So are you guys a meme?

I'm not kidding. The posts here are in direct parity to parody of leftists. I genuinely don't understand if you believe in NEET economics, or are just doing a long con. I never was interested in you guys growing up on realchan, and now with the porky memes, I just don't get it.
Do you really believe this stuff you preach when you invade realpol? What's your vindiction against the real proleteriat that thinks your economics are inherently untenable due to scarcity and greed? What do you raid pol, when you only get laughed at? I just don't get it, but someone told me you're serious, so I wanted to get it straight. Are you a joke? Or are you just joking?


We are all unironically Nazbol.

Lmao no. Marx and Engels were just shitposting. The october revolution in 1917 was just a joke (get pranked kulaks).


Cis male detected. Mods!

We're not the people running over people we don't like with a car.

I laughed.
Why would I care? What the majority of people thinks doesn't make a thing correct or incorrect.
When the fuck did we raid Holla Forums? You, on the other hand, come here all the time, posting ironic gay porn and black dicks which you got saved in your """"ironic"""" shitposting folder.

what is your definition of a "leftist"?

No we're serious, and every boogeyman you guys unironically oppose on Holla Forums we believe in reality is due to a global elite of capitalists. We believe that capitalism as a system created all the problems you call "d.egeneracy". And the evidence is on our side
You guys are really nothing more than a reaction to liberalism, which is something we also oppose.

no sense of humor, stale memes to fight another meme ideology.
I'd cite the entirety of communism but I don't want an economics debate with you right now.

I'm genuinely beginning to believe this. Why use the flag?

not a nazi. Do you really think everyone who disagrees with you thinks about that whole white power shit? Also this is the first time I've come here, it's the first time you're interesting. Also yeah, what's with your fetish?

It's not liberalism, for sure. I'd say it's more like a facist left, akin to stalinism. No free speech, the government is god.


You clearly have no idea what Leftism even is

Read a fucking book

I don't really call much degenerate the same way nazi larpers do. Maybe the whole requiem for a dream-tier shit that goes on in life would be but I doubt we're all drug addicts. And how would you address before capitalism and mercantilism? What about then when we had shitloads of incest, drug abuse, and other stuff they put in that category? I very much so doubt anyone but the ancaps are libreal reactionaries, plus I'd say the evidence is on the failed side of communism and a political system with one party.

I do love your memes, they're like hugh mungus-type humor. Too bad you're a sheep.

Anyway it's been fun. Literally wizards have more of my respect, have fun larping and invading pol.

I know you are a tourist from halfchan, but in case you haven't noticed 80% of the posts there right now are about spelling out to the kekistani and r/thedonald undarage memesters that the white power stuff is for real, they really want blood on the streets and that they are glad that autists run over protesters. So for how long are you going to drag the "its just a prank XD" shit?

I have only see Holla Forums raids in leftypol spamming this shit, so pot calling the kettle back.

This is the Current International Headquarters. Apply yourself for you are in presence of elite marxist warriors.

Go to FAQ
Read a fucking book
Un-polpill yourself

Read a book you fucking brainlet

But I thought you wernt Holla Forums

yeah politics is all about humor
hmm why wouldnt he just want an economics debate?
just stop.
holy shit how is user going to recover.

Not all leftism is centralized one party systems. See my flag (anarcho-communism) and Rojava (libertarian socialism).

you means things we still have today under capitalism? Nah I wasn't neccessarily talking about those types of d.egeneracy, things such as erosion of the family, consumerism, materialism, shit like that. We currently live in a system where shitheads like Paris HIlton, who contribute absolutely nothing to society are considered successful and looked up to. A system that rewards the destruction of the planet, forces workers into depression and suicide, that isolates us from our communities. Early tribal societies organized around a sort of proto-communism, and ever time capitalism is introduced to these societies they degrade in very sick and twisted shadows of their former selves. Capitalism fosters individualism that sickens the mind and pits us against one another, instead of fostering cooperation.

yeah, fucking end yourself

Here you go friend. I believe this is what you're here for.

Well then what are you, mysterious raider? If you ridicule our economics go play with open cards so we can ridicule your economics.
Go ask Holla Forums.

so you dont even know what leftiem is or the different ideologies? shocking