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seriously what is in that book written by Bordiga? does it just say "everything actual leftists do, do the opposite"? because that's all leftcoms seem to do.


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you're a nazi and a classcuck who wants slavery

Actually Dauvé was the one who said that.

Some notes on Eros and Civilization by Marcuse on a kind of practical "utopia":
Schiller lays out a theory that is almost utopian but works within the framework of freud’s thought. There is a bridge between the reality principle and pleasure principle via Kant’s idea of justice (the bridge between the ideal (sensuousness) and reality being aesthetics). This Aesthetic principle allows the the pleasure principle to be able to separate itself from the reality principle and replace it with a new reality principle (based in aesthetics), the latter only being possible when culture has reached a higher level and automation has made labour and work minimal. Then time is overcome and a new culture can be built where the pleasure principle doesn’t destroy all of society and history, though there is a risk here of total failure.

Fourier takes a bit more ‘conservative’ approach by stating that via “pleasurable action” the repressive nature of civilization can be overcome. This requires a bureaucracy of some kind that is able to turn play into work thus overcome the pleasure/reality principle conflict. Also Fourier goes into the idea the Eros (as defined by Freud, who never drew a complete line in his definition between eros and sexuality) will becoming an all encompassing ideal of sexuality. Instead of sexuality being a kind of counter-force to allow the continuation of the the repressive reality principle it instead is allowed to expand and project itself for itself and not in the service of an external force.

Final chapter is on how the ego is the producer of the death instinct by putting a finality to all pleasure (thus making even pleasure pain). The death instinct is the greatest ally to civilization in that it puts a great deal of pressure on people so that they can have an ‘egoized’ view and experience of death, one that perpetuates civilization. Only when death is seen as a choice and something that is tackled rationality, when death is on man’s terms can this powerful tool of civilization be turned against it.

Work hours were decreased and pay increased. Unless that's during the war or counting unemployed people, because if you count the unemployed then yeah before Hitler people worked less per week since so many were jobless.

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look up war communism

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except working hours were increased and wages were frozen. stop getting your "facts" from stormfront.

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What's your problem with them?

People's knowledge of left communism is so memetic that they think Bordiga opposed labor vouchers. Nigga he advocated for them like most other Marxcoms, complete with the conventional lower-higher phase hypothesis.

is that a challegne?

The economy grew. Wages increased. What you can complain about is corporate profits grew more, to which the average worker would say they don't give a shit.

please i made this thread to discuss actual theory.
you better learn economics or leave

When did we say that it will solve everything? It would be pretty trying to say everytime after mentioning it that we should go further though someday.

Only because you said please, user-kun :3

As an anarchist, I honestly dont think labour vouchers are the solution…

They could be useful in some cases but I think there needs to be a pluralism of different systems than just labour vouchers

when will you retards understand? you can pay the proletariat as high a wage you want, the employers are still profiting. gold plating and jewel encrusting doesn't make the worker's chains any less cruel, just more grandiose.

Leftcoms be like

that's not the meaning of utopian

If advocating labour vouchers is utopian, then Marx, Engels, Bordiga and Pannekoek must all have been utopians, it's only really the communisation theorists that object to them (and even they acknowledge that communisation will not be instantaneous). Now will you please take off that flag until you know what the fuck you are talking about, I'm tired your constant false flagging.

Were their increase proportional to the increase of industry? if not, wages actually decreased. c'mon this is simple stuff, surely a well read educated race realist member of the master race would be able to understand this.

Except for when we are unashamedly utopian

His link shows that the answer was clearly no. Labor's share of the economy fell from 56% to 51.8%

So basically the economy rapidly improved (which tends to be a thing right after depressions) and the workers were held down and prevented from seeing the full benefit.

pretty spooky tbh

In the afterword Marcuse goes into the revisionist modern freudian psychotherapy and philosophy; people like Harry Sullivan and Erich Fromm. He points out that they see man as a ‘whole’ up against society instead of a product of nature that is in an artificial construct called civilization, and they do not take into account the contradictions inherent in civilization because of this view. They see the pleasure principle as a thing that must ‘come into balance’ with the reality principle. Of course ironically they don’t realize that by doing this they are just becoming another tool of civilization to enforce the reality principle upon the pleasure principle. They also find the regulation of sex vital to happiness but at the same time don’t see sexuality as a force that acts and instead as something that is to be acted upon. This ultimately leads to a total rejection of Freudian thought as it deprives the pleasure principle its status against reality principle while also making ‘happiness’ attainable within civilization. As a side note this kinda reminds one of the common phrase “this is the best it is going to be/get” which in itself is a kind of utopia.

Read a fucking Book OP. Specifically, these ones:
If you still dislike labour vouchers after actually reading about them, come back and tell us why.

Just join the realpolitik side of the left, Holla Forums.