Why should I choose collectivism over individualism? What's in it for me? What's the difference between

Why should I choose collectivism over individualism? What's in it for me? What's the difference between

Because you as an individual are given hardly any difference than anyone else.

It would be better to help individuals than an individual.

The working class is international. It does not stop at the border. Also, collectivism vs individualism is a false dichotomy.


how is capitalism not a form of collectivism??

What's in it for you to support an economic system where the owners of the means of production get damn near everything and the rest just get the scraps? And the planet is destroyed for their greed, whilst they make shitty products designed to break down so you'll constantly have to buy new ones, whilst distracting you with shitty conveyor-belt cultural products interrupted by commercials? Unless you're actually a member of the bourgeoisie, capitalism is not in your interests.

You can be an individual without a collective, but you cannot have a collective without individuals.

Why should I chose civilization of living like a bear out in the woods? What's in it for me? What's the difference between

Communism is about individualism more than capitalism has ever been.

Groups of humans are always stronger than the sum of its parts.
This Ayn Rand fantasy of some kind of ubermensch who can survive in isolation and sustain himself? That person just doesn't exist.

Picnic baskets belong to us all!

Blatantly false. All individuals belong to a collective of some sort.

Collectivism's pretty cool. Maybe I'm an undiagnosed autist, but I like the idea of a society wearing matching jumpsuits and following a strict government mandated work schedule for the glory of the image of some stern, yet confidence inspiring looking guy on a telly screen.

No man is an island.

Individualism is an illusion.

I'm not passing judgement, I'm merely stating that you can be an individual without being a member of a collective.

You should join the military.

nah go to the YPG instead. something actually worth fighting for.

And I'm saying that's false.

and a pig can temporarily fly for few seconds before dropping.

because individualist ideologies are fucking lame

(Nuclear) Family is tool of capitalist control

can you actually explain this?
I see that mentioned here a lot, but I don't understand directly how.

Unless you define a collective as one or more individual(s) then you're incorrect.


Done by people acting as a group.
"a collective protest"



I agree with you. They are not the same.

an adult human male.
male, adult male, gentleman;
a human being of either sex; a person.
"God cares for all races and all men"
human being, human, person, mortal, individual, personage, soul
"all men are mortal"

noun: island; plural noun: islands
a piece of land surrounded by water.
isle, islet; atoll; archipelago
"she lived on an island"
a thing resembling an island, especially in being isolated, detached, or surrounded in some way.

Literally every person belongs to at least one collective. And this is a moot point because the collectivism vs individualism dichotomy is propaganda designed to make socialism look like the fucking Borg.

I'm just agreeing with you that a man != an island.
One is a mammal, the other a piece of sub-continental land that is surrounded by water.
They are clearly not the same, they're not even similar.

at the end of the day it comes down to what you think individualism is.

If you evaluate your worth as an individual as the amount of power you can potentially have over your fellow men, then go ahead and enjoy capitalism (as long as you have money of course), otherwise if you think the value of an individual is on what it can be, then capitalism, muh boi, is not the place for you.

Do you know what a metaphor is?


I distrust metaphors because of their lack of reciprocal correspondence between dual real-world and imaginary meanings.
I do like the ones where the metaphor part is true and the literal part is true.
"No man is an island" works on both levels.

What is this post-modern garbage?

If you're born rich and you'll be rich your whole life there really is none. But if you not part of the .001% of the human population it would behoove you to spread the wealth. Even millionaires would benefit from the ultra-rich not hoarding everything.

There is no such thing as individuality:
there is only commodities, and there is the spectacle.

Collectivism is individualism

I am merely stating that the conventional metaphor pervades our conceptual system and when it's used as a primary mechanism for understanding puts us at odds with the contemporary views of language, meaning, truth, and understanding.

That's not post modernism its just aspergers

I was born rich and I will be my whole life, but I still organize and believe in revolution because what's happening is fucked. I could live with waaaay less and still be just as happy. I look at my fellow man and I feel shitty that nothing is being done to help them.

"No man is an island" works on both levels.
So does "beauty is only skin deep."
Have you seen someone who's had their skin peeled off? Looks like shit.

Give me some of your money then.
It will make me happy.

Oh my god shut the fuck up

I beg to differ

Are you, like, a valley girl from, like the 90s oh mygawd?

Individualism/Collectivisim dichotomy is a meme
It can be argued that communism is far more individualist than capitalism. unless you're a porky you have no reason whatsoever to support capitalism, it's not in your own self-interest.

I put my money where it'll make a real difference, bb.

The answer I'd except from a greedy poser.

If you're not a worker then kys, no point in making this thread

Communism is individualism.


go read some theory before posting such idiocy

I reject this controlled opposition.

You shouldn't, you're clearly too stupid.

I'm sorry but I'm not here to spoonfeed him Adorno and cultural industry alienation bullshit, convincing a worker of joining our cause if far easier than trying to resonate with a porky


Someone somewhere will exploit you somehow as long as there is private property. Sure, you might be able to exploit someone else for some scraps and bones, but there will always be someone else leeching off of you and living better quality life. If you have any respect for yourself and your skills, you should support your right for the full rewards of your labour.

Out of curiosity, how are you so rich that you don't have to work in your whole life? Don't fucking tell me you've got stocks.

t. never read a single individualist philosophy text

read a book please


It's a false dichotomy you sperg. Think of it as a collective solidarity of radical individuals.

Does stirner cover these themes in his book?

Go back to porkybook



Does anyone have pointers on why collectivism vs individualism is a false dichotomy?

Usually I attack the >hurr individualism either using Oscar Wilde or Stirner but I want to show that it's a bullshit separation that doesn't favour the person using it.

Sup Norm Macdonald

Recognize the dialectical relationship between individual and society. There is no such thing as an individual without a society. One can not in any sense separate oneself from the rest of the people, nevermind what some delusional individualists may dream about.

Saging a cancer thread.

Better material conditions. Capitalism is a gamble and most people get fucked.

Individualism vs collectivism is a meme. Capitalism is the most "collectivist" ideology; it literally abstracts human lives into cogs in the cycle of capital. Only by abolishing capital will you allow individuals to realise their potential

how2 into dialectics for someone with no training in philosophy

this. the amount of sacrifices you have to make in order to maintain capitalism is absolutely insane.

Probably good to start with early greek philosophy, I guess. You can also read Politzer but his introduction to philosophy is very bare bones and oversimplistic at times.

It is in the individual interest to be in a collective. I don't see how it is individualism working in a sweatshop for 12 hours all your life just to live. Individuality will come about through communal independence.

This smells badly of democratic ideology.