Haven't had this kind of thread for a while. Discuss class conflict and anime.


I appreciate you


it happens like twice a week dude.
Also in light of the upcoming devilman netflix show I'd recommend Devilman as one of the greatest modern anti-war stories ever written.

Devilman is wonderful, I bought the complete hardcover set when I was in Japan. Go Nagai is one of the best.

Not like it matters cosidering devilman has had tons of crap adaptations but still. Netflix is even worse for creatvity than television could have ever hoped to be.

the director is japanese and he also has a really good track resume.
I just hope they keep the ending the same.

Is One Punch Man the great work of socialist realism of the 21st century so far: discuss.

Masaki Yuasa is a madman who will not make Devilman for normies.

Does Holla Forums like the newest touhou?

leftypol… why is she so perfect?
I was literally shaking in my boots when I saw her for the first time when I was 14

I read the shojo classic The Rose of the Versailles last week and its lefty as fuck. At least the manga is, I haven't watched the anime. It starts as a retelling of Marie Antoinette's life but it quickly switches focus to the much more interesting fictional character of Oscar, who is a crossdressing female member of the royal guards and a noble. While its primarily a romance story, it is still quite political and it features the events leading to the Revolution and the Revolution itself.

The story could be read both as leftist or conservative, but I think the leftist analysis is more valid. While Marie Antoinette and many of the nobles are depicted as being genuinely nice and pleasant people, the story makes it clear that the lavish lifestyle of the nobility and aristocracy is paid with the lives and well being of the poor. The story depicts Marie and the King as being noble and brave when they are executed and Marie's treatment during her last months is shown as quite savage, especially when her children are taken away, but its always paired with someone talking about how awful the life of the commoners is. The system is blamed more then individuals, which I personally think is great. The myth that a "nice" king somehow changes things is trash. The life of the nobles is also shown as oppressive in its own way, with love-less marriages and bullshit "duties" that rob people of true fulfillment.

The Radical Revolutionaries are also made to be much more sympathetic that they are usually depicted in media. Robespierre in particular is always made to be a noble hero of the oppressed, and Oscar, the main character and a noble, slowly over the course of the plot becomes aware of the inequality and poverty that exists outside of the Palace and she eventually renounces her nobility and joins the revolutionaries and eventually dies during the storming of the Bastille

Its not 100% historically accurate (its a manga ffs), the art is all over the place in terms of quality, and its ridiculously over dramatic, it is nonetheless very good and I recommend it.
before someone spergs out about reddit spacing, its for easier reading so chill

I mean, look at this shit. Its woke as fuck.

we already have a board for this comrades


The anti-work baddies from early on in the manga make me think otherwise.

Good thread

We have a board >>>/leftyweebpol/ and a discord which is stickied on the board.

I'm looking for a textboard I saw once. It was separated from futaba, the description specifically said it was aimed at leftists and liberals. I remember a thread about "What's the dubest shit a rightist has told you" and one of the answers said "That japan's colonies were decolonized pacifically"

You losers do realize that communists were literally secondary antagonists in Studio Trigger's magnum opus?

They are post leftist as fuck. They are the real heros of OP.

Kill la kill?

You're wrong, you illiterate fool.

I havenet watch it, but I heard it has some ant-facsits themes. Is it worth watching?

Ya, I'd say give it s shot.

I love that leftypol doesnt ever talk about communist works like the soviet film industry but talks about cartoons made by the most classcucked people on earth

We just had a lefty cinema thread like two days ago, what are you talking about.
Also, are you surprised that there are a lot of weebs here? on a chan?

I didn't see anything political in that show. It's obvious after the first 3 episodes they were writing it as they went along based on a loose outline. It's against fascism in the same way squidward was for workers rights, nothing more than in the moment gags.

It's not a grand political allegory, no.

Nobody uses that.

Compelling art quite often criticizes the status quo of the society where it's made. Also, y'know, we're not talking about American cartoons.

cannot reccomend enough Shinsekai Yori (From the new world). It's essentially a bunch of kids exploring a world where porky won the class war and made sure it was final.

Probably my favorite anime. Remarkable that it even exist considering it was made in conjunction with Sword Art Online, suffering from the low budget that big turd left the studio in.

What's holding you back? Start a thread if you care so much about it.

Because they fucking suck

who are 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧they🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 ?

Honestly I don't know what's more pathetic:
White nationalists obsessing over something made by non-whites, or radical anti-capitalists obsessing over mindless consumerist driven entertainment. Either way both Holla Forums and Holla Forums weebs are an embarrassment.



I need to get to it already; it looks great.

Yep. It's great. Way better than LoLK imo

this show is so weird. I just feel a little uncomfortable watching it, like there something not right.



Watamote is one of the greatest depiction of social alienation there is.

no, more like just social anxiety

Weak tbh

I can recommend it too. It was pretty good.