Anyone know places where you're still banned from being a communist...

Anyone know places where you're still banned from being a communist, or at the very least life is a little harder being a commie?

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South Korea


Damn, wonder what they don't like about it so much?

Right wing dictators and the United States.


It's not exactly banned here, but in some states here you can't do your PhD as long as you are in a communist party. I'm talking about Germany.

You know South Korea was a murderous military dictatorship too right? Thankfully nowadays they've moved on to being ruled by death cult members


Unironically the US.
While the feds probably aren't going to be knocking on my door anytime soon, try to be open about having ultra-left ideas in public. At best people will think you have some sort of mental disorder. At worst you can become socially isolated and lose your job.

There's at least one US state where it's banned completely and several others where it's a pain in the ass being part of the CPUSA or similar parties (not CIA headquarters but you get the point)

I think losing your job and being shunned is the case everywhere. That's why anarchists wear masks right?

I'm sorry but as a Yuropoor, I must say the USA is still very much liberal about polticial ideas and the such. In the USA you can say pretty much everything without being bullied by the law. I know that the culture is very much anti-communist, but legally, you are better off than Europe. We got shit banned here all the time. In Germany you have the secret police at you arse as long as you simply join the socialist platforms of even mainstream left-wing parties.

What state is being a communist banned in?

I mean that's the case in the US and Anglostan too, the cops just try to be a bit more discreet here

The German secret police openly publishes a report about the activities of communist parties in detail every year and has literal Nazis working for them that killed over a dozen migrants in broad daylight with the police covering it up. In my state, you can't even make your PhD as long as you are member of a socialist party.

I know the Communist Party of the Soviet Union is banned

In burgerland it's already on the books that being in a communist org will basically get your citizenship revoked.

That and a lot of anarchists wearing masks do outright illegal shit and want to avoid being identified for that reason.

Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova, and Ukraine.

Eastern Ukraine and Moldova its okay to be a red.

I"m open about it in the south. Obviously can't tell my boss, but people are usually either apathetic or curious about my politics. I don't act like an obnoxious faggot and announce it to everyone though.

The communist party of Russia is the second largest in the country.

Fuck it's not like we Didn't have a military dictarship pinochet tier who tortured students until 1984.

Thats nothing compared to what the Japanese did to them.

Interesting, have any news articles about this?

It's as if authoritarian anything has caused nothing but trouble.

The Baltic states are fash hellholes.

south Korea mate death penalty applies

Czech Rep. is very welcoming of Reds, their Communist Party is polling at #3, closely tied to the Libs and SuccDems. Slovakia is OK in terms of being red, most rural areas look back to 'the good old days', except for places like Bansk√° Bystrica and Brezno, which are fascist hellholes. Hungary is a no-go for reds. Germany is a no-go in Bavaria, but Reds are welcome in Saxony and Berlin. Belgium is OK as long as you stay in Brussels, many younger muzzies tend to have leftist attractions. France is great for Reds, Spain is also rather red.

Meanwhile in Poland you will be jailed for owning soviet union flag or playing ussr anthem publicly.


Hungary also have this "anti totalitarian" law, but I doubt anyone was ever jailed for it.

IIRC they tried to fine some commie for wearing a red star but the EU wouldn't let them

Technically being a commie is legal as long as you "don't promote/glorify totalitarian methods"(don't remember the exact wording), which means you are okay as long as you don't dickride Stalin and such.

literally whos

I'm from the baltic states (Estonia) and I can confirm this. People in this thread said that we are a "fash hellhole" which is not true. It's accepted here to be nostalgic about USSR and it's part of some local ironic-hipster culture here. You are only fucked when you start defending totalitarian aspects of USSR society or praising Stalin. Also, it's a very dangerous territory here if you deny at all that russians have imperialistic tendencies and you pin all imperialism on americans. While we do some of our "silly westerner" jokes here in baltics, we don't love them to the point where it's okay to kill fags when it's done "in the name of fighting american liberalism" like some of the more corrupt eastern european countries do, like Belarus, Ukraine or Moldova.

Don't they have a communist party in the parliament?



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You can't work in public institutions, including university.

The netherlands isnt particularly hostile to communism but its more like you are viewed as mentally retarded than dangerous.

Seems reasonable

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You're good in Greenland

kek. I assume you'd be fine in Antarctica as well. are you really from Greenland?

Yep. I had a thread for you guys to ask me anything a while back

in malaysia even having discussion about marx can get you in trouble