One Picture to sum up the whole Charleston Riots

This picture sums up the Charleston Riots

It was Charlottesville, not Charleston.

Can we please stop having this thread? It always results in a jewish nigger nazi posting american food stamps or something. "Commies btfo lmao xDd"

Alt right killed three people how many people did the left kill?

None. Nobody is willing to kill for leftism. Nobody is willing to go to prison for leftism. You are a joke. We will bury you.

Damn, that's embarrassing.

The killing was done by a burned out dad with a graduate son. He quite literally had nothing to lose.


more to come don't worry. it's good that we don't know about them, the media is ignoring them because no one likes nazis.

We have a serious problem here, what happened to the yank's ability to kill each other?

you have been buried once and will be buried again

Socialism is the only ideology that a)is for pussybois b)kills 420 billion people

socialist realism is pleb tier but I've always liked the picture

meant for

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you realize that communists have killed a fuck load of nazis, right?

You soy boys are completely detached from the Asiatic armies of the USSR and probably wouldn't be able to kill a mouse. Because you're cucks.

cuck isn't an argument

no but seriously do you realize you dumbasses lost the war and the remaining "aryans" are inbred fat dumbass nerd pieces of shit worth nothing?

yes, you're fucked. Royally m8.

reminder that this is what you look like

This what you look like. Disgusting tranny freaks. When the cards are down you disgusting freaks will get your necks snapped like twigs.

Cute guy tbh

Apparently all leftists are trannies now huh.

Looks like a tasty cake tbh.

can't wait to get my neck snapped by a pudgy, milk-fed skinny fat virgin. i'm shook.

Don't worry. Your life may be flipped upside down sooner than you think.

really makes ya think

never seen a worse shoop

You are a joke. You are on the streets to protect the rights of porky.

When's the last time the left protested alone? All you do is come and fight against "ebul nazees". That's all you are allowed to do anyway.

pudgy nazi dipshit can't fight with his hands so he has to hit a crowd of people with a car

imagine actually flinging this insult with a nazi flag


How fucking hard is to profit from the police trying to shut us down and freely protest against capitalism?

Why can't there be two events, one by us against globalism, and one by you against capitalism?

We would not try to shut down your protest against capitalism.

ok bud i believe you this time but you better not bamboozle us like literally every single time before

It's more courageous to be willing to die for a cause than it is to kill for one.

He got killed by some chucklefuck within Lincoln's own group, and it wasn't even political.

hell yeah dude