Pigeon Apriciacion Thread

What is your fvorite kind of pigon?

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let me tell you. tankiees are the only communist that are realely prepared to defend the freedoms for the working people. efucking nazbol is bet tankee becuass they want to mak a enutied front. all those sailoor killing trots tell you tehy want a united front but really its all jsut lip service. but tankee-nazbols are really serious aboout it. yo know. and the reasson is that australian nazbols are desenden from the incans. incans are the only really oriiginal democratic centralists. democratic centralism is gnosti wisdom form the posadist extrateristral
comrade gnostics. thats why the psoadists went to south america, but they didnt iunderstand tru nazbol demcoratic centralism so they cfaily to bring about the end of times, but nazbol is the rael posadist gnosis party becuase Alexander Dugin understand that the end times is necesary to bring alieens to meake anime reel;. but he knownas that is isnt the nuclear that will do it because nuuclear wepons are impossible and heerosheema was a hokxe byu the united amrericans to hide the fasct that the tankees where the real victors fo the second world war. and the reael anti-0revolutionaries are the fuckiung trotskeeistz jews that lied about the tankees because the hungarian women secudced the trostkeys jews and gave birth to the furth international, and this corrupted the posadists and didnt allow the postadits tto uncover the true gnoosiss wisdom of the end times. therefore NAZBOL us the real gnosticsw fuck NAZTROT its a liE! fucking tankee trots killing muh sailors shadillay comrades gg

this is why we need anti-trostkyist anti-revisionist anti-naztrot full left untiy with anarchsits and tankeis to defeat the NAZTort revisionist psodist failure jews. Ancaps alowed too. NO ITALIAN NATIIONALISTS!! Only genuine australian and inca nationalists and Asserists turd positionists. no fascists. Anarchist-tankly unity with the ancaps to hastent he end of times and anti-revisionist NAZBOL united from t.

fancy pigeons are bourgeois




read it nrevtionist naztros!

You are a leyer and a tervtionist and I can prove it dialecticalaly.

THis is false gbecause you must glook at he dgere territorty tiwth PIRATE posting is ultimate freedom for the ==workigne== peoopke tnad thudcking takinjes did not defend the Black armmy!
NO! Untied fronts are a feelure tactic and is not provdifng of the ==greedom== of the workign people rad srtirner tou cfaggot
The seelors where cotner revolutainiaryes who deserved worse you anti-pragnatic duj socialisn with euroasian charictreesitcs ==recisionist!==

Event wif the unitefd gron was the right and correct, thsi would ==stil== be wrong becuase the torstskyist as teh mosrt serions united fronts!!

Yhis is absured! yo dumb tankee! Austiralia is not in south america! They didnt hae boats before 1844 sao there could not have gotten from south america to australia you autist

This is irrevelent..

Thgsi is ocnstpiricy rtheory comrade.


You are dumnb. Read tbhis, from the 1847 manuscripts is makes your argument disrpoven. but more than stidproven because YOU HAVE T+NO ARGUMENT

But that labor itself, not merely in present conditions but insofar as its purpose in general is the
mere increase of wealth — that labor itself, I say, is harmful and pernicious — follows from the
political economist’s line of argument, without his being aware of it.
In theory, rent of land and profit on capital are deductions suffered by wages. In actual fact,
however, wages are a deduction which land and capital allow to go to the worker, a concession
from the product of labor to the workers, to labor.
When society is in a state of decline, the worker suffers most severely. The specific severity of
his burden he owes to his position as a worker, but the burden as such to the position of society.
But when society is in a state of progress, the ruin and impoverishment of the worker is the
product of his labor and of the wealth produced by him. The misery results, therefore, from the
essence of present-day labor itself.
Society in a state of maximum wealth — an ideal, but one which is approximately attained, and
which at least is the aim of political economy as of civil society — means for the workers static




what the fuck is this

Psot pigeons.

It looks like we've been gifted with a leftist version of Nick Land


i hate pigeons

Why do you hate pigeons comrade?

they're annoying and shit the place up

You are wrong my friend, they at least add a small amount of semi nature to the soulless concrete urban centers of the world, you hardly even see trees now so pigeons are what you get.

On topic ish, I want to tell off parents who let their brat kids chase birds but they wouldn't listen anyway

Pigeons suck dick
Fuck pigeons



Jacobins of course!

mookies are okay too

fancy as fuck

Comrade, you should critique yourself for this post immediately.

Those are pretty nice pegoins

Fabulous af.

How can they look so regal and pompous (in a cute way) if they're against the nobility? Checkmate Jacobitheists

Bourgeois Pigeon