Just went on Holla Forums once again and they're as usual complaining about refugees...

Just went on Holla Forums once again and they're as usual complaining about refugees, rapists and a bunch of other news-tier shit.

This board is so much better. There are actually people here who are creative thinkers, not news reporters and reactionaries.

This board was been going down hill though.

I think it's the influx of disillusioned Holla Forumsfugees.

After all the horrible things the refugees have been through I think they deserve to rape a white pussy or two.

typical Holla Forumscuck lol

Guess so.

Please don't post pictures of girls, they may scare some of our users.

this, cute animes only please

These should fix that.

and the last three for you

We have been saying this since this board was like 3 weeks old with 50 users.

Are you retarded?

Do Holla Forumsyps honestly believe that NutSac isn't neoliberal?

Daily reminder.

This doesn't even mean anything. "liberal" and "conservative" have no definition in the media besides defining who you voted (or will vote) for.



Lurk /lit/ instead. /lit/ is out homie.

I imagine /lit/ is just a bunch of Austrian economists nowadays

This. This place is slowly but surely turning into Holla Forums-lite. Xexizy was right.

All the leftist discourse is on Twitter, Discord and FB groups.

Lmao. Imagine going to Twitter for actual discourse.

Well, you go back there then.

Lmao. Imagine going to *chan for actual discourse.

Very playground, I like it.

But seriously at least here you can have an actual argument if you want to, Twitter is carefully crafted so as to allow enough characters for rote regurgitation of points of view but not evidence or actual sound points to be made, thus everyone stays in their little opinion zone.

How so?

Lolno, this place has always alternated between good and bad, some days are just worse than others. The overall quality of this board is still fairly decent regardless.

This is what they said about capitalism too

kek. What leftist discorse happen's there?

*tips fedora*

You're retarded.

It's a chan, hit any board I'm sure you'll find someone complaining about post quality and rubbing one out over "the good old days."