You evil leftists!! Look what you did to this tolerant Nazi :( :(

You evil leftists!! Look what you did to this tolerant Nazi :( :(

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stop giving him views

Stopped watching there but I'm mirin the dialectic

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ACAB seems to be a slogan shared by many.


Good, maybe just maybe this will lead to people standing up to their abuses now that they at just killing black people.

i see i punch


Drop you're maymays. This is the time.

here are some gems:

just replace youtube with hooktube to not give him views
all posters should do this

Welcome to the cia division unit may i take your order

just listen to his show radical agenda, your comparison is retarded

Cops have always killed more white people than black people, retard.

Nazis were tolerant and the right side of history. What they fought for is justice and liberty. And all you do is serve J$w supremacy. For which you will pay. Dearly.

All you sick "liberal" morons can do is shout in buzzterms and labels stigmatizing White people for resisting their JJ$w overlords responsible for the murder of hundreds of billons and the enslavement of nearly the whole world. You can't wrap your head around that so you just continue blaming the victim. Then, when a car smashes into you at a rally where your friends were attacking peaceful protesters you continue to trump the vile lie that "right wing White people" are the source of all the world's problems. In your lifetime you will see the bloodbaths you are responsible for. And it warrants the disappearance of your bloodline from this earth.

They don't kill white people because they are white, and plenty of white people are comfortable with cop killings since they disproportionately kill black people.

If you're going to give his video views be sure to at least downvote it.

fuck him, hangem all

World population is like 7 or 8 billion. Please tell me all about those hundreds of billions massacred by jews though, I'd love to hear it

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i have no idea who this guy is but it's hilarious that he's sperging out with his "IT'S JUST A PRANK BRO" and all the comments are like "kill the jews." don't think it's a prank anymore, my guy.

every person who has ever died in history was murdered by commie jews. You would know that if you knew

man I just now relaized that libertarians/capitalist shills like sowell and hazlitt probably named their propaganda pamphlets the way they did (basic economics/economics in one lesson) just so random people who wanted a basic education in econ would buy them and get bluepilled

There is no such thing as ironic nazis anymore. Turns out they were always "ironic" nazis. Funny how that works.