Now that Unite the Right is gone, one of the only flags flying near Emancipation Park is the DSA flag

So why haven't you joined the DSA yet?

because DSA is run by socdem imperialists like Bhaskar Sunkara
and they


They have an official stance of being anti-israel

Fuck SocDems, seriously. We seriously need to purge all instances of people supporting capitalism - this board seems to get more illiterate by the day.

OP here, the DSA managed to BTFO the "united right" in the South. All I'm saying is how about we set aside sectarianism to be part of the united left. If you really think DSA is too succdem, how about join and push it further to the left like many people are already doing.

Right now there's gonna be a massive backlash towards the alt-right and if there's anytime to build momentum in left unity it's now

from what i've seen a lot of the on-the-ground dsa members are more radical than the leadership.

Not even. Just a weak BDS stance. And every radical liberal group is pro-BDS these days. Utterly meaningless.

So they need to join a different group. Trying to reform the DSA is no different from trying to reform the DNC.

"Left unity" is liberalism. We must absolutely NOT set aside our differences in theory and practice.

Fuck off hobbyists






People think the DSA is liberal because maymays.

They actually got more radical after the election, and their National Convention which happened a week or so ago only proves that the left, along with a lot of other Americans, is slowly becoming more radicalized in the U.S. Anyone who just wants to split and make a different organization has no idea how the DSA works and the potential and resources it has. It's not like the entire DSA is sucking Sunkara's dick or anything, and if you actually joined, you could probably find a fair few people who don't like what he has to say. Full stop.

You inspired me

DSA is a liberal opportunist organization. A couple of their members got ran over in cville today, so they will probably milk that for all its worth. They are opportunists whose main goal is to protect the capitalist order through reformism.
They will end up supporting Democrats both in the local and national elections.
Also they aren't firing that cop in the NPC.


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we need comrade Paul to save us from the Fascists


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Not even once

Just stay silent and don't read their newspapers

or buy them

No, there are clearly some mislead communists who just joined DSA. They need to get out ASAP.


Hows Venezuela working out for you?

Greatly amused by all of these LARPers complaining about DSA being "succdem" or "liberal". Motherfucker, no matter how many times you fantasize taking to the streets in a spontaneous revolution, it's not happening. DSA is actually positioning the American Left to be able to seize power while you fools sit in your armchairs and peddle memberships to your Trot/tankie/leftcom/anarcho/maoist group with three members, two of them being your cats.

While you're sitting here bitching and moaning because DSA isn't your perfect idealized organization that literally no one would want to join, I'm going to stand in solidarity with leftists from all over this country, all with different viewpoints and beliefs, to crush capitalism and end it once and for all.

You're very welcome to join us once you get off your high horse.

DSA was actually quite useful ill give them kudos for that
still just a bunch of succ-dems with a cop on the steering commitee though

succ-dem plz go
enjoy being in the honeypot

You are fucking retarded. We want to build a communist PARTY, which will organize the workers, promote class consciousness, and facilitate a real revolution. We don't want any spontaneous bullshit.

The DSA is an organization run by imperialists and cops, whose stated goal is reforming the Democrat party and making it nicer. All serious socialists and communists should leave the DSA immediately and set about forming or joining a genuine communist party.

Agreed. It's as simple as that.
DSA are just Democrats who like LARP and wear red. They do not care about Karl Marx. They are mostly college campus SJW id-pol liberals who want to expand medicaid and slightly constrain capitalism. They have no interest in switching into socialism, yet alone revolutionary socialism.
They even have a cop in the NPC. They are opportunists.

I joined today as a direct result of these nazis.

Stop being a Trot and become a Marxist-Leninist and then you'll have room to criticize the socdems.

We ain't kids and this ain't a game. Cops have killed MLK, black Panthers and hundreds of other movements and revolutionaries and you wanna cry about larpers!?. The only one larping is you treating this like it's a student council election.

Blatant lie. One cop ORGANIZER got onto the NPC by hiding that part of his history and the membership has been calling for his removal. DSA supports BDS and has been involved in anti-war efforts.

Bullshit. They abandoned Dem entryism years ago and have been pushed in an increasingly non-reformist direction. The left caucus has no illusions about reformism, but that doesn't mean we can't push for some. Remember the transitional demands in the manifesto? Even fucking Emma Goldman admitted it was important for leftists to push for reforms that make workers' lives better.

What party? Every time one of you fuckers bitch about the DSA you never offer an alternative. For now the DSA is the best we've got and it is a great environment to bring in and radicalize more moderate people while doing some fucking good for a change. If you want to shill newspapers or put out meaningless declarations of support for Assad/DPRK/China/whateverthefuck then do your own fucking thing.

Tell us what party we should join Mr. Fed.

Their website is still literally asking for reformism so whatever sucdem


this is literally not true

trying to vote out capitalism is still being anticapitalist

When I see a roach in my kitchen I don't assume he's the only one. Also he wasn't just some member he was on their board.

No, his branch knew about it and he was open about it. I'm telling you that that's the cop you KNOW ABOUT. The rest of the cops in DSA are having a field day since they know their cover will never be blown.

All run-of-the-mill radical liberals have done both. The DSA also supports Al Qaeda, Venezuelan fascists, and bombing Syria. They have no stance against imperialism.

Then why are they still doing entryism? Why do so many of them literally advocate social democracy as the END GOAL?

PSL or start building your own. Want the easy road? Be an opportunist, you'll have it easy. Want communism? Get the fuck out of the DSA.

kek nice metaphor


yea no fucking shit? just because you don't think it'll work doesn't mean it's not anti-capitalist lol. most of the rank and file and new leadership harbors now illusions of reform

They don't
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outright lie

Sankara and most left-caucus DSA members support revolutionary socialism.
Their goal is to enact non-reformist reforms and temporarily improve the material conditions of the workers while instilling class consciousness.

PSL is literal human garbage. Only half decent thing they orchestrated was ANSWER, but they still fucked it up. Not to mention their retarded support for countries like China. Fuck off tankie shithead.

Still no party to suggest? Just like the other threads I guess. You're clearly COINTELPRO.

the strategy is basically luxemburgist. raise class consciousness + rebuild belief in left ideals by winnign political reforms, use this as a basis for mass movement building

sankara kinda sucks tho (really anti-ML) but the rank and file roasts him constantly

I don't care about all this sectarian bullshit

All I care about is baked alaska's mom buying his uber rides

Congrats on your coordination with the Feds you traitor bastards!


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i wish I could say I was surprised


I really wish I could go to one of these counter protests, but I have tinnitus. If it got any worse i really don't think i would be able to handle it.

showing solidarity from twitter, for whatever that's worth..

Non reformist reforms

Non poop shit

It's called transitional demands you dumbass

DSA rules. Unified voice of the Left. United front is what is needed more than anything right now

rename it to whatever you want but you still need a transition of power which you aren't going to get through reform

Transitional bowel movements

yea anti-isreal [sic], what exactly constitutes that? Do they not agree with sending billions of dollars in military aid? I'm gonna need some citation. On the flip side what has Israel done for communism lately?

What a pointless stance to take. It just alienates 90% of the American public without furthering any leftist goals.

Wasn't Kevin James in a movie recently where the bad guys were the CIA and their right-wing Contra allies, and he basically helps overthrow the American puppet government and get Hugo Chavez elected president of Venezuela?

The DSA are now officially /ourguys/. Sorry haters.

They will endorse someone like Kamala Harrris or Corey Booker in 2020. You have my guarantee.

Shut it porker.

I see, the police was useful for once.

Anarkiddies are showing their true colours

Puritan postering will get you no where.
While you sit comfortably in your armchair, DSA, ISO, and the IWW are facing Nazis in the streets.


That is not criticism. That is internet shitposting. That doesn't help spread socialism in the United States. Real action does.

if you are gonna lie about them at least make the lies believable

They endorsed war-hungry zionist Sanders in 2016 and Obama in 2012. Why wouldn't they endorse another Democrat?

Trotsky, a revolutionary socialist, laid out transitional demands. We are far from revolution, so why constantly talk about an abstract violent revolution and not what's affecting people's day-to-day lives? When the left and working class is strong enough, DSA (if still the biggest org) will need a revolutionary push. It will get it because it's democratic.

Another person concerned with "non-reformist" reforms.


Because I don't get my politics from chans and I know DSA for what it is. Not a Dem party front.

Organization and the Left have changed since then. They could have endorsed Clinton in 2016 and caved to the immense popular liberal pressure. They endorsed no one.

The mindless and overwhelming rejection of "Succdems" is obvious shilling to keep us divided

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DSA NPC member RL Stephens

Someone go and shill communism there

A better (see: more feasible) arrangement would be being able to temporarily hand in your gun at the gun club.

They're trying to prove its a hoax, others say he should have killed more niggers, no point in debating autists

Typical, just like they did with "race realism" and their cherry-picked infographs.
Truly the "rationals"

He's just telling people to be careful m8. I for one would be damn proud if DSA started a gun club

Except DSA are the ultimate hobbyists