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National Socialist here, can you guys convince me not to be NutSac anymore, primarily to tell me what's so bad about having a homogenous nation.

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nothing's wrong with it. This isn't tumblr.
We just hate the capitalist part.

Race is idpol and used to divide the working class.

Most socialist nations were quite homogeneous. Even in the ones with very different cultures and races, there was a general feeling of solidarity and helping each other out.

You don't need an ethnic homogeneous nation at all.

This is what you actually look like

You think foreigners want to come to western countries? Capitalism causes immigration by destroying societies for profit.

Nothing. The problem is the capitalist part.

Someone actually claims that?

Homogenous in what aspect and how much?
Literal borg/clone hivemind isn't something to strive for either.

could you at least provide some substance in your OP about your beliefs? What exactly do you believe in and what are the justifications for it?

I didn't think NutSac was socialism it's economically centrist, accomodating itself to the nature of the people. It would be a bit more capitalist in america because Muh Freedoms and a bit more socialist in Serbia because we like unity.

Pretty sure the classes were united more than ever under NutSac.

We are fighting the same enemy under a different name. We are fighting Jews that are in top positions (Capitalists).

NatSoc is not full capitalist, not unrestricted capitalist. There are a LOT of restrictions. The first and most important: DOES THIS COMPANY BENEFIT THE PEOPLE? If no, they are banned.

Well Id say 99.9% is alright

I'd have to write a lot, try and see pic related, you don't have to read all but it would be nice

Most migration movements and refugees are caused by capitalism. Even the existence of black people in the USA was caused by proto-capitalism. Pretty much everything that you hate, degrading culture, art, de-generacy is a direct result of capitalist commodification.

economics aren't dungeons and dragons attributes :^)


We don't want to unite the clases. We want to abolish them and liquidate the capitalist class, or at least surpress through a dictatorship of the proletariat. Socialism isn't class collaboration.

Holla Forums faggot here, not OP but I do have a few things to say.

I hate the culture of late capitalism, and I feel as if it is flawed.

I am a "racial realist" (or something) and believe in the superiority of Europeans and East Asians but I have no quarrel with any race, I don't really hate anyone.

I just want everyone to get along and be able to coexist in their own lands free of fear of being replaced and oppressed.

I am confused and really still a centrist but I feel like the intellectual left is better in all aspects than the right at the moment.


that's not what I said.

I could not agree more. But the NS capitalism is very restricted, preventing what you just described.

Not an argument. You can change economics of an ideology slightly from state to state.

I know very well what socialism is, now i see that i misunderstood that comment. I don't like equality and (too much) collectivism because people are not naturally equal and (fully) collectivistic. Forcing them into that results in rebellion of the human nature.


Also read pic related to get an insight on what I am speaking about

99,9% of what? On which scale?

Maybe pdf related might be an interesting read for you? It's not too long, easy to read and entertaining. As you can see by my flag I disagree with the author on the Stalin/USSR part but it's still a good book and a good entry pill for those who feel disillusioned by late capitalist culture.

So is this LTV? Labor vouchers? How do you measure the amount of work? What the fuck was the author even talking about? Was this ever implemented? How will it be "guaranteed" by the folkish state?

Fam, as long as there is private property capitalism has game.

You sound like me a year ago. Lurk and read, the real "Red" Pill is on this board.

If you're actually interested in Leftism and not just here to shitpost and try to belittle leftism, good job. The best way to spoonfeed you is to recommend books to read. I recommend "Wage Labor and Capital/Value Price and Profit", it's really short and easy read that puts marxian economic theory into a sort of "reader's digest".

On your concerns over race, we don't really care for the most part about race. Since leftism is about uniting the working class against the ruling class, i.e. while race may be of concern to some individuals it is irrelevant to the ideology as a whole.

There is no such thing as an intrinsic, eternal essence of "peoples" explaining the current political predispositions in a given context.

The working class was forcibly "united" with the capitalists class to the objective interest of the latter because these have antagonistic interests.

No, we aren't. Not all capitalists are Jews and not all Jews are capitalists. Besides, we're not fighting against a malevolent cabal, we're fighting against a political and economic system.

That is also the case in the US, especially since the New Deal. Is the US not "full capitalist"…?

Who is "the people" and how do you determine what is a benefice to them?

Not even in Korea does such a homogeneous ethnic makeup exist. It simply doesn't and it won't, ever. Get over it.

There's nothing in general which conflicts with communism in this sentiment. As long as this doesn't involve private property its compatible.

Wrong. We are fighting CapitaliSM, not CapitaliSTS. Cut off a head of the Hydra and two more shall appear.

Labor standards do not work, which is why you fascists were so eager to loot gold and machinery from the subjugated territories. L2econ, nazi scum.

Nothing, just don't feel like shoving it down people's throat.

Holla Forums in a nutshell

I'm sorry, but when I looked at what the Nazis did they entertained a debt-fueled economy based on a ponzi scheme (MEFO-Wechsel) that eventually forced them to declare war earlier than they planned to so they can exploit value out of the conquered countries, like in Greece, where they forced the state to give them a loan, a loan which the Greek government in 2017 still demands compensation for. I do not see your ideology to be sustainable and immune to these degenerations of capitalism. Are you aware what we Marxists think are the contradictions of capitalism, such as the falling rate of profit or monopolization? Also, do you know Lenins analysis of imperialism as the highest stage of capitalism? You can complain all you want about the socialist states which existed, but they were never subjected to econmic crisis like boom and bust cycles in capitalism. They had a sustainable economic development until they were deliberately dismantled.
That's not what we want. We want to stop exploitation, and that the workers collectively own the means of production. We have nothing against meritocracy. In fact, one of Marx criticisms of capitalism is that it in fact doesn't grant enough equality of opportunity. Did you know that Lenin coinded the phrase: "One who doesn't work shall not eat"?
Don't you think capitalism isn't collectivistic? Get up, go to work, be a wageslave, overwork log into Facebook, like some shit, eat, watch Game of Thrones, sleep, repeat. At least that's the enforced pattern for 98% of the population under capitalism. Stepping outside this pattern may make you a "weirdo". So how is this not collectivistic?

you could use some dialectical materialism

This is not the main critique.
The main critique is how it's destructive, and how Nazis prostituted most of their industry to high bourgs.
The second critique is how Nazism (and most far-right ideologies) tend to simplify problems by either pointing out to an hostile boogieman (the Jews, the SJW, the Nigoos…), dreams of old glory (muh Ancestors!!), and how it's inherently destructive.

So much than even $trasser hated Hitler for that.

Look at how the workers who build Hitler castle (the Berghoff), for a telling example.

i mean as long as they meant what they said in good faith there's no reason to suppose they have any such malicious intent
now fuck off back to reddit

yeah dipshit keep spouting leftist-sounding buzzwords that will conceal your complete lack of ignorance of socialist theory beyond reading the wikipedia page for the manifesto, that will work

or you can fuck off with your idealism and stop pretending to be a marxist.

I'm a SocDem and even I feel insulted.

It is referring specifically to a quote in which the one guy behind the Iron Guard said that his interests entirely align with the communists and the working class except that he is a Christian

The Iron Guard was a genocidal clero-fascist gang. Why the fuck would any self-respecting leftist want to associate with such scumbags in any way whatsoever? This honestly leads me to believe you're some Holla Forums infiltrator trying to peddle your bullshit around here because even nazbols wouldn't be so bold about it.

You're not very au fait, are you? Or maybe just playind dumb. "Coexistence is one's own land" is a neo-fascist dog-whistle for forcibly deporting non-whites back to their alleged country of origin through force if necessary in the name of racial preservation. Do you believe there is such a thing as a peaceful ethnic cleansing?

You don't even know what idealism means, you just know leftists think it's a bad thing so you spout it around whenever someone disagrees with you. Go back to Holla Forums.

I'm not a Stirnerite, I even don't really like the guy for not taking Spirtualism material manifestations into account, but really, the Iron Guard was spooked.
They had their own legion of Martyrs willing - eager - to die for God and Country.
And they are class collaborators in the same ways fascists are.

If you want allies to organise workers, go with the Roses instead.

And just to drive the point further, I don't disagree with most of what you say about the National questions, it's just that you really need to read some theory. You're confusing things.

Do you smell the brain matter spilling out through your ears? You are an idiot if you believe in the irony meme. The fascists never mean what they say. When people spend an inordinate amount of time making racist jokes and conspiracy theories, chances are they actually believe in them.

Of course you are probably that Trot who was condemning the DSA for "idpol" when they were the ones who actually stood up to the fascists. Infiltrator, stupid, or is it just Trotskyite nature to support fascists over communists? It is truly hard to say.

99.9% of any country should belong the the same race. That's ethnically homogenous enough.

I will read it, but just to make it clear: I do not support today's autistic capitalism.

The value of the money is supported by the labor of the people.The reichsmark is worth only as much as the amount of labor behind it.

How does restricted capitalism have game with private property enabled?

"redpill" me, what changed you?

No real unity can come from non-homogenous peoples. It is in our darwinian nature to reject people that do not belong to our ethnic tribe. It's in our nature to hate intermixing as much as bestiality, there was a fun study recently done on that.

Of course there is, a group of people can feel more collectivistic and interconnected. Some (like USA) are famous for their freedoms.

The capitalists that got rich there did it on their own merit. They did something for the betterment of the nation so they deserved that place. People under NS rule were taught not to care for mammonism and materialistic things. They were taught to fight for a more noble cause

I admit I didn't explain it well enough. I hate the capitalists that got there by rigging the system and by being crooked, It's okay to be "rich" (to a certain extent) if you bettered the nation. Besides, Jews are overrepresented in the 1%, in the media and in the "crooked capitalist" group.

Capitalism can be restricted in many ways, US is doing it wrong certainly.

I will show you by an example:
The porn industry would be banned because it degrades woman and destroys a man's dopamine receptors. It promotes fun of the people, simple enough.

NS germany did not start the war for economic reasons. If it did, Hitler would not offer over 20 peace offers to britain 1939-1941. It started over the bloomberg massacre. Pic related

Just because there are social taboos(no matter how retarded they are) it doesn't mean it's collectivistic. What i meant by individualism is not caring about people of your own race and nation.

Pic related is the reason for the hatred of the eternal Jew in NS Germany. They have a lot of media and world influence even today, pic related again.

To clarify I am this guy, thanks for the replies, I appreciate it. Getting a better political perspective is beneficial to me and is refreshing, kinda tired of the echochamber Holla Forums is.

I am not

Correcting this post, jesus christ I'm retarded.

I am actually
sage for the doublepost

No. Hitler hatred from the Jew did not came from that - that would be Mosley or $trasser-style anti-Semitism.
Hitler hatered was fuelled with mysticism, magical and poetic thinking. His hatered of the Jew - the eternal Jew - was not entirely on a Materialistic level.

Also, even if Jews did control most of the things, this is not a valid ground for Antisemitism - because it's not their race that makes them behave like that, it is Capitalism.
I'll let Comrade Jones explain that bit to you.

Finally, your second Pic related is completly retarded and has been debunked before. As for Journalists, there are far more Irish descendants than the average and I don't see you throwing a fit about it.

To stimulate the moribund economy demanded the nerve, which Hitler had, to invest money that the government didn't yet have, rather than passively waiting – in accordance with "sound" financial principles – for the economy to revive by itself.

Today, our whole era is dying economically because we have succumbed to fearful hesitation. Enrichment follows investment, not the other way around.

Since Hitler, only Ronald Reagan has seemed to understand this. As President, he realized that to restore prosperity in the United States meant boldly stimulating the economy with credits and a drastic reduction in taxes, instead of waiting for the country to emerge from economic stagnation on its own. - Leon Degrelle

Capitalist allows it. They intentionally subvert every nation they are in.

I agree with Jones, jews are not the source of all evil. It's retarded to think that. Jews are the sources that promote todays fun of the nations.

Can you point me to a source which debunks the news? Also, pic related.

To clarify my position, what I was also trying to say this all happens through commodification of pretty much everything - even socialism itself (Che shirts, etc.). What we seek to end is commodity production, as in: Production for exchange. In our current mode of production we produce for exchange (private profit) instead of for use. The market doesn't care how useful something is for society, it just cares about how profitable it is. We want to establish a society in which the people cooperatively decide what is to be produced. The reason Coca-Cola sponsors LGBTW+ marches (to which I assume you are opposed to) is not because Jews secretly control all big corporations, no, it is because it is simply profitable for them to do so.

makes u think

Because its a historical reality. He went into prisons and talked to marxist and realize they both wanted the same economic system but also wanted the protection of his culture, religion, and people.


it creates unneeded ethnic and racial tension. this is for the simple fact that no 'homogenous' nation exists anywhere and any time people have tried to enforce such an ideal has required incredibly repressive status apparatus to do so.

so, if you wanted to form such a state, you are required to forcibly remove anyone that doesn't fit in with the 'homogenous' ideal. when you combine this with free market capitalism, its a recipe for disaster, and it is just like a stick of dynamite waiting to explode. fascists and conservatives are always talking about how 'stable' nutsack is, but it makes no sense to me and never has. this is hte richest country (burger here) in the world, and people come here to attain wealth since there is no wealth to be had in their home countries, and if they tried to build communism at home, it would warrant us intervention. so they come to the only place where there is great wealth – america! they dont do it because they want to 'destroy the white race' they do it because of declining living standards at home.

so at some point, even if you achieve the homo country, you will constantly have to thwart outside 'enemies' with an overmilitarized/policed border.

even worse, the problems within the country wont necessarily be solved anyways just because everyone is the same color. classes will still form, and if the economy tanks, or someone is found heavily abusing their position in govt., this will sow inevitable distrust, and this instability will grow and result in revolution from within the homo borders anyways.

at least, to me this is all common sense, you dont have to be a commie to see how shitty and stupid and unstable nutsack is as an ideology.

i think the best argument in favor of communism is that its truly in everyones long term self interest, except for maybe those who already control the vast majority of wealth, but those people are growing fewer and fewer anyways.

NEETSoc (and WN in general) is a political deadend, since you will never, ever, convince even a sizable minority of centrists that Hitler Did Nothing Wrong™

Shameless plug for, the huwhyte man's home

It should not comes as a surprise that a Nazi is historically illiterate.
Jews have been a scapegoat for centuries, accused of poising wells during Pests. They do subvert the nations they are in ; they are just perfect responsible, much like Witches were.

They flourished in the business and banks out of necessity, not out of malice or anything. It's because they were not allowed to own land, so they went in finance and became good at it.

A quote from a Jewish supremacist is not proof.
Your side have been saying the exact same thing, there also have been black supremacists believing we are a scientific experiment from a big-headed black man. Those extremists exist but do not represent the Jewish people at large.

Neither is your wesbite. Dozens of websites exist to provide shelter to refugees - Muslims, Christian, Jewsih, Non-religious. As a proof, look at the popular movement #RefugeeWelcomes in Bayern and Austria - fervently catholic.

I acknowledge it faded out. Hell, I even think the refugee crisis is handled terribly. But that's not the point.

As for the debunking of the News, I don't have the pic on hand, but most of your lists are either nobodies or non-practicant Jewish people, like Rosa. The myth of the Judeobolshevik has been debunked, we even had a thread about it recently.

this is a good point too. the whole 'muh jews' talk is old hat. they could be irish for all i care, i dont know why it matters that they are jewish. it is the system, but damn if it isnt funny seeing right wingers rationalize how great of an idea it would be that a white boy sends our kids to die in a war than a jew or a black or whatever else. tooooo funny

I don't know, I think that if practically every nation your people inhabit comes to the conclusion that you're nation-wrecking pests I think it might be time to examine yourselves (or just double-down on the "Why do they hate us, so? I only lend to the goyim at 30% interest!")

This tends to be representative of my experience here.
I fully agree with this board's general economic views and support the seizing of the means of production and so on. In addition I also want to protect the culture and existence of organic (ethnic, cultural, religious) communities as I believe these provide meaning in people lives.

In response people post shit like this or the porky with the jew bait thing and claim I'm a capitalist.
It's really tiresome

How does a country "belong" to anyone, let alone a single race?

In what ways do you think it differ from (supposedly less autistic?) capitalism as it was before.

How so?

Unsubstantiated bullshit. What is that study you're talking about?

First of all, "peoples" don't "feel" one way or another — not everyone in a given "nation" feels the same. Second, you're being ahistorical — political trends are the result of the material conditions prevalent in a certain zone and era, not the expression of an eternal essence.

Yeah, so you buy into the self-made man mythology just like any other dumb American liberal.

Then why did the regime promise them cheap cars, radios and cruise trips?

Yes, like taking part in a genocidal campaign and mindlessly dying in a stupid war. Now that's noble as fuck.

And now you're just regurgitating the libertarian talking point of "crony" capitalism. Guess what: rigging and crookery is not a bug but a feature of capitalism.

So what? Does that mean capitalists are all Jews? Does that mean all Jews are capitalists? No.

What's the "right" way to restrict capitalism?

Okay, so you don't even want proper economic intervention by the government — just some moral policing à la Prohibition-era anti-saloon leagues.

The economic bubble their gargantuan military spending created meant they had to wage war at some point or another. It was inescapable.

No, it didn't. The Nazis had already decided to invade Eastern Europe as soon as they got to power. World War II formally started with the invasion of Poland.

That's not what individualism is.

They don't*

Romanians also did it before Hitler with their Iron Guard. It was not that they produced far too many students for the industry of the country (2 times the universities students of Germany while being a quarter the size) ; it was the Jews all along.

What is the more credible to you, that Jews have a hivemind that has for centuries convinced them to poison wells and other stuff, or that the Christkillers were the designated target ? Be reasonable, for Christ sake.

That Jews as an ethnic minority have interests that often put themselves at odds with the members of the nations in which they inhabit, especially given their tendency towards ethnic networking and nepotism

It's not the 19th century user, there are better analyses out there than "Jews are a hivemind doing everything according to the Protocols"

What kind of stuff do you have to smoke, to become a nazbol?

But for Christ sake, HOW DO THAT MAKE THEM MORE LIKELY TO POISON WELLS, which was the main crime they were accused off ?

Godfucking damit, you're testing my patience.

No, they didn't. Legionnaire ideology was openly anti-communist.

That's a pretty nice way to say "pogrom their way through Bucharest".

NazBol are nothing but Holla Forums renegades who should be banned on sight.

salvia tbh. bath salts wouldn't hurt either.

how come NotSocs can only argue with random infographics and memes or screencaps of other anons explaining things? do they not understand their own ideology or so called "scientific reality" or "hyoomann naychur" enough to explain it themselves?

i dont think they should be banned, this isnt fucking tumblr. otherwise we get the opposite: pc idpol faggots pushing their own neolib agenda. ill take the good w/ the bad thank u very much. however, nazbols are pretty retarded when it comes down to it. culture matters, sure, but people like dugin to me are anti communist when it comes down to it. lenin would have sent ppl like him straight to the gulag. when it comes to 'muh culture' im pretty fine believing whatever the hell you want at an individual level.

like today for example, if spencer types wanted to be racist, i really dont give af fuck if they kept it to themselves. the problem is them coming together and autistically screeching for the government to provide special protections for whites while believing in this false meritocracy meme. its sooo dumb and it just makes whites look like a bunch of retarded knuckledraggers

dugin isn't nazbol

fellow nazbol comrades are some of the most intelligent theory debaters i've seen on this board, far better than the controlled opposition for certain

Liberal tumblr-type idpol peddlers get banned on sight too, and so it should be. I don't see why we go out of our way to accommodate fascists.

And you can also defend your country, identity, and stuff, without sliding into fascism.

I know Holla Forums isn't exactly an intellectual powerhouse but come on, now…

i'm dead serious, from my personal experience they're more serious than the average tankies and tend to be simply evolved MLs like i am. i haven't been lurking here for that long but for the past few months i have been i haven't seen this mythical racist white supremacist reactionary duginite nazbol everyone hates

De Gaulle sure as hell was a reactionary. His social policies were informed by the national-conservatism and political Catholicism of the para-Fascist Croix-de-Feu movement.

What's the point of defending "your" country or "your" identity? This is right-wing idpol non-sense.

Maybe not Fascism specifically, but the reaction for sure.

Not his quote, was said by some Swedish guy in the 1860s.

Ok then I am a white patriot then

You guys do not have capitalism in the US. The capitalism you grew up in was crony capitalism/unregulated and corrupt. What Holla Forums wants is a gateway and an welfare utopia which will allow more corruption as seen in every single socialist country but yet they will deny it to their death because they have never lived in a 3rd world country and compared it to a 1st world nation. They're book-smart individuals with no experential knowledge, they're uni professors who pander at philosophy without understanding or witnessing the true horrors of what they preach. They will use ad-homonins to attack you and attempt to slander without any experience withing multiple governments. They will have a sense of entitlement and they will bitch and moan about the rights of people other than themselves. They will literally sell their own kind down the road in order to virtue signal. The only way you can fix it (capitalism) is via regulation but yet the left wants to revolutionize it. No political structure is perfect, but what you guys have is a lot better than what most have. And much of Holla Forums have no experiential knowledge whatsoever because they have never seen or experienced their country go to shit. They are the literal bourgeois they so adamantly hate. They are the literal manifestation of violent fascism they so adamantly claim to oppose. It's a sad stated.

t. Leftist.

De Gaulle liberated France and put Communists in government where nothing obliged him to it. These Communists secured advantages we still have.

His only idea was to keep France relevant, and I respect him for that.

He was a social-conservative and went to Church every Sunday. He didn't made a show of it. France is a secular country.
Historically, it was the bourg who were accused of being non-patriotic.
There is such a thing as civic or left-wing nationalism. I feel French, and I think that in the architecture, the culture, the countryside, the lifestyle, there is something of France I like and want to see pass the test of time.
Does that makes me a reactionary ?

I checked, and you're right ! But it doesn't remove the spirit, doesn't it ?

Nonsense, there is no white culture, white identity, or white ethnicities, but a myriad of European cultures (and other).

Nazi is an ideology made by Austrian junkie for austrians and germans.
Nazis are just pseudo nationalists pandering to snow niggers. I've seen on half pol nazis wishing their countries were occupied by Germany again. They hate their countries.
If you wish to be nationalist, be one…but unless you're german or austrian don't pander to that useless junkie. If you're not and you're still a nazi, then i hope one day you get you ass deported to Germany or Austria, ebcause that's where you belong.

Social democracy is truly one of the most vile and disusting political movements ever. Fascists wearing gloves.


My only regret is that he wasn't some kind of Left Communist, he would have been our own Rosa Luxembourg.
The guilty were condemned, you baiter.

But seriously. I do not think my country is perfect, far from it. I just like it, I like the fields, the towns, the castles, the churches.

wow you're friccin stupid

De Gaulle didn't liberate France all by himself. Résistants of all walks of life did.

That's true, he kept his crypto-royalism to himself. Doesn't make it any better.

I don't care what 19th-century social-chauvinists thought.

And I feel Chicano and lesbian.

Why would you reserve this desire for cultural preservation for "France"…? By the way, there is no such thing as a "French lifestyle".


If liking my country makes me a racist/reac/"social-chauvinist" to your eyes, I have no choice but to be one.

He ensured that we would not become a British puppet and even after, he ensured we would still be relevant.

Good for you.

Because as I was born here, as I enjoy it, I feel responsible for it. That's all. I trust other nations to do the same.

I can assure you, you're mistaken.

Go ahead, define a "French lifestyle".


well.. emm.. baguette.. ehm.. croissant.. mhm.. french sluts..

It's how we view politeness, it's how we value debate, friendships, work, hierarchies, politics… differently than in other places of the world. As simple as that. That's purely a feeling, of course.

We once were, and still are, to an extent.
Iraq war never forget.

it's more an "inbetween" than a pure definiton, a spectrum if you prefer.
L'apéro is a prime example.

Who cares about being relevant? Only useless cunts do. And those get thrown to the gulag.
The peopel who search for relevancy are always the worst kind of people out there. Always.

Isolationism, nationalism and anarchism is the way to go.

by enforcing a nation's genetic purity, culture, and borders, you effectively make a prisoner out of yourself since you lot only stop outsides from coming in, but you also stop people from coming out, you effectively make a fishbowl of a country

The only book you need to completely debunk National """Socialism""" is The Wages of Destruction by Adam Tooze.

Unrelated stuff on the holocaust as well:


What Paris Hilton pulled was amazing.
Not deserving of nothing near that money, but honestly, the Kardashians would be a much better example.
Not defending porky. She still is a leech to the media-hungry capitalist society, but seriously, terrible example.

There are hundreds of slobs but you picked someone who built her empire on her image, with a lot of talent, although in the most demeaning way.

It's so strange watching her speak like she actually does.
She literally was pulling off pic related for years:

the nation (or society, or the republic, or the "union of idealists", or whatever the fuck you want to call it) sort of has to come first in that the proletariat taking home the entire result of their labor rather than some amount being taken for the use of the collective means that consumer goods rather than capital goods end up being produced, meaning that capital doesn't improve, pollution doesn't get counteracted, the arts don't get funded, growth of knowledge is stagnated, et cetera, which seems fairly obviously bad

also less being killed and destroyed in the revolution is preferable to more being killed and destroyed, and being able to "spook" the bourgeois into realizing their material excess doesn't actually give them a happier life and that healthier countrymen would would mean we don't have to kill them

Chinese Americans had a considerably lower I.Q than whites on average only a few decades ago, yet now they score considerably higher- this increase also correlates with a massive improvement of their living conditions. Would you have considered them to be "inferior" back then, and how exactly do you explain this sudden increase in intelligence? Did they all undergo some sort of massive mutation in only a generation or two? Or could it be that access to things like proper nutrition and education are the main reason for the supposed "superiority" of some ethnicities?

Race is an utterly meaningless concept, the only way you could have a 100% pure "race" is if it was comprised entirely of literal clones.
The whole concept first started in the American colonies in the 17th centuries when European indentured servants and African slaves found they had more in common with eachother than their masters, and decided to work together to revolt. Their "owners" responded by marginally improving the conditions of the white indentured servants, creating a division between them and the slaves.
But let's say that you did have a completely "white" society… would that just magically solve all of society's ills? Or do you think the people in power would just start blaming another scapegoat? Perhaps Mediterranean white people would be the next target, or maybe the Irish- both have a fairly recent history of discrimination just in the US alone. Hell, the nazi leaders regarded Islam highly and considered many middle easterners to be "aryan", yet those same people are one Holla Forums's biggest boogiemen. European countries waged war against eachother for centuries, and sometimes even other people within their own country, treating "white people" or any other ethnicity as a monolith is ridiculous. Just look at Japan- they're the sort of ethnically homogenous, highly conservative country you guys claim to want, and yet they suffer from the same issues, perhaps to an even greater degree.

ok so all you've really done is say 'trust me guys im really smart' and other people are saying no and you just say 'no u'.. how about some legitimate reasons why your ideological perspective isn't reactionary and by your claims is "better" than ML. all i get from nazbols is asserist claims that jews should be gassed, which in itself is just anti semitism. wouldnt be surprised if nazbols hated 'niggers' too tbh. its weak and stupid really.


i would say you're definitely reactionary if you prioritize nationalism above being an internationalist. loving your country as far as being proud of your hometown and liking where you are from is basic shit, most people like where they grew up if it wasn't a shit hole. what you are preaching is far beyond that and you're dishonest to claim otherwise. you want what is 'good for france' so long as its at everyone elses expense. to be a socdem i dont know how you could claim otherwise.

Do you want in north Korea?
Because thats NutSac

Dude consider Straßerism

Because fuck the exploiters. There's a shitton of literature on this. Ceausescu was basically an atheist Codrianu.


China did this and it set their technology back 100 years. Go ahead and be "homogenous" if you want to be infiltrated by communists.

If you don't like Roman Catholic mass you can be Protestant. The Bible has lots of practical advice. Many Roman Catholics have never even picked it up.

Race is a spook lol

First foreigners need to know how to start a functioning society… Just look at the Africans and Australian Aboriginals before whites came…

Oh yes, a scapegoat. Even though they have been banned from numerous countries 350 times,

It would be kinda hard to have homogenous america, I mean which one of the 500 tribes of native americans would you choose to give the land back to?

Yeah, they have been a scapegoat for centuries.

freedom and wealth sacrificed on the altar of vain aesthetics

if Not Socialists want a homogenous population why don't they just all move to one country in the middle of a fucking nowhere like the jews

That's not what I said but ok.

Christ, you're dumb. Why talk about shit you know nothing about? Jews were often kicked out of countries because they were bankers and people didn't want to pay them back. Literally just read a fucking book

Or they have just been filthy Jews for centuries?
How could 350 countries all make the Jews a scape goat?

Oh yes, but what about the goy? The poor jew was kicked out but evil goy wasn't. How anti-semetic

Maybe there is nothing bad about it, but that doesn't change the fact that you can't have yours be homogenous. America is not white a country and never will be. You will be dooming your country to hopeless endemic warfare and terror that spirals forever. A situation that will be far worse than anything that would happen otherwise.

The fact that the moment you have your white ethnostate it will immediately divide on racial lines again, this time based on who's whiter than whom. Race is a scapegoat used to deflect the anger of the exploited class, and the moment that class realises that it's still not getting a better deal after the niggers and the jews are removed, a new scapegoat will have to be created or the old class antagonisms will spring up yet again. Racial unity is a lie, material interests will always win out over spooks like race

also NutSac lurker here, this is a really interesting point

It's because the Christkillers are an easy target, because they were implanted everywhere in Europe and North Africa, and because they usually collected huge debts.

Also, there was a big precedent, if people kicked out the Jews regularly, people didn't bat an eye when another lord did it.

this is bullshit as jaw development can be influenced by jaw posture and exercise

eat a McBurger and your jaw muscles don't get any exercise

let your mouth hang open like a slack jawed moron and your skull grows down not out making you look like carl the cuck

next time post a better pic taking that kind of shit into account


I feel your pain, Comrade. Just say the exact same things you normally do but use the Stalin Flag. It honestly works.

The people on this board are not opposed to most of your ideas they just really dislike White Circles on flags.