One man is indirectly responsible for creating a butterfly effect which culminates in the destabilization of the United...


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what is moot doing now?

counting his cash while having his dick sucked most likely.

I wonder what he thinks of all this, he doesn't seems like a bad person tbh, just a weeb that created a kinda of forum to talk with another weeb's

all events are intertwined. you could have posted a picture of Trump, Obama, Andrew Breitbart, Timothy McVeigh, Richard Nixon, Texas oilman Haroldson Lafayette Hunt, George Washington or 18th century fire and brimstone calvinist preacher Jonathan Edwards and your observation would be exactly as valid. the detritus of internet culture is now 'part of history'. it can no longer be dismissed as mere detritus.


Would have happened with or without his website. It would have been spearheaded on reddit or something else. It took a while for the 2008 crash to show its full effects on society.

Working for Google.

It blows my mind that he was just a teenager back then. It has been a long weird ride.

moot always would have a place in my heart
it was fun times old fella

Could be both.

sounds like reddit tbh.

This. Irreverant nihilists who got off by being assholes to everyone was already a thing when 4chan started. You can look throuh the archives of sites like Newgrounds, Something Awful, and the message boards to see a proto-Anonymous already forming. If anything, the nihilistic assholes surprised moot by overrunning his little weeb club and turning it into the Ocean of Piss.

He was a fucking sellout. If he really cared, he would have ended the site after he left.

You should really read Kill All Normies if you want to understand the alt-right better.

Vi rajtas ankaĆ­danki min.

No matter how far back you go, moot was always a tremendous faggot.

But he was our faggot.

But he was our faggot.

Moot is one of the most recent and seemingly inconsequential.

I miss him a little bit more every day.
We're about the same age, but he feels like a paternal figure, in a very gay way

Is that whatshisface from The Social Network?

I just love him man
just fucking look at him, how can you not love him? he was like a father to us all

nihilistic assholes are inherent to the capitalist system which is basically a machine designed to churn out assholes and nihilists. Libs who be like 'if everyone had just been nicer online, fascism wouldn't be a thing' have their head in the sand. muh decency and civil discourse are the last refuge of the doomed, the last refuge of those who no longer believe in anything.

He was a faggot with dreams. Maybe someday he will finally be the little girl.

Maybe some day we'll all be the little girl.


Nice try mick.

Stop this
I experienced the shitposting I ain't reading no books about it

Having heard Nagle shill her book I gotta say she doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about, but in exactly the way I'd expect a liberal normie who approached the subject with no prior knowledge of imageboard culture.

he's kinda hot tho


old moot > hotwheels
there I said it
new moot who didn't care < hotwheels tho

Moot was a fucking idiot for not taking down Holla Forums. Not only because Holla Forumstards had been directly responsible for several deaths by the time he bailed, but Holla Forums itself was actively shitting up the rest of 4chan.

he actually took down Holla Forums twice: /new/ and /news/. he fucked up giving it a 3rd chance tho.

and not creating a lefty equivalent either.

Moot fucked up by removing forced anonymous and by creating a captcha after he specifically swore that it would never happen. For a while the captcha was not completely bad, because there was an alternative to the Google captcha. Of course, that did not last, because moot wanted to get sheckels, sell the site, and go to Mootxico.

He took it down, but he went to some conference and said a bunch of shit about censorship. Someone was like "shut up fag you shut down /new/ so you can't talk". Then he decided to put it back up after that verbal beat down.

In reality if 4chan was never created, simply another site of similar construction would of popped up to do the same. The internet in those days was like the fucking Cambrian explosion, websites were popping up, evolving, and dying, at an exponential rate, everyone and their mother owned a website.

Moot was far from the only dipshit technocrat with infantile fantasies about how the internet should be a bastion of free speech where everyone can share their opinions and not have to worry about third parties moderating discourse.

But of course what actually happened was that the people who linked up and started a concentrated effort to spread propaganda everywhere they went were the ones who took over the site. His "muh free speech" hands off approach gave the fascists exactly the kind of environment they wanted. 4chan is a literal propaganda machine where white teenagers are radicalized by fascists. Moot bailed out like the coward fuck he is once he realized what a shitshow he had created.

The exact same thing is happening on reddit and youtube ATM. Technocrats are a cancer.

Europe too, in time the world.

He just wanted a place for him and his internet "friends" to share Rei hentai.

moot is an Asuka man, not a Rei pleb.

technocratic neoliberal censorship is in theory apolitical. It speaks about 'harrasment' 'trolls' and 'extremism' but in practice it targets all threats to the reigning order. and there is no bigger threat to the current reigning order than the radical left. liberal standards of decency and civic discourse are not worth fighting for, the sooner they are gone, the better.

He just wanted to be a princess.

Can't blame him.

Anyone who argues over waifu shit, but those two characters most especially, is a pleb.

It's the fucking blood war of anime get real everyone does it



I think we need to pick sides or something if there's nobody else arguing about it. I'll take Asuka this time unless you want a coin flip.

like it or not, Holla Forums was not going to just roll over and die. They'd just move elsewhere.
Difference is he would then have tens of thousands of people on his ass making his life miserable.

It's surprises me how he kept his sanity all this time.
He was anonymous for years, but after that it surprises me that for the amount of hate he generated, he was never targeted (afaik) by a site that pushed many people to suicide just by bullying.


Moot obviously the greatest accelerationist in history. /ourgirl/ and so forth.

People always talked a lot of shit, but I think most anons, or at least oldfags, had some love for him. I think if more people met him irl they would like him. He's a really nice guy.

It's almost as if moot isn't the kind of faggot to kill himself because of what someone posted on the internet.

Man, 4chan was different

Yeah, I know, I was thinking about an older than time cap of him complaining about people posting the same Rei images all the time, I can't find it

Not only that, I meant that from old Holla Forums breaking Jesi Slaughter, to Holla Forums spending months fucking with Shia LeBeef, it surprises me there was no organized attempt on his wellbeing by random assblasted faggots.

A friend of mine got hacked and harrased by some retard wanting an unimportant domain he holds.
On the other hand, moot dealt with the peole whose smear campaign against a presidential candidate got the attention of the whole nation. Who made a cartoon frog be catalogued as a hate symbol just by overshitposting it all over the net.

For a guy hated by half of the internet hate machine, m00t has it very smooth.


Holy shit you people frighten me

thanks pal

Well, it is not as if they could go after his website.


Every day I wish I could go back to the early 2000s. They weren't even that good, but the 2010s are so fucking bad that they make 2003 seem like a pleasant dream. And I know it's not going to get any better because the 2020s are going to be a nightmare. Nothing can prepare us.

Even remembering the slow internet speeds I really do miss my time on shitty anime forums, newgrounds, 4chan, and even shit like neopets. Old internet was a lot more fun to hang out on..

What went wrong?

I miss the lack of centralization. Instead of having one or two sites on a topic, both of which are owned by a major corp, you had maybe ten or twelve (in the case of flash games and forums, literally hundreds) at least. It's a level of decentralization, information sharing and free discussion that we'll never get back. Most of all, I miss Google actually being a fucking search engine and not a restricted walled garden to only show you a small selection of things.

The internet is already trash, Holla Forums has already poisoned any hobbyist discussion on any imageboard that isn't dead, and I don't think it's ever going to go away, just like netouyo have been shitting the japanese internet for decades, and the internet at large feels like it keeps shrinking and shrinking.
And of course there is shit like the attacks on net neutrality and DMCA cancer

Moot laughs at us mere mortals. He is easily one of the most influential individuals this century thus far, and most people don't even know who he is. He wasn't elected, he didn't do what people wanted he did what he wanted, and wherever he wanted. Moot is literally god.

Smartphones and social media. The Internet used to be a way to get away from all of real life's bullshit but now it's just another outlet for real life.

das it mane

... u can help bring it back g4m3rman

Oh god I completely forgot about that shit.

How typical of brocialists to give all credit to a FUCKING WHITE MALE, instead of the sexually empowered womxn that truly deserves it.

Sigourney Weaver isn't male, you sinner!


Influence implies he had some measure of authority or control over it, when all he did was proverbially inoculate a Petri dish. He's as influential as the landlord who rented a basement for the NSDAP's first meetings.


We've been saying that for seven years now, and it keeps getting worse.
Don't expect it to stop.

Why is there no Misato option?


all this Rei waifuism convinced me that Freud was right about Oedipus Complex
and Asuka is just a hysterical german moot

I detest you and your emotional attachment to someone as terrible as him. He turned my homeboard into unrecoverable garbage just because we never liked that piece of insidious piece of shit.
But at least there were funny image macros with m00tles-sama lol, so "he was our faggot" lol

/jp/ died waaay before you think it died.


All of this stuff is actually good.


I wouldn't say it was completely dead before the puddi saga.

By your logic, Gutenberg is the most influential individuals of the 2nd millennium.

All he had to fucking do was shut down Holla Forums during Holla Forums harbor

Little bitch, you little god damn bitch

Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka?

If the rest of the book is as ignorant and lazy as the gamergate description I'll have to pass.

This awfully sounds like Great Man theory.

Time to kill yourself.

Fucking this.
Seriously, is there ANY place left on the internet where I can have decent hobby discussion without some nigger popping up in every thread screeching "OMG EHSS JAY DOUBLAY ARE RUINING THIS INDUSTRY FUCK PC CULTURE AMIRITE?" derailing the convo to hell?

Eat a butt full of eel vomit chili.

Fuck your home board faggot

Hobbyist forums but youre going to have to get used to people performatively talking about how progressive and good they are in regards of how bad ass a newly introduced female character is or something.

When was the last time you got information on an obscure anime or video game from a Fan Shrine?
When was the last time you traveled the internet via web ring?
When was the last time you had to track down some faggot in another timezone on IRC in order to get information on this or that?
When was the last time you hung out with a bunch of other fans in their shitty jscript chat client on
When was the last time you had to email a teenager you don't know to explain how his super slick html webpage is a pile of fucking cancer?
When was the last time you didn't have to go to a huge corporate website to get what you needed?
When was the last time you felt anything like love from the vast reaches of cyberspace?

moot have a good face-bone structure
he could be a male model if he wasn't a terrible faggot

I'll take that over constant Holla Forums bait at this point, at least it doesn't reek of fascist propagand.

So you're saying the fascists are more efficient than us and therefore you want censorship.

I personally blame Menchii / Shii instead.

Absolute free speech is a childish liberal ideal so whatever.

So in the free exchange of ideas, we lost and therefore we need censorship.
Are you sure you're not a Holla Forumsack in disguise?

Are you sure you aren't?

Also it's not so much that leftypol lost, more that they organized first and their idpol riddled rhetoric resonated orders of magnitude better with socially retarded white teenagers.

We'll have to resign ourselves to literally every description of GG ever getting everything wrong. I mean, this book is built around how much SJWs are lying cunts, and the writer still believed their version of GG wholesale.


The overton window is already hard right in America. US "centrists" are pretty right wing to begin with.

I'd rather have nazi nesting ground two boards above than dystopian censorship

I wonder what mootkins thinks of the whole hullabaloo at google

moot is a failure, a fucking loser
who sold his website to the highest bidder before censoring it to death
dont kid yourself with "hot takes"

Getting rid of Nazi off the internet sounds pretty utopian

liberal technocratic censorship will always target the left, even at the expense of the far right. you won't get anywhere by appeal to daddy google's and the fed's better qualities, these people are your enemies. this is class war, this isn't about apolitical standards of 'decency' that never really existed.

Makes you think.

technocrats do want censorship, though. based around vague criteria of 'harassment' 'toxic discourse' 'trolling'. it's not about stoping le nazi for them but about neutralising threats to the status quo. twitter cares more about people swearing at blue checkmarks than about nazi propaganda. It is really stupid to trust these people and assume they have our best interests in mind. the left has to take matters into its own hands, create its own propaganda campaigns transform itself if necessary.

we have to see things in the light of materialism and broader cultural trends. Even if the whole internet had been an hyper moderated walled garden curated by corporations and liberal technocrats, the alt right would still be a thing. why do people become 'radicalised'? fascism is not a magical incurable disease that spreads via the internet but a concrete historical phenomenon. you can't put the genie back in the bottle and return to a curated discussion of the latest 'diverse' tv shows and videogames. fascism can only be opposed by the radical left, by breaking the cycle of established identities and promoting a radical alternative.

t. snacks

How much did he sell halfchan for? I know it was supposedly not very profitable for him, but he had to have been able to convince somebody that such a large website had value.

consequentialists absolutely BTFO

But what's his asshole doing?

Also sucking cock.

Is it even possible to shut halfchan down at this point? The Daily Stormer is.

moot literally KILLED Holla Forums. After reducing the post timer and inviting the entire site to collectively shit on Holla Forums, the board was spammed so much that it literally died. When he left, there was no Holla Forums anymore. It was only after he left that the board revitalized. But on his last day, Holla Forums was basically what /qa/ is today.


I like how he's shilling his shitty 2chan clone there but linking to any sites he didn't like is a bannable offense on 4chan.

Before or after shuting down this site?

hm i wonder who could be behind this /polyp/ost

nigga we know that

The 1st amendment was a mistake.
Now I have to listen to Americans demanding muh free speech on my yuropoor hosted forum forever.

The fact was that users felt that without a news and politics board there was no way to get users to stop posting up the rest of the site with news and politics. So he made "containment" boards which were literally meant to contain politics. The problem is that it wasn't containment in the sense of Chernobyl. It was just a container in a literal sense. There was no way to nuke politics from 4chan, either, so I don't know what he was supposed to differently.

4chan would've been a lot better if moot was actually hands-off instead of selectively intervening against any random shit he didn't like.

I first found 4chan during a moot hiatus, and I had so much fun.
Months later moot posts an apology for not having much of a presence on the site lately, then things go downhill.
I perma-quit shortly after "Row Row Fight the Powah". One of several times moot intentionally flooded the site with Holla Forumstards and forced a shitty meme.
Nostalgia is hell of thing because actually moot was an insufferable faggot from start to finish.