Australian far-Left groups

anyone know some decent far left parties/political orgs active in AUS? the far-left seems more or less full on dead here and its really starting to depress me
the only """left-wing""" part in parliament is labor and its just neo-lib/idpol cancer at this point

WHy don't you folks in Australia radicalize the abos and use them as a personal army? They're still a lot! and they could be used to make Australia into a communist country.

abos are like five percent of the population mate…
it WOULD be fun to see an abo version of the BPP that would be funny as fuck

Australia to me, when viewed from Europe here, seems like a perfect avenue for socialism, since it's a relatively advanced 1st world society and isolated from the tense geo-political hotspots by geography.

I've always kind of liked this California vibe about australians, but on the other hand, all people in my country that have gone to work in australia have later turned out to be right-wingers and praise that how much of an ancap paradise land it is.

essentially we basically are ancap tier in terms of economics…
once in a while a hep-b outbreak happens cuz the gov dosent even check if the berries have human shit in them…..

but t b h our borderline UBI welfare system has more or less fucked the left here a t m

do you guys at least have universal healthcare?

More or less. Not as comprehensive as say Cuba, but nobody dies because they can't afford treatment or had to wait too long.

we have medicare which is essentially universal healthcare yes along with nordic tier welfare programs
AUS is an example of essentially the reason "reform" dosent work..
when u fall in the succ-dem trap u dont come out

I actually openly endorse the nordic model to people around me IRL because I think that you cannot have honest-to-god socialist movement in eastern europe because they are scared of USSR-tier social experiments, and perhaps rightfully so, but with nordic model, at least we can shape society in a way that people less of an assholes in general so that when class consciousness takes over, we can have a real shot at decent socialism here.

Based on that, I might not be a good person to comment on socdems trapping the socialist movement in Aus. If you mean that there is too much idpol in australian politics, both right-wing/left-wing alike, then I get what you mean. Hell, even I would get into politics if I was guaranteed that I don't have to take a stance on idpol questions.

well succ-demism is O.K just for making a less fucked society in general but after a while the succ-dem parties begin to blend with the neo-libs and degrade into neo-libs and then BANG the socialist movement is fucked all the people are conned into voting neo-lib for the next hundred years the end

The reason there's no fair dinkum far-left party in this country is because until recently our institutions were capable of responding to pressure faced by the 99%, but not now.

Any North Queensland comrades lurking tonight?

The decent ones are tiny. We're talking CPA, SEP, SP. The bigger ones are just uni student social clubs (Socalist Alternative) or containment parties for people who would otherwise be in the Greens but are a little too 'radical' for the Greens' current liberal trajectory (Socialist Alliance).

The best thing you do right now honestly is probably become active in a left-wing labour union (provided you work in an industry where the unions are worth shit) or, much as it hurts to say it, join the Labor party and get involved with your local branch with an eye to inlfuencing candidate selection. Not much else you can really do unless you're super into idpol or impotent protest demos.

If you put it this way, it does make sense. I agree, but I can't answer your initial question, hopefully someone else posting ITT can.

not in a industry where unions are worth shit t b h
as for the labor option…..
i just think the neo-lib corruption and all the id-pol bullshit is just to ingrained at this point but ehh whatever

it's bad and if the stories my old man tells me about his Labor branch are anything to go by, you'd be dealing with the usual idpol from the lib-left AND from some of the old traditionalists in the Right factions who get all sour over fags getting married and trannies existing. I don't have the stomach for it. That all being said, I think in the forseeable future there might be room for a Momentum-tier leftward shift in the ALP that could be positive. We'll see.

In the mean time, I'm just reading and going out to mock Reclaim Australia fags when they hold their dumbfuck """rallies""" in my city.

The state of the left in Australia is abysmal.
Any decently sized socialist group is drenched in idpol along with the Labor Party.
Strangely enough a lot of the people I've talked to about Australian politics show a lot of class consciousness without realising it but yet tell me how the Greens are borderline commies and shouldn't exist. Its a weird dichotomy but it makes me think that something big could happen in the future for the left in Australia.

shit I get this all the time too. extra ironic since Dick Christmas publicly rebuked the "Left Renewal" faction and Greens leadership is in the process of trying to purge it's left wing

I'm a burger here, and it seems like noninterventionist succdems like John Pilger are about as far left as you can get in mainstream Strayan politics. I find it ironic how they have provide comprehensive social programs, yet right-wing Strayans who seemed fucking spooked beyond belief think that anybody to the left of Rupert Murdoch is an ebil Islamofascist gommie. From the info I've gathered, it looks as if its anti-communism, imperialist-apologia, xenophobia and Islamophobia is about as bad and rampant as in Meriguh. In fact, in 1975, Straya collaborated with the CIA in order to get rid of its social-liberal prime minister Gough Whitlam because of his opposition to Western hegemony. Strayan nationalists are especially cancerous, especially when you look at the fact that Straya was technically a white ethnostate until the 60s, and that the govt still treats abos like shit even after they made an official apology to them, along with currently treating migrants like shit as well

Purge aussie politicians
Radicalize the proles

SP is the trot rape cult aka SAlt in other countries they are basically terminal after their split about a year ago (over rape whodathunk it).

SEP are Healyite trots who don't do shit in Aus and have little to no affiliation with WSWS which is like their only achievement

CPA is like 5 people per state and basically a social club for old as fuck Stalinists. I called to inquire about joining their youth league ages a go and they straight up told me on the phone they would give me control of the VIC youth branch because their was like 3 non-participating members; this is fucking Melbourne mind you so I can't imagine what its like in other states.

The Anarchists are basically the only ones that do anything but beyond like 1-2 wildcats and squats they are just pissing in the wind with lifestylist hipster shit.

We basically never had soc-dems in the country, Gough Whitlam's government effectively single-handedly built all the social-democratic institutions here in two years before the CIA / MI6 got rid of him; Labor went full neo-lib so-much-so that Keating is our equivalent of Thatcher / Reagan. The Greens have also never been socdems and are pursuing what they call "professionalization" aka neo-lib cosmopolitanism whilst at war with their own left flank; they have fucking high-level bankers as elected reps that unironically justify pay cuts because high pay is "white male culture", straight up dystopian IDpol with out even the good sense to hide their misdirection.

Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention that the Greens support Gaddafi's overthrow

AUS OP here
ive got no idea where this shit about greens being communist comes from….
their just a bunch of faggot environmentalists who also bitch about marriage equality and muh poor refugees and a bunch more idpol shit
but whatever they lost most of their voters last election so thats good

When you remove the Idpol loving sections of your leadership following them making baseless allegations (including attempted murder that were easily disproved) against the one member with a class based approach then internet anarchists, without even the faintest understanding of what occurred, will call you a trot rape cult.

the left is just absolutely fucked here t b h
sometimes i actually wished i lived in one of the man oceanic shitholes to our north because at least these places have SOME leftist/socialist movements

I guess all those rapes that just happen to pop up in the CWI the world over is just the fight against IDpol :^)

Except SP is still a uni-dipshit ridden LARP club for edgy socdems so it must not have worked.

You mean like where touching someone's knee is called rape? Such as the case in our UK section?

And I'm literally the only student in the org. All are workers and Marxists. Maybe you should learn the distinction between social democrats and democratic socialists and actually do something other than just shitpost here.

Can't wait for the next election.

Based Corey gonna be the new PM.

Theres the SEP who are trots. Ive been considering joining the pirate party and trying to bring them over to "post scarcity" since free culture undermines the price mechanism and leads to free stuff


Doesn't the IWW have an Australian presence?

you can still pretend to be american as long as you're well-read on our affairs and agitate neolibs on reddit

While I have not been involved with the Australian left for quite some years.
I was some time ago a politically active Socialist.
Unfortunately there are really only two groups that I would consider to be good:

CPA: The party I was a member of for a few good years.
Really great people with an 'old labour', anti-id-pol upper leadership.
Most of the members are over 40, but that is fine because just about all of them have some really interesting stories to tell (raging from union militancy to Maoists that spent time in china learning guerrilla warfare tactics).
If you are a non-anarchist and live in Brisbane or Sydney, I could not recommend the CPA high enough.

IWW: As far as I know really only have a presence on Brisbane.
Really great non-sectarian leftists (Back when I was a Hoxhaist, I even spend the majority of a may-day march with them and even helped carry their banner).
Unlike the Amercian IWW, the Brisbane branch (as of several years ago) was free of id-pol and mostly made up of older, educated leftists with a history of militant unionism.
If only all anarchists were as good as them; I would highly recommend that any Australian Anarchists/Syndicalists look into joining them.

Like any other nation Australia is also plagued by a bunch of Trot groups.
The best trot group would be Socialist Alliance, just keep in mind that they are full on id-pol.
The biggest and worst trot group is Socialist Alternative, a literal ASIO COINTELPRO/Controlled Opposition operation - Give this SJW cult the largest amount of space that you can, they are the main reason that the far left is so weak.
A good amount of the Greens left wing faction are trots, but as they are apart of the Green party, I'm sure you could guess at how shit they are.

Given how shit electoral politics are, I only vote on a single issue - firearms laws.
I tend to preference KAP and the Shooter/Fishers highly because I just want my guns back.

I only know for certain of a Melbourne section.

I looked into bris IWW recently and it seemed
like they dont exist.

I pretend to be american and british.

Is anyone here involved with the Melbourne Anarchist Club? I take the tram past it when I go to uni. It's barely ever open and I'm curious as to what goes on there.

There was an aboriginal black panther party

sad but true, and they even have the drawbacks you mentioned, but they are actually good working class people in my experience

It's small and might be slow but getting in with anarchists (ASF) where they are active could actually get you involved in labour stuff, isolated as it may be

Nah, but I went to the anarchist bookfair last weekend. It was pretty good, seems like Melbourne has a fairly large anarchist presence

Not really involved but I've been there, met or know some people with some involvement, it's a bookshop and used for meetings and something of a base for Melbourne ASF who I mentioned here

Also I think it's open one day a week normally on a weekend, i think saturday

That urban legend has been around for decades, which means Asio would have heard it. If anything it would make the CPA most likely to be a honeypot, since it would have attracted the most militant of people to the party.

At this point Katter is probably to the left of Greens, economically

Only in relation to their own electorates. Pork barreling isnt socialism. Its just not called out by the media in australia. The only other left wing policy katter pushes is land rights, and thats only because Katter claims aboriginal heritage. He wouldnt give a fuck otherwise.

Really is depressing that all the left here is basically lost to idpol.

Unions are salvageable depending what you do