How are the recent events making you feel?

How are the recent events making you feel?
How do we mobilize?

Bro, a nazi has literally murdered one of our own and people are still pulling the "both sides…" bullshit. I have no words to describe how I feel.

I laughed more today than I have in a long while.

Today was a good fuckin day

she wasn't an IWW member just so you know.

I posted that tweet in the other thread. When I say one of our own I mean a leftist and anti-Fascist in general.

I'm just sad

Idk how y'all do it

Baked Alaska was really the turning point after I heard nazis had been sprayed down by both bear mace and urine in super soakers

And most of these people were just old republican fucks holding confederate flags

Richard Spencer screaming about being arrested

It was all just so muah muah muah




seems like more of the same. I've just been shitposting on 4chan

I am an unstoppable reddit spacing machine

see, to me baked alaska is so truly and purely pathetic, like such an unbelievable coward it amazes me. remember when they did that trump shit at starbucks and he was posting so much about it and then backed down like a turbo pussy?

I dont laugh as much as i sit in wonder at one mans ability to be the physical embodiment of cowardice and proud of it

He will keep delivering and that is what keeps me going.

Just what will he do next that humiliates him. How can he go from here now that we know his mom debbie pays for basically everything he does.

He can't possibly top today. There's just no way.

It doesn't really make me feel anything. Americans killing each other will hopefully turn out to be a good thing.

Our boy acted in self-defense after your faggot comrades attacked his car with bats and sticks. You lose again, cucks.

Also, I'm glad that dumb bitch got her foot pinched off.

have you even seen the video? his car was nowhere near the group of people before he charged it full speed into them from their front. please stop making shit up, it makes you look even more pathetic than usual.

About 76,000 people on twitter are laughing at you and baked alaska

How is this in any way shape or form a victory because you ran someone over in an ISIS style attack

Nah, I'm with David Duke, Mike Enoch, Richard Spencer, Nathan Damigo and Christopher Cantwell. Basically, the fashy goys from TRS.

you will never fuck

It's interesting. I'd always known the internal contradictions of capitalism would cause the system to break down and decay, but I guess there was also little part of me wanted me to be wrong. There's a degree of stability and comfort that radical change/revolution disrupts.
But there's no turning back now. This is where we are, and I'm as ready as I'll ever be.
To quote Lord of the Rings,

Just laid my nazi girlfriend after we watched the videos of the """""attack""""", brah. Watching that severed foot got her hot and heavy.

I never implied that

That doesn't matter to the public at large is my point. They see the same shit when they see you.

Uh Huh

a pillow doesn't count "brah"

I just met my close childhood friend, kevin costner, for a dinner party then fucked 4 different argentinian women who said that communism will win and lenin is their ideal man. i got you in checkmate, fash

Your boy Richard Spencer got his ass arrested by the cops whose boots he was busy licking, and Cantwell made a video crying about "it's just a joke guys we're not supposed to hurt people for real"

yeah, and I met with Jennifer Lawrence

how hot and heavy will watching your autistic movement disintegrate into irrelevancy? you think running over some protestors is hard core and tough? youre a joke and all of america got to witness it first hand tonight. sleep tight, we're coming bucko.

It's a shoe with pink lining, retard.

It is absolutely fascinating how well-tuned the Holla Forums social media propaganda machine is. There are still shitloads of people on Twitter telling me that Joel kid was the one who rammed the car through the crowd. They have these people on a fucking leash.

Are you joking? The collective whole of Twitter is laughing at fucking Baked Alaska getting bear maced screaming for milk right now and mourning the victim of the car attack.

This was a total loss for the right


based quote.
Uphold Marxism-Gandalfism!

I purposefully venture into conservative Twitter a lot so that might explain why we're seeing different pictures. Twitter accommodates your habits.


This is why the left is dying.

BooHoo bitch this thread is the left mobilizing. You just don't see it. We're uniting over the right falling down a flight of stairs and shooting themselves in the balls and doing an ISIS style terror attack

Quit bitching. Just quit fucking bitching.

i fuck her too

Fuck it, i will bit the bait. If it's true, talking about fucking your girlfriend on a chan to shut other people up, absolutely no class.What will you do next? Go on /soc/ and ask for random people to rate her looks?
Either way, an american nazi that most likely has 18% of african blood in it…as you do to kek.


if you think the left is dying then you're probably part of the dying aut-right echo chamber.

We do fucking nothing but read theory and advance ourselves as individuals for the next few years, then, when driverless vehicles are introduced and millions of truckers and their families as well as the towns they live in suddenly lose their prosperity, we take action.

A revolution arising from intelligentsia and about social rather than material concerns is a revolution destined for failure.

No more pacifism
No more sectarianism

Best day ever

it's a fact of numbers that the left is politically dead.

rightists actually claim the exact opposite, that communists are everywhere, behind everything, and poised to take over at any moment.

They need sensationalism to create a reaction

Not sure if I'll actually get a gun but I'm getting my license for the first tier of firearms at the very least after this shit.

I think we might be reaching a real turning point. Even limp dick centrists are getting upset over the lack of condemnation. When the right really starts sperging out, the left may finally have the conditions to flourish

I'm thinking Dzerzhinsky had the right idea with the Cheka and that America needs to perish.

Convince liberals and the working class in general, don't argue with nazis they deserve to get fucked, im already seeing some centrist friends say that alt righters shouldn't be allowed a plataform to spread.

pls post pic of her body

i'm a cuckold and i like the idea that a nazi is fucking his hot girlfriend while i have no one


Christopher Cuntwell getting maced and crying about it was getting shared just as much as BakedAlaska.


Fucking centrist of course it only takes a few dead and multiple injured to see that. I shudder to think would it would take for liberals and the like to see that.

We mobilise by arming, not just ourselves, but anyone marching towards them with the intent to break it up. Put a gun, knife, bat, blade in everyone's hand, and more importantly, armour ourselves. No longer should we get hit in hoodies, and tear gassed in bandanas. Helmets, vests, bracers, and gas masks (most important) should be worn. Banners brought, and nazis slaughtered. Next march, we should corner them, block the streets, rank fire like they're zulus? Or snipers on roofs, and block street access to them. either way, we have to crack down, and eradicate them wherever their cancer persists

I am gaining the grim realization that we are the generation that will endure horror after horror so that future generations can live in a bourgeoisie future.

I am gaining the grim realization that we are the generation that will endure horror after horror so that future generations can live in a bourgeoisie-free future.


Fuck yeah I'm with this comrade

I thought that now that the aut-right is a thing, I'm still politically insignificant but at least I get to laugh at both them and SJWs depending on the day, and this was the best opportunity yet. It's not much but I'll take what I can get, especially because when Trump is gone, SJWs will be back and worse than ever.

Chances of militant organization are up and the Fash is going to be losing hearts and minds.

Arming up and organizing seems to be probably the best first step right now. Even if its just with your locals, friends, family, etc.

The problem I see now is that people will no longer be as easy to organize and pull left if they still see only these goons LARPing as Nazis as the problem. The original Nazis were like weird Roman larpers too so its not that there's no threat there, but neoliberalism is much better at getting away with everything fascism does anyway without looking bad. Forced labor, imperialism, genocide, suppression of speech and political dissent etc all occur under the neoliberal status quo anyway.

Just something to keep in mind. We need to really really stress the point that someone like Zuckerberg or Soros or whoever is just as complicit and far more dangerous than Richard Spencer and friends.

No longer be as easy to push to the left once the Fashies hopefully get crushed in utero, that is.

People are more energized and ready to radicalize than I've seen in my lifetime.
BLM needs to go Black Panther Party. They keep inch further and further to the left. They pushed out all of the grifters like Deray.

This time last year I would think it was insane if a huge crowd gathered at rallies put together by leftist organizations to tear down a statue.

The center is falling apart as people are ready to go wildly left or right and the political and media class are slow to realize it.

…a leftcom succdem?

Embrace the revolutionary period, comrade.

stop advocating we recruit the people who have/will side the the fascists every time. They obstruct revolution

Now that fascism is rightfully hated again, like taking down the corporations

Judging by all the deleted posts in this thread (None of which I saw so I cannot speak to their quality or lack there of), I presume the mods have already collectively chosen how the board ought to feel.
Therefore I will make no comment.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! You faggot commies really think you're going to shoot up people that have been shooting guns and killing shit since before they could ride a bike? I've been hunting and killing things since I was in pre-school and you faggots think because you want everyone to agree with your little echo chamber, you're gonna crack down on muh naziz? LMFAO! get fucked commie puke. Go ahead and try to spark something off. You'll get gassed in a fucking heartbeat kike shlomo

are you trying to do a bad seals pasta

Don't reply, user. I think we're at the mercy of a master troll!

I've been hunting since I was a little kid too. You think only retarded nazis like you grew up with guns?

Buddy, I served in the canadian armoured corps. I think I know a little bit more about guns and killing, and more experienced than you. I've also been a hunter all my life, and was raised by a soviet veteran. So come again?

You're really convincing right now