman so much as breathes a racist sentiment he will find himself in the First Shirt's office the next day. That shit is on zero tollerance.

*churning out people who don't like the government and have military training

But that already happened, the CIA has been funding anti-leftism since inception. Israel funded Breitbart and other alt-right news media.
There's really no shortage of people funding anti-leftism and justifying violence against leftists.

He's one of the few reasons to ever type "Twitter" in your address bar.

Probably a fascist one, considering the regime already claims to be socialist.

das fake my mayne

which is why they don't say anything. just like how wn's/kkk have joined police departments and actively encourage others to do so. well documented. lots of morons joined the military after iraq just to shoot up dah araybs, heard it myself back then

I dunno i was at the rally and whole thing was suss as fuck. Cops split the alt-right into groups and pushed them into our guys to create conflict. Also the vehicle attack on the socialist marchers was 101 CIA shit. I honestly don't think we have to worry about any fash, the state is all over them like they are all over us. Sure Russia and China might be influencing somewhat but im sure the American feds all know this. They have been battling with the Ruskies and Chinese for decades both defending and going on the offensive with subversion.

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Lol @ chinese pulling off venesuela on west's arse