Why is Holla Forums obseced with back penises?

why is Holla Forums obseced with back penises?
are they paranoid or just closet gays?

All that and they still can't shake the BBC mind virus. Pretty sad tbh.


why did you make this thread? you know fully it will just end in some shitposters defending capitalism.

Ive no idea how this is related to politics

IIRC there was this conspiracy theory stretching way back when about other races taking all the white folks' women and something something hwite genosyde

Has Zizek ever talked about this?

because whenever pol post something about crime rates or domestic violence being vastly disproportionate in the black community someone always responds with "LAMO YALL WHITEBOIS JUST MADE YO GOT SMALL DICKS AHAHAHA WE BE STELIN YOUR WOMEN" or some shit. It got annoying and that image was used to shut them down. Nowadays you actually don't see very many of those shitposters anymore so I guess it worked.

those "black people" where more often then not just other Holla Forumstards pretending to be black to try and get a reaction; nobody actually speaks like that online

something something fraud

what is this fun

kek the word filter

Taking into account how they keep spamming gay porn to "trigger us" they are gayer that a gachimuchi new year's special.

i don't know if i read this shit right, according to the table-graphs, are black women by far the most attractive?

Fuck knows. Insecurity? You saw that pic related. Guys who feel secure when it comes to their masculinity don't take time outta their day to do shit like that. Reminds me of an old saying I read somewhere in a YouTube comment section: "Racism started when the white man saw the black man's penis."

Either that or Holla Forumsflakes are actually closet homos.


sasuga afroplasm…


just admit it, white males are stalin your women, not otherwise

Ah fucking afroplasm. I think you are a decent guy but stop with this black power bullshit

Your taste is capitalism tier faggot


Are you one of the Holla Forumsflakes I talked bout in my original post? OP already said the same which is that anybody who thinks this much bout black dick is prolly gay or insecure. How's this "black power bullshit"?

"once you go black you never go back" applies to us as well. i do prefer black chicks because they have bigger vaginas and don't complain about getting drilled by my humongous dicke

i bet you like blonde thight-pussy girls or something as gay as that

Nice puns, but no.

it was a filter, i think, no way i could be that used to write "stalin" automatically after pressing "st"

Like that's all there is to racism.

It was a joke, user.-_-

Yep. I don't like big asses. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy some black pussy here and there. The don't have bigger pussies tho. Also I don't enjoy tiny that much but the bigger the better is a really american thing to say. Also not to be racist but the only 3 times I got an std was with black chicks in france. And I never wear condoms

Isn't it because someone either here or SA has a bot that does it?

o rly? i've only been with one black chick, so i generalized.

quite depressing, may i say

Man was she a hooker? Rule of tumb is the bigger the woman the bigger the pussy.

>Holla Forums is obsessed with black penises learn how to spell you fucking fag
this shit is so low energy

Every race the black man has encountered has enslaved him, because he brought sticks to a gun/sword fight… stone age technology. Arabs had less empathy than whites and ended up castrating you. Go ahead and MUH DICK some more nig. Racism doesn't really mean a whole lot to begin with (easy to enslave borderline retard+ gunpowder= slave)

Explain the autistic infograph in OP's pic homo.

I thought whites and Arabs paid Africans to capture other Africans and sell them into slavery cuz they couldn't survive inland Africa for more than 30 days though. You mean to tell me that whites (and Arabs) are 100% to blame for the evils of slavery now?

Make up your mind, Holla Forums and stop projecting your gay urges onto interracial cuckold porn and Holla Forums.

ewwwww. Fucking man whore. Get some self respect. No condom is only when you're in love. You think you're still living in 1967?

Stop larping brah. We've seen the picture you posted, you're not really a black dude.

I can't get my dick hard with the condom. Also when you cum inside her I know she will nevee forget me.

You're right, I'm mixed race.

lol wtf
they are obsessed with Canadian Dick, yes i remember

That was actually a choice meme, good taste.

She'll think of you every time her child looks up at her

big canadian cock is a worthwhile counter meme

oh god now that you bring it up, he should. this is perfect zizek territory.

no, this is a thread about black tits

i actually writed "black penises", there is a wordfilter?

thats not gay, that manly

i dislike the "black nose"
it's like it disappears between the eyes
but the last one is cute

I've always been more amazed with the niggers low Autism Level than their dicks. Besides, no one on superiorchan talks about black cock, just the kikes on halfchan and this shitty board do.