Why is fascism conflated with racism?

Just… why?

Firstly, one could argue that core fascism was not about racial oppression, just about nationalism and political oppression.
Mussolini himself gave literally no fucks about race, just complied with Hitler (inb4 derail), and the fascist party was torn about race too. Maybe pic related is a meme, but I needed a pic for the OP.
But I understand why, as racial laws were actually implemented, people think all fascists are racists. I'm ok with that, a bit.

But regardless, why the fuck do so many people talk about "a rise of fascism" when they refer to racism or right-wing ideologies?
Do people in the US actually believe that every single racist or righty would like to live under a fascist, authoritarian society, when most want only racial oppression/segregation and/or social reactionarism, and not literal one-party political oppression?

I'm not even denying the huge intersection of political and racial oppression, as all around the world local elites oppress ethnicity-wise, but the terms remain distinct.

racist = we b better colour
right wing = muh status quo
fascist = right-wing authoritarian
fascist ⊆ right-wing, but not =

>Try to extend the power of the state to be reactionary
>Become a fascist, racist or not

>Try to limit the power of the state to cut on taxes and regulations
>Become a libertarian or even ancap, racist or not

>Try to limit the power of the state to undermine the mechanism of oppression
>Become anarcho-socialist

>Try to extend the power of the state to weed out porkiness
>Become Stalinist

>Become Nazbol

>Become right-wing
>… get called fascist?

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Because "Fascism" as it is used today doesn't refer to the historical, Italian-specific phenomenon of Fascismo but rather to to the neo-Fascist web of disparate right-wing nationalist movements that more often than not (especially in the US) incorporate racism into their ideology in one way or another.

Mostly because theory cannot be seperated from Praxis.

Everyone likes to present their ideal world as fair, just, and good. $trasser, Mosley, Mussolini, all of them weren't hateful in the slightest… on paper.

Though with Mussolini the verdict is open. After all, a lot of Jews fled to Italy.

Because the term fascist is completely divorced from its origins in Italy nerd. Hitler was the most notorious fascist, therefore fascism == Hitler to normies. End of story.

Eh, when most people refer to fascism today they usually aren't even talking about legitimate right wing racist authoritarian nationalist movement. It's levied at just about any racist person whatsoever.

Sure, nationalism always has the capacity to bleed into racism as it did in many fascist movement (but not all). However, what I think OP is more referring to isn't that fascism is seen as inherently racist (though I would still argue against that) but that racism itself is seen as inherently fascistic.

And Mussolini turned them over once Hitler had him enact the 1938 Race Laws. Mussolini maybe wasn't an antisemite, but he sure was a spineless backstabber.

Mussolini's "anti-racism" isn't really as clear-cut as some might believe.


Don't even have to be racist. You just need to express objection to mass migration, and show an ounce of nationalism by questioning why the government is neglecting the citizens it already has. Then you're a racist/nationalist/fascist/whatever.

Nice revisionism

In a 1921 speech in Bologna (Italy), Mussolini stated, "Fascism was born… out of a profound, perennial need of this our Aryan and Mediterranean race".[13] Mussolini was concerned with the low birth rates of the white race in contrast to the African and Asian races. In 1928 he noted the high birth-rate of blacks in the United States, and that they had surpassed the population of whites in certain areas, such as Harlem in New York City. He described their greater racial consciousness in comparison with American whites as contributing to their growing strength.[14]
In a 1919 speech denouncing Soviet Russia, Mussolini claimed that Jewish bankers in London and New York City were bound by the chains of race to Moscow and that 80% of the Soviet Union leaders were Jews.[13]
On the issue of the low birth rate of whites, Mussolini said in 1928: "[When the] city dies, the nation – deprived of the young life-blood of new generations – is now made up of people who are old and degenerate and cannot defend itself against a younger people which launches an attack on the now unguarded frontiers […] This will happen, and not just to cities and nations, but on an infinitely greater scale: the whole White race, the Western race can be submerged by other coloured races which are multiplying at a rate unknown in our race."[15]
During the Great Depression Mussolini again expressed his alarm at the low birth rate among whites, saying "The singular, enormous problem is the destiny of the white race. Europe is truly towards the end of its destiny as the leader of civilization."[14] He went on to say that under the circumstances, "the white race is sickly", "morally and physically in ruin", and that, in combination with the "progress in numbers and in expansion of yellow and black races, the civilization of the white man is destined to perish."[14] According to Mussolini, only through promoting natality and eugenics could this be reversed

Mussolini is right…or whoever created that quote from him because i didn't felt liek checking.
Interacial banging dates back mileniums, there's nothing those race supremacist can do it, it's too late. Especially if you're american…i just have to look at the average black person in america and they look nothing like blacks in subsaharan africans. Blacks in America have chest hair ffs…which indicates they have caucasian genetics flowing in their blood.


American blacks are very irrelevant shited now but that doesn't mean a whole lot for the rest of the world. Most of the population of the planet during the last century was very strongly racially pure and most people lived where their ancestors had for many, many generations back. Before mass transportation it wasn't even really possible for the majority of the world to not be racially pure.

Authoritarian conservatism is the natural state of humanity. Communists fight the status quo and want to establish a society based on class not culture.

Even the racialists step back from the 3 continental racists and have retreated to "genetic groupings". You have no idea what a race is.

lmbo the natural state of humanity is to run around and burn forests and have 50% of your children die while you pray to the dirt gods some schizo invented

There is no natural state.

communism is the elimination of class society, not the perpetuation of it

I didn't say I subscribe to 3 continental model. My argument is still valid regardless.

Uh-huh, because now it means nothing and you're just saying that populations weren't as mobile in the past. No shit sherlock, hick villagers are only going to travel so far.

Friend i live in Portugal…in the Iberian penisnula have lived the following people: Original iberians, celts, romans, greeks, phoenicians, suebis, visigoths and arabs and problably others i'm not remembering.
I'm a mix of a lot of stuff and i embrace it all because all takes part of our history. It's pointless to search for racial purity, such thinsg doesn't exist.

You know that Che Guevara grew out of racism after becoming a communist, right?

So Italians are white now that it suits you, uh?

Mussolini doesn't represent his party at all. Racial discrimination was still a think in Liberal Italy.

These guys get it
I guess this is the takeaway. Thanks

It always triggers me when people missuse so hard a term, just because they mean it as an insult for "those bad guys"

I know, the pic is kinda bullshit, it was just on topic and needed a pic for OP as I said

I did say "core fascism"
I meant that it was not the defining factor