Holla Forums is dead

Holla Forums is on full damage control mode. They are being taken over by leftists (not us) and have their own people leaving the movement.

Is this the turning point we've all been waiting for? Also, dump screengrabs of salty Holla Forumsacks here

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So how much should we expect to grow in the coming two months?

Most of those are false-flaggers. Holla Forums wouldn't give up that easily.

I think the people who are expecting more of the same after yesterday have their head in the sand.

There might have been victims, but that's fuel to the fire, and Holla Forums saying "FUCK YEAH WE KILLED SOMEONE AND INJURED PEOPLE" won't look good, but then again pussying out and looking for excuses won't look good. Claiming it's a false flag won't look good.

They've effectively cornered themselves in the discourse, and they have no way out.

All people will remember is Baked Alaska, the guy who organized it running away from a mob this morning, and Holla Forums using ISIS tactics to attempt murder in a crowd.

They fucked up. They fucked up real fucking bad.

As former 4/pol/ack, I can confirm that these events cause shitload of infighting that tends to overwhelm some people enough that they decide to leave alt-right and politics, and for some people, it serves as a chance to become more radicalized, which begins with the "it was a jewish false flag hoax" line and when they are drawn in further, they get the "lemme tell you about the holohoax while we are at it" indoctrination and there is your next "le based car man".

But there's no way to do any of those things without looking like an edgy retard and alienating others.

And agreeing with the bullshit, be at risk of alienating themselves from their peers, or just posters in general who really can't not call them edgy cunts at this point.

First it was r/thedonald, now it's this. Recovering from this is near impossible.

Holla Forums fucked themselves

That's all just trolling and shitposting, par for the course on halfchan.

The CIA and Mossad is fucking with Holla Forums




You can't use it as an out fam. You just look more ridiculous that you're not getting your way.

"Radical Islamic Ter–"

"Uh… all sides!"

Well, that's kinda Holla Forumsreddit's thing you know.

The danger the alt-right poses right now is the only danger they've ever posed. They are building terrorism. Who cares about these memitic culture wars? This is not about follower counts.

Are you hard of thought, friend?


Then we just brandish weapons because you've held yourself incapable of organizing safely. The people of the towns you attend have to be protected, political ideology be damned, and you can't intimidate them with literal ISIS terror tactics of using cars as weapons.

Don't say this is a win, the radical left was already mobilizing, now it has justification for its mobilization.


If this is just one fuck up of many you have planned, by all means continue the dialectic. You're alienating people by the minute.

And people want you out of their towns, and are probably willing to carry rifles to prove that point.

Turning point? I dunno. But this was a terrible weekend for reactionaries.

I'm curious to see what sort of violence they commit if Trump is impeached. I imagine that will be the actual turning point.

fuck i need to play catchup. what happened exactly?

H-have we finally defeated them?
Has their ideological egemony on every image board on the face of the planet finally ended?
Can we finally go back to shitposting in peace without seeing Holla Forums bait cropping up in every thread?

4chan is the Zombie Simpsons of websites. This whole alt-right/frogshit/Donald phase has to be the absolute worst thing to ever happen to 4chan. Assuming the site survives, this whole era is going to be considered as cringey as Chanology and bronies. In all honesty I hope Hiro just shuts the fucking site down eventually, it's long past its prime and its original atmosphere/purpose is long gone. Moot should have had the sense to end things when he left.

Charlottesville decided to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee and put it in a museum. Aut-right, neo-nazis and other white supremacist groups used it as an excuse to sperg out in public. DSA and some other groups organized a counter-protest. Lots of small skirmishes were happening, and then a Holla Forumsyp drove a car going 45 mph into a crowd of dozens of people, injuring 19 and killing a 32 year old woman.

I miss when 4chan was just innocent memes

If Hiro had a spine and a set of balls he'd just shut down halfchan for good.

Jesus, there are actually people who think racial supremacy can exist without killing innocents?

Every single time rightists look bad they claim false flag, it's fucking pathetic and completely irrelevant, what happened is a direct result of their beliefs and constant desire for violence against all opposition.

holy shit. when push comes to shove, Holla Forums really is exactly like the hypothetical groups they bitch about

Case in point

They also think Fascism can exist without Imperialism.

Y i k e s

haha those mudslimes and liberals are so violent and irrational haha oh and if you move a statue i'll run you over

I think the Republicans outside of Trump are making themselves look better after this shit.

It was their final hurrah. And to be honest , the final hurrah of the internet. I will miss it.

Having a field day on Holla Forums right now, this is sweet

Opportunists. They see the writing on the wall. Trump and his movement are done.

The final hurrah of old Internet culture was way back in 2006.

Moot should have never opened Holla Forums to begin with.
He should have instituted a zero tolerance policy for their bullshit as soon as those faggots started spilling over to other boards and shitting up everything, that would have made them fuck off to Stormfront for good but no, he had to be a pussy because "muh freeze peach". Fuck him, tbh.

it's relieving to see some actual effective differences between the right and alt-right

What he calls "grotesque act of domestic terrorism" is the helicopter crash, isn't it?

2006 was the begginning of the end. But giving a troll like Donald the Presidency was the last stand, considering it was the internet loser NEET taking revenge over the normie.

But they got eaten away by leddit in their success and the last flame died.

This is one of the really striking things about it.

It's very much "first as tragedy, then as farce" in action. A local community decides to move a statue, and a national group of white supremacists moves in to protest. It's kinda like the opposite of the "state's rights" shit that was used by segregationist to defend their actions.

And then when shit got really bad he abandoned ship. Total and complete pussy.

The internet right wing is dead because there are a bunch of shill threads posted in Holla Forums like there always are? Okay.

I'm glad you know how to use sage properly.

Fuck off.

Eat shit.

trying to get pol-sempai to notice you? i guess now's the time

I can see into the future, and I can tell you with 100% certainty that the "Alt Right" is done now. The question is, can the left prevent itself from becoming the new nazis?

How bout you faggots just accept left/right are two sides of the same coin? You gotta be fucking retarded to think there are only two opinions. Newsflash - there are different solutions to different problems. What works for an Alabamian cousinfucker won't work for some yuppie justice(for people who agree with me) warrior. Get over your fucking egos. Nobody cares about some ancient books written by old ass white dudes you read. It's a different world every day.

So redditors?

He basically tried during Gamergate, considering Holla Forums harbor. It backfired big time.

Shit need to grow before it turn into cancer. Try to kill before and you just spill the seeds.

Hahahaha oh wow. This is the first good graph The Economist ever made.

Why 2006 specifically?

I agree that Moot is a huge cuck, but keep that "freeze peach" shit in Twitter.

Thanks for setting the dialectic in motion champ!

Couldn't have done it without you.


It would be the best christmas ever. Americans killing each other is the best thing that could happen. Full scale civil war for fuck sake, it's what i hope...i want to see those major cities looking like Germany in '45.

according to your own fucking conspiracies, you will lose

You will win the cum drinking contest open up my bitch

How? By sitting on your ass all day sperging out over the internet?


It's not like he knew what was going to become of Holla Forums when he opened it in the first place, and then shutting it down when it started spilling out actively made the problem WORSE

The "left" today is already fervently totalitarian. The liberals are too,in a way.

Only the GOP isn't, in a way. But it's because they only care about their stocks.

there's a legit marxist thread going on right now


Ted Cruz is a Mexican evangelic who always waved the anti-racism flag. Too bad about his stance on gay marriage. In retrospect Ted Cruz is one of the most tragic figures of the last Republican primaries. Sure, he's a two-faced rat, but he didn't deserve Trump in his fate. Or maybe he did, I don't know….

Go tell an adult I said a "no-no".



You don't even bother trying to make your ideology in any way logical, do you?

When middle aged white dads are punching you and screaming at you, you're not winning anymore

you're right, Holla Forums has been souless for ages

You know how Holla Forums always says that kind of relativism is retarded because they're actually right and everyone else is wrong? Turns out it's the other way around: we're actually the ones who have all the answers and solutions and they're total dumbfucks who don't know nothing. Exactly like they see us. Except they're wrong. Because we're right.


That year's crop of newfags was unusually serious about their anger. That said, I think that old 4chan lasted until 2009 when chantards actually started going out in public as such. At least the 2006fags still knew how to raid.

so… what happened? can someone give me a step-by-step?
preferably in greentext?


Why do workers owe each other any more allegiance than they do their corporate owners?

Marx couldn't answer this question when posed by Stirner, and neither can you, because you're not as well-read as you think you are.

That happened this morning as a response to yesterday you dumb faggot. The entire town basically shut down his press conference

post proof it happened?


Watch the video

kek…Stirner will always be the eternal kraut. A fucking milkshop.

You didn't answer the question though, kek

You know what fuck the ramones




I find this is a common problem with Holla Forums. You asked me a question, some absolute fucking retard replied some nonsense bullshit while I was writing my answer and now you think that guy was me and I'm probably writing an answer for someone who probably has already left the thread because why wouldn't you?

In answer to your question: they don't, necessarily. Unless they dream of one day becoming a corporate owner themselves, a worker, even recognizing class-consciousness is a spook, ultimately benefits from an allegiance (even if nominal) to his social class: don't egoists like paid vacations?

so people protested the removal of a statue, then people showed up to counter protest, it got violent and ended with someone driving a car directly into a crowd of counter protestors.
am i getting this right?
do we know the guy was from pol? did he post there before doing it or something?
i dont understand why this is such a big deal pertaining directly to pol. this isnt the first time something like this has happened.



is this actually legit tho?
i've seen some shoops and html edits of this too many times to make any serious.

You have no way of knowing, because it's impossible to know, unless they leave actually identifiable information behind in those threads.

ahahahaha oh wow



What even is this graphic. You can't predict that far.

I hope there is an augmentation in white birthrate these next decades just to screw them.

Nigga it's The Economist. They make the worst graphs in the history of forever.


ironic that they're the ultimate dindus

This. I've been saying this from the beginning - we need to moon them at their next rally.

what a bunch of breathless faggots lol

I think it can. Has Milo killed any niggers on the street yet?

Well not yet, tho I suppose he might fellate one to death via dehydration.