We need more pictures of her!

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Rodina 2bh lads



:( You're still the cutest

I guess she could be a mascot of /abdl/



ill try to draw some shitty sketches of her when I come home from wage slaving for porky.



Is that a squirrel?

I got you fam



really cute keep it up



and now for an nsfw dump


Who is cuter: Stirner-chan or Alunya?
is it actually leftcom cat?

Alunya of course.


But nazbolcat is just as cute as alunya



Shit I missed that one. Where can I find more?
I really shouldnt be as turned on by that as I am.





Wrong angle for leftcom, look at your own flag.

also can we have more comrade tomoko?



Who is the qt next to her in the third pic?





Tomoko Kuroki
Manga with 2 season anime "Watamote"

*one season
wishful thinking got to me…




Fresh OC. I dont have a scanner sorry.

Comic books > anime

good comics > bad anime
good anime > bad comics

Heh, cute.

I'd only a nazbol cat

inferior taste my friend



aiiii leftypol

Just because she wears baggy clothes and doesnt have double D tits doesnt mean shes underdeveloped. Women dont wear skin-tight clothes in real life, buddy.
Have you ever met real life women or do you just watch porn?

Also its a character which is drawn in several different styles depending on the artist. There chibi-esque style drawings of her as well as other styles.

But I don't have blonde hair and neither does anyone in my family.




It doesn't even have cat ears, it's not hers.

breeders go and stay go

Now I am sad.

Nice tricks Holla Forums

please kindly kys you'reselves.

If we are not going to preserve the future for our children then whats the point of anything? You wont see communism in your lifetime, might as well rob banks and burn the world.

Wew nigga. Communism means endless fun, not this normie fantasy bullshit.


Don't give me these feels.

How do children provide a point to anything? You've just shoved all the existential questions down the ladder one step and called it a day.

what ideology would be a qt catboy?

christcomm altar boy pls

The OwO and its own

I use ChristCom because theres nothing for Catholic Republicanism and it's the closest thing

Speaking of which, theres gotta be some Kink in what we did with the informers :3

Glorious Socialism Cybernetic Cockshottism.

Wow, that is really well done.




Don't do this to me, man.

Why havent I filtered you already

wrong reply lmao

to be clear… fuck you afroplasm

Why is Alunya so perfect?

do you have more pics of Alunya eating nazis and snake girls? I need this to foster my revolutionary spirit.


Alunya a cute



it feels bad man, i'm nothing special to her

where are all the edits?

like, eating or eating …?

Very cute

left is too stylish and well-dressed to be tomoko

if u s/white/human/ it's not rly that bad
the problem with the 14 words is the presumption that white children *in particular* need to be preserved and the threats implicit in the historical context

I think you can get them easily from Holla Forums if you post anything remotely leftist over there.

Can someone tell me the name of the drawnfag that did this ?

whatever, can be both.

i mak commi neko

u liek?

I wish I had a Max Stirner Stand.

Why is she so perfect?

Found this Tumblr account, but it hasn't been updated since last October.


could the nazbol catgirl say I'm shit and that I should read Lenin? asking for a friend.

Somebody fix this!

cute retarded alunya

someone that thinks that too (scottish folds are cute af loc)



Is there any Cybernetic/LinearPlanning/Cockshottcat? I don't mean the tranfelinist catgirl, she is an awful memelord.

seen her ID or something?


No, she was a shit meme for /loli/fag and moe weebs with overtime being a part of drawfags godhood, get out nigga


t. goon kike shill

>being a moe weeb
I aren't shilling anything you pedo weeb
The only one that's shill is you, as you force a gay shit meme for pedo weebs like you.

I need more LeftCom Cat for scientific reasons.


here you go

I'll never know why Chan culture's so obsessed with 3d lollicon-looking bitches. They look like they're asexual as fuck.


Cute af, nice work.

3D is shit in general.

VERY nice! Leftcom cat really is the cutest

Wrong, Alunya is the cutest

I'm not an artist, but I'd say her design is also the best and the most coherent. Looks very clean and has a strong outline composed almost entirely of a basic shape, namely the triangle. This is good compared to all the clutter and accessories that weigh down many of the other [ideology] cat designs. Gives her a nicely recognizable silhouette and a flexible, cartoony look that can be easily reproduced for various purposes.

Thank you so much! She's adorable.

Why live?

We can dream comrade


Alunya will always be my favorite, too!

Fuck me sideways Rachel, that is hot.

Ugly if she falls though

Rachel pls.

Alunya puts her heavy boot down on your chest. She leans over on one knee and puts the flagpole against your throat, applying just a little bit of pressure. She looks you in the eyes and whispers "I'm gonna take down your statue too"

Dude it's not cool for you to just force this boner on me. I'm in church and Jesus is gonna be pissed.

We need more of
and less of

Is this where her otouto gets tired of her noisily masturbating to her yandere guy clips and shoves her down and fucks her?



further proof that rachel is the most valuable comrade out there


Who is the other cat supposed to be?

libertarian cat with long hair?

All the (you)s this is getting makes me think the left could do with more attractive women drawing in unsuspecting normies and boosting morale.


I knew you guys where furries

We need another Tomoko and Alunya being cute picture

Got a problem with that mate?

Cat girls are not furry
They're just regular human grills with one or two cat features.
Furries are at least 70% animal

That's just being pragmatic. Don't we have a list of hot youtubers?

I'll give you a (you) to declare those twin triples checked.




this is good

Long, long shot. Anyone have any record of the date of Alunya's creation?

Victory Day 2015, apparently. I don't remember it, but apparently that's when it was.

Why delete the truth?

Thank you. I'll try to remember to do artwork of her next May then.


I'm envisioning an Alunya calendar with each month having her in a different outfit in the theme of a revolution



Does more Rodina count?

More Rodina is always good.

Also remembered I still had pic related.

"This so offensive and sexist amd objectifying. Brocialists are woman haters and sjould be sent to the gulag after the non-mixed feminist vangard party seizes power."

Tired joke

I need some lewds of LeftCom cat and Alunya for research purposes.





I thought Cheka just used army uniforms.

hey i need a meme-pro to explain to me what's the deal the anime girls. newfag here

They are nice to look at.


i prefer ryuko.

primarily neko ryuko

The best of both worlds user

weeabooism and paedophillia

I'm a small government conservative and alunya is a cute!




This is seriously the best one.

My autism is triggered.

Cat fur expression is x chromosomal. Thats why female cats can have two different colours, it depends on which is activated.

(the gene expression is chosen after the first few divisions, thats why half of them are one colour and the other half the other)

Not quite 100% accurate, male cats can have multiple colors two, its just some are female specific.

Who made that gif

Guy has a deviantart, but nothing like that is on it. In fact the only clue that its the same person is a picture of Zizek.

Im blind and retarded sorry

It's okay it happens to everyone

Because that's my dA, it's what I use for more normie-like stuff, it's good for making cheap decent portfolios

You're wanting my tumblr blog

all posts above indicate poor taste

What's your tumblr, mate?

I second this.

I’m extremely new to Holla Forums, can anyone tell me how cute leftist catgirls came about?

Wanting a board-tan, then everybody wanted an ideology-tan so Rachel (catgirl drawfag) drew the group shot and the comic

you know Holla Forums you've been getting better at memeing these days, I mean some of you still post shit but some of these are pretty good, and you have way more oc than back in the day when you didn't even have a board-tan and had to cobble alunya together with some utter shit to participate in the wacky races
just remember that cute>sexy

I'm proud of you guys, you've really shown improvement

Leftypol wanted a board tan and Alunya was born
After that Catgirldrawgirl did the group shot and comic and it all took off
Rip political ideology catgirls comic ;_;





alunya was around way before catgirl drawfag started drawing her, jsyk

Arent you a Portuga?
Estou disposto a trocar mais ouro em troca de fotos da Alunya

Thats not what they said you dip. They said "[We got alunya because people were] wanting a board-tan, then everybody wanted an ideology-tan so Rachel drew that group shot and the comics.
they never said rachel made alunya, just that people wanted ideology tans so rachel made them.

he never said rachel made alunya, just that boys wanted ideology tans so rachel made them.

he never said rachel made alunya, just that boys wanted ideology tans so rachel made them.

Who's Rachel



i love that gif, that wink is so lewd

What is she from?


I cant read that shit. Its too much cringe and hits way too close to home for me.

Same tbh

WWWWW, grass, means good one?

wwwww is jap slang for "laughter". She's going "lol".

Damn, why is Rodina so THICC?

what the fuck

He's not wrong, though.

The user that drew the fourth pic in also did a really cute one of them handing out pamphlets together but I can't find it…

How did I miss that I have to see it

Anyone have this?


Haha so edgy.
But why the gas make her guts come out i mean come on this is some shadman level shit

Rodina je Jugoslovenka.

thats ebolachan i think.

That's not cool, fam.
You could have made something lewd instead of this crap.

It's from the official Twitter banner:
Apparently dead boards like /baphomet/ deserve to be on the front while the third biggest community on the site deserve to be genocided in the background.

Here's a racing Alunya (in a Lada, of course) and a Stirnerite Catgirl.


Sou pois. Manda mensagem no tumblr ou no twitter (@papadripopoulos) para falarmos afora disso, então.

They got swindled into paying a meme artist whose notoriety was "I made badly airbrushed portraits of gamergate e-celebs 3 years ago" to make a terrible big drawing of various characters. I think that's punishment enough for how they treated Alunya in it, really.

Holy shit, nice!

Lada Alunya for SuperTuxCart when?

I second this. Preferably being lewd together.


Iz kire republike?

At least someone gets it!

Sarajevo, BiH.

jesus christ the admin of 4chong page is a pretty autistic social democrat. He shares a few comfy posts once in a while, but when it comes to politics, he shares commie memes thinking he is oh so revolutionary. Even worse is that probably a good chunk of his audience are MAGA redditors who make cringy,circlejerk comments whenever he posts these.

Would you yugoslavs want to see yugoslavia reunite? Do you think it is possible to do so?

Do you blame the CIA and america for your genocides?

Not really on both questions., With the European Federation it doesn't really matter. We should unite globaly, not just the South Slavs.

And yeah. No question. People tend to forget Yugoslavia is just as much part of the cold war as Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and the rest of the Middle East.

And don't forget to add the lapdogs of the US to the list. NATO and the UN. First they create problems, then they agitate and fund local militas and it ends with them "saving the day" with military intervention.

What else you think this board deserves?

Since this is is the biggest board that is actually a consequence of Holla Forums's unique features (user made boards) and not just a shitty copy of existing boards full of migrants, Alunya should be at the front and they should refer to us as a success story instead of trying to ignore us.

Do you really have that much faith in the EU?

We are only getting if the drawfag posts it, and he has not been around in ages.

Damn shame, his art's really nice.

Taking requests.

tomoko is not even a proletariat

The children of the working class are also working class.

My personal favourite.

Infelizmente n tenho nada a oferecer alem de gratidão vindo da sua amada colonia
Continue com o bom trabalho camarada


isn't the right more or less what Howard Scott is talking about all the time?

Technically, she worked in a bakery, expecting romantic artisanship only to be met with cold reality of impersonnal industrial sweets factories.

Nope, it's Holla Forumswaifu Erika

thicc leftcom cat

seconding this.


Please. Man needs those thick Leftcom thighs


Bumping till we get delicious leftcom cat drawfaggotry!

more art of anarcho hoxha tan, she sums up my level of theory and is a qt


I'll my sons, but I need to complete a drawing book first, so I'll see you in a few days.


Either some kind of bumping miracle or the board is bugged beyond my wildest dreams.

the original cybernetics thread lasted for 2 months, it's very much possible

why? aren't there cars that were developed and produced by other socialist economies that weren't ML?


well, non-ML socialism never lasted long, most of the time wrecked by MLs (you're probably tired now of hearing about kronstadt or catalonia, but there's also, for example, the shanghai commune)
Did the bolsheviks made any new cars during the civil war?

and it's not like transport (both particular and public) in the soviet union really is something to look up to
that being said, I hope that under socialism we stop wasting resources and labor time on cars, we could use those resources and labor time to make public transport so good you don't even need cars

t. buscuck

buses are pretty shitty, I was thinking of something else
also, I'm a proud bikecuck

Bikecuck doesn't exist, buscuck on the other hand does
Bikes are freedom


Tbf, Auld Reekie is small enough that you can basically walk everywhere.

Legfag here btw.


the guts retard



Where are her legs?

She looks really uncanny in this, its probably the eyes.

I was thinking the same thing except also the mouth

just snatched the pic online, sorry lad, not scottish

I eagerly await thicc leftcom cat, thank you

the right can't draw.

at least post the rest of the comic.


what the fuck is wrong with you, I got my hopes up


You're panel is much better

That's pretty good, the only problem is with her arms.

Fellow poltard here, same.
Glad to see you guys putting the soros money to good use.

That and one is Rodina and another is Alunya.

The majority of those pics have been around for at least a year.

I don't think so.

First pic having non-black hair and the hat threw me out. First pic just doesn't really look much like her.

The first pic just isn't very good, to be honest. Was it made by a Holla Forumsack?

What do you want in order to do more?




Alunya is a badass!

I don't entirely get why Holla Forums kept sticking with the design I made when over here we mostly reversed to the first design

I got back to drawing three days ago (after 10 years of doing nothing, and I was always rather shit honestly). Is there a chance I'll manage to git gud before the ancap user delivers thicc Katherine?


Not so fast sweety

your beloved cuckdem leader Sanders even admitted that public transportation in the SU even during its shitty last decades was amazing, libshit.
maybe you wouldnt have to cry about MLs wrecking your shit if you actually were competend enough to win once in a while. that's kinda a prerequirement to building stuff.


You asked for it


I don't get it either.

Your days are numbered bourgeois swine

Since Catgrill made Rodina into a completely different character, someone appeared saying the original creator had renamed the original Rodina as Domovina. I don't buy that entirely, so as far as I'm concerned they're separate characters but both named Rodina, just the one that's not a catgirl is named Rodina Domovina (instead of just Domovina).


breddy good I did nazi that coming

better stil

Apparently it was just a big misunderstanding as the story sorta changed on its way from GETchan to here.


Not really. People were making a fuss back when Catgrill Drawgrill made her version of Rodina, but it's pretty much water under the bridge now. Rodina isn't even used as much on Holla Forums anymore either.


the ip for the catgirls is "it's all public domain" though, at least the ones me and catgrill made for political ideology catgirls


that was the idea yeah

Is that you, Paps? If so, I just wanna let you know that I appreciate you and all the work you do.

Taking doodle requests


t-thanks user

This comic actually helped fan the flames quite a bit. The "two Rodinas" decision was the best possible outcome, tbh.

Did you even check my flag, faggot?

That's what I through.
I think we should call Rodina GETovick Rodina G. and our Rodina something like that.



Ooh nice. Now I need Alunya and LeftCom cat.

Anyone has some pic references to do leftcom?, she is not in this reference pic.

No, but here are basically all the pics of her.

I may add more rendering later

VERY good. Thanks cool ancap guy.
she is always grumpy tho

did you draw that freehand or did you trace/copy it from somewhere?

I kind of want more of this, for propaganda


Several references + some imagination.

Still taking requests btw.

Draw Nazbol catgirl being a power bottom.

Nazbol girl?


Draw leftcom cat in a sexy pose or outfit but looking all embarrassed/blushing pls :3

I fucking love /mlp/-tan

Where's her tail?


gimmie a decent car for the wacky races

thanks user.

Cute lore

Waah i thought the third pic said "Eat Alunya"



I'll probably add more rendering later.


Unrelated, but if you are an Ancap, why do you post here? No complaining tho, you seem alright tbh

Ey dude, could you do a leftcom cat lewd?

Cuz unfortunately the left has been taken and re branded by neo-liberals so I came here to discuss and straighten the ideas of my socio-economic opposition, because is important to have opponents that criticase your ideas.

Unfortunately many in here have remained in an echochamber for so long that even tho a lot of people that had read a lot about leftism and marxist-leninism and maoism and anarchism and autism that even tho I did not read more than a few articles in wikipedia and some youtube videos about communism and marxism and leninism and that, I was able to back up and counterargument pretty well imo, usually they would end up resorting to morals and petty problems in the capitalist system that, for example, because cocacola dried a river means that we can't work in the capitalist system to fix this issue and we should overthrow the entire h*cking thing.

I'm not here to change people belief that leftism can't work but to try and give spotlights to issues and dumb ideas that are popular among these circles, for example leeching into a small little part of spain during the civil war that was anarchist and hold tight to it like it was life support as proof that anarchism works, even tho it was a lot like a regular state and there are better examples like the EZLN.

Or how people forget completely about robet owens and his contributions to society, even tho he was a socialist and took risks to contribute to the leftie political siences.

Or how people completely ditch the Marxist-Leninist theory and the USSR (on paper) because it was handled by a drunken impulsive paranoic mario, even tho it was the closest to establish a social global system and if handled by any other than ruthless dictators it maybe could have become something else.

tl; cuz I dont like echochambers and having no opponents is making my brain fluff.

You're alright for an ancap but your ideology is still one that'd lead to feudalism and an astronomical wealth gap. I trust you won't stay one for long since you're not just reveling in your own shit on Holla Forums.


You are dumb as shit my man

Point out where.

Take the opportunity to put me in ridicule.

dont bulli the drawfag ancap!
His ideology is really silly, but he has done more for the catgirl cause that you ever will!

It's painfully obvious that a lot of people here haven't actually read much theory. I would guess that less than 20% of posters have read Das Kapital.


Lewd Content: Alunya and Rodina Rodina Gangbang Stalincat Femdom Demfed kitty blowjob

Story Content:
Revolutionary Handholding starring Lenincat/Vlada

Revolution Club starring Lenincat/Vlada

All written by me. So aside from naming and helping to name a good number of them, helping establish their personalities, collaborating with Papadripopolis (whose contributions to the cause cannot be overstated imo) as he made fan art and even created new ones (like Posada cat), and writing thousands of words of smut and story content, gee, I guess you're right. What have I ever done for the catgirls?


Not an argument.

But you seem to hold an air of unhealthy superiority which should be knocked down a notch to not discourage other fams in contributing.

How many drawing requests would be the equivalent of whatever this smug cunt wrote?

Spicy take my dude
Oh no don't create more content my fragile ego just couldn't take it.

I would create more but I don't get more requests.

I may try doing a mini comic of your stories.

Cool, go nuts.

wut de fug

that is outside of the "fine too" range for me, tbqh.


Damn, does leftypol really only consist of people who accidentally clicked it instead of /furry/?

Catgirls are not furry retard


Leftism became relavant and powerful in the 19th and 20th centuries because of leftist infighting and theory-making, not because they were debating random monarchists and conservatives on pubs.

Also it's insanely pretentious to think you can "root out" the bad ideas of the opposition when you don't even agree with their basic premises. Go be a liberal somewhere else.

You should look up some Objectivism and other obscure AnCap branches before thinking that you "have no opponents" and being opinionated on shit that doesn't concern you.

Seriously fuck off.

You realise you're anonymous on this board? Good lord. You don't have to defend yourself like that was a personal insult

and what's wrong with that?

no bully

dont scare off a drawfag. Ge is a silly ancap but he got them leftcom cat lewds. And you never know, he might convert

Seriously kill yourself if you'll allow AnCaps to buy you off with porn.

Your analysis of the USSR is fucking retarded. Pure great man theory of history that totally ignores the institutional and historical factors that led to it developing as it did, such as the total decimation of the Russian working class during the civil war, the failure of international revolutions, the total destruction and poverty in Russia after the civil war, or the complete lack of economic integration between the countryside and the cities prior to collectivization. Putting Trotsky or Zinoviev in charge wouldn't magically conjure up a variety of solutions to these problems which weren't available to Stalin, as it's still the same problems, still the same awful objective circumstances, and still the same apparatus with which to work.

No drawing for you

Make me

well you asked him to ridicule you and that's what he did

this is now a ussr-chan thread

While I don't agree with leftism you can still identify and debate what you consider the bad ideas and object to them.

If you disagree in what I propose then you should point out why rather than just tell me "you don't belong here kiddo".

Dismantle and argue against me and my ideas.

Well fuck you too then. I don't mind debate but I definitely disagree that you should reject contributors because reasons and don't try changing their ideas.

Why is trying to convert people into leftism something you reject?.

So far your replies can be boiled down to "fuck off you are not a leftie and people shouldn't bother debating with you because you don't already buy into the leftist ideology".

This is some alternative history shit with a lot of variables which I would have to look up some history to argue back. I admit i know not much between the transition of soviet russia except for the basic trivia (red vs white army, the tzar or wathever the dumbass leading russia was called, lenin strokes, trotsky getting fugged, etc) so I accept the ridicule.

I accept defeat, so I'll grant you free drawings.

What do you request?

She is cute. I should do something with her.

make pics of her defeating Holla Forums-tan in glorious combat

You mean Awoo maga or moon man or just vanilla pol tan

As to your first comment there, I think the board originally wanted to discuss and debate opposing ideologies from the beginning, but every Holla Forumsfag who comes here is a raving lunatic screeching about Jews. Most ancaps who visit act about as condescending as our board mascot A.W. If they're not doing that, both ancap and Holla Forums posters seem to start bait threads, after about 20 replies it's made readily apparent that they were arguing in bad faith from the beginning. So yeah. You are honestly the first ancap I've seen over here acting civil.

And suggestion for lewd, CCCP girl lifting her shirt to her bottom lip with both hands, arms concealing boobs, short-shorts (yellow) worn barely high enough to cover her up. Blushing.

What does radical centrism cat look like?

morbidly obese, greasy face full of acne, wears fedora, has facial hair.


Forgot the ears because Im a retard. So have RadCenter-tan, instead of RadCenter-catgirl.

Yes, fuck you and your disgusting ideology. Why should I care what you believe? You're just one guy, it hardly matters either way what you think. I mean, how many Russian peasants do you think were commies in 1914? It'll be the same again. If a revolution happens it'll be because capitalist society fails to provide the mass of people with a basic standard of living, not because we convinced enough people to think socialism is neat. As it is material conditions which shape history and not personal beliefs, I see little reason to attempt to 'convert' you as if socialism was a religion.

Nice! I like it.



Are you blind? That was done by one of our drawcomrades, it has a very different (and imo better) style.

Is this the true power of AnCap charity? You can keep 'em. I was just annoyed by your meme tier understanding of the USSR and unironic use of great man theory of history whilst portraying yourself as le rational intellectual.

point taken.

I don't see the point on objecting since I believe that everything is situational and Leninist-Marxism can work better than capitalism in countries under certain conditions.

I'll still contribute either way.


You seriously remind me of myself on my last days on 4/pol/. the fence-sitting train has no brakes, you know

Can't you use stronger lines or something, it looks all muddy, like you have something to hide.

I know some history about the Russian uprise to the soviet union but I don't think I know enough to argue to a saby historian yet.

I can try debating whatever points you want to point out tho.

Is it if the poverty and famins and whatnots is what led to the failing of the USSR?

I have always believed that everything is situational. even in the digital world where companies have to actively try to make sharing as hard as possible with drm and whatnots there are still profit driven products that live in harmony with the gnus and bdsms and open sources and that.

So I feel that if leftism ever took over it would be something like commie and capitalists countries living together and that.

I hide the corpses

Vanilla, I think?

In any case, thanks

Dude I'm a programmer believing in open source with all my heart, currently tasked with plugging up my company's digital restrictions managements scheme against clever crackers. Tell me all about it.

Try calling it linux

maybe he will crash trough the wall to interject and maybe he can persuade your boss.

I think I'll settle for putting snarky comments in documentation for other wagecucks to snigger at, but thanks.

Anyone have a non-censored version of the middle one, or does that not exist?


(you can find stuff pretty easy on leftybooru for next time)

oops sorry got distracted copying the link and forgot to censor

mfw you are used to fill a redundant swimming pool.

I feel in the mood to draw some /d/ or /trash/ tier shiet.

what do you goys have for me?

Ann Coultier killing Obama with Ubongo.

Does that mean you draw scat?


I'm doing it.

Maybe eggs or stuff like pic, yeah, I'm ok with drawing those.

which character?


try to stop me

My bangladeshi army of kid slaves will stop you

The SU had a big famine in the 30s and a small one at the end of WWII, there were no famines in the 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s
you'll have to find some nuance as the tankie narrative and western propaganda are both exaggerated
whenever you hear about atrocities and shortages in the soviet union, remember it was also a spacefaring superpower which did 80% of the fighting against nazi germany and was at the forefront of scientific development in a lot of fields. the cold war doesn't make sense if you believe that the USSR was simply an impoverished shithole for all its existence, it actually had a higher population than the USA

and whenever you hear tankies jacking themselves off to industrial growth and space travel, remember all the political problems that plagued the soviet union during its existence (soviets had no power, the country was ruled by a bunch of party gerontocrats) and led to its downfall

Will you make /u/ too?


also, keep in mind that not all FSU (former soviet union) countries suffered the same fate after the breakup, ukraine is still poorer than in 1990 while estonia is a lot better off, most are just a bit better off (and it's been 27 fucking years)

spoilering the lewds cause I know some of the other vols prefer deleting unspoilered lewds instead of keeping them
and I wouldn't want them gone

Yes they are doing very well no thanks to Ronald Reagan.


Do the nazbols have that sort of power?

more ultra

Sorry for being muddy

ah fug 2 small


wait, did the last third of the thread just got deleted?

it won't load for me


Which characters?

You d*ofus always forget to mention which!

please someone post sexy leftcom cat

but there are already 6 deliveries

where ahhh

scroll up

can't find

any other details aside from being left-com?

just dying for some nsfw leftcom cat man you know how it is

there is this one

thank you comrade

it took me half an hour

where is my labor voucher

here you go comrade. also can someone please post some nsfw stuff involving leftcom cat and armchairs, maybe sitting in one and either getting eaten out by alunya or playing with herself while reading bordiga

Danke comrade



woagh what happened there




Requesting an NKVD uniform Alunya


holy shit
was this always so obvious

Requesting Trotskyism Cat and Stalinism Cat having hatesex.

last bump

Underrated draw

Hey, both of you, could you draw a pic of Alunya stealing a kiss to Rodina and confessing his love?

I'm more than okay with this.

I was thinking of rule 63 sargon.

Trust me, I've been in liberty for longer than I like to admit.

trotskyism cat isn't that hot though
I'd let stalincat purge me

Reminder that he fought for that liberty

Much blood spilled that day

Trap cosplaying as Alunya when.

I ment >>>/liberty/ if you didn't catch my drift.

I was planning doing an autofellatio futa first of some character. I can't decide which tho.

no need for liberty.

Only gnu instrumentality


fucking perfect 👌


I made this thread cyclical.

Knee for me you plebians

But then the earlier pictures will be deleted as people post.

Thank you Commisar

Save them and post them on the Booru?

ye but most will stay.

Also people are still waiting for deliveries. im still doing

Is better than start from scratch and let the artists have their (You) sugar rush.

And that's what the booru is for.

more wip.

Only thing left to do is inking.

Delivering radical centrist.

Basically a rule 63 sargon

I don't want it to be cyclical. Can I delete it?

nuu I'm still delivering.

a cute

thats not a drawing


Your idea is shit, but that image makes me want to see Neoliberal-cat get taught a lesson.



Don't mind me. Just repostan.


we need to convert this drawfag to the Holla Forums cause, that Alunya is very good

I think they've done stuff for us before. They just do whatever they feel is amusing or fun to draw.

looks amazing, excited

thnx 4 the new smug
I really do like the art style, but the JPEG tells me that the poster isn't the drawfag. Does anyone know who made this?

Oh my god

That's a good smug

stop being a fucking tease.

this rendition of Alunya hits so many of my preferences, from the body type to pose to the smug to the attire

tease > banal fulfilment
the object of desire is better left unsatisfied
the pornographic drive to reveal all is vulgar and reductionist

I can't bury this inside of me any longer
I want pictures of Alunya and Rodina in diapers


this title works so well
it's a pun because porky => sausage
but then there's the hint at alunya being a trap
it's so good

fuck off Lauren


I fucked up the inking.

Sorry my friendo


I want to hold Alunya's hand.

I thought the Porked Alunya is ironic self deprecation, a sad commentary on the lives of anons who have to wagecuck for survival. W-was my whole worldview a lie?

I meant the artist who did that one, they did a couple of catgirl drawings for us but I can't remember which ones.

not really,
odd to say but this meme inspires me to draw.
It can only insult you if you let it

Everything is in everything.

Those first drawings were from a group of Holla Forums drawfags where one of our drawfags was also involved and got them interested in the catgirls. It's drawn by Eltonel, more usually a GG drawfag, and it's meant as a lewd humourous rib at us. I've no idea who the other drawfags drawing porked are, but they're presumably following on Eltonel's footsteps but probably being a touch more malicious with it.

Its not hard to say that this could be a parody of how porky can subvert revolutionary movements via consumerism ie che shirts or idpol. What i find really funny is if that story is true and pol/lyps continue to spam it as a gotcha it just proves that they are to autistic to get bants

Moar pls


i love stirner chan

but gods it's a quality trap

Holy shit requesting more.

i think i remember having seen that anime if i'm not mistaken, it's really messed up and disgusting
not because it's about a trap or anything but the reason why that guy is forced into crossdressing
really made me rage more about the red army not having marched over japan and purge the shit out of it

why would you do this?
why would you cocktease your fellow gomrades just like that?

title is "himegoto"
it starts with a guy about to be raped by 2 men trying to whore him out, his parents are travelling the world leaving behind a trail of debt he has to work off for them
some group of female students blackmails him by paying off these guys but forcing him to continue crossdressing and sexually harrass him throughout the series

this is shit japanese people find hilarious and arousing

this is some disturbing shit actually
but guess females can't possibly sexually abuse men amiright? because men are horny animals they just enjoy humiliation

That sucks I thought it was just gonna be a cute trap sol

they pack it up as comedy so maybe it's something you can enjoy but i just got sick of the entire premise

What if it is subversion disguised as parody luring you into complacency with some gotcha Holla Forumsyps moment?

Everything's a trap

why is it allowed.

Fam, god spend his days cracking his ass laughing at much more fucked up shit.
We were just created in his image and likeness.

I didn't really have an idea lol I was just curious. The cake icing stuff is pretty hot though, if you were to do that with Alunya or AnHox next time you were in the mood that would be pretty dank, or alternatively the soft serve ice cream cone thing.

Oh and also for a regular request, some more Alunya X Vivian stuff would be cute

that wink and the raised eyebrow in response give me the weirdest boner

I think I'm turning Japanese.

Because it's hot, asshole.

One of our resident drawfags is friends with other drawfags from the rest of 8ch, and they draw stuff for each other while they bullshit.

So, some stuff like the one in your post is both sincere in the sense that they like the character of Alunya, but also kind of a jab at Holla Forums.


This but unironically

I don't see no porn nigga
I demand my full featured netorare alynia porn naow!

this porky reminds me of something but I can't put my finger on it

Wait, so /ss/ is allowed?




the fuzzy outlines are a pain in the ass and the shoulder looks still off, but dont expect more out of my mouse…

How is it cuck porn though? I mean, besides the fact that all porn is fundamentally cuck porn.

I gave it a go and stole your hand


WHITE catgirls are the BEST.


Even better

they mad


Is she legal?

Nevermind, found her Tumblr.

Holy Shit this is Exotic as fuck!

pls share*/


Thats a pleated skirt and not where the chinchin comes from my dear virgin femanon

Our mascot is a trap now?

futa anyone?

Futa are the manifestation of bourgeois right qua genitalia and will have NO place in full communism.

Eltonel is a cool guy who doesn't fall for drama and board wars. I'm not sure if pic related is his tho.

Are you that fag who quotes entire posts line by line?

Do you know of a book that looks at hard data and possibly subjective quality of life surveys of the before and the after of Eastern Europe?

That's pretty good but he should work on his perspectives.

No, but check pic related and google "russian life expectancy graph"

WHY people still do this? It's a GULag, it's an acronym for a network of labour camps.

for shame!

for shame!

recently bought a graphics tablet and am practicing some digital art. Taking requests, I'll even try lewds if enough people want something consistent or something jumps out to me.

I didn't forget it, I just didn't write that one, and I didn't want to include it and risk looking like I was taking credit for someone else's (really good) work. It was a Yugaflag poster iirc, but it's been a minute.

Stalin was right to purge the Trotskyites.

I don't know if this is really pertinent but hth

She's the Velma of the catgrills.

You betray your poor taste.

You take that back right now

I dont even find black girls hot but I'd have 14 words to say to her

Alunya-Chan would never do that *>_

ahhh post anyway?

alunya lookin smug
just to see how good you are

I want more trap Alunya pls.

How haven't we thought of this before?! We might have stumbled on something here, lads.

Pls gib smug Alunya

Alunya has black hair the girl on the right does not.

oh boy has this been a learning curve. here's the wip

I got a long way to go

Can we have some art of Alunya with Nyarome?

the only decent drawfag on Holla Forums isn't even lefty
go figure

stop it's terrible

fair enough

Imagine Stirner Chan starring in this

learn loomis or something. the proportions are off af maaan

@catgirlspls is a lefty


We have multiple leftist drawfags who draw way better than the ancap



she is so cute

No we don't leave this Holla Forumstier waifu trash circlejerk out of this board.


I mean that looks pretty neat at least

Hmm who is the most underrated catgrill?

I want to draw but I need to do some work but I'm a lazy faggot so I procrastinate on the work but I can't draw until I'm done with my work so I don't draw at all


how do I break this vicious cycle

Draw a bit then work a bit and so on

anarchist gatgirl

Ancap cat

Can someone draw futa?

I don't know if you're new here, but K-on isn't uncommon on this board


Yeah why not

whatever makes you feel good

Red flag was right

Prostitution and most of real porn is maximum pork, and relies on exploiting desperate women trying to get by, so you're not off

I want to draw. Taking suggestions. Cant promise if it will be good tho but ill try

something to do with catalan independence surely?

Yeah I'm shocked I haven't yet seen Cat Alunya supporting Catalunya.

Alunya in a bikini. The bottom is the catalan flag, and she's taken off the top which is the Spanish flag.



ill do it sometime tomorrow, its kinda late here atm

maybe this, idk


ayyyyy [B] got into the series afterall

nice as always (if that's you)

lol, funny coincidence, just drew this

before I saw this request. I was swimsuit shopping and wanted to draw the cute swimsuits…

ayyyyy [B] got into the series like I said

nice as always (if that's you)

We don't deserve you.

what are you, the meme experts association?

Damn that Alunya

Holy shit nice, but..
Wasn't she supposed to be a boring bookish nerd?


Looks like a Max Fleischer cartoon.

Hastily done Catalunya Alunya


Her name is literally Cat-Alunya…

Are you the one is talking about? Your style seems familiar

Meant to quote

nop, but I have drawn here before.

Please continue drawing for us!

Ok 👍

Thank you just thank you


Life is so unfair

DFC though


(they're implants)

(and blonde is not her natural hair colour)

*pushes her down*

When life gives you lemons…

You'll see Alunya wil get bigger boobs with Councils and No commodity production!
In fact forget the councils

Flat chest is superior.

prove it

when a flat chested girl hugs you she holds you closer to her heart than a booby one would

Firstly, large breasts are on display for all the world to see, small breasts are hidden away and go largely ignored by people in a girl's daily life, so when you do actually see them, it's a very special moment for the both of you.

Secondly, they're cuter, and cute and lewd are two great flavors that taste great together. Large breasts certainly can be both sexy and aesthetically appropriate for many women, but cute and lewd do not merely add on to each other, but boost each other.

Yo nice objectivity bro


i made this time ago its not her but hope u guys like it

dressed as a lynched capitalist for Halloween

are you the one who also did the adorable snek Alunya/Libertarian cat drawings? I fucking love your style, thank you for drawing for us here.

love corpses and catgirls

Thank you Comrade!


I hope the OC explodes since the independence vote. Visca Catalunya!


That's great.


Tomochi pls.

Bump for more Alunya?

Nice urban legends, but sorry to dissapoint you, IRL the USA was categorically opposed to an implosion of Yugoslavia until the position became untenable.


Is she someone we should know?

I need more Alunya in my life.


My Situationist cat, you need to make it happen user.

I recognize your art style. Did you work on /fa/ /cgl/ winterball art once?

Bumpin dead thread.


Also, flat is justice.

what happened to the last posts


Not that user but yes please

multileveled dude

even Alunya dresses in sexy halloween costumes

Drew Situationalism Cat doing what situationists do best, drinking her life away.
no lewds because I'm still learning and I can draw lewds that well :(



looking gud man, get a scanner tho.

That shit is so expensive tho, I cant afford that.
Actually, I think a friend of mine has a scanner that I might use so I might not have to buy one.

I am going too fuck her

Its not nice to take advantage of drunk girls, user

They love it.

It's almost as if he didn't care…

Yes please more of her

I was bored so here you go. I promise I will get get a scanner next time. Might even try to re-do some pics digitally in a week or two, who knows.

Thank you I love it

Sure, I'll see what I can do. Maybe I'll even be able to finish the other remaining requests while I'm at it.

Be sure to use lots of "détournement by simple reversal."

Nice job

fuck, I just found out im a retard. The cobweb thing at her feet in the original is supposed to be the cobblestone street. I will re-do the drawing digitally some time from now where I will fix it even if no-one cares.

You can get a cheap printer/scanner for like prolly 30 dollars

Why live?

No Alunya-nee?

a-are they going to rape her in the next scene?

explains why they were strategically privatising assets in the 80s

Bump for more Situkitty.

seconding this




We need to trick right wingers into thinking that drawing porn of Alunya is deeply triggering and excellent to us.
You know, because we can.

Just go on Holla Forums and post something like "Holla Forums here, you need to stop drawing porn of Alunya, she's pure" or something and you will probably receive a few bad edits.

This. There's a disturbing lack of Alunya lewds being produced right now





Underrated post

so fucking good, great work!

Reposting for archiving purposes.
Original post:

Thank you! I personally think there is a lot wrong with those drawings, but I am getting better I think.

I agree, but it's a good sign that you can recognize that. You did a very good job, so I hope you keep at it.


Breddy gud :DDD
Although I think the lack of neck and body makes it look just a bit off


That's badass

This potgirl fetish is starting to get out of hand.

Keep up the good work our dear portuga drawfag


What other request has been made? Of course, user!


It wasn't a question

Your reverse psychology is wasted on this farce

If you gonna lewd her at least make it some catgrill yuri


D-dont tease me like that


god I feel rusty drawing


That's great fam


Who is Alunya drift compatible with?

Requestin Alunya and Toga doing a cute pose together


Eh, grow up.




She's really cute here

Who's the other girl?

Really dig that artist. Doesn't get enough love.
You should take better care of your artists in general, Holla Forums. Don't create a cult of personality like the last time, though.

Totally agrees?
Don't create a cult of personality like the last time, though.

Some people took their appreciation for cat politics a bit too far.

Yeah it's sad how little love they get
Uphold Marxism-catgrillist thought

I thought most people shat on the drawfriend, and thats why she initially stopped doing the comics.

I don't doubt the back-and-forth became toxic eventually, that's usually what happens with cult of personalities made out of channers.

I, for one, feel that "Political Ideology Catgirls" is an exceedingly clever and well done work of art, and I am so bummed we never got to see the plot that was developing unfold. I also really wanted a comic featuring Leftcom Cat. But so it goes….

The majority of anons were really positive towards her it was really only rebel who w
as being rude as hell

What about the posse that stalked her?

/r/socialism nearly died. Catgirls is now auto delete on their board to the day.
even if Holla Forums is bigger than them now, we should still raid them some time.

He is a really cool guy, go follow his work

it all makes sense now. fuck rebel.

Yeah Rebel
Besides him most anons didn't have an issue with her. Rebel is gone now to became the gf of some fascist guy.

Excellent, thank you. I had no idea.

Caught that entire drama. Really exposed what scumbags the /r/socialism mod team is.

You edited the dialogue? make a nice ending then

Nope, this is the one I got.

Its still cute
I just remembered that the actual comic doesnt have dialogue

She denied it.


There was a concerted effort to - by lack of a better word - 'bully' Rebel. Not to defend some of his more egregious statements and actions, but he definitely was mistreated for quite a while.

The Rebel drama rumours?


Not surprised. Poor guy.

Good , I would never want Rachel to have to deal with that kind of bullshit

Yeah Rebel didn't deserve some of the shit thrown at him but he nonetheless did say some fucked up shit
I hope Rebel is happy being a girl now though

More Alunya please?

rebel detected.
someone post the screenshots.


Who do you think's posting Alunyas, my dude?
Please don't create a taboo.

Anything you're looking for?

remove Zizek


Don't do this

Alright, I won't.

Can you make her smile?

Eh? Baka no da.

But that has ugly Zizeks on it.

Are you the guy that draws lewd mouths?
I like your style

All the happy 'Lunya's I have saved have been posted already, so here.


But I want a happy non-lewd Alunya in that charming style

Dont confuse me user

You'll have to wait. (Shouldn't be long, though.)

Yes I am, but I don't think these are particularly representative of what I am capable of. It is a bit embarrassing to associate myself with them.

I like them, they are even more impressing than your quads.

Oh , so you like lappy 'Lunias user?

Embrace your art my dear drawfriend, all of it

I've been expressing myself poorly. To avoid confusion, these are mine: >>2197313 >>2175313
I don't have the source on my other posts, otherwise I'd provide them. I invite anyone who does to add them.


Well , at least you gave /ourgirl/ nice panties

I like all Alunyas I just need some happiness in my life at the moment

Here's some love to you comrade

Didn't make that one either. I hate the design on that tan.

I hope you feel better, tovarisch. October has been a tough month.

Papa bless us as always


I'm not sure, but I suspect it's this person

Didn't find it , not even in the archive


unrealistic blondie should wear a diaper

I love all the art you guys make. Good job. Thank you.


Long live the three sisters.

GETchan turns six in a week (on the 6th). They do something every year for Holla Forums’s and Bunkerchan’s birthdays, should we do something for them this year?


giant alunya vore when? I have a friend who might be interested seriously, he is a horndog for vore idk why. power play I guess idc.

This artist's Alunya is objectively the best design.

halloween alunya

Wow, nice!

Love ya, Paps~

also not an alunya but a halloween nihilism catgirl


H*ck yes! Very cool!

Please more Halloween nekos for spookday

jk, its great, keep it up camerade

you are killin it with those watercolors! so good.

Reposting for archival purposes.
Original post:

That Alunya is making my heart melt.

(also great work user , we love you

Sophisticated 3D render of Alunya, 30 hours in Blender.


Is alunya romanian?


Took me a year to realize

That's Israel-tan.

Wait until you realize:

Hm, i always imagined she would have this cute nasaly romanian accent

ego = spook

Who are the other 2 girls? I only recognize Alunya and christ-chan

A >>>/monster/271007 invention. They call her 'crow girl' or some variation thereof, 'Awa'/'Awa-chan' is my invention.
Person who designed her used to post under the "Crow user" handle. I don't think they have a public gallery.

Awa is the only reason I ever went to /monster/. I initially found her on /monster/.

Initially found her on /tg/ rather.

Adorable, I hope she shows up with /ourgirl/ more

That's some furry shit

thats some cute shit
pic related is some furry shit

No snout.

Oops! The mechanoid is >>>/m/ tan.

Looks like papa is also a mechafag

This but unironically. Consciousness is an illusion, a side effect of absurdly complex chemical processes chemical, able to replicate themselves after billions of years of chemistry run amok accross the vastness of the planetary surface. We are ghosts in organic machines.

That is one attractive bird.



Is that a loli Rand?


If anyone has any alunyas that hasnt been posted yet, please post them.

Have you checked the booru?

Why is the Rand loli cute

Just got these from /GET/. I always love me a good Rodina.

Very good Rodina


where did da pictures go?

Wait, what the fuck? Why'd all the old posts come back imageless and replace the new ones? It happened in the OC thread too.

The board reverted to fix the recent changes. Just post some more and push them all out.

Damn, what a pain. Oh well. at least it looks like flags are back.

What the fuck happened to this thread?


Did all these old drawings get saved on the booru?

Restart the Thread!



what the fuck

New thread: