Why doesn't anybody give a shit about Net Neutrality anymore on chans?

I discussed with my brother IRL earlier today and I was wondering if you guys have also been pondering this, because I have seen this discussion popping up a lot when threads go off-topic.

Why is 4chan not interested in protecting net neutrality anymore, with other chans alike? I remember back in 2009 to 2013 when I used to hang out on halfchan more often, the racist/sexist shit was common too, but it was more about the particular example with impact font or a comic being funny and less about victimhood masked as irony and their sole mission. Back then, halfchan actually attacked you if you were a Bush-supporter, actually reactionary, republican and especially if you were animal abuser, supported bloody dictatorships or were not on board with global warming concern.

All chan forums are first ones to go if net neutrality is being fucked with. Reddit might be cancerous as they are, but at least they are on board with protecting net neutrality, unlike r/the_donald which finds some examples where acting against net neutrality "hurts some SJW bloggers" and find no problem with Trump's administration acting against net neutrality. There was a headline below the 4chan banner to agitate people to sign against Trump's move against net neutrality but 4chan rarely discusses it at all. For fuck's sake, Holla Forums would probably moan more about some lesbian relationship option in ME:A than threats from Trump against Net Neutrality.

Not that 4chan's user movement was particularly cancer-free and not larpy at all, but AT LEAST they gave a shit about protecting net neutrality.

Why in your opinion haven't they even at very least tried to invent a "jews want to take away our net neutrality" narrative but instead they have started on Holla Forums and those places to literally not care at all about it?

Because the God Emperor said it had to go down.

Because channers who care about politics aren't south park neutrals shitting on everybody who wants to take their dakis anymore

He flip-flops on things all the time, why do they take his word for it when he doesn't even have a solid reason for fucking with net neutrality other than "I don't want to disappoint my rich friends".

We definitely have a fucking obnoxious astro turfer on our own Holla Forums board. Maybe it's the fact that the industry smartened up a couple years ago and finally started their own propaganda campaign?

What arguments does he make against net neutrality?

Mostly about government censorship and such.


Because 4D chess, obviously his plans are above mere mortal comprehension and abolishing net neutrality will help to kill all Jews and make anime real.

Sounds like one of those "I will be a social media guru to market your brand for some dollars" companies. I don't think they are deliberately subverting online communities.

Holla Forums is vocally supportive of internet censorship and most people here are too stupid to see that they'll be among the ones censored. In fact google are already doing it with their search results in the fight against "fake news", but nobody here gives a shit. The left has collectively decided that anyone who gives a shit about technology is probably part of the alt-right.
Holla Forums are just imbeciles who are too busy deepthroating Trump's slippery schlong.


The new internet will be 5G wireless and, as such, regulated by the FCC. Just like radio and broadcast television today.

there is no plan, he just stirs shit up to grab as much gold as he can like the slimy (porklord) he is

How can anyone who takes that sort of job live with themselves? They are working against their own interests as well.

Actually they generally aren't working against their own interests. The individual probably gains more from the money they make than they lose from the people around them being ever so slightly more stupid and misinformed.
It's just capitalism working as expected.

Unless they're a porky which they wouldn't be if they had to do that job in the first place, that kind of mass propaganda is only going to hurt them in the long run.

There are a hundred thousand other people doing the same job, and plenty more who would be happy to do it. Refusing to work there would only help them if everyone else did the same.


Well for one we are communists.
=We want SOCIALIZED INTERNET, not "neutral" porkynet.

Cause 4chan is pro-establishment now. All the ruling class had to do was to allow their beloved meme lord to become POTUS and now they mindlessly tow the government's agenda

I remember where 4chan was a place that made fun of anything and everything, including conservatives and Nazis. Once Holla Forums rolled over for their fuhrer and turned him into a sacred cow it became a huge "no fun" zone that they ironically criticize the left for doing. I swear the whole site is filled with people who took ironic shitposting way to serious

4chan became another boring establishment site that dickrides authority 24/7. It's really sad to see, but it's happened to pretty much the entire Internet in one form or another.

4chan has been a no fun zone since chanology.

An even bigger no fun zone then after the DONALD showed up. Chanology was so long ago I try to repress that cancer from my mind


What I find far more ominous than the status of net neutrality debate in the USA, is the status of net neutrality debate OUTSIDE the USA: None, ever.

The US is the only country I'm aware of where net neutrality is thought of as something worth caring about, everywhere else is happy to let ISPs segregate access from both ends, offer private services, and even close off Internet access entirely in favor of cellular networks with intranets.

In addition to net neutrality, nearly everywhere outside the US suffers from related issues like online censorship, charging by the minute for telephone service, and slow or nonexistent internet and other telecom access outside a handful of overpopulated capitol cities (from which the bleating sheep packed into such locations mock the far larger and less urbanized US for our telecom networks).

Oh jeez, the Kurisu Makise avatarfag, the only bigger Holla Forums sperglord was MikeeUSA. His line was mostly about how any attempt at net neutrality legislation would magically give the FCC censorship powers over the Internet. He also had a meme he kept posting about how packet-sniffed throttling don exits.

The mainstream line against net neutrality from most industry figures and their shills is the "muh hooman nature"-tier argument that net neutrality "harms technological innovation", with some sort of inane attempt to describe pay-for-play discriminatory intranets as "innovative".

This isn't true at all. A lot of countries effectively have net neutrality policies, and I've heard concerns from people outside the US that if we gut ours it could fuck them over, too.

For me, the only reason is that this is one of the few chan boards I frequent now. I don't fuck around with other boards much anymore - either too dead or invaded by retards.

And I don't want to talk about it too much here because I fundamentally see it as a non-partisan issue. I care about it enough that I want to avoid playing into that narrative that it's separable by mainstream "left" and right wing politics - that didn't exist until Obama endorsed it.

To me, the appeal is basically universal - the internet, which was built with tax dollars, should not have private entities who picked up the technology controlling/censoring/charging for content they didn't create and don't own. Extortion, fraud; these are things which leftists, liberals, libertarians, conservatives… almost anyone can understand these concepts and what's wrong with them.

On top of that, we already have communications companies who work with the state for surveillance purposes. It's obvious that if we enable them to do so for censorship purposes, they will not turn down government dough.

I'm watching the news stream about Net Neutrality every day, and I'm calling - and now that I'm talking about it here, I'd encourage anyone else who uses the internet or operates servers or anything to do the same.

8/pol/ at least used to attack NN because it helps monopolies and creates regulation that don't exist because they aren't needed and other objectively wrong shit.

don't smaller companies specifically support NN and say that it lowers the barrier of entry?

Yeah. Like I said, Holla Forums is objectively wrong. And I can't even tell if it's shills or genuine stupidity.

I always thought the official shill line on NN was "muh innovashunz". Holla Forums's line on NN seems like a totally random and contradictory hodgepodge of nonsense, about like their opposition to HeritageRomneyObamacare or carbon credits founded entirely on the fact that the evil commiecrats pushed it for a while, so something has to be bad even if it's an idea Republicans invented that thoroughly embodies their own principles.

Oh yeah, that reminds me of another one, they say that there's no NN legislation yet (half-truth, because it's actually regulation, not law), so when it's voted into law it'll have a shitload of rider laws doing all kinds of evil shit. As if that didn't already happen with every single damn bill. And now that you mention it, I've seen the innovations thing too.