Is propagating news about the Charlottesville riot feeding the trolls?

Something isn't sitting right with me watching people virtue signal about "how Trump is starting a civil war and these pics of the Charlestown car crash prove it"

Why? The right was baiting and ready to fight antifa. They seemed more excited about that than the monument. They right got what they wanted out of this event, to make it seem like race riots are happening out of the blue.
Does anyone else agree with me or am I a fascist for saying this?

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radical centrism is an illness. nothing more to it.

I agree with you that this is what the people at the protest wanted. Not sure why though. This can't be good for the right.

what does the OP have to do with radical centrism?

you meant Charlottesville car crash

Liberals are going on about it because they think liberalism is worth fighting for, Trump is just a poor sap that was a bit too much of a dick during the election race because he intended to lose.
The right want the fight though, but we have a serious arms shortage. It needs to be addressed immediately, that car should have been swiss cheese, it shouldn't have been able to reverse injuring more people.

do none of you fags know how fascism works? How brownshirts seize power lmao

but what's the value of giving white nationalists what they want? They wanted a national news event and they got it. They wanted it to seem like the riot was from in-staters instead of out-staters, and they got it. They are ASTROTURFING race riots, and we are cementing the astroturf.

fascism gains power from economic depressions, not faking race riots

Educate me on fascists take power because i can't imagine how in the world this helps.

The only value of antifa would be to protect the lives of black bystanders, which they arguably did or didn't do in Chancellotsville given it's a liberal city and cops had a better hold on the nationalists than than the antifa.

I think it's possible to let antifa be children instead of insulting them until we might actually need them.

You're sounding a bit like a Holla Forumsyp trying to tone down whatever repercussions happen because of their idiocy. The majority of them didn't want some fuckwit to drive a car into everyone, because now their baiting has made them look like royal cunts.
The majority of them wanted to get legally mandated rallies and to goad antifa into attacking them. Now some idiot has gone and given the left cassus belli to attack them and made them look like latent terrorists. They'll get their little war now, but their numbers are pretty much locked in, nobody new will be coming over after that and they may even see reduced membership over this conflict they've been pining for.

So the left won because a 35 year old bystander got killed? No one won, it was a dumb event with dumb protesters. And yea, the racist right wants violence, even if it's them doing violence, because it makes them nationally relevant. Without national events, the racist right aren't going to recruit mass amounts of people.


So you are secretly planning actually "bashing the fash"


most of America doesn't give a shit about these race riots because they are desperate attempts from the racist right to become mainstream

It seems that vastly more people would turn against them for being violent racists. I really don't get what they are thinking.

Yeah dude because when niggers are sniping innocent pregnant white women in the suburbs regular white people will definitely be trying to group up with the closest intersectional AnCom chapter to fight back

Fucking retard

If they kill you, you win.

Indeed. Now is not the time to purchase firearms. What is needed is a deeper public understanding of theory. This is pure spectacle, there is nothing that can be seized upon here.

Read Lenin, everyone. And Bordiga. And then read Bookchin, and don't forget to read Kapital again. But definitely don't buy guns and go to the next protest, that's what the right want you to do.

Mother fuckers this is America

you are retarded, if you think now is the time to be violent, you are retarded

Well… I don't blame people for feeling violent, but violence over race is the dumbest possible thing.

"This will end Neo-Nazism say's increasingly nervous leftist for the 29th time this year"

If you don't mind saving me some reading time, what could the right possibly get out of this. This seems like an unmitigated disaster for them.

I agree. Purchasing guns is engaging with capitalism, and capitalism is violent!

Indeed. This is definitely solely a race issue.

Absolutely nothing. Some sperg lone wolf has ruined their hand. The car attack is the last thing they'd want strategically.

When did this happen?

why is it read books vs pretending participating in astroturfed race riots mean something?

Why not helping America be more economically literate so they can actually blame the right people when the next global collapse happens instead of blaming FUCKING government spending.

Or what about holding our own events that can make national news? Why can't we be edgy for once? Why do people like Richard Spencer have to hog all the fucking attention?

oh good I thought you were gonna call me class reductionist, but you decided that wouldn't fit your narrative

I was just commenting about how Americans don't read books I don't have anything substantive to say sorry

Having the entire country believe that a race riot came out of the blue. Instead of the fact that it was a carefully planned troll. Just because someone got killed, it doesn't ruin much.

Trump will end neo-nazism when he ends obamacare and they are left without their insulin shots.

This will be forgotten soon enough and the right will be barely dented by this. They want to be more than a talking shop.

They want national news

Holla Forums BTFO

If you go to 2:30 as this video
Trump is really really pissed and even looks exhausted because some of his supporters held that rally looking for a fight.

Trump is all about trying to fix the economy while dealing with all the powerful people trying to stop him and then some folks from The Daily Stormer cause trouble for him.

Also if anyone reading this is in some group like Antifa, your violence hurts your cause too. If you didn't counter-protest, then it would just be The White Sharia group vs. the police. Instead it's multiple sides fighting. You all fucked up.

Thanks for responding. I've always thought that racial conflict favors the left. Normies will band together because racial disharmony is so appalling. they can be racist if they can ignore it but once they can't ignore it they have to be anti racist.

They aren't race riots, the fascists see them as that. Knock this stupid meme out your head immediately because I won't be giving you another response on it.
Because you are a nation of hamfisted troglodytes ruled by your fucking emotions. The only time anyone is going to give a shit beyond platitudes on a sign is when their necks are on the line.
You little shit what do you think half the people at these protests are doing?
Oh fuck, it's one of these "what about later on tho" episodes
Because you're too fucking dense to manage it and you've left it too late to do anything else. This is the time you start capitalising on where you are, not this typical American LARPing of fucking around for the perfect hypothetical situation in the future (we'll get it right this time).
Because he has loads of funding for fucks sake.

Yea that 2k in Hatreon money is just pouring in. I think I saw him begging for health insurance money just a week ago.

It's too late to do anything but help the right astroturf race riots, ok

no idea what you are saying, yes you need to prepare for the future and not just bandy about on every new hot topic trying to virtue signal your way up the rad left ladder

What protests? I actually don't care about the counter-protetesters in VA much, I care about people making a national news event out of something that the right wanted to make a national news event out of. Antifa might be valuable in cases where bystanders actually need extra protection (arguable in today's case, given they seemed to facilitate the killing of a bystander)
Nothing can change is what you are saying.
As far as I can tell it was a fight over the validity of a white ethno-state. An argument NO ONE IS HAVING, but the right wants to make a mainstream argument

What you mean building safe spaces for trans people, despite the fact that we've won them almost everything they want isn't edgy?

i dont see the problem bout spreading the news
okay day shame bout that wobbly though

Yeah, the fascists get put in power

Dumb cunt fed/polyp, lurk more. I'm done entertaining your shit.


not really, they knew they could be BTFO, hence being more prepared then the antifa

eventually pigs have to be called in to save them
pigs were called in almost before anything started
He didn't condemn them at all
because it was demonstrably a terror act, but arguably anything anti-gvmt is a terror act, which quite frankly isn't in favor of antifa who are typically anarchists

Don't take my post as a decision about whether antifa or white nationalists "won the fight" today. BECAUSE IT DOESNT MATTER OUTSIDE WEIRD LITTLE FRINGE GROUPS. You want to jump in joy that antifa beat up white nationalists, fine, I don't care. A polyp would care about these dumb little fights just like you.

What drugs are you on? Which one of these actions is supposed to fix economy:
a) Pissing people off on Twitter
b) Golfing
c) Putting travel bans around the world
d) Putting sanctions back on Cuba and Russia
e) Planning and eventually building a humongous useless expensive stupid fucking wall that's upkeep will be big expense forever until some better president tears it down
f) Trying to get rid of Obamacare
Or do you think that selling guns to Saudi and inciting war with North Korea will do the trick? But of course all these retarded choices and all the things Trump has lied about, all of it is the Democrat illuminati reptilians fault, right?

ehh i guess….
but whatever the autists got BTFO anyhow

seriously ive been waiting for the american left to get its shit together for a long time glad it looks like their getting their shit together

please read the last two sentences of the post you quoted. These weird little fights don't matter.

Ok, stormnigger.

People in the USA want a channel to feed their anger towards, even if it's violence. The right, the identitarians want it to be about race. And it's just a stupid thing for us to be doing.

If it were rich people going in Charlottsville and robbing poor people, then yea I'd be cool with making a scene out of it, but this wasn't something to make a scene out of IMO. Antifa aren't inherently bad, if things get really out of hand in the future, like if there were any actual evidence of non-anuddah shoah being a real possibility, they could serve a major role.

Ignoring peoples cognitive dissonances is why we have Trump as president in the first place.

I didn't mean to quote you sorry.

please read the last two sentences of the post you quoted. These weird little fights don't matter.

Welcome to 2017, where the next 7 years are going to be about BLM vs. white nationalists.

Just kill me now.

And who do you think caused this historical resurgence of leftism in the US? lol

We have Holla Forums to thank for radicalizing millions of Americans.Leftism hasn't been this mainstream since literally WW2.

Is it really leftism that is mainstream, or just the idpol liberalism? I'm not an american so this is honest question. Good for you if americans are actually getting back to worker unions and not just making up new pronouns.

At this point Holla Forums, you truly know how to bitch more than any liberal could imagine.

no, i'm skeptical too of whether or not this could have been some kind of false flag. i dont feel like i have all the details yet, but isn't it odd that people are so quick to call events like the san bernadino terrorism fake, but this is immediately believed by everyone and everyone just takes the real-time facts as the truth?

i'm not trying to go full conspiratard or anything, obviously people got hurt and died today. but i mean more that, how do we know this isn't part of some CIA style psyop shit meant to get americans to shoot each other?

like you OP something doesn't feel right. i mean, sure, fuck fascism, i think the left if anything should take today as a supreme wake up call that they need to arm themselves and train accordingly. its just, when you think of how powerful our government is, i find it impossible to believe there isn't some alphabet soup agency working in the shadows watching all this happen, trying to maybe insert their own agenda along the way.

even worse, im curoius how many people on both sides gave consideration to the level of infiltrators that might have been there today. there had to have been at least a few cointelpro on both sides.

Liberal idpol has been mainstream for a while. Leftism is actually making a comeback into the mainstream thanks to Bernie labeling himself a socialist(despite being a succdem) and efforts made by groups like DSA.

Clearly the globalists won here………..

Got to agree with you on this. Holla Forums has been taking its brand of purity politics to a new extreme lately.

i'm just saying, that the left needs to be aware of intelligence and counterintelligence gathering, and the power of black propaganda. this stuff is much more insidious than people think, and yet, here you had both sides meeting up using shit like facebook to plan it all out.

its like we aren't even trying to keep tight affinity groups and make sure cops aren't guiding hte narrative.

Shut the fuck up.

holy fuck, you are such a straight cunt, go fucking kill yourself you stupid fucking bitch

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The racist right is astroturfing street fights about white supremacy. Half of leftypol thinks it's a space opera about whether antifa or white supremacists have better fighters, when in reality they are just giving the white nationalists the attention they crave.

They're not getting positive attention.

Who cares? They couldn't possibly spin any outcome of the fighting positively and they knew that. They are just carving out a space for racist street fights for people who want them to happen.

Apparently them. They don't know when to quit humiliating themselves.


If they wanted to "win" they would've shot the antifa down. Again, they are just carving out a space for racist street fights for people who want them to happen, and we are their little puppets.

Right-wing violence is the kick in the rear the left needed to get hardcore. I always wondered what Antifa would become if they had to battle Neo-Nazis on a regular like those Slavic skinheads you see in Eastern Europe.

They should try it lol, that'll get them attention they crave.

It's still attention right

At the end of the day people are laughing about Baked Alaska screaming about milk and having his mother be his paypig on twitter so

What could they possibly salvage from this that's good

Is it really just attention?

The people who attended the rally are being identified and fired as we speak

To be honest, puppet or not getting into street fights with people who usually call you a nigger on an anonymous image board sounds lit.

How much truth is there to the idea that governments artificially create sociopolitical climates to control people better? Has anybody ever caught The CIA doing that shit?

I'd love to beat up a stormnigger. I probably bullied a few of them in high school.

The US Government is always ten layers dumber than everyone gives it credit for

yes, the primary driver of Fascism is the failures of capitalism and representative government. That being said, vanguardist movements don't go from 0% - 100% just because the material conditions necessitate it. There is an intermediary period where fascists will engage in street violence et al in order to combat what are seen as subversive elements by sizable portion of society (succdemms in Hitlers case).

If you can't see the parallels between succdem antifa and retarded duganists like dicky and the past I don't know what to tell you.

no actual leftist or rightist would say this.

He's right, dyke

agreed fam


It's terrorism. People don't want terrorism to come back to their streets. Preventing the outbreak of terrorism is what our goal for the alt-right should be, and now seemingly obviously always should have been.

They are acting tough now but that's because they've been treated with kiddie gloves up until now. Cops all over the country are going to be emboldened after yesterday. This is exactly what they've been arming themselves for for the past 50 years.

Of course it isn't right.

The Holla Forumstards were radicalised by BLM and liberal identity politics.

Antifa is perfect for them, a nice enemy that you can attack and bludgeon, composed of middle-class college student activists.

My experience from Greece is this. Golden Dawn a few years back was extremely prominent and was also mostly composed of 20-30 year old men. They murdered immigrants, and even murdered an antifa member back in 2013. The way the Left organised afterwards was in blocking them from in mass organising. You don't "counter-protest", you use the law to stop them.

Rioting and street fighting does not help, use the law that they inevitably will break to hurt/kill people and they will fizzle out both against the left and in the eyes of public opinion.

Now is the time to reverse rightist narrative.

At this point, you're a fucking liberal faggot and I hate you.

They've escalated to violence specifically targeting us, this is intolerable. In your own logic, it will result in our response.

thats what we want though you dog eating gook

you're a fucking idiot. Counter-protests and more direct antifascist action are not mutually exclusive, they are both needed.

you won't even get to 10% you're just a fucking nerd tbh smh.

we only need 10% ;)

you ain't going to last another year tbh, by then Holla Forumstard culture will be dead all converted to us. Calling it.

ffs i am retarded

I doubt it, from my dialogue you guys seem pretty lacking in some aspects. Cybernetics is pretty cool though - if only you goys weren't all capital collaborationists

Come out, you'll only get ten percent of your fucking teeth left in your skull when I'm through with you bitch.

The most general horse shit coming from the most generalized horse shit ideology.

Idk why you are so jealous ya dumb rice fascist. The historical dialectical and materialism as is posited cannot account for the superstructure of reality and being. ML is a failure - and vietnam is a client state of capital.


Rice fascist, that's cute.

Please explain to me what "the superstructure of reality is", you really don't have to. I know you're spewing fucking Star Trek technobabble

And a strategic, cultural loss for the United States. It's citizens only becoming more skeptical of their government since.

it might as well be to illiterate rice fascists

That aside the Vietnamese people are probably never going to recover from the sort of damage inflicted on it. A very short term Pyrrhic """victory""""

yeah well it's not like they had any choice, they're the attacked party, remember

You proud of yourself, little man?

ofc you are you are from Holla Forums

It's not that simple. A substantial portion of the Vietnamese weren't that keen on ho chi min

No, but I am compelled to tell you the truth.