Adorno was secretely a proto-Islamist

Well, at the very least he shared their anti-Jazzism.

— Sayyid Qutb

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On a similar note, I have a friend who is a die-hard Iranian nationalist who loves Benjamin's works, says kabbalah is similar to Shia Islam.

It all makes sense when you realize the Franks were traditionalists deep down, albeit anti-fascist, left-wing traditionalists. Then again, Evola was also heavily anti-fascist and even said he felt sorry for all the righteous Jews murdered by the Nazis.

Caring for genuine culture is not the same thing as traditionalism — even when confined to the issue of the arts. Adorno composed serial music in the style of the Second Vienne School, Benjamin owned a now famous Paul Klee watercolor painting and both loved Kafka's unique brand of modernist literature.

Only insofar as it conflicted with his aristocratic, anti-populist stance. He championed the SS as a possible vehicle for a rebirth of the religious-military orders of yore.

… Did he? This sounds strange to me considering Evola's fanatical antisemitism. Do you have a source at hand so I can verify this?

All Fascists hated jazz as well, except Benito because deep down he was still a cool socialist who just resented his former comrades

Evola wasn't antisemitic.


He was attacked by revolutionary students™ who were parading pictures of Mao and Che all the time. Probably the sort of idiot who thought the RAF were making revolution.

Boy oh boy…even Adorono couldn't imagine the music USA makes and exports nowdays.
What would you think his reaction would be if he listened to gems such as… or

What? He clearly was. Just because he thought "some Jews" might be sort of okay doesn't make him not a Jew-hater.

I'm pretty sure half of 20th century contys would go full Islamist today, continental philosophers are some of the most fucked up people in academia

Could be worse 2bh

What Adorno hated in jazz or more specifically what he meant by jazz was very specific. Back in the day "jazz" was shorthand for most popular music, a term that like its diminuitive ("pop" music) wasn't used. It was not just very specific, but he later went on to still give some praise to jazz musicians like Ellington for roaming outside of what would conventionally be considered "creativity" in the genre, standing at the avant-garde of the genre in a sense. Also, calling blacks Negro was also not uncommon then either, and Adorno was a believer in the negation of identity, affirming that race was a historical and nominal category beyond anything else.

best track of the year tbqh


"Negro" was the preferred term up until the 70s I think, then it became "Black."

He was born on 9/11 too.


benito was a nutter, if you wanna find some vaguely tolerable fascists, their left wing had a bunch of syndicalists
they were politically marginalised and the fascist trade unions practically always had to bend to the will of the employers but they did exist
the fascists managed to fuck over the economy, worsen the relative status of the proletariat and even caused even more capital consolidation by policies that favoured large holdings compared to smaller companies - even petit-bourgs got fucked
that is the lesson of class collaboration

Literally Hitler.

Those weren't trade unions, that was corporatism. They actively pushed for class collaboration.

adorno was an autist who spent all the time talking about how the media was fucking with people rambled about how fucked "muh coltcha" was and jerked off over roman statuettes

if he hadnt called himself a socialist for whatever reason the Autist-right likely would have called him BASED for calling out the JOO media and "muh coltcha decline"

'fascist trade unions' is what they were called and as far as I know the whole corporatism thing was more an ideal than the reality of labour relations in Italy. The only sector that was corporatist was that of the artists and intellectuals and their minor union, for the rest it was more or less standard labour vs employee capitalist labour conflict, except where the labour side was very weak (for the time period and compared to the past in Italy), no right to strike etc.

Sayyid Qutb used to be a secular intellectual who actually supported Nasser, but the process of secularization to him of Egypt was one of Westernization and decadent American culture. The answers he found in response to this was Islam, and basically wrote a bunch of texts calling for a establishment of a Islamic state to preserve the moral and genuine fiber of the Middle East. A lot of radical Islamists are inspired by him (despite him condemning the deaths of innocents) and he is a perfect example of a enemy of capitalism corrupted by reactionary values.

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