Holla Forums on full damage control

The idiots at halfchan just destroyed themselves with this dumb ass rally. There is so much infighting on Holla Forums and everyone is desperately making slide threads to hide the fact that 50% of the people there are ranting at NutSacs and fascists. They are done for. Holla Forums is on the brik of collapse and the libs are taking full advantage of it

Now I'm not saying we should, but if the boulder is on the edge of the cliff, why not give it a little shove? Let's introduce those that are angry and disconnected from the fascists to leftism, and post some theory there to educate people

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This is good news. I've been noticing some of the generals on /vg/ are sick of Holla Forums's shit and roast them at every opportunity. These idiots got their political ideology off of unsourced, and outdated infographs as well as memes. They're beyond hopeless, the only thing that will change their mind is when they inevitably get fucked themselves.

Already tried a while ago, my arguments were ok but they won't listen to anyone, it's already a virus deep in their brains, go on the streets and convince regular people, let their ship sink along with them


I think it's better if somebody starts one thread at a time and we all group into that one.
Much easier than slide threading.

theres no real progress in trying to convince someone who has already made up their mind but i still fall into the trap as well

Or if things go wrong just hop onto a VPN and spam interracial gangbang porn

do you wanna do it now?

shitposting on the general right now, 4chan captcha is trash

Just run around shitposting. Lurking eternal butthurts run into any thread posted here with screenshots.

/fa/, /lit/, /mu/ hate Holla Forums too.

Pick one. You were living under a rock if you missed the Holla Forums-TRS conflict that's still happening, or when Holla Forums outed the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Alt-Right🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 as a Jewish subversion.

Did Holla Forums crash down faster than chanology and gamergate? Holla Forumslacks had a momentum for about a year, but I honestly don't remember how long the other two "movements" lasted before dwindling into irrelevancy.

those are my boards and i still see a bunch of meme alt reich teens, or maybe they're libertarians.
I can't believe /mu/ and /lit/ aren't leftist

This, don't put effort in your replies, keep calling out idpol

Holla Forums here, you guys are laughable

this event won't change a single thing

we know it won't nigga we are just shitposting your safespace

No, no. Just sit back and watch the show. The ones who can be saved will come here.

I haven't checked /a/ in all day, but I'm guessing the small vocal dislike for Holla Forumsyps that always happpens when they start sperging has intensified a lot.

Holla Forums is still a Holla Forums infested shithole and are acting like nothing has happened.

Isn't TRS full of SA goons?

Im a little autistic so im just roleplaying as a nazi there

Exactly. Holla Forums started doxing them after months of TRS shilling itself and pretending to represent Holla Forums despite the fact that it was chock full of Kikery.

Does anyone have that collection of screencaps of Stormfront threads saying they'd astroturf and raise "racial awareness" on Holla Forums? It would be useful to use to show that Holla Forums is not an organic place.

It's in your effort to keep them at bay same for all the non-crossboarders. Everyone trully hates Holla Forums. Everyone except /r9k/.

No regular of a board doesn't hates Holla Forums shitting up everything.

It already did m8

dont forget /his

True. It benefits Holla Forums because it killed the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Alt-Right🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 subversion.

Nice projection. If you think a bunch of libtard commies are gonna take down Holla Forums you are sadly mistaken. But please, feel free to make as many commie generals and slide threads as you want.

Not gonna lie, former Trump voter here. This is fucking hilarious watching Trump crash and burn. But in all seriousness we can't let this guy get the nuclear codes.

Fuck that. Why are you so worried about recruiting slightly disillusioned nazi fuckwads? That's how you get unironic nazbol cancer. Work on recruiting people who don't spend their day jerking it to loli ass fisting and rage driving their car into others because they are too pissy to even have a coherent plan. The average person or lib shit is actually far easier to get on our side right now


reads like a joke, we know nobody will convince you, it's just to shit up your board, you fucked over yourselves already

this, dont argue with nazis, argue with actual people

You didn't do anything. Really every raid you have tried has failed. Your board can only get traffic because you have to use bots.

Still trying to force this meme, eh?


Too bad Codemonkey called you out on it

Don't force my hand, Communist. I've been objective thus far when it comes to picking through your concepts and reading your theory, but if you deny me even a modicum of respect, I'll have just been wasting my time.

omg yes they hate the guts out of Holla Forums.
Pro tip: In every board Holla Forums ideology is reportable and most mods ban it.

It falls under "keep Holla Forums in Holla Forums" or "garbage outside of Holla Forums".

Oh really? What theory have you read? Tell me about it.

kek, Holla Forums has a thread about you now

but seriously though, keep going. The tears today have been amazing and the Holla Forumstards are in full disarray you're doing god's work.

t. libcuck

kek. Only buttmad Redditors and Holla Forums commies hate Holla Forums. You just have to piss and moan about it whenever Holla Forums gets brought up outside the board.

You sound like a true fedora lord

you will never fuck

Come join us in the general, pretty fun

sums up liberals tbh

Nah all the boards hate you because you shit up every thread with MUH JOOS and you all you can say is "CUCK CUCK CUCK SHILL CUCK JEW SJW".

Seeing Holla Forums's reaction to ten people from leftypol on their board is hilarious

Seeing as how I'm new to this, I haven't had time to read everything. The Principles of Communism and The Conquest of Bread caught my eye, so I continued by reading Capital and I'm still on that. I've also been lurking Holla Forums quite a bit.

Posted this: on halfchan Holla Forums

What is wrong with the LTV.

Non arguments:

Marx clarified (unlike adam smith) that only socially nessary labor (labor used to produce a commodity with use value) creates value. This is also the case if you spend 1000 years making a bed.

Marx also noted nature could create value.

Labor doesn't determine price. It determines value (not exchange value or use value) and correlates with the equilibrium price. Supply and demand determine price.

Machines cannot create value. If I make a machine that makes diamonds out of thin air then the value of a diamond falls below that of bricks now that they can be aquired with no work what so ever. Price might not fall because you can still manipulate supply and demand but value certainly does.

Some definitions.

Use value = How useful an object is.
Exchange value = Market value of a commidity. Different from use value. You can sell a beanie baby for 200$ but it is almost completely useless.
Value = the amount of congealed labor withing a commodity.

Some evidence of the LTV

Got 0 responces.

I construe this post as an attack on /r9k/ Robotkind.

Capital is tough and dry, keep at it and take notes if you want to understand it.

yeah only people that responded were the guys with communist flags

A guy doxing people he doesn't agree with gets karma. I see nothing wrong with this tbh.

I might not have the patience to do so if I get "No Platform"ed if/when I want to discuss something.

Sadly, I doubt it. When there's this much confusion on Holla Forums it generally just means nothing really happens.

ask around for yourself bitch. make a thread asking the question to the boards directly and get banned.

"W…W…We're winning leftycucks haha…"

sadly /metal/ had arghoslnt wp bullshit pretty everywhere

I hope so. I abandoned /a/ after Holla Forums started shitting up the whole site.

You got a response. Someone called you a nigger

yeah we can all agree that Holla Forums is Holla Forums infested due to a bunch of dweeb ass gamers being rejects, can't get white pussy and becoming nazis as a reaction.

But the rest clearly not. hell not even /vg/ to a great extent.

/his/ is the cure

i thought /his/ likes burgy

/his/ is mostly apolitical and tends to shit on ideologues regardless. Politics threads, although tolerated because of &humanities, are basically shitpost central because of it. Plus Holla Forumstards always make beelines for those threads, ruin them and get them locked.



stupidass backwards logic there.

this. any sane historian will tell you to fuck off with your bias whether it's nazi, communist, or liberal.

This, though my experience was that most are liberals. I like the Marxist focus on class struggle which tends to get overlooked.


wasn't until recently i was made aware that facism has nothing to do with policy but consists solely of calling people names and telling them to shut up


Join the fun: boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/137319906

Anyone know a free VPN for posting on halfchan? Mine is range-blocked…

dont judge me fam

Holla Forums was founded by people from /lit/ because even the slow boards were becoming toxic

On the brink or collapse. Hahaha wrong it's hunting season peeps. Hewillnotdivide.us
Closed it down to Europe in about half an hour think he's in Germany atm. Good luck bringing us down fuckers.

half /lit/ was majority Marxist from its creation until about 2015-16

Now they're all into Evola, Nick Land, and Jordan Peterson.


probably an excuse to get into jung

Honestly, I don't think peterson is that obnoxious. I find him quite interesting when he talks about psychology or mythology, but he truly is a retard when it comes to politics and especially Marxism and the """SJW's"""

Because they all have a frog fetish and kermit peterson is the perfect voice for it?


Anything with big money that started before 2007-ocalypse is full of goons, 10bux cucks are not hard to find.

I think the same. I get the idea that he knows what he's talking about when he's on about psych. But he found fame through a single incident arguing with ignorant college students and he's been riding that wave since then.

This could be an instance on my part of:

The truth is out there, not inside your head. If you are already act as a communist, you objectively are a communist. Your mind will follow.

yeah, i'm sure people who wish death on you for being a leftist and 90% of the human race for melanin levels will seamlessly transition to the polar opposite worldview in one day because you Outlogiced them. chans will always be dumpster fires of reaction. why don't you actually go outside and organize with people that aren't neurodivergent freaks of nature. serious, not even trying to be a shithead

Whatever you fucking faggot, you deserve a brick to the fucking head and no respect whatsoever. Fuck off, this world does not need you. YOU ARE EXPENDABLE.

Yeah, I actually think converting Holla Forums would be a net loss for the communist movement.

Proofs of said "call out"? As in actual proofs

An eye for an eye you cocksucker

Cool it with the homophobic remarks.

Holla Forums dindu nuffin!!! It was all George 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Soros🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 AntiFa libcuck sjw limpdick nu-male 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧cultural marxist🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 beta cuck falseflagging

Amazing. Literally everything is a conspiracy, everything is a coordinated attack in their eyes. This is really schizophrenia-level paranoia. How can they live like this? I would've killed myself long ago.

Oh sure, make it sound absurd by repeating the exact reasons they actually use

who cares. they're fat nerds who can't get anything done.

Nah pretty sure that's you guys.


You didn't meme hard enough to get Bernie in

We got the best possible outcome. First we get to laugh at hillaryfags as neoliberalism loses all pretense of popularity. Then we get to laugh at Holla Forums as their big daddy spends the next four years fucking them over. We predicted this shit, and it still went better than we had hoped.

fucking funny shit

Any fellow G+ users know or have reactions for the event? I keep seeing this running around on G+ and the entire autismo right claims it as victory and is only looking at car event as victory and every thing else is bad. I basically need counter memes to get the dude buttmade. Specifically from the event

and by everything else is bad I mean they completely ignore it since all they know about is the car and NOTHING else from the event


just post nazi gore

Let them do it unchecked. Apparently the Challenger fuel system is supposed to shut down on impact, so they're just digging a deeper and deeper hole.

Honeslty the reemergence of fascism in the west is just proof that Marxist-Leninism is a fucking science. We can predict social developments decades in advance given knowledge of material conditions. We told you that this would happen.

someone post the Milk Man here?

This could work on some, but the angle of this picture is that killing counter protestors is patriotic and american, and they'll just be like "you hate america you ebil gommi" and act superior.

some of their posts both on Holla Forums and r/the_donald are so retarded and word salad-y that im starting to believe the russian bot theory.

Don't debate fascists. Don't dialogue with them. Mock them instead. Post pictures of the virgin loser who did it.

so is "conservative" an actual dog whistle for fascist at this point?
on tube thats what all the fascists celebrating the attack are saying

not OP for the Challenger picture, but anyone got the facebook post where it shows he's a fucking manlet?

After Charlottesville I really dont think we need to worry about the alt-reich claiming the patriotic high ground anymore. The mass media machine is in full effect and cultural hegemony is working in our favor for once – there really isnt anything your average low-information burger hates more than Nazis.

im beginning to think that this is the late nineties all over again and the neo-libs are cleaning house of the Autist-rights now that the "movement" has outlived its usefulness



I highly suspect that was Trump's reason for praying at the Temple of Jerusalem.

Consider yourself stepped on.

Bat'ko! My dear comrade!

It doesn't help that every time Liquid won, they started spamming >inshallah and their general hate against China out of principle of them being not white.
This was not the case during the last International, and it pissed people off. It didn't helped that they doubled down on them, when doters started calling them out on their bullshit.
Holla Forums is more and more overstaying their welcome.

There is occasionally a nati/v/e uprising against their colonial masters, whenever they shit the bed, like during the Far Cry V debacle. Pic related.

Woah woah woah ,what was the equivalent of the alt right in the 90s.

twitch chat was fucking cancerous, even more so that usual too, I mean the anelle spam made no sense..
that being said I almost creamed when liquid btfo'd newbee

Your mods are on our side.
This is a war of attrition. Fight as hard as you want but you won't stop Holla Forums from taking over.

I was biased against the Chinese teams for what their owners did to the ex-Wings player.
Wings was the only team I learned to care for and the trust-fund oligarchy went and tore them apart for the crime of demanding a salary which was overdue for 6 months.
Fuck ACE.

a bunch of neo-nazis like aryan nations/national alliance etc plus a bunch of "muh feedoms no stp on snek" people like mcvae and the ruby ridge bullshit

so much for the tolerant right

wow dude I'm scared

I am deeply tr*ggered. Please delete these posts before you give me the PTSD's.

seems bout right
just some more proof lolbertarians AKA neo feudalists and "nationalists" are just fascists

He'll get eaten alive in prison.

the Esports Scene in china is a fucking travesty on how they treat players
but then again asia isnt known for being kinda to workers as of late

Pipe dreams my comrade. We got here.despite the MSM and PC agenda

ten shitposters well-read can beat a board without a head

Actually it's just you fags coming in and crying, an event this significant wouldn't be without butthurt /leftypoops/


enjoy ur "movement"s pr being destroyed

She was 32, childless, FAT and was bernout, she was surely a great asset, you're right she will be missed

LMAO what PR nigger, only bernouts and hilldawgs are fanning outrage, oh man our movement is surely DONE


these photos are hilarious, are they supposed to make me mad tyrone?

I hate nazi so much. They're monsters whale hunters. Whales are gentle creatures!!

wow epic ownage dude can i have some damn bacon with that

so she was fat who gives a shit?

u people are as delusional as ANTIFA is
and still
whats the big deal bout being fat

Wew lad, you can't even mock your deceased enemies right.

Can't even kill one of us properly without using a vehicle, and top of that you've basically gotten your folks doxxed and fired from their jobs along with making Baked Alaska a top meme.

Well played Holla Forums, well played.

Wrong! I have the license plate of the truck they had to rent!

Can you do better? Stop complaining.

cs is the WORKER'S esports. STOP watching MOBAs!

I'm kind of sick of playing CS. Started this new Black Squad game and been having a lot more fun with it.

It's almost like he's never seen the people who actually support the alt-right

also as ur here playmidair.com open beta soon tribes ascend but not bad

Most of our guys looked pretty average fam discounting some inbreds and boomers

Looks good. Guess I have an FPS to look forward to.

Matter of fact we can. We were actually able to mock a neo-nazi who died in the middle of a speech.

Marx had a pretty extreme view on class struggle vis a vis history (everything is class war), which didn't really stand up to scrutiny. I love history, I love Marx, but it turns up pretty often that people in the past were fucking weird and don't really fit into any grand narratives.

If it's suddenly ok to kill fat people, then Holla Forums is in deeep shit.

I agree class war isn't the basis of literally everything, but I found most historians overlook it almost entirely except when it is very explicit. Most papers I was able to I focused on the class makeup and conflict within a given society. Kind of wish I'd finished my history degree.

Bernie losing in the way he did was the best timeline. A lot of berniecrats get the chance to be radicalized thanks to that, and socialism will might be a little bit less associated with just free healthcare. But at the same time there still was this slight push to the left by Bernie which really helped. The election also showed people how the American political system is fucked and they will have to look for other ways if they want to get shit done.

I dunno i was at the rally and whole thing was suss as fuck. Cops split the alt-right into groups and pushed them into our guys to create conflict. Also the vehicle attack on the socialist marchers was 101 CIA shit. I honestly don't think we have to worry about any fash, the state is all over them like they are all over us.

I was fapping and went on the /gif/ board, someone tried getting a /natsoc/ thread going and pretty much all the responses were "Piss off, Holla Forumsfag.

Bit by bit, things be a changin for the better on the chans.

I noticed that Holla Forums got a lot more angry at Holla Forums
Does anyone have that screencap where it predicted how Holla Forums would end losing all hegemony on 4chan? so far it has been on point.

Eh, it's all about reading anyways. Do/did you have article access from your college?

I think the mention of class conflict is one of those things like safe workplace laws, that have been so fundamentally accepted at a part of the field that people don't need to be prompted about it. The tricky thing is, when class conflict is evident, but also clearly doesn't result in a mass revolution, marxist history doesn't have a robust way of looking at why.

try again

Jesus christ finally
Maybe all the ancaps will leave /g/ so I can go back again.

I need a better comp before going there, about to get the last few parts and I'll be ready to crawl.

I will say crushing Holla Forumsyps is bretty satisfying

your days are number fagatoli

So you finally admit you are as bad as truck Islamists?
When will the alt-right jaunt to Saudi-Arabia?

you will never fuck

I think we have to move over to sending interracial porn at them. They're just calling us kike shills and not even making proper arguments

Holla Forums really shot themselves in the foot with this alt-right larping.

Not only are the alt-right™ extremely controlled, they associated themselves with the worst kind of cult like people who engage in petty tactics against their own. There is also the fact that Radix aligned themselves with Russian far-right groups like that of Dugin which have no interest in America's self-interest and want to actively cause its political destabilization

No use in doing this. I've tried shit-posting on Holla Forums. It doesn't work. I've tried everything. We should just focus on stuff here. We've won ideas. China is on the rise. North Korea is bashing Trumpkins. We won.

Some links apparently have been deleted ever since so i doubt it will be very efficient

essentially this
does the american right not understand that dugin expressly said that russia should support groups like this to ruin america
he outright calls for the political destabilization of the U.S.A via this


Here are some sources


The article states:

That Daniel Friberg the owner of Arktos and financial contributor to Altright.com
"Doxxed the organizers of The Scandza Forum to the Antifa, apparently in revenge for being disinvited;
Was an “embezzler” of funds from his own company, Arktos;
Destroyed “an endless list of people both personally and financially.”

From Metapedia


The TRS doxxing scandal may have been done by this Firberg guy, after he heard about the homosexual grooming that was going on there. Greg Johnson the owner of counter-currents is also homosexual.

They are a sad and creepy cult, and it's surprising to me why Holla Forums since it is a hive mind fell to their influence so easily.

You have to understand, the Russians were merely exporting their own ideology which is sort of close to Nazbol.

Spencer and Friberg are very friendly to Dugin, Spencer was translator for Dugin and Motpol the think tank Friberg contributes, is Russia funded.

What the Russians I think don't seem to grasp, maybe because it's entirely outside of their imagination, that an American right-wing can ever be anti-capitalist an anti-imperialist. This is why Putin was so angry with Trump after he signed the sanctions bill, he basically realised nothing changes in the US. While Spencer and the Eurasia aligned "alt-right" is anti-capitalist (see Spencer's marx comments) and identitarian, they have not yet realised that the American far-right is ONLY Identitarian and fully pro-capitalist, which is why they act so well as Republican fifth column in the Trump presidency.

One can see this basic miscommunication even between the American and European right, see Benoist's interview with Amren:



Undertsning the rise of the far-right in Europe is to unerstand the new geopolitical cold war that is being waged.
However Russia's efforts are pathetic to say the least. Firstly because the so called "Atlantic coalition" extends beyond the unshakable defence contracts of NATO and involves a high class financial union between first world nations


Second the far-right is basically power mongers with their own agenda. No matter how much they try Poland, Hungary and Britain will still be anti-Russia. Le Pen even quietly dropped any ideas of quitting the euro


Trump also basically showed with his fanatical pro-ISrael stance, and the energy sector coalition he has gathered (not so different from Dubya's, see Rumsfeld, Cheney) that he is not that much of an atypical Republican president.

But halfchan Holla Forums died a long time ago. What a bunch of delusional niggers.

if you read history how can you not want to exterminate the jews lol?

Holla Forums infographics do not count as history, user


If you read history, people like you would appreciate them a lot more.

I'm curious what counts as a jewish expulsion, if a group containing jewish people were expulsed for non-being jewish reasons, does it count? Like if a country kicked out a bunch of immigrants from X country for being there illegally, and half of them were jewish, does that still count? Is it considering religious vs ethnic jews?

pissing into an ocean of piss. if you think Holla Forums is a reliable marker of the mind of the right you will be devoured. Be careful!

Looks like a man whose car was attacked by vicious hambeast and fled for his life.

There's no damage to control, the guy feared for his life and saved it.
There's more violent fucks than the right, it's the left: Ask the bolsheviks, ask staline, ask mao, ask pol pot.
We're FAR from even.


schizophrenia, the post.


willful ignorance, the post


Coming from a bunch of trannies that's fucking rich.

Maybe but don't act as if you have the higher ground, alright chump?

we leave the moralism to faggots like you. leave.

I don't even know if polyps are serious with this shit or such posts are elaborate baits


There's no "phobia" it has been proved; There's only disgust.


Preaching against, best luck for next time.

Trannies are the embodiment of schizophrenia, they convinced they're something they are NOT, they also goes under the scalpel to make you believe they're things they are NOT.
A dude's a dude, a faggot's a faggot. A self important little commie shit, a coffin.
Got me?

this shit is fucking unbearable

/jp/ hates them for making awoo unfun and politically charged and spamming it everywhere claiming that its "their" meme.

No, could you repeat that more clearly?

Somewhat related, dailystormer is being taken down. This alt right rally really was a complete disaster


it's all that matters tbh

What's different now is that they no longer leech on society to get treated: They're ready to pay a lot of money to support their delusion.
On top of being sick fucks, they support the model you want to abolish!
Reality does that to a lot of people.



Funny, police in my city were just issued some special orders today. The appearance of pro-Trump stuff, NRA paraphernalia, the Gadsden Flag, and/or Confederate flag will now earn you the watchful eye of the cops as a potential right-wing terrorist. Confederate flag was always something they are taught to look for, but the others are new. If the suspect has Trump/Gadsden stuff you are supposed to assume they have a weapon, even if they tell you they are unarmed.

How do they bounce back from this, I'm genuinely curious.

Do you honestly believe your posts are anything more than purely rhetorical gibberish with no sense whatsoever? Have you got any idea how obnoxious you are with your utterly childish, illogical insult spitting and acting like you're some special non-conformist truth preaching cool kiddo?

Holy shit if that is you consider that average.

Oh, they've always been like that.

Only this time there really is something at stake and autistic infighting like this could very well spell doom for their cause.

/an/ and Holla Forums regularly put Holla Forumsshitters in their place

Is there? The cops are still going to favor them IRL, and online reputation means all of jack shit. They think that it means something, but they have always been wrong about that.

Not after this happened they won't.
Somebody died, it's not smashy bullshit anymore, Holla Forums autism is gonna automatically put you on the cops' radar 'cause the governors don't want to make it look like they can't control a bunch of spergs. I can assure you that Spencer nigger is not gonna be able to take a piss without the feds knowing it for the next 10 years.


That is just a question of procedure in regards to how they identify armed individuals. Make no mistake, the cops will still be protecting the right side of every protest.

Don't make it more than it is. One person dying at a protest is nothing extraordinary. Usually it is the cops themselves who are doing the killing.

That is a valid point. A loss of perceived legitimacy on the part of the government would allow things to spiral out of control quickly.

Looks like 4/pol/ is either being raided/shilled heavily by an outside group (not hard to imagine), or maybe people are genuinely turning on the Stormcucks. I imagine it's the former of the two. Holla Forums isn't going to be around forever, but until then I'm going to pull up a seat, and watch it slowly unfold until the day comes when it finally fades into a distant memory.

the CIA agent u mean retard?
violence is justifed

I've been pushing a meme that it's time the white man suffered a holocaust.

It's been incredibly triggering to them.

Schizophrenia != dissociative identity disorder. Please learn what is the correct definition of a word before using it.

You're everything you accuse the other side to be. First lesson learned dealing with your side of the political spectrum.
Nice meme tho, faggot.


What a witty and thougtful reply.


I dunno man I feel like we heard all the Nazi arguments 80 years ago, and then we executed them for their crimes

pick one

Ubij se

a wild jewhater on steroids appears

Everything the public associates with me isn't me and the public will completely understand this, and not just my cult

No one on halfchan Holla Forums actually supports the alt-right, and they're widely derided there as autistic LARPers. I've never seen any thread praising Richard Spencer (or Milo, or PJW, or Lauren Southern, or any other popular alt-right figure) that wasn't widely criticised by at least 75% of respondents. People who go to those rallies are more likely to be /r/The_Donald types.

No one in the public or here actually give much of a solid fuck about the difference.

And as for denial, the overlap exists and you're blind to it or in complete denial you're overrun by braindead redditors

Well clearly someone gave enough of a fuck to make a thread about it, and you and lots of others gave enough of a fuck to reply to said thread. I don't mind admitting that I've spent a lot of time on halfchan Holla Forums over the last few years, and I have genuinely never seen the anons there praising any of the popular alt-right figures - in fact they're widely mocked. It might just be contrarianism, but even so. There's definitely an overlap in certain views held, but the idea that Holla Forums is in meltdown over this is just wishful thinking from the OP and the people who have replied. I don't think they really give a fuck themselves.

Pol on half-chan ain't even that Right-Wing from my experience. It's just a kaleidoscope of shit from all over.

They aren't being offended by you, or caring about you, or whatever organization you think you're demographically composed of

They're just lack at you.

If you aren't, you should be.

Everything that's Holla Forums isn't Holla Forums, actually.

*laughing at you

Why? In what way does it make a difference?

Socialists ain't liberals but for normies there is no difference between the two and it really hurt our credibility.
Do you think it will do differently for you?
Welcome to the Spectacle's hell enjoy your stay…

1) You deny the event is your fault, making the public who already associates you in one general group make you think you're totally irresponsible to organize publicly
2) Other groups you deny associating with yourself make dubious claims you don't support, but you're associated anyways because the public doesn't give much of a solid shit about the difference
3) You fully support the murder and injury of people in an ISIS style attack and look like monsters to the public
4) Another group you claim is not associated with you but has parallel politics and basically might as well be associated with you claims this, making the public see you as monsters
5) You claim its a false flag, making you look irresponsible and mentally ill to the public
6) Again, a group associated with you does this, and you deny this, making you look fractured.
7) The lack of cohesion between all the above problem makes you look insane to the public
8) This just justifies the already existing left resistance to you, bolstering support and having armed counter protests by the left.
9) The more rightists angry about all above have a chance of doing some similar stupid shit as the ISIS style car attack, resulting in a repeat of all above problems
10) This fucks Holla Forums

You basically need a seeing eye dog to not understand you've fucked yourself in the eyes of the public badly and it doesn't matter if you claim you're not associated with group abc who associates with xyz who both say they associate with you, despite your bemused negation of that.

The public won't do the mental gymnastics of separating any of you the more you pull this stupid shit.

OK what's Holla Forums then? The Alt-Right faction on there?

The sum of its actions and results, not the sum of its demographics. To claim Holla Forums is its demographics is failing to see the point being made here, and is frankly irresponsible on part of Holla Forums to keep dodging the match it lit.

Even if we lump Holla Forums in as one coherent group (in reality a fair amount of different political viewpoints on both left and right are represented there), I really don't think they care what anyone thinks of them. In fact, they still have that old Holla Forums mentality where the notorious they become, the more the media paints them as some evil corner of the internet, the more they enjoy it. They're trolls essentially. The board is awash with racism and sexism, most of it ironic, but part of the purpose of that is to shock any newcomers to the site who don't understand the in-jokes, so that they leave with a false impression of the site. So the public perception of Holla Forums is really irrelevant.

Now if we take the people on Holla Forums who are more serious politically, and who have at least some alt-right tendencies (maybe 50% of posters there, if I had to guess), then yes, this is definitely a bad PR situation for what they believe in. However, they're pretty used to being universally hated by liberals. They have at least some justification that antifa instigated the violence at this rally and however many protests before, so they still see themselves as the oppressed group (whilst trying to distance themselves as much from Fields as possible). It's certainly made it more difficult for them to spread their message, but in this world where alternative views are far more accessible through Twitter, comment pages, alt-media, etc, I don't think this will have as big of an impact as you might think. Even on the Guardian, which is where I get most of my news from, at least half of the comments on the articles about Charlottesville were criticising antifa for their violence. That's what the alt-right narrative will be, and it will continue to persuade the people that it had been persuading before.

Ah I see. Do you not think Holla Forums Holla Forums is more at fault then? They seem to be more extreme.

this is simply false

Beyond that they seem to be more effective. Although they probably don't have such a wide reach as 4chan Holla Forums.

They are hyper aware of what everyone thinks of them.

Which spawned chanology, which lead to the degradation of board society, and basically was the beginning of the end of 4chan.

Most people don't get their news from the youtube atheist community, so when its reported on the news "neo-nazis killed someone", they simply aren't going to think everything you typed out and this gives the left bolstered support.

Holla Forums has basically just handed the left its first real justification for its radicalism and another symbolic victory.

The more this happens the worse it gets for Holla Forums.

It doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter what they're effective at if the public responds to their actions or perceives them in the context of the past 48 hours.

yea man there is tons of political factions on Holla Forums
there is
…two factions!

Let's be real here, ancaps

I suppose you're right. I've never heard a normie talk about or even know what Holla Forums is, but they know 4chan.

So how much longer can they play this card? Is this some subtle attempt to try and get Liberals who say the same about Islam on their side? Boy oh boy.

That it's awash with racism and sexism, or that most of it is ironic? Assuming it's the latter you're taking issue with, I genuinely do believe that. Any thread where people are asked for a 'serious' or 'non-ironic' view on race, the majority of posters (particularly European posters) will usually express concern about what they see as unmanageably high levels of migration and the effects that will have on the culture that they feel safe in and are familiar with, but have no problem at all with non-whites in their countries who wholly share their values. Pretty much everyone hates Islam, but that's more from an ideological perspective (which is admittedly slightly confusing, seeing as Holla Forums rallies against liberal fun as much as Muslims do). Then, of course, there are also the genuine racists who really do think whites are a superior race - I'd personally put this at no more than 10-20% of people there.

They are hyper-aware only in so much as they crave attention and go crazy when some mainstream source names them (usually because they get completely misrepresented, which they obviously find hilarious).

Sure, lots of people don't visit Holla Forums or these alt-right YouTubers, but they definitely tap into the sort of zeitgeist that led to the election of Trump, that led to Brexit, that led to a growing identitarian movement in Europe, etc. The events of Charlottesville will probably hurt that movement a little bit, it's true, but mostly I think it'll just re-inforce the views that both sides already hold. Liberals will continue to think that all alt-righters are actually Nazis, and alt-righters will continue to think that liberals are bluepilled idiots backed by a violent antifa.

They're the two main factions sure, but under those there's a lot more diversity of opinion represented.

Yeah it's not going to last. The public forgot about the Aryan Nation and Hell's Angels for a while, but the more those types show up or the more alienated nerds become similar to those types

It's basically game over and white nationalism becomes a pariah to the public again.

so yes, they're racist

This is a good look

That is responded to in kind by a left revival. UKIP got massive support at the moments you're talking about and then the last snap election became basically dead with a revived left, one that won't go away the more events like this happen.

You again, dismiss the negation of what you're talking about's own social media presence, mostly on Twitter, that more effectively taps to the press as the press has twitter accounts.

This is essentially a moment where you need to either shut up for a while and stop organizing or distance yourself from it and your hands are tied to both options because they're not happening any time soon.

Ask me how I know you don't browse /fit/.

Seriously this board is overflooding with obese Holla Forumsyps. I don'teven know why they find such appeal in that board.

I hope you're right, and sooner rather than later…

Which Holla Forums are you talking about? 4/pol/ is just a Reddit colony so it doesn't count. Any, just about every Holla Forumslack justifiably hates Jews with a fiery passion, but the other races? It depends. Brits would probably be alright if the outside went back, but Americans for instance could easily conceive a cooperation with other races much more easily.

Why does the difference between 4/pol/ and 8/pol/ matter to anyone who comes to this board, and why do you keep having to distinguish the two every post you make.

4/pol/ is full of subversive Redditor dog scut, and does not represent a true Holla Forums.

Then he was an idiot.

epitome of damage control, right here.

And you both support fascism which is anathema to socialism, and so this board, so why does it matter

I mean I agree it's filled with more redditors but that's besides the point.

But 8/pol/ is also a reddit colony.

I have no idea what 4/pol/ supports, I haven't visited it since the first exodus.

Me personally? I support Socialism. In fact I don't see any reason why Fascism and Socialism should oppose one another if a system like S trasserism can be conceived.

You should at least keep an extra close eye on the Holla Forums Holla Forums if you know what's good for you and your movement. You don't have to stop watching or raiding 4chan's Holla Forums, but I think the real danger to you, at least in the long term, is Holla Forums's Holla Forums. Could be wrong though.

Well, I disagree with that. In my opinion it's a natural psychological tendency to feel more comfortable amongst people who you know largely share the same cultural values as you, who will celebrate the same holidays as you, who speak the same language as you, who enjoy the same food as you, etc. All ethnic groups share this natural psychological tendency. Take for example the city I live, London. There are areas that are well-known for being Afro-Caribbean, there are areas that are well-known for being Indian, there are areas that are well-known for being Pakistani, and so on. It actually leads to a very segregated society, purely because people have this natural wish to live amongst people who are similar to them (not necessarily racially, but culturally).

In my opinion, the only way you can counter this is by having small levels of migration, so that those who do migrate here are pushed into integrating more with the host country. Anything less than that and you have a split in society as a result of conflicting values. I genuinely do think that the decision-makers are being incredibly complacent about the very high levels of Muslims that they are allowing to migrate to Europe, under the assumption that they will adopt western values when they get here. I hope I'm wrong about that because it genuinely troubles me, but the evidence I've seen so far isn't exactly compelling (e.g. >50% of British Muslims think homosexuality should be illegal).

UKIP were dead at the last election because people think their raison d'etre has been fulfilled with Brexit. I can't really see them getting much traction again in the future if Brexit does go ahead in some way shape or form, especially without Farage leading the party.

This 'social media presence' is, again, largely derided on the board itself. Twitter accounts like 'Holla Forums news forever' are only met with scorn. People appreciate the ability to post anonymously and without a post history, and the idea of a centralised account that represents some Holla Forums hivemind is seen as ridiculous.

Yes, I'm talking about 4/pol/. I genuinely that even lots of the anti-semitism on Holla Forums is ironic - people just get pissed off at the fact that Jews are largely overrepresented in positions of power and using their wealth to wage political influence (e.g. Soros), but if they met a Jew irl none of them would actually have any problem. The only thing you might call racism which I think is serious and pretty much held by everyone on Holla Forums is the Islamophobia, but I think there's a pretty even split between people who hate it for ideological reasons (see it as backwards, anti-secular, anti-liberal - and despite the LARPing, most Holla Forums users do appreciate living in a modern western state) and those who hate it because it's a foreign religion from brown-skinned people, even if they do actually agree with the Islamic stance on homosexuals, for example.

It's said on Holla Forums that Holla Forums was a board composed of Redditor. But I don't think that's true. If you think those fags from r/The_Donald outnumber true Holla Forumslacks on 8/pol/, you're wrong.

Ya head is haunted, chief.

If it's associated by 4/pol/, it literally does not matter a single ounce to the public what possible action they can do if they're constantly "subverted" by retards who agree with them

Saw this, laughed.

Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are Abrahamic siblings and all three must be destroyed.

It is literally all downhill from here.

To say such is identity politics all the same, which must be destroyed.

Revolutions don't require the full support of the population. It's almost always a minority of people in a nation that are actively involved in it. But public opinion still does matter to an extent, as long as the general public has the force to resist them at least. Still I would pay attention to them if I were you, but I'm not, so do whatever you think is best.

Racial realism is still racism.
You guys have always appealed to the culture spook and called it """natural""". Now, it's just using pseudo psychological theory instead of skull sizes.

You say "Identity Politics" I say "Defense of all that's good". Islam destroyed the Middle East's richest cultures and religions, Christianity did the same to Europe, and the Eternal Jew was the one who came up with that whole YHWH-worship in the first place.

Revolution was more seriously tried by hell's angels then fucking Holla Forums. You're being retarded and hyping out a group of constantly alienated people.

You aren't going to live down what has transpired and that's really all that can be said.

See, this is what I mean.
The article does say that heterosexual men experienced discust at pictures of homosexual PDA. However…

“It is difficult to specifically state what this means. It could mean that participants found the images of male same-sex couples kissing to be equally disgusting as the disgusting images. It could mean that they had an anxiety response to the male couples kissing and a disgust response to the disgusting images, but that physiologically, we could not tell the difference between these two emotions.”
And furthermore:

Uso da!! To say that this is proof of any kind is extremely dishonest! Not only is it inconclusive, but even the researchers themselves aren't sure of what it means. But Holla Forums isn't concerned with that, only that there is a study that they can point to and say "see? We were right all along."

Then you're warped and cannot associate with the material needs of the people.

I'm a Buddhist and they were the most effected and I call this bullshit.

Do you think human nature doesn't exist? Do you think that any other ethnic group in the world wouldn't respond exactly the same way (rightly or wrongly) if they perceived their traditions and way of life to be undermined by a level of migration that is higher than at any other time before in history? I accept that culture can and should change - no one wants to live in medieval Europe either - but unless this change takes place over the course of at least a few generations then it will always provoke a fierce response.

And if it isn't human nature, why do the various ethnic groups in big cities tend to self-segregate? Why doesn't this idea of a truly multicultural society come to fruition?

I know people go way over the top with him, but it's undeniable that the guy is mega wealth and is using that wealth to push his political ideology (open society) in various ways. He directly funds many politically-active groups including Hope not Hate and Black Lives Matter, and if I remember my WikiLeaks correctly, he had a private meeting with Hillary in the run-up to her election campaign.

Well atheism doesn't exactly fix things either (see Soviet Union, Communist China, for examples). Personally I believe that humans also have a natural propensity for spiritualism (even if it is irrational), so religion will never really go away. I do think the Abrahamic religions will struggle moving forward though - in my opinion they'll need to seriously re-invent themselves if they're to still be dominant in 100 years, or else some other new religious movement that's more in line with scientific truths will come to prominence.

Hmmmm, seems to me you're wrong. I'm not demanding the death of every Muslim, or every Christian, just their religions. Jews however, have earned their extinction a thousandfold. On this, Holla Forums and Holla Forums can make a compromise.


And what does that exactly have to do with socialism? That all just sounds like capitalism.

I can also name off the top of my head everyone rich who owns a corporation or is on a think tank like the RAND corporation who does this so your point is basically moot to try to associate the two with us.

If you're going to say Clinton was a socialist I'm going to laugh and I still don't know how we got to here from me saying the basic truth that the past 48 hours will effect how the public perceives white nationalism in America.

Yes. If Socialism is the best economic system and you want to achieve it, we can make a trade. We help you gut Porky and deconstruct Capitalism and Capital altogether, and in exchange you give us the Jews.


This is the most idealist stupid god damn thing I've ever heard. You're basically saying "I SUCK THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX'S COCK".

You literally aren't going to get what you want unless you somehow gain full support of the government and as it stands that is impossible.

You want forever war, capitalism wants forever war.

There is no distinguishing you from what you hope to change or effect, there's no possible way you can control populations at this level for that long. It's been tried before in history and it never succeeds totally.

Your identity politics not only alienates people from you but does not respond to the material needs of the people you hope to represent successfully.

When did I ever say it had anything to do with socialism? We were talking about anti-semitism, and whilst Soros has pretty much become the epitome of how Holla Forums sees Jews, there are other examples of very wealthy Jews waging political influence in less-than-democratic ways. I wouldn't have thought that this would be new to Holla Forums - isn't it very common for lefties to be slandered as anti-semites when they criticise Israel, for example?

Do you think we're the ones who organize lol

This is a board for shit posting, not organizing. People from here use places outside here for organizing.

When? I was talking about the events of the last 48 hours and you keep going on a tangent about how 4/pol/ isn't associated with you (to which I correctly noted, did not matter) and explaining how this is all pretty fucking bad for how you're perceived

And then you started some inane babble about George Soros, Clinton, Abrahamic Religion, and all kinds of identity politics

It's telling really.

We dont care to kill capitaISTS
we want to end capitalISM
just killing capitalist will leave a power vaccum
also fuck off we dont need "you"

and what purpose does gassing some random Shlomo who sells ice cream in Tel-Aviv is going to serve?

It's fine that you see it that way. I'm not trying to turn Socialism against Christianity or Islam, or even convince you for that matter. I'm just saying that I will personally oppose both.

You're trying to convince someone, and that's really all that matters.

Without context this statement makes no sense. I don't doubt that the rise of Islam displaced and destroyed some cultures and religions (the Visigoths for example? I'm not too familiar with that time period though). But much like Christianity in post Roman Europe, I think it's safe to say that it absorbed and magnified other cultures that it encountered. Over all I think from an historical perspective, it's very rare for a religion or culture to be completely destroyed, but rather is either given up or undergoes radical change of some type or another. It would be silly to deny for example the contributions made to European thought and culture by their Muslim neighbors, just as it would be silly to deny the deep cultural debts owed by the Muslims to their European (or Greek/Roman if you prefer) neighbors.

If you want to talk about actually destructive forces, then the Mongols and their legendary destruction of the library of Baghdad is a better example than "Islam". Even for all their destruction, the Mongols and the Empire that they built contributed much of cultural and spiritual significance. The stereotypical medieval lady's hat (conical with a long ribbon at the top) was derived from Mongol fashion.

"It's going to destroy Abrahamic Religion which will somehow make Capitalism's negative elements that effect me invisible, and everything goes uphill from there"

"Fully support private military power and the military industrial complex on their jobs on doing this,"

"there is nothing that can possibly go wrong with our strategy. My life will be better if all of this happens"

blah blah blah

It was the other user who brought up Abrahamic religions. My example of Soros was purely an example of Holla Forums's form of anti-semitism, which (in my opinion) wouldn't actually be directed towards ordinary Jews at all. It was a follow-up as to whether Holla Forums could be considered to be genuinely racist, and had little do with our discussion about Charlottesville or anything to do with socialism.

You don't need us? Sure. You don't accept us? Your loss. I said "deconstruct capitalism and capital altogether" so try again.

What purpose? Our purpose, not yours. As far as you've told me, you're purpose is to demolish the Capitalist machine so how does defending Jewry help you?


Human nature is whatever a human does.
Humans stay in groups, but they also leave them for ones that fit their tastes. It isn't a fixed thing.

Depends. Are their traditions shit to the majority, and they have no problem with the culture that is migrating? Then yes, they will fall apart, much to the distress of the minority. There has always been a group of fuddy-duddys through out history, as well.

There's various reasons.
They may have family and friends they've grown up with, or they haven't found anything to lead them away. It may have nothing to do with culture, but the ties that bind them there, in general. The people who leave these areas and choose to commit """"anuddah shoah"""" by building a family and having kids with someone outside this group is also part of human nature.

anyone who criticized Trump or the groupthink was permabanned from nu/pol/ a year ago. why would any of us try to post there? 8pol is a place for children.

I said none of this, implied none of this, did not insult your intelligence whatsoever, just implied your beliefs are invalid and do not help others or yourselves, and that the past 48 hours will effect how your movement is perceived.

There is nothing I am insulting you over in what you see, you are imagining that I am.

Solidarity with the international proletariat regardless of race or creed. This is unambiguous for us socialists, unlike the vague racial definitions and purity spirals of you racialists.
Honestly I've had similar conversations before, if you believe the whole 'organic society' nonsense and that jews deserve death for being jewish you don't need to answer, there is no point in engaging with someone who has abandoned the use of reason. Only gulag helps at that point.

I think it has more to do with material economic factors than anything. If we're talking about immigrants, then they're likely to be relegated to parts of the city with the cheapest rents and other costs. A man that was a butcher back in his old country becomes a butcher in his new one, and if like the Jews or Muslims they require special preparation, then he's probably going to be the only provider of such, since capitalist mores make providing special services like that to poor immigrants unappealing. There are numerous other social influences at work too, like the need to translate official documents from the dominant language to the immigrant language, and things like that. It's thanks to things like that, that we used to see Italian, Polish, Irish, etc, neighborhoods, but now Mr Kiszlewski doesn't think anything about living next to Mr Rose or Mr Kilpatrick.

considering the past few days taking you in would be a bigger loss.
and again I state, without capitalism, the system the jews do best in how would they still be deemed a threat?

only like 10 dudes baited a bored of 100 thousands, all the infighting is the redditeers and kekistanis who are reaslising that no Holla Forums isnt ironic

Jews are clever, they'd find a way to exploit Socialism somehow.


this is single handledly the spookiest comment I've ever read on this site

How can you exploit a system where the rules are to each according to ability and need.

I mean obviously ways that you possibly could would be rendered illegal and actually enforced better than capitalism currently does.

To any body here who gives a shit about pol's ongoing operation,where they take down the flag here is the link to an info google doc.


I think the problem, specifically with Islam, is the opposite - Muslims come to the west in huge numbers, but also hate the west. Lots of them do so quietly (and here are no different to the more fundamental Christians), but lots do so very loudly and very antagonistically. Some also commit acts of terror. This is never a problem we've had before with other ethnic/religious groups, who largely respected the host culture even if they retained certain elements of their own home culture. The vast majority of people are pretty liberal and tolerant, but I think lots of people are genuinely scared of the spread of Islam throughout Europe and what that could mean for the values that we've come to take for granted.

Pretty much all the immigrants in London who aren't from western Europe are very poor, but nonetheless they tend to move to areas where people have a similar culture to them. I think it has far more to do with amenities - in the case of Muslims, if there is a mosque in the neighourhood, a halal butchers, supermarkets selling other Middle Eastern foods, and you know that lots of other people in the neighbourhood are also Muslim and share your values - then of course that's the area you'll choose to move to. There's nothing wrong with that, it's human nature. It's just a problem where you essentially have two opposing ideologies, because now we have certain towns/neighbourhoods where pretty much everyone there (i.e. the Muslims in the neighbourhood) hate and reject the host culture, and live by their own culture instead. Women walk around in burquas, no advertising featuring scantily clad women is allowed, family disputes are settled in Sharia courts, and so on. Personally, I see that as a threat to a peace that I very much want to maintain, because we now have a serious clash in ideology.

Fine. Another compromise: Give us Jewish Porky and keep an eye on your Jewish "workers".

tbh conversion to nazbol or Asserism is probably easier for them, atleast they'd be pro-worker


Why would we keep an eye on one group in particular and not all groups.

Why should we waste resources to focus on one group in particular when the end goal here is the destruction of capitalism and what forms it.

Then don't spend your resources and let us keep an eye on those slippery Jews for you.

How about we keep an eye on you.

How about we keep an eye on you? I mean, I want a future where people wearing Swastika armbands and hammer-and-sickle armbands at the same time, storm the Fed and publically hang Porky. Just let us Holla Forumslacks grab the Jewish ones.

And I want a giraffe as a mayor, but we all believe unrealistic things.

Unbelievable? I can fathom that kind of thing so why can't you?

Isn't this basically what The 18th Brumaire is about?

I'm also not sure who said it, I think Zizek was quoting when I heard it from him, but he said something to the effect of "everywhere you have fascism, you see immediately prior, a failed revolution".

its time for pol's conversion, since i doubt they will let go anti-semetic sentiment we should probably encourage them to convert to Nazbol (National Bolshevism) or Asserism, atleast they are pro-worker



Probably because her superior Asian intelligence prevents her from believing such ridiculous nonsense, not only of believing Jews are the or even a problem, but that the fascist worldview would allow for anything outside of itself to exist. The things you believe and say go beyond absurd.

Depends on where you're talking about. The amount of immigration to the states isn't as high as in Europe. I have no problem limiting immigration under capitalism, because it tends the make the working class pointlessly compete and create tension. Secondly, I think the Muslims that hate the culture wouldn't be there if they had 0 material incentive or if there countries weren't bombed to hell.
There's nothing wrong with that, it's human nature :^)
Also, if the vast majority don't care, isn't that part of the culture? It sounds like you are the one trying to change it, in this case.
That's the problem when I see the right talk about culture or human nature, it's always so myopic.

Dugin is reviled on Holla Forums so only S trasserism could work. But first, Holla Forums needs to get MAD at the Capitalist status quo, which is easy since the things Holla Forumslacks truly care about are commodified.


So do you want me to just say you're stupid, because I'll just say you're stupid if that's what you really want

This. We can watch it all self-destruct as it is way overdue to do.

I doubt Holla Forums ever really tried before.

Neo-Nazi Site Daily Stormer Is Banned By Google After Attempted Move From GoDaddy


As if to prove my point, there's just been another terror attack in Paris. 8 year old girl killed. Driver's identity hasn't been confirmed yet, but I think we'd all be very surprised if it wasn't a Muslim. Simple fact of the matter is that the more Muslim migrants we bring in, the more we risk these types of attacks happening. Obviously this is fuelled by the context of the illegal wars in the Middle East so it's not just a problem with Islam per se, but this is why the immigration policy is so fucking stupid.

I think the more and more people recognise that the things they value are under threat by a competing ideology, the more 'intolerant' of that ideology they'll become (as if it's a bad thing to be intolerant of violent fascism). When the liberal feminist types really realise how anti-women's liberation and how anti-gay Islam really is, they surely have to condemn it. I don't think we're close to that yet, but surely it can't be too long before they realise this.

You mean how /rightypol/ autistically screeched and dog-piled every time lefty topics were brought up till people just decided to leave so they could have an actual conversation?
yh, I remember that too.
I'd say this was the pot calling the kettle black, but seeing how we're raided on a daily basis by stormfags, it's really not.

M8, Holla Forums's idea of culture IS commodified shit.
I remember that thread when a Holla Forumsyp showed his appreciation of European culture… with traced scenes from the fucking 10 commandments movie with Charlton Heston or advertising pics from the 50's.

Is it also fair to say the more protests you make the more violence is bound to happen?

Tbf the guy that killed her was fat too. But they are both Americans…

I don't think so. In the UK, London especially, what you might call """far-right""" protests are very rare and protesters always get outnumbered by counter-protesters. The only really far-right movement is the EDL, who are a bunch of football hooligans who no one takes seriously or respects. In London, everyone is very liberal and determined to show how much they love Muslims after every new terror attack.

I think the far-right movement is slightly more developed in France, Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, but still a long way from being popular. I predict that unless some clear action is taken by centrist politicians to limit migration then people like Le Pen and Wilders will only keep gaining in popularity. I know in Austria they were very close to electing a far-right leader, and I'm sure that this will only continue in Europe.

I'm talking about culture. Don't pretend that every Holla Forumslack gets all their historical knowledge from Hollywood.

I think so.


Its not even a fight.
Its just nothing, the cold war ended and now we are just fucking hitting each other with twigs.

Hey, Don't pretend that every Holla Forumslack gets all their historical knowledge from Hollywood

I should probably say here that initial reports out of France are that the attack does not seem to be terror-related after all.


If that is indeed the case then I've jumped the gun and I apologise.

Well I've provided examples as to why I'm pretty sure you're wrong, so I don't know what to say really. I think a better question would be whether or not these terror attacks would occur if the west wasn't engaged in illegal wars in the Middle East. That in my opinion would be a fairer criticism - I think in such a case we'd still see some Islamic violence, but there would be far less terrorist activity.

Being a pretentious cocksucker doesn't win an argument. Refute what I said directly.


Hey I already got my historical knowledge about socialism and communism already. See Venezuela

I understood you talked about culture, but seriously don't overestimate their cultural thirst.
Fat too often they're just enamoured with some aesthetics and nothing more.

Because I don't think you or people you associate with have a fuck of a clue about European Ethnicity or Culture, you just glob everything together like an average American white supremacist

Hey I already got my historical knowledge about Holla Forums the last 48 hours like everyone else over 65.

They killed someone.

This isn't relevant to me so I can't respond.

You aren't relevant to your own family anymore


See, I don't necessarily disagree with this. I live in Italy and my country has taken the brunt of mass immigration and it has caused a slew of problems (not least of which the mobilisation of far-right "activists" that have once again taken to the streets with their billy clubs like it's the 30s), as well as being a burden on some already impoverished regions.
Problem with you motherfuckers is that I don't know if I throw you a bone this one time you won't use it as an excuse to get your foot through the door and start pushing for ethnostate bullshit and you're racist agenda.

But yo, it's human nature to blow up your enemies :^_

Alright, I'll stop. Point is that appealing to nature is pointless.

Eh, that depends.We still had Muslim immigrating to the west at one time, but there wasn't this level of violence. So obviously this isn't the permanent state of things.

That depends if they see it as a threat, or something that can be adopted into the framework of the society they live in.

I think that depends on what Islam we're talking about. They would have no problem with the Kurds, I'm guessing.

Goddamn you're retarded. I'm a Holla Forumslack right? Holla Forums denounced United The Right long before it happened, and Richard Spencer long before that. The Alt-Kike isn't Holla Forums.

Doesn't matter what they do at this point. My shit matters more to how the public perceives Holla Forums at Holla Forums's word at this point right now.

Apparently it was some guy who just wanted to an hero. But nice assumption.

You should know you're in for trouble when someone starts with an oxymoron like "the simple fact of the matter." Particularly since the majority of these attacks have been committed by natives of these countries, and also generally by young males in their 20s.

So if the danger is from without, why do the attacks keep coming from within, by people raised outside of these supposedly violent cultures? If it's the religion, the culture per se, then it should be their parents or people that age committing most of the violence rather than young men born and raised in Europe.

Right which is why you definitely not alt-rightists were spamming car memes about the event here yesterday and that's why you faggots still support Trump. Every time something like this happens there is always a couple guys who work damage control on other boards. Stop lying to yourself and realize that Holla Forums is a sack of sad shit m8.

Also Holla Forums has said they want to march on the funeral of the girl that was just killed by a person who associates with you

So why should the public take Holla Forums's word like it's from a saint?

You're still shit to most people now that the Milkening has happened.

Fuck, work killed me i can't quote the right post.

That's because the car incident is useful to Holla Forums. The Alt-Kike killed itself because of it and now Holla Forums doesn't have to worry about that subversion anymore. The PRfags are Alt-Kike cucks.

Where did Holla Forums say that? The only ones I see organizing marches would be Alt-Kike faggots.



4/pol/ is reddit/Alt-Kike faggotry. Try again.


Holla Forums isn't Holla Forums

2 + 2 = 5



Well I think you're right to say lots of people on Holla Forums, especially the genuine racists, would use it as an excuse to start pushing for ethnostate. Equally, lots wouldn't. Personally my view has always been that we should just gently limit migration so that ~90% of the population remains what we understand as 'native', because that's the way of keeping a peaceful and harmonious country in my opinion. People won't feel so threatened by it then, and I think in such circumstances you'll see far more tolerance towards opposing cultures, provided they show the same tolerance in return. What we have instead is an uncontrolled system where we are bringing in Muslims in unprecedentedly high numbers, at a time when the threat from Islamic terrorism has been greater than ever before. I think it's a horrible policy that will inevitably lead to conflict. Just how big that conflict becomes will depend on whether or not politicians acknowledge the genuine fear that many people who have been branded far-right are feeling, and give them at least SOME leeway to ensure them that their culture will survive. Whether we agree with nationalist sentiments or not, for a lot of people they are a very important part of personal identity and it's very depressing to see it being lost before their eyes.

Never in these numbers, and never with the context of the wars in the Middle East. I'd agree that the events of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc certainly play a big part in the radicalisation of Muslims. However, an argument you see on Holla Forums very often is that there is a pattern of Muslim migration whereby they are a minority for a while, eventually become the majority, and subsequently impose Sharia and become increasingly intolerant of non-Muslims as their numbers increase. Apparently this has happened multiple times in history. Whether or not this is true or if it's just scaremongering I don't know - my history isn't that strong. But that's what people fear.

It's true that the values of the host country do have an influence on the migrants too. Western Muslims are certainly more pleasant than Middle Eastern Muslims, and if there's one small bit of optimism I can take from this is that in 50 years time we may have a large group of western Muslims who have experienced a liberal/secular society and see it as superior to the backwards, barbaric practices of their ancestors. Perhaps it will spark a much-needed reformation of Islam. That's a bit of a risk though.

You can't blame me for being on edge, car attacks from Muslim terrorists are pretty common in Paris these days. As and when it's proved to be a non-Muslim though, I'll hold my hands up and admit I was definitely wrong to jump to conclusions.


Holla Forums control yourselves

I repeat: You're retarded. Lemme break it down since your tardwrangler didn't -
1. Holla Forums gets betrayed by Moot years ago, 4chan Holla Forums is unusable
2. Holla Forums exodus to Holla Forums happens
3. 4/pol/ gets flooded with Redditor filth and other detritus

I repeat, Holla Forums is only Holla Forums when it's appropriate for me for Holla Forums to be Holla Forums

Until we acquire further evidence I do not hold responsibility for myself, my peers, or for the actions of others. I am in fact, the soul arbiter of when Holla Forums is actually Holla Forums.

yet 4/pol/ is the only one that actually gets anything done, then 8/pol/ takes credit for it. really gets the noggin joggin

The only characteristic shared by 4/pol/ and 8/pol/ is the name. They couldn't be more different from one another. Most on 8/pol/ haven't even visited 4chan in years.


Sorry, I don't buy it.
I've seen too many threads and screencaps were the mission statement was to start using dog whistles and code words to ease people into accepting the idea of an ethnostate. Also the fact that you're denying/belittling the amount of actual racism that goes on in there makes me VERY suspicious of you.
Blame it on whoever the fuck you want, but you people can't be trusted.

I mean, I mostly only hear a few rumors about 4/pol/ because, like I said, I never go there. It's chock full of Reddit niggers and that's a fact.

So it's like 8/pol/, in a way

Baseless accusation. Holla Forums used to be accused of being an extension of Reddit too.

Have fun feeling how we do when ameican conservatives lump Antifa, liberals and leftists together, faggot. Only your kind rammed a fucking car into a crowd of people.

Well that's your opinion, and I don't begrudge you it. But I'll say again, unless mainstream politicians start to acknowledge the fear that lots of working-class Europeans are feeling, and stops calling them racists for feeling that fear, then the far-right will continue to gain traction in Europe - especially in countries which tend to have more of a history of racism, such as Italy and all of the central and eastern European countries. Trump and Brexit were signs of this sentiment in the west, and it will only continue to grow if nothing changes in the political landscape.

Oh, you're drunk OP, go home.

If I can understand the difference between AntiFa, Liberals and Leftists, you can understand the difference between 4/pol/ and 8/pol/. Normalfags be damned.

Ok, by know I'm pretty much sure you're a fucking shill.
Nice try, Holla Forums, you're really honing your skills.
This gave it away in case you're curious.


Jeez don't you know communism means total government control, like, no rights? Educate yourself arrogant libshit


y-you too!

I know right? Communism haven't even been tried yet, he's a bigot. We would be a better Stalin, commrades. Everyone else is dum.


left solidarity or something like that

The only reason I mentioned it (I don't normally like to talk about things I'm ignorant about) is that I think it's important in political discourse to try and understand exactly what the other side actually believes, where these views came from, etc - rather than resorting to stereotypes. Right or wrong, this is one of the beliefs that is held by the far-right in Europe and maybe USA too. Of course, ISIS play on such fears by saying that their flag will one day fly in Rome, in London, and so on. I personally don't see the situation ever getting like that in Europe, but it's no excuse not to be vigilant. A British politician in the 1960s, Enoch Powell, was decried as a fantasist and a racist for suggesting that one day in the UK you'd have whole streets of non-white people in British towns. People told him that this would never happen, but of course now we have whole neighbourhoods and even towns that are mostly Muslim, or mostly members of some other ethnic group. I'm not trying to put a value judgement on that, again I'm just trying to explain to you why people believe the Islamifaction of Europe is very real, and unless these arguments can be challenged the far-right will continue to grow. That's not a good thing, it's just inevitable.

Wow that is a shit meme, the background isn't even fucking white.

mmm, thanks for the fresh funnyjunk meemee

bathe in pol's tears with me

-Man yells, "Make America Great Again!" Before shooting 6 people dead.
-Man wearing, "Make America Great Again" hat murders 2 strangers for no reason.
-A Trump supporter murders 2 police officers because they told him he couldn't wave a Confederate flag at a high school football game.
-Two men beat a homeless man with a metal bar and urinate on him screaming, “Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported,” When asked for a comment about the incident Trump defends them saying, "My supporters are very passionate. They love this country and they want this country to be great again."
-Trump supporter attacks a Hispanic man and a Muslim student at a gas station while yelling, "Trump! Trump! Trump!"
-Trump supporter stabs a black man unprovoked because he was holding hands with a white woman, tells police they need to release him so he can attend a Trump rally that night.
-Trump supporter attacks Muslim woman at airport.
-A Trump supporter punches a 70 year old protester in the face.
-Trump supporter arrested for brutally beating protester.
-3 Trump supporters arrested planning terrorist attack to kill Muslims.
-Trump supporter confuses an Indian man for a Muslim at restaurant and says, "Things are different now, I don't want you sand n*ggers sitting next to me." Before attacking the man.
-"We got a new President you fucking f*ggots." Men yell as they attack gay man.
-Trump supporters track down and brutally beat an artist because she made a painting of Trump with a small penis.
-Trump supporter who sucker punched protester: “Next time, we might have to kill them.”
-Trump is asked to comment on his supporters brutally beating a black man, he responds with, “He was obnoxious! Maybe he should have been roughed up,”
-"You fucking gorillas and baby monkeys, We voted for Trump. Trump's building a wall, beaners, and you'll be going back to where you belong." Man yells at black elementary school children unprovoked before he swerves his car at them attempting to hit them.
-Trump supporter assaults woman at rally and then says he wouldn't of done it if Trump didn't inspire him to attack her.
-Trump supporter recognizes famous anti-Trump playwright, walks up to him in a restaurant and says, “Sieg Heil! Fuck you, you Jew cunts, we’re gonna kill all of you." before attacking him.
-Trump supporters beat black man so badly he’s hospitalized for concussion and call him the n-word.
-Trump supporter pepper sprays a 15-year-old girl point-blank in the face after another Trump supporter groped her breasts, shouting “n*gger lover” as she attempted to run away.
-Trump supporter walks up to a black man in the middle of a downtown area and says, "Donald Trump will deport you." Before punching the black man.
-“Trump is going to win and if you don’t like it I’m going to beat your ass,” Trump supporter yells at random black woman outside of convenient store.
-Man attacks and kicks Muslim airport employee shouting, "Trump is here now, he will get rid of all of you."
-In 8 months Trump supporters attacked protesters at 20 different rallies.

-Trump supporter tracks down a local Latino Democratic political candidate and tries to run him and his elderly mother over with a car. (The Latino candidate is also a former marine.)
-"This is for Donald Trump!" man yells as he runs up a Latino person and punches them in the head.
-Trump supporter goes to Hillary Clinton rally to disrupt the event, ends up punching someone when asked to leave.
-Trump supporter punches, chokes and slaps protesters on video during rally.
-An angry mob of Trump supporters brutally beat and grab a mans genitals because he held up a, "Republicans Against Trump" sign.
-A Trump supporter yells, "Get your black kids out of here. Do you even have a job? Do you know what a job is, n*gger?" Before physically attacking a black man who had come to the hospital to get help for his sick 2 week old daughter.
-Local Republican Politician sexually assaults a woman by, "grabbing her pussy." and then says he is allowed to do it because now that Trump is president he doesn't have to be politically correct.
-Canadian man who was a vocal Trump supporter both online and in person goes into a mosque and murders 6 people.
-Trump supporter physically assaults Comedian on stage for making Anti-Trump Joke.
-Man yells, "Trump" while beating African immigrant cab driver.
-A Trump supporter is arrested for burning a Mosque down.
-A Trump supporter sees a car has pro-gay bumper stickers on it and then follows the car, waiting for the 75 year old driver to get out before brutally attacking him while screaming, "My new president says we can kill all you f*ggots now."
-A Trump supporter is arrested after brutally attacking gay men outside a McDonald’s. Witnesses describe the aftermath as, "There was blood everywhere."
-A Muslim refugee gay rights activist is kidnapped and raped by two men in retaliation for, "Trump being mocked."
-A Trump supporter is arrested on terrorism charges for building bombs he was going to use to kill Muslims.
-Person spray-paints a transgender veterans car with the word "Trump" then sets it on fire.
-A Trump supporter attacks two Muslim women and tries to push over a stroller with a baby in it while screaming, "Get the fuck out of America"
-2 Trump supporters write on Facebook that they can't wait to crack liberals skulls when they go to Milo event. They show up to the event in MAGA hats drunk and walk up to a crowd of people and spray them with tear gas, when one man tries to intervene they shoot him in the stomach.
-A Trump supporter tells a random Muslim woman he sees on the street, "I'm voting for Trump because he said he would send all of you terrorists out of this country.” Before attacking her.
-Man shoots out the windows of two businesses from a car while shouting, "Hail Trump."
-A Trump supporter storms into building on college campus, asks random students if they are liberals, when they say yes he pulls out a machete and attacks them.
-From November 9 to December 12, 2016. Trump supporters who mentioned Trump by name during their attacks committed 418 reported hate crimes, in that same time period only 24 hate crimes were perpetrated against Trump supporters.
-Self proclaimed Trump fan and online alt-right fanatic, murders black Army Lieutenant in unprovoked hate crime.

Holy shit are these real?


You should look up how many nigger on white crimes there are and how many times Jews have had their shit shoved in for fucking over their host nations.

That makes this pathetic list look like nothing.

i recognize a dozen of them from reports i read in the last few months, so probably yes

i can't tell who's trolling who

nice flag


Fuck off, social justice warrior.


That's kind of my point.
That there are many things precipitating this.
I always hear this, but they never back it up with anything other than circumstantial evidence. I mean,I personally despise organized religion in general, and there is a sect of Christians that would love for us to have a theocracy. I'm not really seeing the difference. As long as the separation of church and state remains, I'm not that nervous.
I'm not really seeing the risk, when the alternative is a borderline holy war against Islam itself.

unite the right fell for the centralization meme

decentralization has always been our strength and centralization the strength of our enemy as it is more easily co-opted

You didn't learn from the KKK not to show your face either for fear of getting fired, but come on know we both know you're not the brightest bulbs

yeah sure

I don't post my face or share my ideals online
unlike normalfags I know how stupid that is on a base level, like the normalfags that posted on facebook that they were heading out for a concert right at the moment they were leaving which resulted in one of their "friends" breaking into their house and stealing a ton of their shit.
You just dont do stupid shit like that.


Good boy. What a gooood boy


wow man you're so badass

Jesus, this was a hell of a thing. I guess it's nice to hear about just how many people in america are against neo-nazism. I honestly thought the rising sentiment was slowly making people in favor of it.

sarcasm aside, there is nothing really badass about common sense, its just common sense



Fucking hell, why didn't anyone share this before? I've been looking for places a lot of this bullshit is coming from.

nah just the extreme nationalists
everyone else is discussing in but everyone seems to have something to say thou


I seriously doubt that will ever happen
feels will always outway humor and especially reals.

Ubij se ti.

What an anticlimactic ending.

what to do to counter this?

Let's start a new one: boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/137555579

pretty much all liberals are scared shitless by the attacks proving that it works

4chins is american website with overwhelmingly american commenter base
it's chained to the false dichotomy


Dont forget a good chunk of /m/. Sure you get the gundam shitters who completely miss the point of the show but everyone else will tell them to fuck off on sight.


They aren't though. ISIS is pretty much on its last hurrah, and the US empire is going to collapse meaning they'll run out of funding for all those """""moderate rebels"""""" they paid to destabilise the middle east.



oh, wow


since the days of the old raids, if their enemy is imperceptible they cannot attack us

god damn those fucking faggots


Holy shit how wishful can you get

I wonder if he thinks of youtube """skepticism""" as intellectual contenct

For sure he does. The skeptic community of youtubers is the last bastion of Western civilization against the illiterate academics and Marxist!

you lost Holla Forums, again