Alt-right/ white supremacist rally in Charlottesville.


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Are we on the losing side?

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It's America, everyone is pretty much guaranteed to lose even in their wildest dreams.
Also there's already a complete shitshow of a thread about this.

That other thread was about yesterday's events. It's a new day and this is a major event happening right now.

You got any live feeds?

I'm quite glad that I don't live in that hell city anymore.

I don't. Only random videos on twitter:


Well just caught some random Periscope where a cop was announcing over loudspeaker that the rally has been declared unlawful and that they must disperse.

If you're in the DSA or some other reformist organization then yes you are

As opposed to the communists who have exactly zero influence whatsoever?


shit going down

Yep. The rally doesn't even officially start until noon…

Hope it gets broken up soon.

Is it time for a UN intervention in the USA?

What the fuck do you want influence over? Whatever, enjoy your little war. I'm gonna sit this one out.

Great question. Why should political beliefs have any traction whatsoever?

Get back to me when you figure out the answer.


The U.N. has proved that it is merely an agent of imperialism. Unless a significant socialist revolution occurs, the U.N. won't act.


So much for Unite the Right


Would recommend: also the trots rocked up and they were all like 50.

I hope they burn the entire city to the ground ala BLM.

Too bad we don't have soros bux to bail us out and kike shill jew lawyers to defend us in court.

Remember the only way to fight capitalism is to fight the jews and their negro and Hispanic pets

has anything even remotely interesting happened yet?

looks messy.
how was yesterday's?

Goddamn this witless guy is catching all the best stuff. Identity Uropa fighting with cops yelling we support you to them.
Fuckin hell

right now?
bunch of alt right autists having their first real life interaction with real life cops. they're, like surprised they're getting their ass kicked - funny shit.

Police making them leave the park.


"In the name of the commonwealth, this has been declared an unlawful assembly".

Fascists BTFO.*

(*Actual fascists, like NSM is there and shit)

"b-but we r on ur side"

"we de gud gais"

Highlights from second stream:
Host asked some libertarian what he was up to, guy said he was having fun, black nationalist smacks him in the face for spraying him earlier
Police began to contain, with some of the proud boys shouting "WE SUPPORT YOUUUU", police eventually lost their patience and started beating them with shields and arresting them
One tried stopping them advancing down the stairs, cop bounced him down them with a shield
Now all the groups are mixed together, with the militiamen protecting the right


Wait, are th III%'ers trying to act as a third party doing medical shit? Wtf.

Did these idiots forget to get a permit to assemble?

This is why their helmets go flying off whenever someone tackles them, saw it happen a couple of times. THE STRAP IS NOT A COSMETIC ATTACHMENT, YOU DUNDERHEADS!

Yeah they're trying to keep both sides seperated, not seen them give medical aid to the left but the right got absolutely dowsed in pepper spray at the stairs. They really didn't want kicking down them because all the commies were waiting at the bottom.


So what is everyone watching?

It's a massacre!



American leftists really need to wake the fuck up and arm themselves. This isn't an edgy party where you get to 'le smash', we need to start constructively protect ourselves against these fascist pieces of shit.

Fuck that black dude is based, talkin bout how all this is being used by the corporations to put them against each other

Be afraid. Be very afraid.



Oh and it looks like Redneck Revolt showed up, good on them


You can't even protect yourselves from wanting to mutilate your genitals and HIV infections, you cuck.

I'm watching the Ruptly stream right now, and it looks like the nazis are vastly outnumbered and have been basically run out of town.

~5-6 minutes in

Why don't they just hose them down?

Every time one of these rallies/counter-rally events happen it just devolves into a commentary over "violence" or who is "justified." I guess it can lead to some recruitment or organizing for future events but really this seems to be pretty pointless tbh imho familam.

Anyone who can video cap. Cap clips of the rightists fighting and pushing back against the cops to throw it in Holla Forumsyps faces.

Well, first we should hook the hoses up to gasoline tanks, not water.

nice projection, adolf

Declared state of emergency. Holy shit.

Have to agree, as someone who has went to these types of protests/counter-protest I find it to be a huge waste of energy

Have to admit its pretty satisfying to see white nationalists run out of town

The only people who benefit from these larp events are journos who get a quick and easy sensationalized story for juicy clicks.

They ran into the redneck revolt people who were armed with rifles and shotguns. And the report was so confused. Also top kek the chat thought they were a right wing group because they had "redneck" in the name. Fuckin' libs man.

Anybody know how Holla Forums is taking it?

I dunno, it looks like fun tbh.

In denial about being BTFO




did i miss the violence? Did something cool happen?

I would not want a bunch of nazis marching in my town and I would be glad that would come and help prevent them from doing so

Pffft of course they are. The eternal Holla Forumsyp as usual.

I read one comment earlier about how the alt right is now a legitimate civil rights movement


Not much, the gov declared the rightist assembly illegal: Spencer got arrested. Nothing Major tbh, but the national guard are out in force now.

So much for the politically incorrect right

how do they actually believe this?

i heard the buzzfeed guying saying something about "extreme violence" and got excited. too bad


Life comes at you fast.

These retards are going to fall backwards into leftist thought.

Someone should start spreading ACAB and ancom anti-police stuff there.

Wow they all got totally BTFO. Sad!

WTF, I love cops now.

so is it over now? i thought there was going to be a big riot

The DSA cop shut down the white supremacist rally.


There is an interview of one of the main leftist organizers on right now.

or really activism in general

I know a journalist and everytime something like this his social media hits soars thru the roof. There is definitely a lot of publicity and promotion for these events.

It is kinda fun but its nothing more than an anime convention with political ideologies

Does that stop them from being Nazis?


Christopher Cuntwell got peppersprayed, lmao


Meanwhile Porky keeps on laughin'

Now that's some serious LARPing. Also I first thought that was the succdem circle on her sleeve lel

Good to see cops finally arresting those sidecut-wearing dyke SJWs.

That's a man.

if anarchists weren't there, nazis would be allowed to do as they like

This tbh.

dat's da joke

if cops weren't there, you mean



Jesus Christ these reactionaries barely put up a fight. How long did this rally even last? Sad.

No but this "anarchist activist" celebrating the authority of capital is pathetic.

Fuggin liberal journos, man


They found out the hard way they couldn't just spam pepe memes to make the bad lefties go away.

How many levels of damage control are they on, lads?

You know that this is far from over right?
Antifa did fuck all, the only reason they had leave was because of police.

Sometimes its just funny to see an enemy get fucked over by the same mechanisms that also fuck you sometimes. Hopefully a lot of alt-reich left that rally knowing that the police are NOT on their side. They're not on anyone's side but porkys.

you really think Nazi marches accomplish nothing? You don't think if people see these things happen unopposed that more people will find it acceptable to identify and organize with them? You don't think the nazis will have the run of the place and attack leftist or minority orgs anyways? Honestly IDK how you put so much faith in the fragile liberal state to do anything to combat the rise of the far right.



cry harder

True, but there were FAR more leftists there today. Like, 10 to 1.

Actually they got beat up lol

they are like 10 !

does anyone have any video of redneck revolt being there? thanks

you lost bitch

Yeah. One stream I was watching showed the alt right crowd being surrounded and retreating further into the park. It was hilarious

And that society was Albert Einstein.

Antifa is allied with the police now. #ArrestTheFash

Did you assume Richard Spencer's gender?

the police did them a favor tbh

haha I wish people on this board were that smart

We will see about that


Richard 'cucked' Spencer.

Your disguise is weak, as are you.


see what
you already ran away lol

Are you kidding? No one likes you. And that is coming from a communist who has been dunked on for over century in this country. When most people agree with McCarthy's target then you know you're an embarrassment of an idea.

Run back to your cuckshed, bitch

So it seems like DSA is leading the leftist contingent in Charlotesville right now..
It proves that DSA is just an id-pol organization. Nazism and racism is a spook. They should be working on issues that really matter.
Anti-fa is anarcocrap. DSA is just another id-pol liberal reformist organization.

How much more evidence do you need you are not COMMUNIST revolutionaries at all but merely an integral part of the established Jewish power structure?

Makes you think huh. I'll have a good laugh the next time a Jewish city council allows BLM or antifa to run roughshod all over a city for hours.

You are no threat to the system you are its footsoldiers. Celebrate while you still can.

shut up trot noone likes your SALT

Spence is fucking assblasted that the police dispersed his side for once.

hey those tweets don't just menchie themselves, you know

Well yeah, that's part of why we won. Usually antifas outcuck the right, but with them behaving like civilized people for once, cops needed someone to practice their phallic-substitution pepper sprays and you were the next ones in line.

Have you tried checking Redneck Revolt?

truly this trot will never rest until every org is split



i agree
it was still sorta sweet to see the "united right" betrayed at the hands of their cop friends

Papa Trot would be proud

why do smashies only mobilize against white nationalists

why don't you know anything?

Yeah, instead of trying to stop the far right from organizing, we should sell newspapers.

They weren't betrayed, the cops did them a favor. Shit was about to get real bad for the fascists. They were massively outnumbered.

Well he isn't wrong, but that just makes it more embarrassing that you lost to them.

They are too afraid to mobilize against the state.

why don't you answer my question

So key lesson I hope DSA learns from this


I'm just surprised the cops are doing something to them. Their normal MO is to just let them do whatever the fuck they want and then arrest their victims.

The clue is in the name friendo.

I think they got orders all the way down from the governor. If this didn't get huge coverage, they wouldn't have done shit. Governor only cares about how this looks for his image and electability.

they should protest weekly AIPAC fund raisers
AIPAC are unironically ethno nationalists

I'm always on here bitching about how they only go for media hyped targets. They're most likely being manipulated by moneyed interests but it's out of everyone's control.

I implied that they do but you simply live in an image board twitter meme realm and don't know of it. Have a nice day!

we the subject of cable news now

Where's your chaos demon god now?


who mobilizes antifa? I don't buy the narrative that these counter demonstrations happen organically

forgot flag

Anybody got some good live feeds?

Its all over now I think

Virginia's governor has a single term limit by law. He's not up for reelection. His Lieutenant Governor is running to take his spot now and he's gonna fucking lose hard because he sucks.


Probably done via social media manipulation, you're unlikely to find out by who unless somebody leaks social media account sales and the purchasing was sloppy. This probably happens with the alt-right too.
Sprinkling probablies in like crazy because there's absolutely no way you can prove it unless you catch an account you've sold on to one of these groups doing it. I imagine you could check for eggs with a few posts on twitter being among the first to share an event, but even then you can automate these accounts into padding themselves out.

Nah mate it's finished, the faschies are GTFO'ing.

There are people who do the organizing and also networking with other groups and organisations.

feels bad desu

Says they'll be back soon, but there wasn't much going on except stragglers yelling.

Just waiting for the trans drum circles and Esperanto lessons.



I think there were trots there too: considering the DSA aren't the type to carry soviet flags.

Certain chapters of DSA are led by literal 'trots', maoists, and anarchists. The organization has no ideology besides electing Democrats and reformism.

Trots aren't exactly fans of USSR either.

They literally just set their national platform last week, and its major planks are labor organizing and political education now.

Where the fuck have you been, icepick?

There's a good screaming match going on in this one. But fortunately everyone would rather live stream each other than fight.

tfw our movement have momentum

Forogot link.


It's all a lie. We all know that reformists only care about preserving capitalism.

Pretty much textbook Trump tbh.

Actually retards the main event is later on tonight when it gets dark



It's a good thing they are broadening their horizons and trying strategies that have never been tried before

Political platforms don't actually mean much.

Which is why Spencer is GTFO out of town and is telling everyone else to.


thank you, accelerationists of leftypol.


Operation Unite The Right was a success. Can't wait for my Soros check to come.

He can fuck off too, vanguards are where it's at

Are you fucking high? That's exactly what we did during the Great Depression. It worked so well, the US government had to break up the banks, and put a 94% income tax on the richest to pay for shit to placate the left.
The only thing we did wrong back then was accepting their concessions. We should have seized the means once the concessions began.


Hahahahahahaha yeah an Asian Buddhist really is an agent of the Jews

Get lost dork


Wow went from a small dieing community that needs to bot to get the numbers we have to being a monolith of a community that is overshadowing nazis to the tune of 60% in their own home. My how we've grown it these past 2 months.


Literally who fake tankie man.

dont think its happening mate

Thank goodness, maybe we can get back to ironic merchant posting like the good old /new/ days.

I don't think there's enough nazis in the world for me to be afraid in SoCal about a shit hole in the South

ofc you live in socal

Holla Forums on suicide watch

It's Schroedinger syndrome, their enemies are simultaneously omnipotent, all knowing, malevolent and devious, while simultaneously being irrelevant, powerless, idiotic and pathetic nobodies.



Portraying your enemy as weak, small, and easily defeated while at the same time painting them as infinitely strong and as a threat is a foundation-stone of fascist rhetoric according to Umberto Eco.

twitter rigging replies so they always show anti-trump accounts is petty, but probably effective

I'm honestly annoyed at the conservatives, for example the kid from the thread last night, acting like this isn't what they wanted when they continually pushed soft racism via their rhetoric and policies.

Yeah it's not like it's cities filled with poverty around it, and is extremely prosperous in small parts of down town.

You've never even been here, let alone know how big an area SoCal actually represents. LA is filled with poverty.

Not even /n/ was ironic you autistic nerd

I'm bemused but at amused at both parties in this shit show

SoCal is the shithole. Much happier living in fucking Alabama of all places tbh.

You don't need to tell me that. The price of living here is to the point its impossible to leave unless you're rich. It's a fucking tar pit you get born into, can't get in or out.

have you ever left the coast?

Most people were ironic. It was a minority that were unironic Nazis.

Another sign that they're losing it. They've proven they can't organize worth shit, now they'll start autistically accusing each other of being shills and the subsequent infighting will be the last nail in the coffin.

They finally know what it feels like to be a leftist

On the bright side my grandparents made a small fortune selling their house in Santa Barbara a few decades back.

my young life slip away

On vacation sure. Guam a couple, Hawaii once. South Carolina, ironically enough, is where some of my relatives live. Texas.

I've been places away from SoCal.

And I would still say SoCal has a poverty. The way it works is, the price of living here at one point was dirt cheap, anybody could live here during the baby boom, so people settled down.

Now it's becoming a center for industry, like Silicon Valley in NorCal. All these tech companies set up shop and their establishment and so too came the need for McMansions and bougie apartments in down town.

The price of living skyrocketed. There's other factors, but poverty in SoCal is very real just by the fact the housing prices are extremely high, and so rent is extremely high.

People born here hoping it would get better just ended up seeing it get worse.

Zizek still puts it the best. Anyone got a webm of him explaining the image of the Jew in Nazi germany from Pervert's Guide to Ideology?

it feels like the 90s again
and we are just getting started

after /new/ was deleted there was a distinct increase of nazi shitposting on all boards. It got annoying to the point where people were actually begging moot to bring it back creating Holla Forums.
/new/ was definitely unironic.

You just caught that now? They go in expecting numbers they don't have, and always end up not knowing what to do. The "Anti-Sharia" march just the other month was a great example. Some fat fuck had a heart attack on god damn stage.

These people are horrible at organizing events.

The overton window has been shattered into a million pieces. You can't hide anymore.

Oh so you want Bush? And you're showing Blizzrd art for Starcraft.

Just admit you're a NeoCon fucker

They say it's: A. The Chinese B. Silicon Beach Lotto Winners C. And rich parents who pay for the 20 somethings to move to da big city like NY.

Seems like The Chinese are going to buy the whole SGV

So what?
It's always been all the way to the right in the U.S.

epic bacon dude


You are just a part of the ZOG Occupied Government. You are not revolutionaries, you are cucks used by the jewish bourgeoisie elite.

Alt-Right/pol has more in common with revolution than you worthless ZOG Occupied Governmentbots.

Here is a live feed where someone plowed through a crowd

stealth /ourguy/ just got interviewed on fox

yay violence i wanna be violent too xDD dis is the real revolution xDD

It's not just the Chinese. SoCal is a port area, it's becoming a metropolitan area for countless ethnicity from myself as Vietnamese to Filipinos to fucking Armenians and everything in between.

Immigration isn't the problem. It's mostly big industries setting up shop over time that just sky rocket the price of living to the point of fucking insanity. That's not the singular issue but it's a big chunk.

All of the Asian immigrants here are poor as fuck, as are even the European immigrants.

There's an enormous amount of poverty in SoCal from price of living and its lowering our quality of life just because tech companies like setting up shop in nice ditsy places like Silicon Valley, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, or downtown San Diego. It made what was previously dirt cheap impossible to leave.

There are families that have been stuck here since the fucking 70's.

followed by incoherent black guy


Durr you ZOG Occupied Government Zionist Occupied Govermenters

You wanted Trump, you got Trump, you got ties with Soros, and you got fucking Goldman Sachs into the Government. And don't spin it like we wanted Hillary either, we want everything gone.

How we can represent capitalist interests I have no idea, but it's good that you're finally showing anti-capitalist resolve.


Take that fucking flag off right now

"If you cannot convince a Fascist, acquaint his head with the pavement."
-Leon Trotsky

There aren't many zionists on this board my friend.



because of Eric Clanton and friends at past protests
fucking pundits need to get their facts straight

I'm sure this will go over well with normies.


well it dosent matte anyhow
still fun to see the "anti-ZOG" people have to ZOG Occupied Government police save them because the idiots thought an actual town is the same as a college campus

Always remember

You mean involuntary hand movements made by excitable white rights activists?

Don't make fun of epilepsy

bit of a cringelord lib still a cool dude though

Yes, and I'm sure chanting "blood and soil" and "Jews will not replace us" was just a verbal tic, right?

Normalfags love freeze peach though


As far as big industry goes, it's big industry leaving that fucked everyone over. They used to have factories in LA. A lot of aircraft production which has since left.

Don't tell me about stuck. I know guys who did shit like hitchhiked and walked across the desert or some crazy shit like that to come here for a job offer and then: Being broke in LA> Head straight to Skid Row. Weekly rentals are like$400. Monthly rentals are $1000 with first and last month that's $3000.

Yeah never come to LA if you're broke. Like you said you might not be able to leave.

Cville people reporting terrorist attack - anyone have details?

What's the timestamp it's fucking impossible to tell.

Car drove into a bunch of people, can see the aftermath on livestream




i dont love antifa either but youre a fucking retard

fucking badass


Wait, Charlottesville.


oh no

We all knew it was going to happen sooner or latter. Fucking fools.

that isn't spencer is it?

That's from people who are truly desperate. The rest of us are just trying to get an education

I'm attending university at the moment, so you won't hear from me in little over a week as Fall semester starts back up. I don't know how much of this it will eat up, but my parents are first gen immigrants from Vietnam and were heavily insistent I get a degree as soon and as fast as possible. "Heavily insistent", if you know what I mean. And it's not like Asians get into universities very easily than others can.

Basically all sides are fucking my ass here and I just want to leave but I can't at the moment. It's shit.

i think if you go back to around 116 or 117, you ca see the car plow through a crowd


We have to see if the license plate of the car that plowed into the crowd reads SONICHU



few reports he was arrested so it could be….

The UN is more or less an extension of the American empire, so no.

So much for the peaceful right

Damn, that car looks pretty fucking brutal. Literally a ~8 y.o kid on top of the car.

Doesn't look fatal though, thankfully


It is Spencer. He got arrested.

how hard can it possibly be to separate opposing groups of protesters


Have the counter-protesters actually done anything?

Black protesters always fucking deliver


Why isn't anyone decrying the hoardes of negroids waving the pan African black nationalist flags?

What even is Holla Forums doing at this point in their lives?

When Muslims drive on people it's with trucks
When Holla Forumsyps do it it's with cars

When Berniebros shoot people it's politicians
When Holla Forumsyps do it it' unarmed people in churches

Holla Forums:underachievers forever.

nah, shit turned violent so the feds decided to shut it down

lmao get shat on nerd

That reactionary hoe thinks the counter protesters are Democrats.

impact at 2:35

You answered yourself in your own language why we don't support your ass

they got rekt because the police kicked them out of the park in small groups right towards waiting counter protestors

Oh btw the IWW were there today.

what the fuck does that mean?

black-nats are cringe but useful idiots
and once in a blue moon one or two end up being class conscious

apparently it was a black woman driving

116 pr 117 mins on the video you dingus

Good for her


Not even what I asked, why are you such a hysteric pea brain? Take your meds

I think it was one car that rammed another into the crowd. Black woman in the car that got rammed

Yeah, go hard or go home, open fire at these fucking nazis

We need more black women driving Holla Forums into the pavement tbh

Holy fuck.

Really starting to sympathize with Stalin now.


could be just car accident when
or a black-nat going all out to bash the fash

either is pretty good

Goddamn thats brutal

We don't denounce them because they're more communicable to socialist ideals than you are, in fact they're more communicable than you are.

That's where you're at Holla Forums. I'm sorry it's had to come to this.

Black Nationalists a la Black Panthers are amazing dude.


think you can see in this. im on my phone so kinda hard but saw it on Holla Forums

The black woman driving was in a car that was hit, not the one at the front. It was rammed from one behind.

thread theme


They're not communicable to anything at all except welfare. On average black nationalists are much more racist and violent than white nationalists.

Have fun with your dead weight.

the old ones were fucking awsome dont get me wrong but the new black panthers are meh or even just racial dividers at worst

You've been doing it for enough time and laughing at it for enough time.

It's nice seeing you get a taste of your own medicine.

Can't see shit. Some witness there claims it was an accident and a couple of kids were driving.

It looks like a black woman in the car getting hit. You can't see the driver hitting her in that.

ive got no problem with that t b h

Did you guys not see the Silver Mustang that rear ended the Black woman in the convertible?

Unless there was a black woman driving the Mustang as well.

The Black Panthers were only alright when they started to abandon the black nationalist rhetoric and started focusing on workers. Id pol is always shit no matter what side it is on

That's what I said, they're more communicable than Holla Forums is.

someone snapped a photo of the driver of the second car

You mean that black kid on top? Looks more like she got caught between the ramming car and the car that got rammed. Given that the rammer, y'know, fucking backs up

Yeah it was hilarious seeing the white nationalist groups shout 'we are on your side' to the cops too.


look at how fast they backed up
to me at least it looks deliberate.

No, it was a black woman in the car in front: the ramming car reversed the fuck out while she was injured.


Is this what they meant by "White Sharia"? Copying ISIS terror tactics.


The cars side window is tinted black, you can't see shit.

just had another look at the vid…
it seems a few people were climbing on some poor blokes car with him inside and he hit the gas to get away…..
the "plow through the crowd" could have just been people falling of his car

Holla Forums are suburbanite ISIS lite

There is no welfare state in America and the vast majority of black people work.

Black nationalists are anti-imperialist and anti-police. White nationalists are not, in fact it was white supremacy that created bullshit like the white man's burden and police officers are protectors of the liberal establishment.

Let's not forget the true victims here are the moderate white nationalists.

Kek what, there was a black chick driving the car that got hit by the car with the super tinted windows. Doesn't matter tbh right now, I mean Holla Forums saying the driver was black is just their snap reaction to shape the narrative. We will all know the driver by the end of the day probably.

filename: "I keep screaming but god doesn't hear me"


White nationalists are anti imperialists too. Get out of our countries.

Christ, America, had it been literally anyone else protesting bodies whould have hit the floor already.

yeah IDK for sure, jt just seems like Holla Forums was sure it was so i was assuming maybe they had subsyance to their claims, but it is Holla Forums so that miightve been a hasty generalization on my part

i think youre right, think the situation is being misjudged. will have 2 wait

thanks for ruining it….
its only funny when its at least believable

Don't kid yourself faggot.

I'm pretty sure you'll be anti imperialist when you piggies can learn how to fly too

Where are the cops? Are they that slow?

lol no you're not.
You guys literally invaded other countries last time you were in power

No, not at all. Capitalism requires imperialism. Hitler totally kept to himself.

Remember those bots I was talking about?

fuck off Holla Forums


This car is the one that got rear-ended btw.

Holla Forums at this rate you'll double the socialist population within the year

Thank you, god bless

i was just looking at the vid?
calm down mate

No, why would they be there? People are getting hurt, not private property.

Why do they think this is some kind of video game? The goal of disrupting these protests is to prevent them from grandstanding and seizing the attention of the bourgeois media (which the left more or less did.) You can't "win" a protest.

lol nah, there will never be a rainbow coalition

Race is all that matters your class reductionism will forever be a fairy tale.

They turn up within a minute.

Unironically this. I didn't expect to see so many protesting the alt right today either

Who said anything about a rainbow coalition? What's that?

Looks like our plan to disrupt Holla Forums by roping them in with these autists worked


is code for……

not liberal mate

I have a great game to play

The social media accounts of Holla Forums posters who attended this protest today

Will deliver in a second.

When will this story arc end?


Someone drove a car through dozens of protestors. No word yet if any are dead.

We don't plan anything. Holla Forums are perfectly capable of being idiots by themselves

I say we take credit for it just to fuck with their heads.

Even if the Alt-Right conducted millions of terror attacks Donald Trump will never raise a finger against them. Quite sad.


here is another angle of the car

dont think anyone will have died see…..

I don't think we can take any credit. Holla Forums did that all on its own

Your "white allies" despise you and you despise them. There will be a unitary multiracial socialist revolution. There isn't a single leftist movement in the united States that meaningfully disavows racial identity politics (not even the DSA I've attended their meetings). Never will be. Things are at a breaking point we simply need a little bit more gas…

Is there something wrong with White supremacy? How about Mexican supremacy in Mexico or Chinese supremacy in China?… or is it just whites that can't have power in a country their ancestors built?

Send your police, lefties.
Send your CIA.
In the end, the people will always win.
White power

What? Nah dude


The real incident of the car crashing in to our comrades.


Bystanders are saying two black females were driving the vehicle involved in the crash.

seems to disprove this theory

White isn't even a real ethnicity. Fuck off.

Like you've done the whole 20th century? Sure that sounds fun as fuck

shut up tard


Socialist groups? People slaving for corporations? Nigger, the only socialists left are nationalsocialists.

Hey porky, whatcha doing?


Wait, is that a fucking sportscar? Did some pampered trust fund kid do this? Also

We are not liberals, we unlike the right seek the end of capitalism.

The world doesn't become a better place just because your slave masters are the same color as you, peckerwood.


If you are one of the idiots who actually thinks those are white supremacists/literally nazis, yes. Proceed to close leftypol and go back to twitter


Here are the protestors who attended Holla Forums's event. Will post more.

i dont think he does t b h
dont care bout race mate as long as u are class conscious
i agree going to be fun when a one of u loses it and shots a bunch of people or blows some shit up and get FBIed to hell when u outlive the usefulness u currently have

There's something wrong with all of them, you fucking mong.

ha ha HA HA ==HA HA==


I'm sorry Mr. Nazi that's capitalism. That is what is going on right now.

kek m8, No this just flat out proves that Holla Forums was straight up lying or talking out of their ass. Which isn't surprising

Keep it up!

literally nothing fam

The car that rammed into people had tinted out windows and reversed off almost immediately

The black women were in one of the cars that got hit.



you guys are literally SJWs lol

Bullshit. Nice try, Holla Forums.

That's called Capitalism


Can we stop replying to the fucking asperger afflicted snowniggers attempting to draw attention away from the fact they've just been caught out going full "sportscar of peace" on everyone.

Explain black lives matters then or are you just a VIP fuckhead without a clue. White is European like this country until 1965 lying cheating immigration bill that said the nations demographics wouldn't be changed… This is what is happening now



Dumbest post I've seen all year. Congrats.


One for the pedals and one steering?

Im honestly shocked the police didnt just kill all the leftist and then suck off the nazis/kkk. Id better not give them any ideas

Antifa and DSA ran them off so no.

So what's your solution faggot?

Hahahaha no. America has never been fully white. It's had Native Americans before you, and slaves brought in simultaneously as colonists. Your argument is bullshit.

who cares if a geo-political entities demographics change?

European isn't an ethnicity you fucking dunce. Proof that you're an Amerifat with no culture. Don't associate yourself with us.

pretty spooky m8.

Anti-Identity Politics.

The trigger discipline is triggering but what about the fact that she's holding an Israeli gun?

someone download the video of baked alaska geting peper sprayed and crying for "MILK!!! I NEED KILK NOW!!" after being a whiny high school-tier bitch mouthing off before he takes it down


Not to mention all the white people like me here are a mix of numerous European ethnicities. So not even the white people are ethnically pure or whatever.

It's no secret that Nazis love Israel fam

WE REPLACE [email protected]



God this makes me so happy. I hate Cantwell more than any of these other faggots.

Here's a more

Baked Alaska might be actually retarded, I'm starting to feel bad for him

I hate idpol but it makes my skin tingle when Americans refer to themselves as "Europeans".
Fuck you and your inferiority complex, you share a skin tone with us, nothing more.

Cernovich has declared civil war! twitter.com/Cernovich/status/896438527361142784

I'm not, fuck that guy




where is it?

And yes, the protester girl apparently let her kids hold her guns

No it isn't. As you well know up until the 40s many European ethnicities (i.e. the irish, slavs, eastern europeans in general, etc) were considered non-white by Anglo and Germanic americans.

we shouldn't marginalize them over something they can't control

Funny how reactionary young men in the Middle East also drive into crowds of innocent people…

kek wat

Well her kids have more trigger discipline than her, so maybe it's not such a bad idea.

I want my soros bucks, where are they Holla Forums? Where are they???

Is it reactionary hunting season yet?


what's with the white old man between the 2 black guys

It's okay for kids to hold guns assuming they have been taught gun safety and are supervised. Obviously gun safety was not taught in this case. Been using guns since I was like 6.

It's certainly rabbit season

Stop replying you fucking faggot you're ruining the thread.

The reactionary right has adopted the "offending me is literally violence" meme. You know the one the liberal SJWs loved to use back in the day? Shit is getting weird.

So when are we gonna talk bout the white on white violence plaguing college campuses?

I'm having a gun time fuck you. This is good shit.

and before that Ben franklin basically called Germans and Scandinavians niggers

Fun time, Freudian slip

holy shit what the fuck have libs done since November besides refreshing Trump's twitter feed so they can be the first to type up a "witty" reply

Owning the libs by screaming "I NEED MILK NOW"

who would have thought

not a lib
national """socialism""" is just the end result of capitalism fool

Eh Ahmed could learn the native language/history and engage culturally with a local European community. At least that is better than sucking off some kind of abstract ideal of "European" culture and not embracing your own culture in of itself.

i know who was in the car, give me a few seconds and i'll identify him.

So you just need to be a NEET in order to consider yourself a leftist now? Not an argument!


This violence against the opposition in the USA has gone too far! It's time for the UN to launch an INTERVENTION!

that black dude with the afro tri color flag… theres just something hilarious but still kinda awesome about the fact that there is militant blak dudes fighting w/ antifa today. based.

He does not. He will not. You are a naïve teenager.

Yeah sure they had race riots & a Brazil like violent mulicult society ?? 1965 immigration bill lies & deceit is causing this future war….

its a meme you dip

What's funniest about all this is I'm dating a blonde chick rn and we've spent the Summer together

I'm polluting your race with my degenerative dyke cunt culture

Mad faggot?

I think Twitter purposely puts posts like those on the top.
The owner of Twitter hates Trump.

please let Sam get arrested for real this time

I know you idiot.

Neither will Holla Forums, considering you're a bunch of fucking neets with no drive to get a college education

Man you are destroying me with your platitudes and unsubstantiated claims, how will I ever recover?

Also, we are all well aware that all these groups are shit, or are being subverted. It's why we exist here.

lol you guys aren't anti-capitalist. Fascism is a capitalist defense mechanism. You are literally drones

Charlottesville no funny.

Charlottesville sad! guyz.


who even cares if he does?
religious extremeists would be right up there with fascists and capitalists on the trains to gulag?

actually dw its a different guy

Twitter should delete Trump's account for TOS violations. The buttfrustration would be pretty incredible.

I think it only counts as "polluting" if you get her pregnant with your dyke dick. I'd say you're "cucking" them for sure.

viral advertising for oreos

Good job destroying the shit flinging snowape and this thread.

America has always had race riots (however the most violent and deadly ones were perpetuated by white (that is to say, non-black) people.) Also eastern europeans were known for their "violent" ideologies like communism, a belief in labor organizing, and also anarchism, which is why their immigration was closely monitored and restricted.

You're not polluting anything you don't have sperm. Run along you dumb dyke. You'll end up marrying the first cucky asian man with a decent salary you can boss around after you grow out of your meme dyke phase.

No they shouldn't
Trump embarrassing America on twitter is the best thing ever.

We're not at the point of our emotional connection for me to grow a cock yet. We'll get there.

fuck is there a single thing polyps have even basic knowledge of that's not making meth and the number of jews in various companies

You got her whole life planned out don't you?

bit of gender confusion there Holla Forums?

Artificial Insemination and two great moms is an order away you single binch.


is it this guy

Yes he can. Go outside. Watching TV News doesn't count.

Funny thing is I KNOW you're salty for feeling like a misplaced peace of shit trying to fit into a culture he knows he doesn't belong to but is trying to shoehorn himself in out of a retarded birthright nobody gives two shits about.
Face it, everyone is going to see you as a culturally and intellectually worthless American for the rest of your life. And there isn't shit you can do about it.

oh wait u arent a man? well fuck retract that joke is guess…..


But..but.. we are just defending our race…

year after year pushing the white man to the point now you made this now you will get what is to come.



pls do. pls lord end this train wreck of a country.

should be like 2 hours backwards if the shitty link doesn't work


lmao white subhumans btfo

Eh, I don't think it's a phase. You're going to have to get used to the site of "white" (whatever Americans consider "white") women dating women of other ethnicities going into the future

I'm certainly going to be one. I've got jungle fever for blondes.



does Holla Forums actually believe that the UN can do anything?

My mum's white and my dad's black. You mad, bro? That make you feel like starting a riot on a uni campus?

He got pepper sprayed afaik

We've made you embarrass yourselves really badly and scream "I NEED MILK NOW"

what's this about ppl getting hit by a car? just some drunk moron or is a Holla Forumsyp trying to emulate dylann roof?

Is everyone staying tuned for President Pepe's statements on Charlottesville?

Richard always cries

Hope you dont mind I steal this for twitter?

just Holla Forumsyps proving again they're basically wahhabists

Some people recognized him
they called him Doorway


Fuckin' lol! source?

I'm betting he's not talking about the natives here


Nothing's ever demonstrated that race's just a spook better than this paragraph.

Holy shit.

Once again this image remains eternally relevant to American "whites" calling themselves a singular ethnicity

You mean the skinhead getting into the hatchback?
Not a hatchback.


lūʻau's still going huh?

CNN says 10mins. playlivenewz.com/2010/08/watch-cnn-news-live/

Come back and show me if it's a hit later.


That's a hatchback.


Niggers riot & burn it down on behalf of the "communist" kikes. There's no way out of this except the far right going scorched earth & reclaim the land their ancestors conquered…

```If any antifa is reading this, please don't attack anyone or anything, this is the perfect time to let the right auto-destruct himself, don't do anything stupid or you will give more powder to the ammunition of the right.```

yeah but he's still a nazi so let's spread it around anyway

Holla Forums trying to blame this on a black woman lmao

Can't take responsibility for shit

Like they're surely doing right now getting pepper sprayed and screaming "MILK!!!! GIVE ME MILK!!!! MILK NOW!!!!!"

the car apparently didn't even have a licence plate wtf




Ok how do we address blacks then?? Oh you must be a Kenyan American 3rd generation?? Your standards are only for Whites everybody else are poc

This couldn't have gone better holy shit

CNN advertising a CNN Special Report 'TWITTER AND TRUMP' right now.

most likely

They took it off to better murder people, but used a dodge charger and fucked up the front lol


or maybe race is just a massive fucking spook?

You're either playing dumb are you are dumb. Every policy proposal in the Communist Manifesto has been implemented in America in some form for 100 years now.

Teaching the frozen circumstances to dance by playing them their own melody.

The cars look similar but the antenna(which may have fallen off in the crash) is missing, and the back isn't visible. Honestly they look like different cars, but if I saw the video then it would be possible to identify the car.


I'm a first gen Vietnamese American currently attending a University on Psychiatry, and I expect to fucking have plenty of you nutcases paying my bills in the future.

with the damage to the front it will be easier to identify the car if the person ditches or still on the run with it.

Just saw that.
I hate the media so much.


Anyways it's all identity politics, history has shown that problem is very simple to solve

Is this an actual question? 95% of blacks are descendants of slaves in the old South. African-American is a shitty term, but it describes a coherent ethnicity unlike "white american" as if new york jews and wv hillbillies have anything in common


wtf is this the car? twitter.com/lnfosWars3/status/896445377376919552

Lets isolate one faggot & skip the white ppl that smell blood & are learning violence as we speak. The left multi cult eutopia will never work & never has the tribes are different & I'd politics will rule the land if the snipers stay home

t. the xanax-addled bipolar attention whore


Yeah, yeah, but… what if I want to adress someone by the color of their skin and not the content of their character?

Yea? And what policy proposals would that be Holla Forumsyp?


looks like the person bailed






gonna be even harder to find that prick now


That's the car, he out of there.

I live among plenty of whites, hindus, Armenians, blacks, they all seem to get along fine and I'm in a shitty part of town.

Your apocalyptic fever doesn't mean shit to people like me.

will the police even try?

If it wasnt stoles they can just run the VIN


stopping child labour is pernicious marxism

Have you seriously never read it? Flip to chapter 2.

The proletariat will use its political supremacy to wrest, by degree, all capital from the bourgeoisie, to centralise all instruments of production in the hands of the State, i.e., of the proletariat organised as the ruling class; and to increase the total productive forces as rapidly as possible.

Of course, in the beginning, this cannot be effected except by means of despotic inroads on the rights of property, and on the conditions of bourgeois production; by means of measures, therefore, which appear economically insufficient and untenable, but which, in the course of the movement, outstrip themselves, necessitate further inroads upon the old social order, and are unavoidable as a means of entirely revolutionising the mode of production.

These measures will, of course, be different in different countries.

Nevertheless, in most advanced countries, the following will be pretty generally applicable.

1. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes.
2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.
3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance.
4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.
5. Centralisation of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.
6. Centralisation of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State.
7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State; the bringing into cultivation of waste-lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.
8. Equal liability of all to work. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.
9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of all the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the populace over the country.
10. Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children’s factory labour in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production, &c, &c.

white ppl think mace too spicy

Shame your fam wasn't wiped out with the other commie slants in the 60's

Even professors have xanax, everyone has some Xan.

And I am a proud attention whore.

Someone tweet this at CNN and see if they take the bait



no but u dont understand…..
at some point the whatt powaa movement will declare a white jihad against muh shitskins then u will all magically hate each other

fucking awesome

Fucking corporate cocksucking hypocrites
Fucking unemployed lazy piece of shit losers

Marx literally lists public education and progressive income tax as a measure by which to transform a capitalist society into a communist society by increasing production to obtain the hypersurplus at which point the concepts of money and property are obsolete and communism becomes the new way of life.

looks fake like this bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-40158469

It was a brain dead sheboon ramming antifa dumbass. You must be black yourself.

I think we did the wiping out, how many POW's had a fun round of Russian Roulette? Vietnam was a loss for the Americans, strategically and most importantly, culturally.

War for your nation hasn't been the same since. It started in Korea, and hit boiling point in Vietnam.

You should honestly be ashamed if you're propping up the US invasion of Vietnam as a victory. It wasn't. You treated your vets like shit.

Naw that is a meme image

Nice try Holla Forums

i m o its being interpreted b u almost completely wrong….
but still if the communist manifesto actually DID go into affect that would be cool t b h

Baked Alaska is so obviously Jewish I can't imagine what is going on in the minds of these supposed Nazis.


The name is ironic you utter twat. The poster is DSA.

There is enough evidence to track the guy since the car is found.

That's perfect, send that shit.

haha haha ha

It's sarcasm. Learn 2 be human

nope Slav
just fun to watch a bunch of autist-rights and american-antifas getting annoyed

faggot body count is all that matters

Good to know that the attack in Nice was just a 'car crash.'

In their defense, pretty much every ideological faction does that to some degree.

Nobody I think is going to shy away from shaming opposing groups any time soon.

Body count is all that matters in a war? Really?

You must have a piss poor understanding of war then, because even your Vets came back home and were treated like shit and became homeless.

You sure won Holla Forums, Vietnam was a great war for America.

i kek evri tym

if he's white it's alright
if he's brown shoot him down

Sure do love seeing the right meltdown and fuck themselves over

Who said ZOG Occupied Government is kind to the pawns?? Body count is all that matters

This is worse than a meltdown this is a full blown baby tantrum.

Nice try, ;)

Videogames were a mistake.

You spelled Military Industrial Complex wrong

Well gee if body count is all that matters then I can see how you Holla Forumsyps can doublethink the nazis into winning ww2

*halo announcer voice*



From what I see it's mostly Matt Heimbach-tier Stormfags in Charlottesville today. I see a buncha people with his group's emblem on flags, shields and shirts along with the usual "White pride worldwide" paraphernalia.

there was a plate look at this photo twitter.com/RyanMKellyPhoto/status/896447310112096261

Ehh that is an unfair comparison. Leftists just flat out insult people on their right wing views. Classcucks actually think they are making a substantive argument by making ad hominem attacks on their opponent.

Yeah I looked through his tweets. You were right.

tbf that is literally what the military brass were saying while taking L after L

commies, watch out!

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

Car was already found and police have it. The driver fled. But it was probably a stolen car. Doubt the terrorist would use their own.


Anyone have more info?

Ohio car. Could've been stolen though.

"soybodies are here! hey whats up losers? communist losers get the fuck out of my country bitches. yeah thats right come up to me bitch"
*gets peppersprayed 90 secs later*

People not only don't know what socialism is, they don't even know what capitalism is too.

Man I need a car, and some jihad level Holla Forumsack is crashing cars left right and center. Is there no justice in this world?

look out how white the crowd the prowhite car of peace if plowing into

Here's the car history

No clue where to find more info from here though. Haven't found any reports of it being stolen either, not that I'd really know where to check

We need to make this live on in the annals of fucking history

for reference 0:55-4:00 mins

The aut-right and WN movements are mostly comprised of edgy/angry/confused reactionary idiots who have no real ideological convictions. If they did, they wouldn't support most aut-right and WN leaders. No one with any real Ideological conviction would ever stand behind that sleazy snitch David Duke or the homosexual jews at TRS.

Well someone said in the comments thaty the police have the car but I haven't found verification yet.

But that Burgers buyed it is quite worrysome.

Reminder that Breivik's victims were also Whites…
And that the majority of people killed by Islamists are Muslims.
There might be a pattern.

Far right gonna far right, I guess.


are you saying reactionaries don't actually care for the people they claim to?

Trump going live soon youtube.com/watch?v=8FR8OLuoxak

You people couldn't imagine how fun and heartwarming this is to watch when you're eastern European, and you hate: Americans and communism.

Guys, I have a genius idea.

Let's use this as an opportunity to petition the White House to proscribe the alt right as a terrorist group.

The """economic anxiety""" is strong in Charlottesville tonight.

Holla Forums BTFO


muh freeze peach! lol


Kulaks deserved it







does anyone want to pay for a licence plate repor?
recordsfinder.com/search/plate/selection/?plateNumber=GVF 1111&state=OH&flow=plate&carMake=Dodge&carModel=Challenger SE&carYear=2010&carColor=&carExpirationDate=&carBody=Coupe 2D&carEngine=3.5L V6 MPI

Remember when Holla Forums was promising these were the men who would put us in the helicopters

God they really are SJWs.



Apparently he's been caught.

CNN are saying someone has died.


at least one person confirmed dead

He will claim "self defense" and get off. Hopefully they will release his name though.

Goddamn what the fuck is this day.

the voice crack at the end while throwing a temper tantrum for more milk is fucking hilarious

There need to be an equivalent of that pic with a Holla Forumstard peepersprayed by a cop

going to prison for sure then

milk is very yummy tbh. probs one reason why im such a SOYBOY.




Did my mom deserve waiting in line for bread for half a day?
Or tiny baby me, being hungry and not having diapers for your utopia?

Legitimate RIP.

Something something joke about how White People can't handle spicy food and have to drink milk to take it down

yes you fucking kulak


Does anyone deserve poverty? No. That's what we're trying to fucking combat.

The Republic and Capitalism has also killed millions, but you never hear about the body count or unfortunate circumstances for either.

My granddad was in the KGB and he told me that your story is bullshit.

watch this guy they just interviewed, very interesting and horrifying

Maybe more than just the drivers

CNN and the mayor of Cville confrimed the woman ran over was killed. She was a member of the IWW and a comrade. Press F to pay respects. Martyrs never die.

heard from a friend that it was one of the people who got hit by the car

Yeah. sadly their terrorist attack succeeded.


RIP ;_;



Baked Alaska's crew are a buncha cheerleaders. The ferocity with which they ride his dick's pretty pathetic.

Goy-Emperor Trump has condemned it, even though Holla Forums is in denial about it, Pence has condemned it, Farage has condemned it, Red Ice radio has been hacked and its subscribers are going to be doxed, the rally itself has been a complete disaster; Today has not been a good day for Holla Forums, and it's probably only going to get worse.

Holla Forums really are terrorists


Well at least this means that the reactionary will likely face a trial.


Trump still hasn't specified the white nationalists though

Turns out the secret to Holla Forums's memetic warfare is just getting owned constantly and crying about it on social media.

nope. he did the whole "both sides are bad" thing the stupid cunt

unions nowadays are almost all absolute cancer
IWW is/was cool though

i hate violence

And he won't.

That's how liberals are user.


holy shit

oh come on now

what is Holla Forums saying i bet they're pretty happy now aren't they

steel yourself. strikers used to get shot all the time by porky. legitimately sad day but if we are going to succeed, we must endure.

Holla Forums is too autistic to realize that this makes them look awful in multiple ways.

IWW has always remained true

This one is for you IWW comrade
The people united will never be defeated

Holla Forums are most likely celebrating this shit



Some seem excited about the prospect of a Nazi masturbation fantasy for some reason. Same as always I guess

hahaha fuck, if he gets away with this…
though it's just a guy on twitter, who knows


holy fuck ahahahahaha


Violence is required. Read Exodus. Systems of authority never willingly cede power. Non-violence doesn't work.

Any Holla Forumsyps celebrating, remember that despite the army of supposedly badass Nazis there, it took someone in a two ton vehicle to kill one (1) comrade


Hope they can link the attack to Holla Forums


Solidarity forever.

If he killed someone he is still going to end up in court.

I have a weird feeling they won't really put in the effort to find him, if they haven't found him by now.

What's there to even celebrate on their side, they're literally doing what they piss their pants over.


And even then the rest got basically mocked to high heaven arrested and pepper sprayed

Nah, you don't want that shit coming anywhere near imageboards.


the driver's been arrested



This joke has been made around 10 times already in this thread alone dipshit.

CNN commentator going in on Trump's weak response.

im willing to bet NONE of you have ever committed a violent act in your lifetime

I know these people are ridiculous, but for some reason it always surprises me how ridiculous.

Holla Forums saying the murder was an accident


Allegedly, this is the guy who was in the vehicle

Pretty touching really…


willing to bet hes a budweiser guy


Woudn't have done shit if Brits weren't scarred by the threat of the more radical wing of independentists.

That would be an excuse to also crack dow on us



most likely fake used for the OSU shooting too.

What, that people compare you to ISIS now? Congratulations dumbfuck a redfaced alcoholic killed somebody innocent with a car attack

You sure are winning an uphill battle with this

It's okay it's still early hours yet. The rally hasn't even started.

but I thought people love muslims.. part and parcel of living in a big city..

it's better to be compared to ISLAMIC State than to NAZIS anyway, more sympathy from liberals

Police told them to gtfo, Spencer said to leave. Rally's not happening.



wow your brain is completely meme-fried. You literally get your entire worldview from clickbait headlines. Sadiq is a dickhead but 1 second of context and you'd understand what he actually said

Except a good chunk of Muslim's first response to terrorist attacks is "They aren't true Muslims! THAT'S NOT TRUE ISLAM!"
You have to be absolutely retarded to believe that openly jubilating and endorsing terrorist action is in any way productive.
Propaganda of the deed doesn't work.

Every fucking time.

I love how in the middle of the "we all just need to love each other this is so tragic guize" shit he just HAS to slip in "oh btw i'm doing AWESOME as president"


For user IWW Comrade.

did you just do this?


Good, lad.


Do another recording that's just the banjo. Time for a Holla Forums choir tribute

Aye captain, chords are simple as shit.

Did Mike dump his wife or is his still yucking it up with wealthy jews in a wealthy jewish suburb?


Did he wife know he's a Nazi?

If they go back to C'ville someone will fucking shoot them after this.

nice comrade


His wife was on his show singing racist Christmas tunes

These guys are going to have the wake up call of the century if this continues to escalate.

why did you like all of them?

He probably got it from Holla Forums I guess.


Minimalist version. Bat'ko, we should probs get on this.

Someone on Holla Forums made the screencap


This was a test post because my posts were removed and i assumed i was banned wanted to see the reason, tell you what you commies are alright.

I don't see why we can't get along in the interest of both our movements, what if say after all is said and done we give you asia and half of europe and we get US and UK/france/spain ?

Do you think we could co-exist or will there always be a blood fued between us?

Sorry for blogpost

Next time a fucking liberal punches left about antifa being just as bad as the Nazis, remind them that an International Worker of the World died in the streets at the hands of a Nazi.

Rest in power, IWW-bro.


Sorry, fucking beside myself right now

White supremecy, fascism and capitalism are what we fight against. All of which you support. So no.

I'm talking about the jews of cource, what i mean is after they are all gone or back in israel what does that mean for us.

I would honestly rather live in a commie state than the shit that we have now, it's all a lie and a show and i fucking hate it, i became a nazi after watching tgsnt and have stayed one, but at the same time i have alot of sympathy for communists as well




Good footage ICYMI

So you are saying if we both had our own lands to do what we want with you would still wage war against us? i am not saying my side would not try and do the same but fundamentally we are closer to eachother than we would admit

So much for the nigger-killing cops.

Furthermore, you are protected by the establishment. You're only fighting against progress. You are not counter culture, you're just the edgy version of the status quo/regressive-ism

Breaking News!

imagine being this stupid

the nazis literally plowed through the soviet union and massacred millions of people
not again

Liberals are going to condemn all protestors now, because a woman getting hit by a nazi in a car was asking for it. I'm fucking seething and seriously considering beating a magafag that lives by me.

suspect is white

Do it for both of us.

Space Station 13? Im not sure how to take this shitpost

more proof

just let it wash over you

Fuck off Holla Forums.

Wearing a white polo and khakis. Aut-right confirmed.

do you think putting on a random leftwing flag hides the obvious Holla Forumstardidity of your post? heres a hint: no


Fucking shitcurity. Captain is a condom.

You are joking right?

is it confirmed a FW from IWW has died?

This is why I don't go outside.

Not him, fuck off Holla Forums

Holla Forums just stop.

But stalin was planning his own offensive right?

That facebook isn't him.

That's what is going around on Twitter, but it hasn't been confirmed yet.

Is this actually the car guy?


If you dumb snowniggers were actual niggers, flying BPP banners and screeching black power, you would have been arrested the moment you stepped foot in town. You are a very whiny dupe.

Judging shit on Holla Forums investigations not just waiting for actual evidence.

Holla Forums, you are fucking panicking and it is hilarious.


Sargon is creaming his pants.


Yes. He is a confirmed white supremacist. Holla Forums is just spreading lies in order to muddy the waters (per usual.)

The plate is Ohio you dipshit.


Was already in the halfchan thread where they were talking about how this isn't him and they are just trying to spread lies to confuse the media

Nice try though

Where is the confirmation?

I thought the same thing but he could've easily just moved. Ohio is right next to Michigan

DSA members got injured and news stations mentioning victims are IWW/Dem Socialists, giving them positive press. Checkmate Holla Forums

Wasn't there a study where they found out that people who believe in conspiracy theories are more likely to engage in conspiracies themselves?

fuck off opportunist

Man thats fucking sad

Yes, my yard and my laundry form part of the Mexican empire.

Fuck off Holla Forums

Could care less about press, but Holla Forums does. Only rubbing it in their faces since they consider political power to be the same as attention.

lmfao keep trying

i don't think it's Joel Vangheluwe. Didn't see a dodge challenger in his face book but i did see this:

So Slave Ray 2 electric boogaloo?

"Normies" won't even know what IWW stands for.


well it says it right there so

So what? They are fucking stupid. We should act based on what is rational, not what Holla Forums thinks.


Do you even know what that word means here?

of course Holla Forumss expertise is in fabricating lies
they will believe the faked images they post and pretend it was anyone else but their faggots who did this, because they never do anything (but it was totally justified)
lies are the sole reason of their existence

Yes, it means thinking you can use the bourgeois state media to further the fight for communism.

furthermore if you compare the facebook image with the ones of the actual terrorist it does not match even remotely


When will the US antifa finally grow balls and get weapons?

They already have in some branches.

This can't be true

That sounds like bollocks ngl.

You are misinterpreting things but its nbd

Only found this. No citations so take with a grain of salt.

Good luck finding a source for that, because that's bullshit.


I hope this is true.

Is it actually impossible for Americans to not look like idiots while protesting? For some reason it always looks so awkward.

If that's true then we might as well be witnessing the beginning of Holla Forums's wet dream of raece war for real.

Just got a site-wide ban on Reddit for telling a Holla Forumsyp to kill himself. Fucking lol.

Will Twitter and Youtube be forced to purge fascists if there's mainstream media pressure? Time for the dipshit lib class to start writing opinion columns.

They are the land of individualism they cannot accomplish anything collectively unless it involves voting and bombing other countries.


Holla Forums are jews

It's because they are nerds. Normal Americans just ignore everything.

Holla Forums somehow thinks this is just going to blow over. He straight up murdered someone and was arrested. All the facts will come out very soon.

Do anyone have the webm of that libtard and magafag's literal autistic screeching?

Jesus man learn to fucking spell.

You're both autistic as each other, or you're just one very autistic Ritalin brained individual.

not the webm but if you know how to make one, have this

No, I don't care if it was DSA, PSL, or Lenin himself, the bourgeois press will NEVER side with socialists.



This is why nobody takes protesting seriously here

It will blow over, or be swept aside.
If this was a muslim you'd hear a lot more about it than you will.
Wouldn't surprise me if Trump starts some more twitter beef to distract people pretty soon.

if you actually read gorbachev interview he repeatedly admits that he was a social democrat with the intention of destroying the soviet union. if you read his earlier texts it's also very obvious that he was a cuckdem. how is this conspiracy or autistic.


I don't know what happened to my post but I guess it got deleted .

I was criticizing antifa for making us and actual leftists look like violent retards. They are basically our equivalent of the aryan brotherhood. Terrorizing normal people does not make leftism look good.

Us Americans have realized that politics are divorced from reason, and we've embraced that fact completely.
Someday Europlebs will catch up.


Holla Forums BTFO.

Just taking the piss out of how he's going off on tangents and not reading the actual reply I'm responding to.

ZeroBooks interview when?

Holla Forums virgins BTFO once again.

This, one day the Europeons will evolve, but in order to do so, they must study the U.S.

holy lel that's the one thx

Purely anecdotal but when i was a rightist what first led me to being so was conspiracy nuts and their theories, so i'd say there is certainly validity to this. This is why Alex Jones is so popular with these types today. Red Ice used to be primarily about general conspiracy theory shit before moving onto WN. If you make a thread about guys like Bill Cooper or even Jordan Maxwell (who was on Red Ice as recently as last year) on Holla Forums you'll mostly praise and agreement with their ideas.


Obviously not him then lol

who is this guy?


Am I being too hopeful or have these faggots really fucked themselves over this bad:

At this point I think the only ones willing to stand by them are their pundits on youtube, they're fucking done for.

The scapegoat Holla Forums chose to blame the attack on.

A guy Holla Forums was blaming for the attack. He's an anti-Trump liberal.

Dis real?

Police unions are a joke and should be disbanded.

Probably because it was dumb as fuck and every action can't be weighed against how uneasy it will make liberals feel.

WE DID IT Holla Forums

They really are completely reddit

I hope you yanks have a civil war and kill yourselves to death
t. concerned yuropoor

My real Twitter has stats like those tho.

RIP in F

Who's the Wojak supposed to be? Pence?

So long as you're constitutionally against the very existence of innocent people, not to mention equality and liberty, no we can't. Sorry, but you're the bad guy.


try Holla Forums, they'll embrace you like a long lost brother

Is that a shoop? No one would seriously walk out in public wearing that right?

better picture of the suspect

I wish for it everyday too. People are too content to start shit though. We haven't had a legit worker's movement in decades just autistic screeching




don't forget that antifa appeared as peaceloving citizens while right wingers as torch-bearing murdering psychos

/vg/station represent!

Really backfired on them.
I wish I had screencapped that thread where they thought Holla Forums planned it.


If thats really him then he looks like one of the white nationalist group members for sure


Next up, Holla Forums finds out, in a suspiciously low amount of time, the real culprit was a black midget who did cuck-cum-scat porn.

this guy right here

Manlets, when will they learn?


What's the context?


Yeah, they're going apeshit.
Whatever smidgen of credibility they ever is fucking gone.


Just a skirmish. A lot of the earlier conflict revolved around those stairs.

where is this from? Afgahnistan? Turkey?

based fire nigga


Belfast AFAIK


Ireland, I think

Northern Ireland, UK

"is this from some muslim shithole?"
"nah, it's ireland"

Radicalize and arm BLM

good sassenach

I only guessed those because I figured it was in an area of open insurgency…
Afgahnistan -> US gave Taliban weapons to shoot down soviet helicopters
Turkey -> PKK
but hurr durr muh rapefugees is pretty funny

I honestly don't care about these shit rallies at all but this genuinely made me sad, what was her name, if there's something we could do to help her family I'm up for it

Now that DSA led the left there, smashies were absent, the left would be the uncontested good guys in the eyes of the public even without the unfortunate car violence. Organize, organize, organize!

antifa got themselves some manpads

wow hahah you sure epic meme.

calm down user i just found it funny

pigs are falling from the sky

looks like this isn't the day pigs fly

I don't know m8, I wouldn't praise the legal order like that. Rechtstaat is all about neutralizing political conflicts and maintaining the status quo. Any revolution will by definition be against the law.
Yeah, I know it might look like a good dissuasion against right wing action but in the end the pro-legal-order propaganda always wins out. Just look at all those """leftist""" articles denouncing G20 violence.

ok my b

This is how it begins.

I don't even know what the fuck to think

So we gonna use this as an excuse for starting the class war or what? If so I'm going to just leave this hear for any burgers to take and use it for what ever they want….

Reminds me of something else…

Its been a good day, apart from that one guy killed

put some bars between the girls and the anons and you got a goddamn zoo

thanks for the dolphin porn

The nuke will fly tonight.

Posadas predicted all of this.

alt right is the new anonymous

Looks like self defense to me.
Less embarrassing than being a fat pig.



Couple rocket scientists debunked NK's ability to carry nukes to the US a couple days ago. So no Posadas yet.

flamethrowers are deeply triggering and problematic

White nationalism is the religion of peace

I love right wing SJW's, because when they blow things out of proportion it's somehow pure.


better reading skills will serve you not only online but in actual life as well
hint: I wasn't criticizing the sagging pants at all

So much for the tolerant left.

That can't be right. Surely there are other countries with the equivalent of the first amendment?


How can nazis even compete

Ah yes, that old darling and protege of all cops in the land, the big swole masked nigger.



I see your point but are they seriously going to let slide that fact that a person died? This isn't a smashed windshield or a trashcan on fire, an actual human being lost their life.
I don't know, I don't think they want to have it look like they can't keep protests (of any kind, really) in check, it makes them look weak.

I can't believe things ever got so real. Why couldn't you faggots just play video games with me and shitpost?


Why even mention them? It's a typical reactionary complaint.

I don't know how you burgers restrain yourselves on a rally after a nazi runs over a woman, if I had all the gun access you people have I would probably be shooting them right now and I swear I'm not even larping right now


they're fuckin nuts this isn't normal

Reminder that this whole mess can be traced back to an SJW slut with borderline, and Moot getting cucked.

Pol has destroyed any little bit of creditbility that white nationalist ever had and in the future a nazi will be seen as a perma virgin loser who wants to destroy the world because he can't even get a whore to suck his dick.

Thank you stormfront for making this possible and a message to the many left out there watching..


Also that picture makes it look like they are protecting an old man. Meanwhile all the white nationalists there look like they just got out of prison a month ago.


Dunno man, during the Fyre fiasco, a lot of people were posting false messages about packs of feral dogs and thief gangs and shit.

Maybe he's trying to have a free exchange of ideas, but they locked him out. So much for the tolerant left.

That's why it's amusing he's single handedly repelling the reactionaries. He's their worst nightmare.

that's exactly the point user, a stereotype of a black thug is standing in front of a helpless old white man defending him from nazi retards

They'll keep deflecting say that antifa/blm is worse. Expect them to concern troll by pretending to be centrists where they'll claim that lefitsts are just as bad.



Christopher Cantwells statement on charlottesville

I'd say it started when they let that fucking Stormfront knockoff fester instead of killing it forever.

I prefer milkposting tbh

no dnc members in there, quelle surprise

stop promoting direct acts of terrorism on the internet dumbass

i was asking myself the same tbh.
America seem to have a disproportionate number of retards for some reasons.

Alright, guess that didn't come through for me over the internet.

probably wouldn't even work
petrol + styrofoam would be too viscous to go through a super soaker


This. Drawfags get on this please.

He looks like he's about to start crying

Doing it with petrol would probably cause more than enough chaos anyway.

anyone havea flip from one of the ztreams last night when it was just him and other whote nationalists surrounding him and he was in his typical hypermasculine persona? before/after?

Get me the template and I'll go to town.

Finally a conference on this situation at 6pm EDT

Arm yourselves!

*clip *streams *white

Holla Forums be like

He was just trying to start a conversation. He was holding a gun simply to politically demonstrate his support for open carry.

I dunno, it doesn't look like the white guy was being harassed.

Oh yeah, there's that too. I remember when he brought it back to show he wasn't like Girlvynyl, and the entire damn site told him it was a terrible idea. He can't say he wasn't warned.

Mods please ban this white supremacist.


imagine if these turds actually turn police against them and find out what true police brutality feels like

Is there a single woman in that entire march? I'm 30 minutes in and I still haven't seen any.

White nationalist organizations are just glorified incel support groups.

It's probably how Porky used media to lionize protesting as the one and only form of political activism, so they throw everything at it. Way too many signs, people with costumes, all that crap.

You're more likely to see the police actively helping suicide bombers kill left-wing protesters than the above

Is this exploitable enough?

No one outside of their circlejerk will buy it.

This guy has repeated something to the effect of "freedom of speech is not a right, only in America can you speak your mind, unlike every other country" like 5 times now.

Yeah that's plenty fine cheers.

Holy shit this dude is actually crying lmao

he literally says this

*not a human right

Antifa and BLM are shit and we shouldn't be associating ourselves with them, even if they do punch Holla Forumsacks irl.

This is why we need a dictatorship of the proletariat so they can feel a boot on their face. A People's Police force dedicated to crushing reaction.

They have the upper hand under capitalism, but under socialism, they would be the ones repressed and restricted, as they should be.

Won't post this on youtube yet. (Figured fascists are still around) lurking

sorry if voice is a bit croaky
it's morning where I am


Ah yes, the good old "I was just being an "ironic" nazi" excuse.

cant be arsed to watch this right now but is this for real? a right wing faggot crying about having only made jokes and not meaning to call for actual murder?
lel, hope he gets curbstomped

like clockwork

Don't give me false hope user


So do they honestly think blatantly lying about shit constantly will help their cause?

Comrades, be honest, this will backfire ?


they're really asking to be taught a lesson, don't they?

hope this guy ends up making a new Black Panther Party tbh
american blacks are an excellent revolutionary force


he's also bitching about chelsea manning having a picture where she's threatening nazis with curbstomping
and he's saying this while crying
just lol just fucking lol
I never thought I'd see a nazi complain about his fear of chelsea manning with tears streaming but here we are

thats it

I don't see any in the rally.


he looks so nonchalant about it
what a g

Yes, and Chris Cantwell of all people
here are some gems:

they're crying even before they got a real taste
trump just said that the people have to come together, lmao
hope this wakes up some guys to the real threat


Fucking beautiful pal; legitimately brings a tear to
my eye.

She will not be forgotten.


Yes. They are at war. The truth is irrelevant.

Yeah, base ass motherfuker


the lana del raytheon tweet where she quotes him talking how he wants to throw chemical weapons on people (or something like that) juxtaposed with a pic of his maced face is beautiful

All this proves is that there's discontent with the current system. Discontent that we can use to further our cause.

you are literally retarded

who said anything about ethnic segregation? the panthers weren't segregationists

We'll just have to wait and see what happens tonight. While on an MSM level, today's events probably won't mean shit per usual, but I also think DSA and PSL chapters are feeling really damn motivated to organize and radicalize after today.

Thanks, mate. I needed it.

🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧pre-emptive strikes🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧



This pic is trending on Twitter

Anyone got the pic of a Kurd Pepe shooting down a helicopter or whatever with a rocket launcher? I need it, I wanna make something like it for this event. You'll see.


Important to remember we're all leftists despite our different strains and we stand united against reaction.

according to Holla Forums, drivers name is james alex fields, take with grain of salt i guess

>>>Holla Forums13213802

close enough?

Is the rally still going on? All the live streams i found were just repeating Trump.

This pic surmises why I truly cant get behind the whole protect racist drivel and muh fee fees speech. If I were this guy I'd find the nearest blade and perform sepuku.

The trashcans are safe for a little while longer

they already attempted to put the blame on the left and fabricated an image of a supposed FB screen
why'd you still go there?


Stop posting every pile of amateur internet "investigation" pol spits out.

thanks lads

What a clusterfuck.

this one seems more plausible


the black panther party were our comrades

i hope you're trolling since you have a shitposting flag on

oh, you pure little kulak…

I get irrationally pisses me off when she over expresses like that. Like she thinks she's in a fucking cartoon.

What a fucking shitshow of a thread. Also how the fuck does GG still exist?

State of emergency?


Will Holla Forums finally put aside its sectional differences in light of this shitfest?

Fuck off liberal.


Looks like BASED leftykek canceled all the helicopter rides

Most fascists aren't proletarians. They're petty booj fucks like Richard Spencer, like most of the people at this Charlottesville rally.

ancaps btfo


lol nice

oops wanted to quote


Do you really think all the fascists at the rally were petty booj?


really makes you think


This whore is still relevant?

no sense of self awareness whatsoever
Sasuga Holla Forums

whoa there cowboy

I only remember her from Tech TV/G4. I didn't know she had a career beyond that.

why the hell would a black american become a cop ffs

Why do liberals love this type of imagery so much? Reminds me of that one photograph of the guy in the KKK uniform getting treated by an all black medical team.

he also blacc

They think it shows how people can be taught to "love", and how that will triumph over all material conditions. It's idealist nonsense, obviously, but it's a powerful myth.

its a job with good benefits and a union
same reason people join the military

gee i wonder m8

stagnant rn

It's unfair to write off the fact that fascism needs a large proletarian base in order to get anything done. It's a petty-bourgeois ideology, sure, but it's strength lies in its ability to attract proles.

Thus why organizing police unions is a bad thing.

That one was actually a fake, and the picture has different contexts here, a liberal would see some bullshit message about acceptance in it, but I only posted it to mock the white nationalists hiding behind a black cop of all people

Good omen

most soldiers are from fairly wealthy backgrounds anyway

Someone wanna throw that stupid misattributed Rousseau quote on this pic and maybe make it black and white?

You gotta admit it's pretty ironic.


It's on now. The tolerant left will not forget. At least those stupid red hats make good targets.

Which quote?

Fascism uses capitalism to do that. It doesn't need proles to bring it into power or even to sustain it.

They've always been like that.
Their entire existence is devoted to sedating the people. Kurt Tucholsky put it into a nice poem.

You have to treat them nice and gentle
Do nothing rash, they're sensitive
You must be somewhat sentimental
Respectful of the way they live
Don't let your dogs attack them on the street
Embrace the fascists where you may meet

If they should call for hate or violence
Just let them talk, it is their right
And keep your protestations silent
You wouldn't want to start a fight
For fighting is what they do best
Embrace the fascists and you'll be blessed

And if they fire their guns upon you
Is life so precious in your eyes?
You would be sheep with wolves around you
Why not be gladly victimized?
And if you feel inside your guts
The Nazi dagger's blade

Embrace the fascists that you have made

Probably the best option for him in his community. This is allegorical evidence but I know a black cop that joined up because it provided him the best shot out of his poverty stricken community and future life of bullshit. I mean it makes more sense to join a local community and work as a body. But I can't necessarily blame the guy for becoming a cop, it makes sense even though he has to deal with racist bullshit every other day. I mean it isn't a question of "is he justified" or if he is a race traitor, the real issue is the fact that this situation exists in the first place. Putting it down to an individual level and 'personalizing' the problem only distracts from a genuine understanding of the system of domination in place.


hi Holla Forumstard

How long will the protests last?

Doesn't seem to jive with a documentary on recruiters targeting poor neighborhoods a while back.

RIP in pepperoni

Is anything happening there now or all over? livestreams?

Okay, most. The point still stands. A very small part of the population is petty booj and Fascists are usually desperate and poor, entirely why they're a Fascist in the first place. When you're a comfortable petty booj you're not going to care enough about radical politics to go to a rally.


That is like asking why mexican americans become border patrol agents.


Death toll now at three.


What are the odds that the driver was a frustrated incel?

this has the whole dod
doesnt account for diffrences between airforce, navy, army, marines, not to mention difference between soft and hard MOSs

Well at least their deaths help destroy this alt right nonsense I guess




Speech by the governor. It is spooky af, but at least he makes it clear that nazis are not welcome, especially when they kill people.



Nicely put user

lol newfag


I disagree. Fascism historically has arisen in times of crisis in order to preserve capitalism, right? In countries like Germany and Italy, fascism acted as a distraction from communism, essentially. People saw clearly that there needed to be a big change in the way they did things and fascism promised that (deceptively) while appealing to cultural nationalism and the "good ol' days." Fascists were very successful in enticing the proletarian class away from agitating for actual change. I'm not sure how it would've gained a foothold at all by just "using capitalism," and I'm not really sure what you mean by that :v


well they probably like having proles die for them rather than risk their own rich necks.



3 dead, 20 injured.

apparently 2 of the dead were in the helicopter crash

Incorrect, there was the IWW lady and another crossing the street at least.


that the 2 pilots?
was the woman killed IWW or just passing by and not involved in the protest?

The helicopter thing is not related, no one is treating it as it is.

Virginia Governor holds press conference following Charlottesville violence:


It's just a prank, masha'allah

that's just what i read in one of the linked twitters i think, but thanks for clearing that up

it's just a prank bro