We fuckin' ready. Post your shit, comrades.

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what's the easiest gun for an EDC
t. never used a gun

kek what the fuck is that shit? In this day and age and you're using a rife with a bolt? How fucking stupid are you? You will be the first to die with something like that. Get an automatic weapon now

A gun is a gun. Nothing wrong with him starting with something cheap and simple. My first gun was just a .410 shotgun.

At least he has a gun. I live in Europe and I will never be able to hold a weapon in my hands D:

Why? I suppose it's better than nothing, but why?



his and hers

Where in europe?

Maybe automatics aren't allowed in his country? Getting jailed for gun-LARPing is a next level of stupidity.

Gonna get a glock. Which model shojld I get. I'd prefer 9mm bc I can get a good amount of 9mm ammo but I'll settle for anything.

Bolt action will still put someone down stupid and a lot of states don't let you have full auto

Get a 19

Just realized they're Carcanos
At least get Lee or Mosin bruh


How do we convince leftists to get guns outside of here? Should we try and distribute some material relevant to buying cheap and decent firearms to other communities, and do outreach at a state level?

the only people that should have guns is the police and military

All I've got's a fucking 1850s rifle, reckon I should upgrade?

As long as it can harm fascists, I think it should be fine.


OP here. Remember, aut rightists have a fucking 100% loot drop rate for AR-15s and 5.56 NATO. You don't need to spend big bucks, you just need enough to drop one or two when SHTF.

Tfw no Leftist militia in Maine or New England…

You could consider forming a chapter if you know enough people.

Could be worse tbh. They work well for a starter set,and I like the carcano. Consider investing in something loke an ar 15 if money and region allows

Nice $1 per round gun you got there dumbass.

I know nothing about guns but want one now. Is there some sort of /k/ "dumbfuck's guide to cheap and reliable rifles" or something?

Here is my shit. Willing to share some for free to comrades as long as they use it to slay pure ideology retards they can keep em.

start with a simple handgun, these are portable.

what kind?
what caliber?
what anything?
I know nothing.

that's a big scope

I-is that a Circle 10 bake? Or did you color it yourself?

Other than that, needs moar surplus. Those Polish (I think) polymer mags are alright, but I don't think I'd trust my life to them. Find one of the Russian sellers on AKFiles, especially useful if you have friends that can go in on a large lot of surplus mags.

9mm Glock it's very standard. It's the one most pigs carry. Recommended since you know nothing.


Reposting from the other thread.

Hoping to pick up a Norinco M14 as a deer rifle soon, but will also make a great SHTF option. After that I'll pick myself up a Mini 14.

For you.

If pistols are allowed, get pistols.
If pistols aren't allowed, get a cheap shotgun and fill it with slugs.
Based on carry laws, of course.

I'll join :)

Also recently acquired Irish flag and folding shotgun stock.

It depends on where you live, since gun laws vary drastically country to country and state to state for burgers. I would recommend a decent .22 rifle as your first gun, they're cheap (often under $300), ammo is plentiful and also cheap, and they have almost no recoil meaning that it is easier to learn good shooting habits and gun safety. In a SHTF situation it will still come in handy as a survival rifle. They are also legal almost anywhere.

Not so gun control, now, are ya?

I hate to break it to you, but almost all guns have bolts.

My vz58. Also have a mosin, no pictures of it though because it had a sporter stock when I got it, so it's pretty ugly. Gonna get an AK soon.

Because they're cheap, and I'm broke nigga.

I sincerely hope that grenade is a fake, because Holla Forums has been known to leak IPs to law enforcement, even in the Hotwheels era. Remember, Holla Forums is under watch.

That revolver is sexy af

I know a lot of people who swear by .22 bolt action rifles for beginners. Makes trips to the range cheaper and longer, and the practice is more deliberate vs a semi-auto.

Need to get a real gun eventually though.

Nothing wrong with a .22 for target shooting. So long as it teaches you how to shoot and is cheap enough for you to keep using it, it's a good thing. People are laughing because declaring a .22 makes you "combat ready" is LARPy and hilarious.


A revolution is not going to be armed with the guns in your closet, not primarily anyway. Better to get something cheap and get comfortable with a gun, learn marksmanship, learn how to disassemble and clean, etc.

pshh not even slightly afraid. Good fucking luck HW. They'll never get me I'm smarter. Been browsing the chans since 2005 man.


the question still stands, my dude. is it deactivated or nah?

The grenade cup is cool bit they just aren't
as reliable as Chinese type 56 or a Russian


Someone knows a gun shop that treats it's workers right?

just buy whatever damn gun, you irrelevant microrevolutions helps nobody.

This tbh, I mean they will literally sell you the robe to hang them by.

Mainer here, would join

Where can I find out if I can legally buy a firearm? I was convicted in a felony in a different state, it's still on my record, but I've been called for jury duty and told I wasn't a felon. I called the ATF and they told me they can't look up that information nor do they know where I can find that info.

Stop being a fucking roleplayer and go get a gun.

Here is some basic material

Nice! Thanks.

Comrades, how in the name of fuck im supposed to get a gun in italy?
Guns and rifles are literally satan incarnate here

So, say you wanted to take one of the "other handguns" out and about in California, how would you conceal carry it? Duffel bag? A ridiculous holster that is pushing the limits of good taste? Trenchcoat?

Trenchcoat would be the most efficient option but you are going to look like a psycho in public. A custom holster would likely cost some cash and will be hard to conceal, thus bring you back to the trenchcoat problem. Backpack or duffel bag is your best bet

Violin case master race.

Didn't think about music instruments. Nice call, user a sax case would work well too. Guitar case for a rifle or shotgun

So, I'm thinking of a bolt action sniper with alot of locking lugs and one of these bullet sizes (not sure how frequent you will find out in the field in the states) 7.62x51, x53, x54, x70?
For a close range I'm thinking a bullpup assault rifle or submachine gun like a p90, I might want the bullets to be interchangable so I'm wondering if there is any cheap bullpup assault rifles that would match the rifle.

They seem to be a bit of a bitch to find in general (for cheap at least). Could be worth checking out local gun stores.
I arranged it from lowest first but for some reason it hasn't fully worked for me. Scroll down to where it starts at $434.99.

Note that's where the ordering by price actually starts, your cheapest rifle at a decent caliber is at $876.50

Would a regular assault rifle be cheaper?
interchangeable bullets would be highly recomended, like a SV-98 and a PKM (but light and compact and not a machine gun.)

you could put it in a makeshift briefcase like vid related


obv i'm not condoning but if you really want to LARP i guess that's an answer lol

I mean at that point you might as well go for something like an SKS (semi-auto, but still) and AKM, something with an intermediate cartridge. If you want a more high-power rifle then you're gonna have to pair it with a machine gun

But I don't know any Leftists near me…

Are you both from Maine?

Hell no! Do you even have to register antiques? Does it use black powder and minié balls? Because that's fucking tits.


Yes, bullpups are notoriously expensive.

Hey guys I'm planning to by a rifle of some sort, something that I can use to practice my marksmanship but also intimidating to fascists and good for self defense. Any suggestions?

PSA to anybody who makes posts like this asking what to get as a first gun.

Gun laws vary greatly depending on what country or region you live in, so nobody can make any real suggestions as to a good gun unless we know what is available to you.

For example AKs are great rifles, but they're banned in Canada. Similarly, T97 is probably the best economy bullpup on the market, but you can't really get them outside of Canada.

So please, we need more info than "I want a gun to kill Nadsis and trash cans".

don't try to intimidate anyone you're not at that very moment ready to kill. Fascists shouldn't even know what gun you have until that moment.

anyway, the Answer will Always be an AR-15, or a .22 for target practice, or a a Maverick 88 if you're poor.

I live in virginia m8, literally anything goes besides fully automatic. I do have about 9 months before I'll be legally old enough to buy hand guns, however. I might just wait until then, and get one of those however, they'll be easier to store and transport, might apply for concealed carry permit while I'm at it.

I suppose I should ask for recommendations for those too while I'm at it.

That user

recommended Marlin Model 60SN, would that be good?

Yes, a Marlin Model 60 will be good for target practice.

Why? It can't have that much more materials to manufacture. Or is it just some "free" market bs?

A Remington 513 le something for practice, then you're ready for a 150 mm anti tank rifle

Burgerpost: For the ARs and AKs it'd be worth noting Palmetto State Armory has really upped their game in the last few years with build kits. They always have good deals, and their stuff isn't shit. AK build kits (note: only get their gen2 AKs, the first gen ones had some problems) are like 399+199 and AR build kits are about $100 less depending on how fancy you want it. Around the time this picture was made, psa was shit and nobody bought their crap but they've improved a ton, but it should be kept in mind that their stuff is still mid-shelf at best not top of the line by any means.

just use an assault car

even if you can't, you can buy cap and ball revolvers without a background check. Better than nothing.

Get an AR

For anyone looking for a starter gun I can't recommend a Ruger 10/22 enough.
It's easy to use, Cheap ammo, and very customizable at a cheap price. If you want a beginner gun to learn with choose a Ruger 10/22

I'm a ouiabou but not much into /k/ stuff.
Please tell me about french guns, vehicles and the french resistance to nazis

Left a .44 at my parents house when I moved out, what are some good cheap guns I could get. Preferably rifle or revolver. Texasfag so I doubt laws will be an issue.

S&W model 22s are pure sex tbh

get berthier, mon ami

Do you live in Afganistan m8?

Already posted

It's just a mk 2.
I don't see how that is hard to find.

Thinking of organizing a group with some people I know but an odd question came to mind.

What sort of symbols do you think would be good for us burgers to use so we can identify eachother? Camo patterns included, patriot militias love surplus Woodland ERDL for example. Don't despair btw OP for having cheaper firearms, any gun and training is better than none.

If there were a legitimate communist revolution in the US, what percentage of the US Armed Forces would defect to the side of the proletariat? I assume it would be substantial, but the fact that we technically have an all-volunteer military (economic reasons for joining are of course a huge factor, but there's no one today who's drafted) might mean a lower percentage of defecters than in past revolutions.

You could wear some sort of distinctive hat/helmet. Just don't put on an ushanka.

Indiana leftist reporting in. Gun laws are so lax here holy shit. Planning on gun show shopping later this month.

just a shitload of money, buy permit for hunting rifle, and reporting yourself every time you travel to the range with the rifle to the cagabicchieri

its too much of a bother, plus the cops watch you for that, eugh

Not many tbh…
Most are misinformed and hold there military service over peoples head as if they are better than them. At least in my experience with them.

I mean, presumably the only way there'd be a real revolution (not just a handful of LARPers) is if conditions in the US deteriorated substantially. Like, mass starvation levels of shit hitting the fan. And under those circumstances I have to assume that a lot of US military personnel would become much more sympathetic to the revolution, since their family members would be starving too.