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I had a feeling that was going to happen eventually.

Why american cars are so fucking ugly and inferior to european cars?

Capitalist efficiency™

Seems like a custom plate. Wonder what GVF stands for.

We should be cautious. He could have planned ahead and swapped plates for this attack.

i like the japanese ones

Doesn't matter, he's already in custody

why are people from this state such dirtbags?

Somebody waving the Spanish Republican flag in the background, pretty cool.

That tranny with the camouflage shirt on the left is a fucking caricature though.

What's an Ohio plate doing two states over?

fake plate?


Might be. Eyewitnesses who saw the car before the attack say that it didn't have any plates on it.

what happened?
did amerinazis finally went full ideology of peace?

They could do better

They're reporting now that one of the victims has died.

Fascists came from all over to participate in this rally. They may have driven here, or it may be a fake plate. We had a thread looking at some of the people who marked themselves as going to this event on FBIbook maybe two weeks ago? I just went to check the page but it seems the event page has been deleted, otherwise it might have been worth poring through to see if any of them have an identical vehicle in one of their photos and/or are from Ohio to see whether it was a fake plate.

Why does it matter he was already arrested?

How come they didn't lynch the driver?

Eye for an eye, who do we take out?

Or rather don't and use this is leverage for more grievance politics. Deaths from left wing terrorism in America == 0. Deaths from Trump related right wing terrorism > 0 , so the media should be useful for once.

If the media does not blow this up, then we will know that we are truly being left out to dry, and that even CNN is fascist controlled opposition.

sped away before they could, it seems. they should have been carrying guns. they could easily have shot through the windshield and it would have been self defence too

this is too good to be true, I can't wait to see how they defend this

He shifted into reverse gear and sped away.

You Americans really are LARPers.

The guy that died was an IWW member.

do you know that what happened today will backfire a fuckton on you right ?


Here's the driver. He appears to be wearing the white polo/khakis uniform that a lot of these turds seem to be wearing now.

So much for the tolerant right



do you not remember the guy who shot all those cops in dallas

lol adopting the same tactics as terrorists



Comrades, the car ran over which group? Aut right or the Counter-protestants?

Seriously though what is the best way to deal with car attacks? I feel like we need to discuss this now that Holla Forums and other reactionaries have started to adopt ISIS tactics.

counter protestors were attacked by a nazi sedan of peace

Righttards ran over lefties


Guns and a head on a swivel bout all you can do fam

Moving barricades.

what was filtered?

also mobile formations so people don't get trapped in the crowd and can dodge the car.

…and here's the part where you remind libs that this guy would be alive if 'bash the fash' were a consitutional right of all americans, but NooOooo opposing nazis is baAAAaaaad fucking faggots

By the time you hear the engine roaring how's a gun going to stop the car's momentum?


Boys they are attacking us all, time for the ultimate ideological unity.

VA is an open carry state. There is absolutely no fucking reason the driver should have been allowed to speed away. FUCKING ARM YOURSELVES.

Why the fuck has this infantile phrase spread so far? No one will take you seriously if your slogan is le ebin rhyme xd

Its not supposed to, it's for retaliation after the attack.

Horseshoe theory is real, Stalin was the CEO of the Soviet Union.

I am talking about protests and in terms of media reaction. Micah was a lone wolf; his death was framed as the police putting down a dangerous radical. He was not symbolic of anything but chaos. By contrast, the Wobbly's death was the result of a terrorist attack, and being part of a greater culture war, is an attack on the very concept of the American left.

The situations are completely different because of this. Lone wolf against police verses protesters against protesters. It is clear that the right wing protesters are ready; how many martyrs will die before the general will to kill spreads among the left?

oh boy, this is fucking perfect, this is the moment that the right will lose force, they showed the world their violent nature.

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communists for State Capitalism

Bruh, I don't know how many American protests you've been to, but most everyone I've been to is filled with cringey rymes and other retarded shit. To be fair I haven't been to any actions in a couple years since I moved out to the woods so maybe things have improved with the big influx of protesters.

Unsubscribe to autism.

call it whatever you want, i'm talking about organized and militant anti fascism that libs fight tooth n nail against in the name of bourgeois free speech, its phukking semantics you fucking chud, christ

I can't wait to see Trump's reaction to this, since these are the same people he called his "supporters" and people fighting for freedom and such.


Karma for what? Hurting your fee fees?

how is this karma ?

He just held a press conference. He condemned violence "on all sides" and then started talking about Veteran Affairs shit.

of the end?


Burger leftists need to stop giving a shit about Bernie, the Democrats or the DSA and begin organising proper militia groups, worker self-defense organisations and the like.

I guess black men cant jump

How is this karma?

Yes, please be more violent, every time you guys do this, the right lose force, so I beg you, stay violent.

that worked out well last time, huh?

That's funny because the membership overlap for the our leftist militias and DSA are huge.

are you severely autistic? They won't lose shit, in fact they will be more galvanized after today.

t. voted Hillary

This attack is only going to embolden and encourage the fascists. Go look on Holla Forums, they are all openly celebrating it and glorifying the guy. The idea that this attack will "make them look bad" and cause them to lose support is a liberal fantasy.

Fascists gonna fascist. The goal of counter protest is to prevent them from moving into the mainstream. We want them to get more extreme and emboldened. We want them to get angrier and more obsessive.

trots need to splinter is to just too great to over come

heard he wasn't an alt-reich dude

I like coming here as an alternative to Holla Forums but the guerilla fighter LARPing needs to stop. These fascists could fill you up with lead in broad daylight and get away with it.


oh trust me, I know. and so does the FBI, now.

Yeah, and later on they will say the victim didn't matter, because it was a protestor on the left side. In much the same way as the islamists say their victims don't matter because they are infidels.

You're fucking retarded. Also learn 2 historical materialism. Fascism and socialism are only going to get more and more prominent in politics as the material conditions in America get worse.

Then why is he wearing the alt-reich uniform? See:

The FBI is run by KKK sympathizers and infiltrators. I guarantee you there were at least a dozen FBI agents actually RUNNING the fascist march today.

German cars are the borgiemobiles.

Oh yea like the FBI is going to fucking do shit against fascists. They are litterally the same people.

I don't advocate snitching, but the thought of some fat alt-right teen explaining to mommy why the FBI are at the door is just too funny.

Yes I know. That's why we need to appear more moderate than the fascists so that we can get more people to side with us. If fascists aren't foaming at the mouth and killing leftists then we aren't doing our job properly.

and block american muscle cars aren't?

so this is the leftist revolution

Trash cans or other bulky moveable objects a car can't easily get around. A barricade would be better for blocking or slowing the care but signifigantly more difficult to carry around.

The FBI probably already has informants in those groups anyways.

lol that pic is painfully accurate

Its weird to use them in europe.

white shirt and khaki pants isn't quite an identifiable uniform

look it may be, but let's not get caught up in post-truth culture wars

FBI plz help

Holla Forums is literally just a fascist /r9k/ with even more reddit.

We are communists, not moderates! We will go to any extreme to achieve justice and communism.

4/pol/ found the culrpit. It's Joel VanGheluwe. He's a white guy but seems to be (or have been) a liberal so maybe he thought he was going to ram into altrighters.

Yes, and the informants are RUNNING THE SHOW. They are SUPPORTING the fascists.

Collared shirt + khakis is only worn by racists guys. I'm not even being ironic.

There is literally no evidence that it's him. Anyone could have that car model. And the hubcaps are different.

why the fuck you are believing in Holla Forums ? Of course they will say that the car was intended to ran over autrighters

fuck off

this is asinine. the intelligence agencies are neoliberals with dubious morals, not fucking white nationalists

The plate (assuming the photos are not shooped) has been registered by his father.

Kind of like when you guys start flagging our videos on youtube because you don't like them?

Fuck off kid.


Fuck off Holla Forumsscum

That would have been a pretty epic fuckup. We'll be waiting for confirmation.

Looks like a young republican meetup.

Lol just like they found the guy that punched Richard Spencer and it turned out to be a cuckold fetishist that has been dead for years?

90% you're samefagging
for other 10% why the shit would you believe fucking 4/pol/?

I don't believe it. That's why I'm talking about confirmation.

Then post proof of THAT faggot.

pretty much everyone in America is a liberal, they just don't know it

Communism is a theory of VIOLENT REVOLUTION. There is nothing more extreme than that. If you are against violent revolution or try to hide it, you are not a communist.

ill unconfirm it
the one that hit the IWW comrade had black stripes on the front

I've lived in fear of being murdered by one of these fratboi NAZI's ever since they took power and NOW I HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT BEING MURDERED BY MY OWN PEOPLE!

Fuck this shit I'm done.


try harder Holla Forums

go home Holla Forums

That's what Holla Forums represents you moron. Fascism has to be stopped because it sustains capitalism and prevents socialists from seizing control during crises.

It isn't a theory of violent revolution. Russian revolution was fairly peaceful. It was the civil war that followed that was violent.

There was another person who tried to run some protesters over and didn't get anyone.

As opposed to?
Right getting further ostracized by mainstream media, and dems not doing shit will only attract more socialists

that was fast

You are a fucking clown. Marx advocated violent communist revolution and a proletarian dictatorship, clear as day.

Holla Forums is a board of peace

Very weak gaslighting technique, friendo. Go back to Holla Forums and lurk more.

Not gonna happen, and nobody worth recruiting pays attention to MSM anyway. Fuck off liberal opportunist.

This isn't about recruitment. It's about preventing liberals from siding with the fash before we seize control.

Hell, I did for awhile. Corbyn's coverage on BBC and CNN is what led me to Holla Forums in the first place.

Violence is only necessary when the bourgeoisie fight back. Communist revolution is NOT defined by violence in and of itself. Of course any real revolution today will probably be very violent. Fucking read some theory you dumb ass.

Which happens EVERY SINGLE TIME.

PR is bullshit, the MSM will NOT side with communists against the fascists, and this attack will only embolden the fascists.
Get it through your skulls.

Get it through your skulls.

What attack? The counter protesters were the ones who got attacked. They didn't attack anyone.

STOP. SHILLING. Holla Forums

How come this prick didn't get shot?

Fuck off Holla Forums

Now you are being straight-up disingenuous. The attack on the socialists by the fascists will embolden the fascists.


Because liberals and american leftists (read """leftists""") are too afraid to get guns and use them.

Are you saying that fascists shouldn't be opposed then?


What really amazes me is that people defend the confederacy. Both Americas were absolute garbage.

I meant by the police

Kill yourself you fucking weasel.

Ok then…


Apart from the inevitable loss of life what's the problem? You think they are strong enough to win in an all out confrontation?

Fuck off Justin.

I'm not a fan of removing statues. They should remain there as a reminder of history.

You are shitposting and putting words in people's mouths. Kill yourself.

Put it in a museum faggot. And replace it with a statue of slaves overthrowing their masters.

stop its not him
>>>Holla Forums

I asked a question that you apparently are not willing to answer. That's not "putting words in people's mouths." Learn to read please.

An injury to one…

Fuck off you piece of shit weasel.

I agree with both. Don't like reminders of our history, good and bad, being removed, but this shit really does belong in a museum or at the very least in one of the old confederate grave yards.

magic is real
atheistcucks, bow down
b4 the Chaos God

top kek meme magick praise PEEEEEPAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY check digits lol

Looks like we got ourselves some adventure archeologists here.

you're not blending in faggot

oh yeah I forgot about the neo-nazis who got killed too, both sides are just as guilty.

take that flag off you impostor.

Because he's white, probably.

They should be smashed and all confederacy supporters hanged.

violence must be methodical cheka red terror style
behaving like a mob is a disgrace

And where did I say shit about "behaving like a mob"?

Aaah yes leave it to Holla Forums to pin it on the enemy

still not convincing anyone

Why was this post deleted exactly?

when you suggested that commies should behave like nazi faggots who now use terrorist tactics

now go drink some milk or whatever you nazis do in your spare time

Please fuck off. Who gives a shit?

I can't unhear Bat'ko

Stop spreading reddit and/or Holla Forums propaganda.

Are they distinguishable?

We don't need retarded Holla Forums shitposting


I never said that dumbfuck.

Fuck off Holla Forums detectives. We will find out what happened soon enough.

p-pol was right a-again

The thought of Indiana Jones stealing confederate monuments for museums got me to spit up my drink.

all the cucks ITT absolutly BTFO
Holla Forums wins… again and for the 8 years

I always forget that r/T_D (i.e. Holla Forums) thinks that antifa is some kind of anti-Trump organization that was started last year by Podesta after Trump won the election.

Stupid fucking Holla Forumstards, you've proven yourselves wrong again. It was Joel's Trump supporting father Jerome.



Joel isn't listed in the relatives on the page. The perp wasn't a teen either so the kid's opinions are irrelevant.

Whats wrong sweety? Need your safe-space or else you will cwyy??
Baby wants a bottle?

the red circle tells no lies

When will they learn?

who do you think you're trying to fool here you dumbfuck?
I can smell a provocateur a mile away

You really need to work on your leftypol impressions


the picture of the driver being arrested clearly isnt him

hahaha holy shit. this is getting better and better.


They haven't learned a thing from slave ray, have they?

Bullshit, the dumb part is assuming it's the kid, look at the body he's not skinny at all, it's obviously an adult

Nice detective work there Holla Forums


I wonder if these are the same Redditors who "found" the Boston Bombers?

Holla Forums never ceases to entertain

Except it wasn't leftypol you dip. The perp wasn't Joel.

Well I mean in their defense it wasn't so much about finding who actually did it but rather trying to control the narrative and "win" internet arguments with lies. Fascists, like all idealists, don't care for the truth all that much.

And Joel isn't even leftypol either


another life sacrificed to social media

he's an adult by now. he said that he was 15 years old in 2011.

tbf I don't think anyone on leftypol has ever attended anything irl

inb4 Holla Forums claiming this is Soros taking control of his account through Zuckerberg to falseflag

The key word here is ACHIEVE. Terrorism is bourgeois individualism and doesn't achieve anything.


Buy a gun.

Sad! Proof of "JEROME VANGHELUWE" donating $250 to the Trump campaign from the Federal Election Commission:

The image to the right is the police arresting the guy who rammed into the crowd. Otherwise see:

listen to good comrade Dr Bones, hit the gym, arm yourself… in lieu of that, organise to help people out

Cops love them some fash.

If you trust your shoddy detective work then the Jerome is the only one in the picture that resembles the suspect. You must either forfeit your investigation and clear the Vanwhateverthefucks or if you accept it as valid there's no way it was his son.

Nonono obviously his dad is a falseflagger too because Occam's Razor only applies when I want it to!


Here's the police chopper that crashed. "Fatalities are feared" according to local news.

That gives us a higher kill count than the fascists today. Nice. And we didn't even have to do anything.

Why would that guy buy a gun when he can just cast black magick at his enemies?

w-was it smashies?

Thats terrible. Just another excuse to do nothing.

Hell yeah

Holla Forums needs to make up their mind.

The post seems to be sarcastically claiming that the suspect isn't Jerome because "just because you put a red circle around something doesn't make it true". So I pointed out how if the suspect isn't Jerome then Holla Forumss """research""" is flawed. I assumed the poster was trying a last ditch attempt to defend the falseflag narrative. Sorry if I misread you (or the other user if he isn't you).

It was probably mechanical, but if it was caused by someone it'd definitely be some militia type taking potshots.

Comrade killed was IWW
Press F to pay respects

Chaos is not in your favor, orderfag.

It's cool
I was making fun of Holla Forumss desperate attempt to avoid responsibility

There. Holla Forums disinfo BTFO more concisely. Spread it around, or this right-wing narrative that it was a false-flag or antifa retardation will surely be pushed hard by frog twitter.


F, today we're all IWW


F, and beyond Lovecraftian hell to all Fascist barbarians.

F. Solidarity Forever, comrade.

An injury to one is an injury to all

Nice, Dodge.

chill out its the name of one of the shows they sponsor

are american 'macho' companies irresponsible? nawwww…

Anyone who believes internet investigations during happenings are fucking morons. There are plenty of people who look similar to one another who wear the same clothes that can have their lives ruined because of stupid shit like this. what dis?

Looks like one of those CIA-run disinfo "wiki" sites.

Won't post this on youtube yet. (Figured fascists are still around) lurking
sorry if voice is a bit croaky
it's morning where I am

We united front nao

God bless you Bat'ko.

t. American comrade

Bless you Bat'ko

People don't WANT moderation when things are shit.

im wellin up here

Same user, same.

identity politics rule!!!!

Anyone got a shot of the pavement pizza?

this won't be amplified by the media like the islamic terrorists. The media is controlled by the ruling class so they won't amplify this news.

Good honestly, this entire rally is fucking retarded, if anything giving it attention would be bad.

I'd expect nothing less from /ourpepe/

When Johnny comes driving home again, Hurrah, Hurrah!




Witch craft confirmed?

I wonder what any white nationalist communists think about this.

I find it funny that Daily Mail has about the most left-wing headline you can find even though it's a right-wing paper in the UK. It's hard living in the last primitive society.


Unironically, start practicing this shit. It will save your life.

Didn't 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧CNN🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 say the car had no plates?


For instance:

Just cursed himself by stealing dubs which belonged to me.

Cause Egoism and magic are bread and butter.

Didn't see anyone post sander's reaction so here you go

ill give it a 7/10


So where do we go from here?

fucking spooks

What are the chances it's some emasculated piece of shit white nationalist?


Civil war hopefully.

Can anyone debunk him being leftist?
A couple of people are claiming it, and this honestly is a thousand times worse than a nazi attacking us, because it would mean one of us who hates progressivists did this.
And that's saying something because a lot of us here hate progressivists egalitarians and other so called "SJW" groups. We shouldn't be attacking each other in times like these, frankly I cannot understand why some of us are more open to white nationalism than progressiveness.


There's a very low chance that a real "leftist" (someone who identifies with class warfare) would drive a dodge challenger, much less into a crowd of people who agree with them, at least on the basics.





Theories aside I need the evidence as to where this man lies. Or at least who he is.

We need to wait for more info.

it's amusing that this is happening to right wingers as this happens to muslims and black people all the time

I suppose we do.
Hopefully they police will release details and we'll know what the fuck happened. If it turns out he's anywhere left from Conservative we as the left are fucked.

Is this thread behind on the news or something?

Have his dox while you're at it.

Are you SERIOUS? Watch the FUCKING VIDEO. He barrels into the fucking crowd.

College student?

Visiting family?

Soros loan vehicle?

Holy shit he looks like the generic reddit neckbeard. At this point pray to god he isn't a leftist and is straight up Holla Forums.

This though.

Too bad it says nothing about his personal details apart from name.


It's a good thing he didn't kill anyone so he will probably get off pretty easily. I mean imagine if he had killed one or more people after "accidentally" running into the crowd?

Right, or injure twenty people in attempted murder that would just be straight up crazy.


would you happen to be autistic user



What kind of ass backwards psyop is this?!
apply yourself


Are there gangs in Ohio? Could we send some urban individuals after him?

cops already got him.

Your murderer, comrades.

He drives a different model car and actually posted on his facebook that it isn't him.

have my aryan babies

I'm just waiting to confirm what political group he belongs to so that I may make another fedora tip meme.

They're already setting up the "he was just scared guys! those mean protesters spooked em!" defense. Hes gonna get off easy.

Right, but they think he's innocent. So he's probably on his way home.

Yeah I guess that notion has been debunked.
None the less I still question what the hell the driver wanted.

You can't """accidentally""" kill three people and injure 20 more and not serve time.

He could have affluenza, poor soul!

He killed one, two were irrelevant pigs miles away who died because they were shit pilots.

but he was captain of the football team! coach needs him back by the beginning of football season.

Apparently police are saying protesters were surrounding his car, and he panicked to try and escape.

I thought there were at least a Wobbly and some random lady crossing the street.

VanGheluwe is the previous owner of the car.

confirmation of identity

Someone get the video, from the photos I doubt he tried escaping.

Yeah no, I don't trust centrists media.

What was this dimostration for? Antifa? Liberals? Sheeeit, don't know how to feel about this

It was a counter protest against fascists.

It was antifa but the killed one was a DSA member and one IWW member was injured. Not just women's marchers or something.

No, it was an IWW member killed and several others including DSA injured.

lmao I was even starting to feel a little bad about the helicopter cops

Racism doesn't mean fascism you liberal.
Aut rightist are not fucking fascists. Stop this fucking meme

Fuck. Poor guy.

oh sorry. some permutation of that. either way, point still stands.

Fields is charged with:
1 count of 2nd degree murder
3 counts of malicious wounding
1 count of failure to stop in an accident resulting in a death


He was a good suburban right wing boy he dindu nuffin, he was just scared and accidentally slammed on the accelerator, castle doctrine clearly applies here


I swear to fuck, if they don't send him to fucking Greensville and strap his ass to old sparky…

That it? If he were arab they'd have actually fucked him.

Fields is a republican.
In the end it wasn't a nazi but a conservative.
I can't tell if this is good or bad.

Second picture is from 3 months ago.

Odds are he has sperged out on fedbook about muh muslims/commies/etc. Once they have that it will be pretty easy to establish intent of some kind.

Thankfully the two dead cops can be tangentially related to his actions so they might actually try to get him found guilty

After the Zimmermann trial nothing would surprise me

fine but they still had a tiki torch party in cville

Where's Fields Facebook?
I wanna check it out before it gets removed.

Nazis were conservatives. Fascists are conservatives who realize that they must use authoritarian measures and certain distasteful spooks to strengthen the state and restore profitability to the capitalist system.

It doesn't mean shit. Also fascism does not equal nazism.


Better than anything antifa ever did tbh


Nice seeing the antfa crying to the cops and goverment which they oppose.

Facebook is very quick at pulling their profiles these days. You missed your shot.


for some reason I feel like he went there to do this and it wasn't spur of the moment. just a hunch

leftists don't go and suck the cock of their good friend lieutenant hernandez or whatever from that oathkeepers 'these are good memes' video though. if the cops threw this guy to us and let us do what we want I'm sure we could sort it out but unlike conservatives we aren't allowed to just murder people and get away with it

What if he was drunk? Shit I barely distingish fucking cars fron pedestrian on an average friday evening. Maybe he was aiming for the white supremacists?

you'd think a stalinist wouldn't side with the nazis
the more you know :DDD




oh hes a Holla Forums
should've known!


Found the liberal

fine stalinstache

I don't side with the nazi. I just can't stand the fact the we call this little crybabies nazi's. Instead on working on converting them, instead of debunking their bullshit, instead of explaining them what's wrong with their bullshit spooks about race we treat them like mortal enemies. This are mostly wage cucks rednecks that don't have time to read or are just to stupid. Instead of uniting the workes we divide them and make fun of the frustation of this assholes. It's not their fault if they growed up in america were they teach propaganda at school. They are like this because they belive in what they are saying, they are a consequence of being cucked by a country more interested in idpol shit than doing anything good for their people. But instead of converting their rage into something productive we make fun of them.

They are like this not because they belive in what they are saying*

Good riddance.

Look I grew up a lot poorer than these kids and probably got bullied more too but I never turned into a fucking Nazi, reactionism can very rarely be cured, lead is the best medicine.

Sorry I'm from Appalachia and the people who attend these rallies aren't the proles from around here. Sure they may be a little racist and have their southern pride but they don't fly Nazi flags. The people who have to time to travel from the coasts to these fucking events are the prep school upper class republicans. We don't need your historically illiterate California coastal benevolent hand to reach out and teach us how to be proper leftists and organize our community

You don't deserve better then them. We are not even trying to educate them, we aren't doing shit. You give it 1 try if you fail you kill them, but you have to give it a try

Go make a topic on Holla Forums or /r9k/, see how open to being educated they are. If you march at a Nazi rally you are too far gone to be saved, sorry. We'd be better off if we mowed the crowd down.

Not american you faggot. Also you did a really good job with them I see, hope kim fucking destroy your sorry excuse of a country you american piece of shit. You are here talking about how your communty doesn't need help while the big man in the white house is porky 101. No tears wasted on americans, fucking die already do a favour to the world

Fucking image boards are not real life

Sometimes I wish they were.

Behold, the master race

Ohio is an awful place. Why do you think Ohio is home to more astronauts per capita than any other state?

Because Ohio fucking sucks and even the moon is too fucking close to Ohio.

wow crazy

is he, dare I say it, /ourguy/?

Top kek bootlicker

I think I smell some weed on you lad, you're coming with me.

are you resisting arrest, punk?

So much for international solidarity


They caught the car already m8 don't worry. The dude arrested.One more for the blacks in prision to eat alive.

buy a gun

I expect all of you to hunt this guy's family. Lets be like the mafia. One fucks with us the whole fam dies.

cointel/pol/ much


more like illegalism much


I can smell your milky white skin through the fuckin screen

His facebook?

So any thoughts on what happens next? How good/bad was this for the fascists? Will the left be able to properly organize and arm themselves for the next demonstrations?

I wear collared shirts and khakis sometimes. I never wear polo shirts though; those look autistic as fuck.

Did you screencap? Cuz it's dead now.

Does that mean khakis are racist in any context? Or can you wear them with a non collared shirt and not be racist? Also isn't the polo and khaki a pretty common school uniform in America?

May he never be forgotten.

What a shock

Hes a Holla Forums poster

Holy shit he's literally a Holla Forumstard isn't he



bad for fascists for sure. I imagine this took away what little credibility they had in the eyes of the average person



Archive this shit before it gets memory-holed. It looks like we may have found it before anyone else? I'm basing this off of the fact his photos don't have any recent comments about him murdering people or anything.

Why americans larp as europeans?
Is not like we like you guys


yikes. What does the name mean?

Also, I wonder if he realises that Roman citizenship was given to more Middle Easterners and "non-whites" than Germanics (who arguably destroyed the empire anyway)? Why haven't Holla Forumsyps read anything on the imagery they idolize.

Kek, dat beard. She a QT tho.

We also have

Take the red pill


Looks swarthy.


Guy Fawkes mask
MAGA cap

What's the next headgear for them?

I don't I've seen this many red flags since victory day


Just because he's hairy? God you nazis are petty

Customised basketball helmets. But we've already moved onto that.

I hope you fags heeded my warning.

After the Baseball shooting in June my fried sfreaked the fuck out and texted me because back in january I said there would be attempted assassinations on Republicans in June.

They asked me what was coming next.
And I said someone was going to kill left wing protestors in Early August.

Then I saw this rally and knew this was the weekend.

Holla Forums I think I might be psychic.

Sounds like a pretty reasonable prediction to me. I expect another murder tonight

So what's the deal with this next October user?

good thing it was just an isolated incident
he was just a lone wolf
its just part and parcel of living in a big city
this is something we'll all have to learn to deal with

car of peace strikes again.

Talking out of my ass here a bit but honestly I think things will have cooled off both literally and Tension wise fr a bit.

violence always escalates in the summer.

as if that'll change much

if you think that your shitty ideology is what motivates or moves the proletariat you're sorely mistaken

funny how legit retarded leftists are you never seem to dig yourselves a bigger hole to jump into. The mental illness really shows in this one.

get rekt nigger

gotta love autist-right cognitive dissonance once again

t. a person who has never read Stalin

it ain't cognitive dissonance. they are very clearly white supremacists.

Micah Johnson was just a criminal. He did not do what he did because of socialism. He did it because he was a butthurt idpoler.

no he's a false flag sent by soros, i have the screenshots to prove it. if you zoom in on the top left pixel of his profile you can see a triangle.
Does anyone else think the helicopter crash is suspicious?

I'm just glad the neofascists finally found something more original than "helicopters" to say, it was getting annoying.


Is this picture really familiar to anyone else? I'm probably just remembering something else similar but I swear I've seen him posted on some imageboard before all this.

He was literally off his meds, You have to be utterly retarded to do this, one you shit all over your movement, two you ruin your life, three you fuck your car up. It was the worst possible thing that could have happened which is why they are mindfucked over how childish and retarded he was.


why is your shitposting so generic.

The DOJ requested IPs of everyone who went on a website that was set up to organize the Disrupt J20 protests, but the company that owns the server is refusing and taking it to court.

Sounds like you missed the point of his insult, but okay.