So, I'm pretty new to leftypol and I have noticed a weird phenomenon here. Why do many people use words like "autism"...

So, I'm pretty new to leftypol and I have noticed a weird phenomenon here. Why do many people use words like "autism", "nigger", "Jew", etc. as an insult?
Shouldn't we as leftists, abandon this reactionary behaviour?

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a weird phenomenon indeed…

only a handful of people do, though

It just comes with board culture user. Most anons on here have surfed imageboards their entire lives, it's not like we talk like this 24/7, but it comes with the territory.

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They don't? I can't remember seeing "Jew" used as an insult, maybe you are thinking "kike?" "Nigger" is pretty uncommon too.

Autistic, retard and faggot are common though.

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It's because we are secretly reactionary

A fucking rose

Holla Forums - Leftist Politically Incorrect Correct

Because we don't tone police like spooked SJW shitlibs.

swearing is now reactionary?
lmao sheltered little bitch, swearing is a long standing prol tradition

But why using words like "autistic" or "faggot"?
What's wrong about being gay or autistic?

We can say nigger because afroplasm is our collective black friend

Gays are gay and homosexual.

Board "culture" is reactionary and must be abolished in leftists boards.

afroplasm's shitposting is driving me into reactionary behaviour. I bet he's paid nazbol shill.

There is something objectively wrong with being autistic.

Then you don't know what autism is.

Just filter him and every other name/tripfag. It makes the board significantly more enjoyable.

If Roses are reactionary, then what are tankies, Nazbols or Bordigists?

I'm homosexual but I'm not a faggot.
As for autistic, it's a good catch-all phrase to qualify right-winger's attitude.

because they're swear words
strictly speaking bitch refers to female too

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Do tell us all about your superpower.

Faggot is a derogatory term for homosex
That's all, that's how it's defined

Oh, thats really clever.


Wrong, it's a bundle of sticks, and it can also design an extremely annoying person.
Call that reappropriation if you will.

because we are all autistic faggots


Way better than roses that's for sure. I know your kind rose…You get to power and you immediately corrupt everything, everywhere. Your kind has ruled my country many times…in fact they are in power now again!
The end result with roses is always the same: A society of corruption and nepotism.


But that's forbidden semantics

Liberal, therefore reactionary.

It wasn't real social-democracy

There is nothing reactionary about insults. There is pretty much no speech that can be reactionary all together.

Yeah fuck off, you reactionary!

I've literally seen people use "snownigger" as an insult for white people. It barely means anything at this point.

Because were all autsitic jewish niggers.
In all seriousness its because nobody here cares about stupid language policing and we think that through repeated use unaffiliated with its original meaning you take the power out of them.

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OP is a faggot, I am a faggot, the one who replies to me is a faggot. We also all have autism. Not the real kind of autism, but the kind of autism that people who spend too much time on the internet have. If you don't understand then read Wittgenstein, or at least a summary of him. Words have meaning based on social context, and since we are on an imageboard, all these words have their own unique context. Aside from some tankies, no one hates gay people, black people, and mentally ill. We even make fun of white people, especially when Holla Forums shows up. It just the usual nothing matters attitude which has prevailed on imageboards. Without it, we wouldn't be here. Stop trying to moderate people.

Because autists, niggers and christ killers get the fucking gulag that's why reddit bitch

Thank you! This is the best answer! Many many thanks! This explains alot!

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Now that's what I call a successful integration

Afroplasm hates faggot tho, but it's ok, he's a nigger.

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For fucks' sake, either catapult yourself back to that retarded shithole known as reddit or don't post anything at all for a few weeks, though it would be preferred if you didn't post anything for a few months instead due to your intense brain damage that murdered a few of my brain cells.

If everyone's spooked, nobody's spooked.

My dear autistic faggot friend, I'm sorry that my previous posts offended you. Best wishes, a fellow autist.

Are you a middle schooler or a very elaborate troll?

I'm a leftist from Germany and I've stumbled upon this board here. It's interesting to read here, but it seems, that here is very special etiquette, which I'm not fully familiar, faggot. (Am I doing this right)

You're not supposed to behave like that. Lurk a bit more.
Reserve insults for Holla Forumssters, heated arguments or for shitposts.

Viel Spass.

I'm autistic and I would defend leftards right to call me an autistic faggot.

No, part of the etiquette is keeping relatively silent and observing things until you get the hang of it. It's called "lurk moar"

But isn't that quite elitist? Shouldn't all kind of leftists discuss here?

It's not about your political views, but about pic related.

This is kinda cute in a weird way

I came to a conclusion: Probably are boards in general counter-revolutionary, because of their inherent elitist nature. A revolution of the masses is not combatible with isolationism and elitism.

stopped reading there

You are free to discuss, but instead of asking too many questions about board culture you should first try to figure things out yourself by examining how others behave. It's especially important with maymays, as explaining jokes can quickly ruin them.

Stop being melodramatic, this is a semi-obscure anonymous imageboard, not a fucking petrograd soviet during the russian civil war.


ITT endless butt hurt over mild criticism.

Sehr schon, aber calling people faggot every second sentence might be a bit much.

Bin nicht deutsch bitte nicht plagen

Germans… more like GERMans!

So, I understand. For you guys is the establishment of international socialism just a game. Nothing more than a meme, to make fun of it. But not for me.

This all could have been avoided if you just read the sticky user >:/ . Now all the butthurt is flowing
It's hilarious

No we got lots of different people here, the guy you responded to is just a faggot.

We discuss socialism seriously here, but also leave some room for le epik maymays.

that's nonsense, I might call you a fag for disagreeing with me on the internet but regardless of your sex I will seriously considering bathing your feet and asshole with my tongue.

o-oh, and socialism is good

Anyhow, I think this should be enough for today. I wish you all best, my autistic faggot comrades :)


This seems to be the case with the Americans who absolutely refuse to arm themselves.

Boredom is counterrevolutionary.

1. It's funny
2. we don't have any reason not to.
3. We're all autistic-faggot-nigger-jews, here.

so what party do you have backing you up?

I agree with you. However, most of the slurs are allegedly ironic, and there is little we can do to stop people from making jokes, even if they are morbidly offensive out of context.

Lots of jokes are offensive out of context.
Thats why context is important. Without context nothing makes sense.


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It's really more tribalistic than it is elitist. It's a simple fact that when you use cultural elements wrong people will notice, and this will often amplify any other problems people have with you.
Only dipshits that everyone hates REE about Reddit Spacing in am otherwise unobjectionable post, but if you're also making an argument they disagree with the mind will jump to "ah, he's Wrong because he's an Outsider."
The beauty of anonymity though is that no one will ever connect previous mistakes to your current post, so feel free to experiment until you get it right, just don't feel too bad when it gets spotted.

This. I can make mistakes in my posts or go off the rails without them biting me in the ass. Not so easy when you have to use a name.

t. Chanboard voltaire

Faggot = Fascist, however it refers more to them being annoying selfimportant illiterate dumbfucks
Calling everyone a nigger without the race aspect subverts its meaning
Autism is exaggerated pointing out that someone is being a social reject that is into weird shit just to please his ego

Insults are never PC and that's the point, thing is to use them ironically against those who actually believe in shit like "autism = superiority", "faggot = homosexuals" or "nigger = blacks".

Language policing is liberal and does nothing but trying to gloss over real conflicts and issues. In other words, it's playing into the reactionaries hands. Now go fuck off and eat a dick you massive faggot.

probably the only thing i can somewhat agree with Zizek on is his take on racist jokes and his example of it creating a bond between different yugoslavian ethnicities
by using this language and mocking their original meaning by further exaggeration while promoting the complete ideological opposit to them (in this example solidarity and friendship between people) they become useless for fascists
any Holla Forumsack coming by whining about kikes, niggers or whatever has no power because nobody gives a shit about his language and it has no effect as a provocative tool

Nobody really gave OP an honest answer so here goes.

A large part of the vulgar language, even involving racist, sexist, ableist themes and so on is just the way imageboards have always talked. The obscenities are so frequent and common that they no longer carry any real innate weight. I think this is a good thing, because it makes it incredibly clear when somebody being vulgar is actually being racist or sexist. Just saying "kill yourself, you dumb faggot" is very offhanded in almost every scenario unless it's known that the subject is homosexuals and whatnot.

So should we abandon it; knowing that this cultural way of using language erratically will never leave the board? I don't think so. At least on the board I say we keep not giving a fuck. This is a place of anonymity where freedom of expression should be reserved and the insular nature of this place makes sure that nobody will come in here not expecting vulgarity. I also very much agree with Zizek's theory that such obscenities foster comradery and reassert universality by refusing to make language a positional thing, reasserting the artificial social faux pas ordinarily found in life. The more you successfully normalize a sequence of syllables normally associated to something bad, the more you actively disarm them. The entire notion of "tolerance" is fundamentally conservative and should be attacked:

Are you fucking retarded?


Because by overusing those words we make them lose their impact and meaning.
Contrary to popular PC beliefs, the way to deconstruct the oppressive nature of words isn't to censor them but to actually do the opposite and overuse them.

Absolutely not. Stop being a faggot.


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