Poll: questions for Doug's Q&A video

Yo, following

I've gathered everyone's questions and made the poll, so get voting gomrads:

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>which living artist do you think is most important today?*
Wew lad.

Fuck off big time. Either ask the questions the way users formulated them here or go kill yourself.

he's done a podcast with varn talking about that text and if he doesn't identify as ultra-left he sure as fuck likes a ton more ultra-left theorists than dauve from what I've seen and heard.

how do you communicate doug btw? twitter dms?

I don't know who Doug is

i just know doug is the cowboy bebop type.

I didn't rephrase with any other intent but making the questions clearer dude. As you can see rephrased way more than the tankieflag questions from the thread and it was for the same reasons. I even asked people a few times what they meant when the question was too ambiguous. For the record I'm a fellow Leninist.

I've got him on Facebook.

Nah he's the typa nigga who watched the classics like Akira and Ghost in the Shell in the era where they came out.

And I disapprove of that just the same. If a question is unclear or shit people don't need to upvote it. I want to have an authentic Q&A not some polished bullshit. I asked him specifically about the Leninist way of organization and about Maoism as an expansion. I didn't say shit about Trotskyism or Bordigaism. If you want to know about that ask your own question. If you had a question about that go ask him yourself.


Mate I included all other derivatives of Leninism outside of Maoism so it on the whole becomes a more developed question. That was my only intent. I noticed BTW that I wrote Trotskyism twice where I wanted to write Maoism and I just sent Doug a message telling him that's included.

If this really bothers you I'll also send him a message saying that it originally read just as Maoism as developed form of Leninism.

Nothing, this one wasn't ambiguous but included only one tangent where I think it could include more. I did the same with some other Qs.

Didn't even notice em.

Much better. I'm voting on a lot of questions that have insinuations I disagree with because I want him to answer.

>not upvoting Which living

To answer that probably takes forever that's why I mentioned Maoism in particular, as it interests me the most.
Fine, you redeemed yourself. You know that whole "actually existing socialism" pinprick with the quotation marks together with the GMiL caricature kinda rubbed me the wrong way. I also had a shitty day so there is that.

Excellent job, OP. I see you corrected some questions (spelling errors, weird phrasing). You should be commended for the work you've put into this.

fuggg. :DDdDD

Would it really take too long? I mean I'd like to hear his perspective and he doet editing and producing so I'm sure he would make it entertaining and short.

Yeah sorry dude I meant nothing bad with it at all. And the GMIL pic is because it says VOTEVOTEVOTE in the back. I also put other things in parentheses like "left" accelerationism, "ultra-left", "workers", "Towards a New Socialism", etc.

denk you very much *sniff*

Lobbying time!

I recommend comrades giving this one a vote. Jodi Dean is a theorist who's active online (twitter, blog, youtube interviews), writes about internet culture and participates in IRL organizing. Even if you think she's a hack (psychoanalysis is a pseudoscience religion money-scheme, etc.), through Doug contacting her (and as Leftypol being the alibi) we wouldn't just get a chance at furthering our reach (in anti-idpol circles, mind you), but maybe doing the same questionnaire with her, where you can accuse her of being a Freudian hack or whatever, or you know… ask interesting questions.




Which of Doug's books would anons in this thread recommend?

Holy shit I want him to answer this.

Fuck it, have a vote.


same. he 100% know about him but i wanna know what he has to say on him.

Why is nobody voting for the most important question?

you've got the wrong poll there dude. nothing about traps in this one.

Wow, this is pretty fucking retarded. Holla Forums has basically been compromised by Holla Forums-fags. I'm getting off here. Seriously.

He clearly has a link to a far superior version of this poll.

OP, did Doug get the results yet or is this poll still valid? If the former ask the mods for polite bumplock.


>These are all fine

10 bucks he won't answer the reproduction Q.

I wonder how he'll answer "Which living"?

Can we not mention kids on our board? I highly doubt that is true aside from that Puerto rican tripfag. Also,

Honestly, I'm shocked by how well we did, a lot less shitposting then I expected, and most of the questions have to do with theory.


This. I hope Doug BTFOs Cockshit


The week is almost over…

Original thread seems to have disappeared. What is the context of this?

yo why is every shitty left podcaster named Doug

Some guy went on a zero books podcast and the guy behind the podcast agreed to a Q&A.


niggers from the bush detected.
there's literally only 1 Cockshott question.
All hail the glorious immortal science of Marxism-Leninism-Cockshottism!

Where's the video?

Datamining the thread

No thanks

Where are my videos, Summer?

He said somewhere this week a little over a week ago. I don't want to push too much so I won't ask him again now, though if it's not there yet in a few more days I will.

Thanks for doing this and the interview, dude. Pretty hyped for this to come out.


Honestly, that's a lot of questions, making the video in one week seemed untenable to me. I mean, he still has to make his podcast, work on regular YT vids, work as a publisher, plus he's got that big Nick Land debate coming up, which I'm extremely hyped about. Honestly, I'd rather he take his time and make the video well instead of him just making it quickly and giving every question a one sentence answer.






is doug leftcom?

Has this not been posted yet?