Sex equality, the most blatant lie that is being pushed on the minds of the average proletariat

Men and women are not equal. They never were, and they never will be. Through 6000 years of human history, women acted like women, men acted like men. The "it's all cultural" nonsense is easily understood as bullshit when you take into consideration that civilization with no contact with each other also treated men and women differently. There's literally almost no data point that shows equality between men and women. They are different on almost every aspect you can possibly fucking measure, and that's true to a wide range of cultures and societies.

Why should we strive for grader sex equality under the law if the two sexes are not equal at all? Why would we suppress male workers and male enterprises to favor women who are not even interested in working there? Why should we forced and trick women to do things they don't want to do? Just for the sake of "equality"? Is equality more valuable than our own well being?

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Yeah we know this. We're not liberals
Yeah no shit, one gives birth to babies and is better at nuturing them, the other doesn't.
And yet cultural shifts change. Women no longer wear corsets, they have a right to vote, and don't adhere to most of the cultural conventions back in the day.
So that kind of takes the wind out of your argument.
Again, see first point.
And this should make us treat women like shit becaaaause?
See pic related.
Again, not liberals.
Again not liberals.
See pic related.

Nice try, Holla Forums. Read the FAQ.

Is there actual proof that women are better at nurturing babies than men?

They got teets nigga

And men got milk bottles with fake tits.

They're also better at mutli-tasking.

Also better at analysing emotions

Again, this is redundant. All people have their own traits. The athlete in the olympics is probably going to be faster and stronger than me. That doesn't mean I'm going to stop becoming a socialist.

If you honestly thought that communists view all people as equal you're either a dumb Holla Forumsyp newfag or a redditor. Then again, it's hard to tell nowadays.

No there isn't. If this was the case then why there are women abandoning their children? throwing them in garbage containers, leaving them in hospitals and public bathrooms or turning a blind eye to the fact that their partners fucks their children.
It's bullshit


Does that mean we should hate on them based on their differences? No. So again, this thread and your argument is moot, considering Marxism and anarchism already account for this.


Yes, there is.

I just view that link and there's actually proof or study of how mother cares, it's just kinda assumed as an evolutionary fact.


So if it's evolution, then mothers are naturally more caring. Again, how does that detract from what OP says?

No, it's the fact it's the assumption, not proof that I'm criticizing.

So what's wrong with the assumption? OP himself said men and women are different. So again, how does this detract from anarchism or marxism? We've already addressed that we know that there are differences in the sexes. Doesn't mean or make anarchism or marxism less redundant.

Because an assumption is jack fucking shit, we need proof or statistics.

Difficult to formulate arguments, comrade?
Except they do. Because a waits as thing as a corset is still the desired trait, marriage is still a means to achieve long term happiness for women, and being single is still seem as more depressive for women than men at older ages. Look at Roman statues from 1000 years ago, and how their ideal shape for the male body is similar to what women would say what men should look like today. As if the fact that women get to vote on a bogus system they don't even understand, wear different clothes, and eat different food, somehow gives relevance to cultural shifts, as if culture would rewrite a couple million years of natural selection.

It's quite simple why your pic is bullshit. Imagine we have two different types of birds, and the optimal diet for both of them is a bit different. Instead of giving the optimal diet to each of them, we mix all the food and share it equally. The result would be that both wouldn't have an optimal diet.

Except what satisfies them and what they are willing to work for is different, their needs and desires are different. Just look at the data I posted, women have not laid a brick in any civilization for the past 2000 years. The discrepancy in "productive energy" is quite absurd. Should we:

Sweet dreams ;)

O-okay? What's your point?

1. read Ocalan for a new perspective
2. someone /r/ing the Rojava village for women only
There's no denying men and women are different, but this autistic clear-cut designation of what they can or cannot not do is too prevalent in any discussion concerning differences between the sexes. As if you count it by percentages and then translate it to real life capacity.

It's nice to see for a matter of change a post on Holla Forums directed at women that isn't full of vitriol to the brim. But it's still somewhat pathetic that OP feels the need to "put it out there" as a sort of a reminder. It's a very silly way of thinking for a matter of fact, since building, paving and so on aren't jobs that women can't do and would do had they to (see: population loss after the black death). There's also the fact that women were always part of agrarian communities and did fieldwork, so there's no reason to suggest women are inherently strangers to manual labor. Besides this, if you replace "men" with 3rd world nations, slaves and whatnot you'd get a typical benign liberal rant about acknowledging how the West is built on exploitation. I wonder how that would have been received there :^)

Ok lad. But again, how does this adress anything.

The discrepancy in "productive energy" is quite absurd. Should we:


Now again, you were saying about Women not contributing anything to society and how this stands at odds with marxism/ anarchism?

Well you can find said statistics here.

Now will you and OP stop being faggots? :^)


More and more I understand why Orwell preferred Catalonia to Russia. albeit they got rid of prostitution which sucked

So, are you seriously insinuating that actual data on the real world does not translate actual capacities of the demographics? Are you mentally fucking retarded?

b-b-b-ut, data and percentages doesn't actually translate to the real world, which is a magical thing that will turn out to be completely different than what data shows us.

what is a 'job vital to society'?


Equality doesn't mean sameness

Nice to see they can be productive when Men have build something for them to use.

I should have worded it differently. I meant in regards to the "percentage" of the brain that could be classified as "male" or "female" and how that translates to the real world in its actuality. The data you listed reflects things as they are, but not necessarily imply that it is designated that way. Again, it isn't the fact that men and women are different that I'm disputing, it's the way people tend to superficially analyze it.
Except you left out an important part of the statistics involved in that study. All those bad marriage habits are tied to the age they began having sex, with early teen correlating to high partner number/divorce rate.

Nice of you to ignore the women inventors as well. Why the hate for women user? You went through a break up? You got rejected?


lmao how can you call any race but africans truly productive when they built the foundations of human society and everything else has been on top of that. smh tbh fam

All three of them

Because they didn't go beyond the foundations leave it to a nigger to be so lazy as to build the foundations as say look here it's done.

why didn't men build their own spitfires? lazy bums, they just did the foundations and let women do all the work.

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You mean we left everything there and they just had to read the instructions while being organised by men.

I'm sure we'll give a shit when they become relevant.

aren't women superior in every way in todays society? (according to your logic)
i think every rational person should strive for female domination and the exclusion of men from all decision making

Only if you want WW3 started within a week over shoes.

his point is that outliers = average
a very "scientific" point from this man of "numbers" and "science"
because you see, studies and data collecting and shit like that is dumb, if there is even one example of an event that doesn't conform to a hypothesis that hypothesis is invalid

All born with vaginas. All served as prime minesters or presidents in their home countries. All corrupt as corrupt as men.
Corruption has no gender.

The concept of humans multitasking is complete bullshit. Besides trivial splits like walking and talking at the same time, we are neurologically unable to distribute conscious attention to multiple activities (and I challenge all who disagree to try writing with both hands at once). The best we can do is to quickly switch attention from task to task, but the result is markedly degraded performance in each.

Wow, a Christian not understanding science. Who'da thunk?

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