Muslims run down dozens of people with trucks because his ideology of a religion demands that from him

And those are just the things from recent memory, not counting the many bombings or shootings that leftists did all through the 70s.
So I ask you, how does it feel to be on the receiving end of ideological rage for a change?

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ISIS members and nazis are both the same and both a threat to me.

82 dead in terrorist acts since 2001.
More than half of them in domestic right-wing terrorism.

Also, it seems obvious that wanting better working conditions and an ethnostate is exactly the same thing.

It was just americans…absolutely nothing of value was lost. I enjoy it very much watching that country burn and useless peopel killing other ueseless people…it's all in the family.

haha, good one pol

And yet leftists will defend ISIS to their last breath, lest people begin question Islam and it's true motives.

82 isn't shit compared to the hundreds if not thousands slaughtered by those Islamic pigs the lefty shits allowed into our countries.

Both sides can point to various media outlets misreporting news.
Call me when I'm supposed to give a fuck, you rat Nazi cunt.

What shithole do you live in where hundreds of thousands of people have been slaughtered by Muslims in the past decade? This is an unprecedented genocide that surely must be documented properly.


We got bullets for everyone here. Nazis, pepe trump kek faggots, democraps, economic immigrants, muslim extremists, rosa killers, blue haired blimp bitches.
You're all gonna get it someday. SOMEDAY.

k fam

Leftists are currently fighting ISIS in the Middle East you retard.

it was like one time and the pigs deserved far worse

communists are fighting ISIS, daddy Trump is arming the jihadist capital of the world Saudi Arabia

/leftycuck/ is literally useful idiots of the established Jewish power structure and they will never take the blinders off, not even for a moment, it's like this all over the united States and western Europe, thousands of "revolutionary" leftist students literal footsoldiers of the established neoliberal global order and they are none the wiser because they are incapable of an iota of introspection

Trump is also arming your beloved PKK. You started accusing them of being mossad after daddy Trump cut them a check.


Still nothing compared to the thousands if not million os arabs the cultureless americans killed. Just Obama alone killed how many children with his drones? And he got a peace nobel prize and acclaim from most americans! They absolutely love the man.


Again, go whine to somebody who gives a fuck.

You get that if you leave us alone we'll leave you alone, right? You're the fucking problem.

is that counting from September 12?

Uh huh. How many stand down orders do the police have to receive for you to realize you exist with full backing of the state? Berkeley? Hamburg? Charlottesville?

You're not revolutionaries you are enforcers for the Jewish banks.

Or we could kill you. I don't know who you are, but you whine enough on the internet to make me think you don't deserve to live anymore.
Hopefully you get run over by a car or something.

Wait, we say you guys exist with the backing of the state. We can't both be right.
Oh god, what if we are?

A gentle reminder that your daddy Hitler liked Islam:

And thats why saying "we're a threat to you" is retarded. Don't start shit and there won't be shit.

Haha stupid extremists, both sides are wrong the truth is somewhere in the middle.

You seem to be too stupid to understand what I was getting at. That's unfortunate. Let me spell this out to you so your little walnut brain can get it:
What if both extremes are controlled opposition?

When white nationalists burn a city to the ground and shoot police officers and the MSM goes into full blown apologetics to defend us only then will I consider us on an even keel.

And yet it seems to be the major media news outlets that overwhelmingly have a leftist, or hard leftist bias. Sometimes you just find literal shit being passed off as news, "anonymous sources say" or "a person familiar with his thinking" says. Finding a good source of news that is either neutral or right wing is quite a challenge.

Look I know the only book you ever read to the end was the Communist Manifesto and your reading skills have atrophied since you finished the book a few years ago, but at least try to understand that "hundreds, if not thousands" is wildly different from "hundreds of thousands".

You would think leftists would be vehemently against Islam for how they treat the other members of the diversity crowd, they don't exactly have a good track record with homosexuals, women, non-believers.

And I can say that I wished that Dodge had a little more room to accelerate.

And you're just another useless american fag drooling over world domination. You don't fool me with the joos. Go eat more McDonald's you faggot.
Everyday more and people realizing who is the true cancer of the planet with your elected president threatning those who refuse to have McDonald's and other american faggotry in their countries.

Maybe we'd be comrades if you burned a city to the ground and shot police officers.

I always laugh at their concept of "liberty, justice, fairness"
Liberty: be free to exploit other people
Justice: but if you are gay or trans you have a mind disease so no justice for you.
Fairness: except if your skin is black

mmmhhh sure

Sorry for this little bit of idpol.

Another shit thread, sage

The "sources" that were used to compose this article are laughable.

Really launched my fucking sides on the orbit when I saw a quote from ISIS magazine Dabiq where ISIS spoke that "we don't understand why americans apologize to negroes about slavery when it was an act of humiliation towards negroes, and we muslimin bros would be 100% unapologetic about being slave-owners."

Then I saw this news where some alt-right kid from Iron March became muslim, then slaughtered his two nazi roommates for saying derogatory shit about "his new religion".

At least I truly see that the "it's OK when we do it, but not when they do it" always adds up.

You get the bullet, too.

That's even more retarded than what I presumed you meant.

nobody cares bitch

What a shitty meme.


hello Holla Forums

still is the fact that is correct.

don't respond. just report




You're not my compatriot, lad. My country is not yours.

And yes, ISIS is a problem. You begin to look a lot like them too.

They escort the nazis in Europe because they don't want both sides to clash.
The nazis got police escort in Sweden to protect the people protesting the nazis.

All you fascists bound to lose

This is the kind of shitpost I like.


Ah, but the left, especially antifa, isn't because all the shit they've done was "justified" in your view?

look at a mirror, retard

Wow, really blew my mind

with rhetoric like that I hope you're ready to justify the millions upon millions that capitalism kills every year


isis terrorist attack=all muslims are terrorists
nazi terrorist attack=all whites are terrorists?

trump loves saudi arabia that fund isis
he also believes terrorism victims "had it coming"

I've still yet to see a good source on this phenomenon.

every Holla Forums retard is somehow dumber than the last

Says the leftist with no argument.


every media followed trumps lead with the keeping equal distance rhetoric

based aaaa poster


there isn't a single major leftist news organization in the United States and the fact that you can't identify this tells me that you can't even navigate a basic political compass

this one's pretty good friend :^)

Islamist attacks have never been "downplayed" by anyone. Saying it doesn't make sense to consider every Muslim responsible for an attack doesn't qualify as such.

I've never heard of such an opinion ever being voices by anyone anywhere in the mainstream media.

There is no story to suppress. No BLM activist was ever responsible for killing cops as far as I know.

I certainly don't support or condone every last violent action undertaken by leftist throughout history — but most of those were directed at specific, high-profile individuals in position of power. Not cowardly attack on random people.

For a change? 19th-century striking workers were shot by union busters; WW1 mutinous soldiers were executed by firing squad; '60s leftist activists were harassed by the FBI; and socialists were murdered en masse by fascist dictatorships in Europe and US-backed police states in Latin America for the better part of the 20th century. Got any funny "helicopter ride xD" meme in stock?

and he got elected
makes you think heh?

No…i don't see this. What i see in the media is: DPRK is evil, they have nukes and want to destroy the USA.
USA having nukes is totally ok. No economic sanctions.
USA messes with the affairs of lots of countries elections, have a 600 billion dollar military budget…but Russia somehow hacked everything and made Trump win. So Russia is evil!
Saudi Arabia is an absolutist monarchy with no election…nothing in the media because it's an US ally…but look how Venezuela's election are a fraud!
USA taxpayers fund ISIS…who then come to Europe to kill us. Nothing in the news about that either…besides: look how bad the arabs are!

Everywhere i see in the media is USA buttlicking, the saviors of the planet. They totally aren't destroying the worlds cultures with their Hollywood garbage, cancerous pop music and fucking McDonald's on every city.

And yet I always see the media defending the left wing yet they fling shit at anyone that isn't teetering on center left. Why is that?

We are not liberals? Liberals aren't left-wing. Lurk more.