IWW Martyr

Can we confirm she was a Wobbly? Does anyone have proof?

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What kind of proof are you looking for? The American branch is kinda crap and doesn't have the most organized… organization. Really the only definitive proof is her red card, and even then you can join in IWW events and never pay dues.

Just any confirmation from ANYONE with IWW that she was a member. I know that there were IWW flags being waved a few feet from where she got hit, but do we know for sure that she was with them?

well… the GDC chapter out there told our GDC group that one of their people died, and they told me

so that's like… third hand information if you want it, probably not what you want tho

some gdc groups are reporting on the channels that no iww was killed.

I think no DSA were killed either.

The only place I've seen a claim it was IWW was random posts on halfchan

if it's IWW, what do?

Same as if it wasn't. Read the logo m8.


2 DSA Richmond were definitely wounded. They confirmed on Twitter.

a bit of emma's pain?

3 DSA and 1 ISO member injured apparently.


if iww was hit, I sweat to god they have to get revenge

ISO is another CIA front sadly.


One of IWW's Twitter accounts has just confirmed she was not a member.


Heather Heyer was the name.

a person that will never live again gone forever

And that piece of shit's only regret is that he couldn't kill more.

We're literally targets of terrorism now fellas, smarten the fuck up

a fact is we do often march where cars can easily enter. There is a good purpose for that, but we'll keep a watch closer now.

(really we should be organizing in workplaces and doing shit at night but w/e)

learn and keep going

she was in dsa
the strangest part for me was that she looked just like a friend of mine
i was angry today but now i just feel sad

quit being sectarian, you cunt.

let me guess, you support the DSA?

international socialist organization

This is her according to @GrimKim
Heather Heyer.
Is there any way we could find out if she was part of any socialist organization from her name?

She was a DSA member