I just moved back to my college dorm and need some dank lefty/antifascist posters. Shower me with glorious commie propaganda pls

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Don't put political posters, it sounds larpy. Put up posters that reflect on your actual hobbies or tastes. I would much rather have a poster of my favourite band/festival/movie/vidya than some Holla Forums meme poster.

so far I have this, some antifascist posters that my friends made last year and my union's propaganda posters. I have many other artsy stuff already, just wanted that s l e e k bit of propaganda u know

I have this custom printed on a t-shirt and I wear it around shamelessly. It's a good Holla Forums meme.


oh please give me more information on the whereabouts of your custom commie propaganda generator machine, haha! xD

Some political posters are OK if you are IRL activist, but I just think that political posters signal too much of your autism to normies and they become afraid of you or something. Especially if your brand of autism is some edgy shit like nazbol memes.

Why the need to virtue signal this hard about how much of an oldfag you are? OP is obviously well-intended.


Do eit.


oh yeah I have a whole bunch of stuff from our marches last year. our dorm is very social so I want to de-stigmatize stuff like this without looking like an edgy 'haha let's kill all rich people&cops and feast on their skulls lmao' dude

saved and saved ty

ooh I found those dope space communism artwork that I saved a while ago. I love these

I really like some of these



These are so beautiful! Thanks y'all :')


kill yourself OP

Can't go wrong with classics, can you?



You sound like a nice person. I hope you find something cool from this thread. I don't have anything saved on this laptop that meets your criteria, but have this one if you appreciate simple but eyecandy aesthetics.





Aestheticization of political worldview is a sign of retardation, people who do that merely construct political identities to be embraced or discarded.
Fittingly OP is a college student because for him being a communism is an abstract worldview that made cool posters a century ago.

I myself find deep sadness then moral strength from this art, a sense of duty, which makes me going on.

who would win?

didn't know mimaroglu was a comrade!!!

oh fuck yes

The works of those artists were a byproduct of their contemporary times, while fucksticks putting decades-old images on their walls are romanticizing the past that shall never return, just like monarchists and other reactionaries who romanticize the past and indulge in the aesthetic of the good old days.

fuck I've repeated myself

Yes but there are lessons to be learned from those peoples' struggles, yes? I understand if you see this as pretentious bs because I'm a college student and all, but I think it's really powerful and meaningful. Who are you to decide that artwork is old and irrelevant now? and you know what the best part is?

me :)

1 million hours in MS paint

I just want posters that I can start putting up around my city. Antifa arrows aren't enough

Great thread. Good stuff over all.

Of course, we analyze their mistakes in an attempt not to make them again now, but that has nothing to do with masturbating to old images.
You'll get over it sooner or later, so far the fact you amount socialism to an identity implies it is just a phase for you, it should pass.
A reddit newfaggot has garbage ideological stances, well imagine my shock.


Put this on your wall

You sound kind of retarded to be honest. Fortunately you've found good company here.

What do you study? If I may ask.


Why does this keep getting posted? It's from anticommunist propaganda saying that communism leads to terror and slavery.

I know.
Skeletons are cool though. I totally understand why the SS used skeletons as logos.

I've got shittonnes of print worthy ultra-high quality Soviet poster scans (found a stack of old soviet posters actually from the USSR at a book fair years ago obviously dumped by the kids of a dead collector or something)

Problem is they're mostly all like 100+ meg scans and I'm on Australian internet. This is the smallest one I have.

Here is another 6 one. I have more standard Soviet propaganda posters, like from the Revolution and WW2 and shit, but again, all like 100+ meg scans.