What Should We Call Baked Alaska From Now On?

ITT: Rattle off a few catchy nicknames for the red-faced saviour of the h'wite race.

Just a few obvious ones:

-Maced Alaska
-Red Eyes White Dragon
-Baked "Aryan Race, Maced Face" Alaska
-Baked "Feel The Bern" Alaska
-Baked "Jewish Lies And Burning Eyes" Alaska
-Right-Wing Milk Squad

Keep it going!

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Baked "Good Night, White Sight" Alaska

milked alaska

Baked "masterace? get maced in the face" alaska
Baked "white skin red eyes" alaska
Baked "M I L K M A N" alaska
Baked "red eye white MAN" alaska
Baked "oklahoman redskin" alaska

Nice. What rhymes with "pepper spray" though?

I laughed to all of these, and I don't even know the story behind this. Some white supremist got maced?

Isn't his name Debbie after that whole Uber thing?

Baked "pepper spray the the wyatt man away" Alaska

Baked "peppersprayed but niggas stayed" Alaska

Baked 'Got cocky, got bukkaked' Alaska

-Baked "Red Eyes Matter" Alaska


*Slaps knee and wheezes with laughter*

a "totally not racist" trump fan with a tube channel called "Baked Alaska" who just happened to be at the unite the right rally got ambushed with capsicum/pepper spray screamed to his friend to get some M I L K to neutralize it he then cried in public


Baked 'Milk, Milk, Mama paid, the Uber for me to get pepper-sprayed' Alaska

Baked 'capsicum on my face' Alaska

Could you stop acting like a fag?

Please and thank you

At least now he looks baked as fuck

Baked "White tears" Alaska

Contribute to thread or sage.

Baked "black pepper in white eyes" Alaska

Baked "got milk?" Alaska

LOL Can't believe we didn't think of that one first.

Also, somebody please pick one of these and photoshop a Brazzers logo into it.

Yes please


No. Stop being an obnoxious samefag


how can people be THIS C U C K E D?


"Blonde Twink Gets Red Hot Facial"

Baked "Race War, Eyes Sore" Alaska


Things get crazy and I feel I'm losing my sight
I dont know what to do
I got maced and I really dont know why
There's only one thing to do
I'm crying for some milk for my red eye, red eye
(crying for some milk for my red eye, red eye)
I'm crying for some milk for my red eye, red eye
(crying for some milk for my red eye, red eye) x2

Baked "Eyes Burnt Shut" Alaska

spicy milk

Baked 'The milkman cometh' Alaska

not related to milkman but shit……

Scary part is that while reading that, I first thought that I'm reading an official statement from the president of the united states, and it seemed like something he would say.

LMAO This is prolly the best one outta the lot.

People still browse r/The_Donald going on a year after the elections?

Peppered alaska?

i guess….jesus Christ


he want the milk

funny considering they were advertising that event a few days ago

also this……
can "conservative" be classified as a dog whistle term at this point?

Baking Powder Alaska
Bashed Alaska
Glazed Alaska
Baked Paprika

love the whole "what about naacp and la raza???" argument
the people jerking off to ethnic cleansing and extermination are literally the same as groups dedicated to protecting/advancing minority interests


The irony is lost of them since they usually turn the other way and spout how whites are superior and don't need any race based affirmative action groups.


I can't think of anything though I'm tired as fuck

All I can think is Baked Eye Balls and that's not that great

Baked "Shout White Power, Get A Milk Shower" Alaska

Bukake'd Alaska

viva la raza



fug i posted wrong mp4
the better one includes clip of him talking shi to commies and an old lady right before getting sprayed

Maced Alaska?

Baked "Mamma mia, that's a spicy eyeball!" Alaska

holy fuck lmao

I love this meme.

Maced Malk

That was unfunny as fuck.
They say the left can't meme and sometimes I think they're right.

The unedited version is 100 times funnier because baked alaska is a fucking loser.

i thought it was v funny tbh

only true aryans have lactose tolerance

Debbie Alaska

They were asking people on the far right to attend as early as like July 4th or 5th, there was a Facebook event page about it and Holla Forums had a thread looking through the people who said they were attending on that page.

Gona need proofs billy

someone shop his hands to say "GIVE MILK"

these are great shots


you realize you dont have to hate niggers to see that white people are the one racial collective who is never defended right? Almost all major news outlets will cover a niggers back when he steps out of line. White people are losing ground in their own country. And thats not racist its just true.

I've never in my life gotten a discount for being white from white business owners, never gotten a break from ruthless shit-eating white landlords for being white, never in my life been defended from violence by whites on the basis that I was also white.

White racists are just narcissists, you don't care any more about white people than anyone else you just really really hate everyone else.

ok? but im not talking about that. im speaking specifically on the fact that the mainstream news has a racial bias when it comes to speaking on racial issues. i absolutely agree with you normal people do not take that stance. its fringe groups they influence to try to reach out to normal folks.


The point he's making is there IS no white racial collective, every white person is looking out for number 1

i disagree with that. we all have our own interests that we keep in mind but white people from what ive seen always want to be with their own kind.

replied to myself on accident
was directed towards you


Except when they don't and want to fuck black people. Then it's anuddah shoah.

The only racial bias against white people in the mainstream news, is that they don't talk about the poor white working class enough. That's exactly what you would expect under capitalism, though. I don't know why you would be surprised.


Some anons have started spamming I NEED MILK at people whenever mace comes up and it sends Holla Forums into a fury. I've joined in with them and it's pretty funny.

heh nice

Blind Alaska

Except if theyre irish, or italians, or greeks, or french, or slavs etc etc. "Racial spirit" "racial consciousness" my ass

You won the thread with this meme.


fuck thank you user been tryin to get ppl to do this since im deficient at paint/PS


Local Milk People

The Milk Man