Because it's the most beautiful capitalist propaganda I've ever seen… and this is a little complicated for me...

Oh my god the way she says that. Why do we keep attracting people like this?

I wish I could attract qts like her.

Why are you surprised?


the silence after that Alex Jones impression, oh god

Funny or not, I still fapped

you have low self-esteem

explain this statement

She looks like a grandma

Seriously, fuck her. She is not funny, not serious, not informative and smug in a bad way.

So, she's the socialist Lena Dunham?


The most powerful capitalists are marxist.


Isn't Lena Dunham already a DemSoc?

Since when? She had a gargantuan boner for Hillary during the election

There is use of Marx's critique of Capitalism to Capitalists.

Wealth muh privilege based self-Hatred that is incompatible with the modern necessity to become Narcissus

because there is no organised, well-defined left to excoriate and reject people like this, and most people have no idea what socialism is. subsequently anyone can claim to be "a socialist" and no one will question it or ask for proof

Yeah but that was because Mug Vagina. I think she was one of those Resist Capitalism types.

You must be thinking of her sister.
Lena hated Bernie and was constantly complaining about the hate she would get from "Bernie bros"
Can't find her expressing any anti-capitalist sentiments online.

meant for

I've never seen her doing or saying anything left-wing

That should be the DSA but GUESS WHAT?

DSA are fucking clowns
What a shitshow the convention was


this is the chick that sperged out over nick mullen being popular with the dsa crowdd

sorry i don't keep up with these e-celebs

I remeber seeing this after some courageous user tried to warn thirsty niggas about her. It's even less funny the second time.

Around the rose, hold your nose.

dirty comedian

Chairman of the DSA.

so what was the controversy?
was he making jokes that made other dsa booty-blasted?

He rapes women for sport and as the king of cops, no one can stop him.