What will the revolution actually look like?

What will the revolution actually look like?

dead maoists

If it actually happens, either a quick coup or a particularly cruel and bloody civil war.

Maoists will be leading revolutionary activity throughout much of Asia

Can you even read, bro?

dead communists

Why are you here

American truckers being kicked out of their jobs by workers, then realizing that the idea of their lives becoming worse because technology got better is fucking retarded and entering into coalition with FOSS-type techies to create a leftist US government. That government will then proceed to void all debts whatsoever, using the armed forces to enforce the non-enforcement of debts. The global economic system will be thrown into complete chaos while both the US and China enter into a "war economy" to solve domestic poverty and alleviate climate change; most of the rest of the world will realize what's happening and move to get annexed by one of the two. The end will be an Octavian/Antony standoff between two parties with basically identical ideologies and plans but nevertheless different identities.

Are automated providers of labor actually censored to workers?

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How do we start a violent revolution without centrists enforcing horseshoe theory on people's throat

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A worldwide battlefield of nightmarish, reasonless weapons.

Disprove the entry-level arguments used against socialism.
Venezuela, the 100 million, etc.
If they bring up the road to serfdom mention that Hayek was a Fascist.

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Disproving those arguments is so fucking headache inducing doing it alone

maybe because you can't disprove them?

I find this fact unbelievable! You nonce.

Literally a discredited Falun Gong lie.

But they didn't believe in what that proofs is truth.

I know but it's the only way

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I fear the rapid automation of truckers will just enable fascism

Honestly I think the Maoist strategy will work best. Slowly build up.
I don't see how a Leninist style insurrection could work in a country like America.

Nobody likes centrists. If the left can endear themselves to the American public, the center will be discredited and the right will be defeated.

Well there's a problem there, SJWs will steal all good will this unfortunate event might generate because they control the media.

no they fucking don't

if that ever happens, it's only because shitposters like you don't do the work of agitating politically and just shitpost like a Holla Forumsyp all day.

Liberals can regurgitate propaganda to millions of people while I can talk to a small crowd. You know it's a futile endeavor, user.