What should I do

Sorry for the long text, but please help me Holla Forums! I don't want to become homeless!

What the fuck how long have you been doing it?

draw fetish porn and charge out the ass
professionalism, skills, etc, literally doesn't matter. if you do the work they'll pay almost whatever you ask.
go to f-list, idle in the artists' channel, advertise in other relevant channels

in my experience it's not the "education level" that impedes employment, it's cocksuckers not wanting to pay employees anything like a decent wage.


Find a group of drug dealers and stalk them until you find wherever they launder their money and rob them blind.

Just don't use your paypal for transactions, I remember somebody mentioning they can fuck you over if they find out you're getting cash from doing furry shit.

Bomb the US Government

Not so much doing furry shit as drawing porn. Some artists have had trouble with paypal because of that. iirc it has to do with underage b&s buying shit, and the artists not checking because who gives a fuck, but i don't know for sure.

Get burner phones and SIMs
Pick some random companies and say that each number is a contact at one of them
Drop any mention of studying from your CV
You are now a part time carer for your sick mother, and have a strict schedule to maintain

You know what to do, fam.

Just find a shitty part time and finish school. I'm in the same situation except I actually dropped out and now I'm royally fucked.

Problem is that no one wants to hire part-timers in my area, the nearest one would require travel costs much higher than what I would get back in money

It seems I have to draw fetish porn and continue my looking for jobs, maybe I can have some fortune.

the fetish art industry ain't too bad m8. plenty of work. in doors. and as long as there is anime left in the world, someone is going to want someone to draw something for them to fap to.

Just give it a shot, they all ask for prior experience but never really require it.

this tbh fam. apply anyway. the prior experience shit is just a meme.

and if that doesnt work there's always McDicks to suck

Since the local pirate isn't around, I will fill in for him. Lie. Lie out of your ass. Buy SIM cards to pretend that you had prior knowledge. Ask for friends and family you can trust to pretend to be your previous bosses. Lie like there is no tomorrow.

Not op. I can barely do stickmen, do you know where I can learn to draw? I

WEW LAD. You fucking suck at life and there are so many things you could've done to prevent this, like saving up for a rainy day, getting a job before you went to college so you wouldn't get that "overqualified" horseshit, or not wasting time with that college horseshit anyway, you don't need it to make money.

This is a great idea to help dig you out of the hole you blindly jumped into.
If there are a lot of abandoned buildings in your area you could also try scavenging and selling whatever you find.

Just remember you could've prevented this.

I think there are some threads on Holla Forums, /a/ and even /monster/. There is even a dedicated board but i forgot its name.

Fuck off

It's the "truth" mate, for lack of a better term. He/you should've planned for this, at least by saving SOME money.


I would've saved money up for a potential rainy day at least. Is that so fucking hard? Even pennies add up you know. You know the boy scout motto has a lot of "truth" to it. Remember you should always be prepared, especially for something as likely as getting fucked over economically.

It's /loomis/.

Being unemployed while having to pay for one's education is more than just a rainy day, fucktard. Good luck saving enough money for that with fucking pennies. Stop blaming the individual for getting smashed between the gears of capitalism, it could just as easily have happened to you

Maybe try >>>/turul/ or >>>/kocsog/

This sounds completely fanciful. At any given time personal resources will be limited and so "preparing for a rainy day" can only go so far. Even under optimal conditions, success is never assured.

Your posts sound as though they come from a person that has never had to put themselves at real risk and has enjoyed their whole life under the illusory fortune created by living according to someone else's design, and because you did what you were told to do and received your paltry compensation, believe that if everyone else just did as they were told, then they would have no problems. It's like a dog disdaining the street mongrel for not having sense enough to fetch his master's slippers. You aren't a wolf. You're a pet living at the convenience of another.

I really can't find anyone more despicable than a person that belittles the hardship of others.

Why are commies such sad, pathetic creatures? Stop fucking complaining and pull yourself up by the bootstraps.

oh my god what a fucking melodrama over nothing

Can you perform data entry?
Can you work as an adjunct professor in software development?
Can you tutor old people to use computers?
Can you provide an anti-virus, etc maintanence services for busy people?
Is the factory the only unskilled job in your town?

If nothing else you could probably work in an employment agency.