Try To Convince Me That A Land Invasion Of The United States Is A Bad Thing

I need a little convincing that Burgers can still be saved after debating a conservative """Christian""" mom of 5 from Missouri on Facebook on the topic of religion, the meaning of communism and race for what seemed like hours.

How does a country that prides itself on "rugged individualism" so much get so entrenched in right-wing groupthink?


Just wait until the next great depression famalam

I ain't calling for genocide, just drastic re-education given how spooked The Heartland is.

That can go one of two ways, people can get class conscious or reactionary as fuck. You saw what happened the last time America went through that shit.

either way it's a delay of the inevitable

I do not believe there is a nation on the Americans that can fight and annex the USA. If you are speaking about an amphibious invasion then you'd have your work cut out for you since then the Navy and Air Force would get excited for actually having something to do.

Because the only revolutionary movement Americans were taught widely to praise was a capitalist one.

What if we all ganged up on them? Europe, Africa, Asia and Straya'? Of course that wouldn't bring about worldwide socialism, but still we'd be rid of The Eternal Eagle!

as if this will just happen? learn some dialectics.

Let a nigga dream…

That would do it since America greatly needs outside resources to continue its reign and all that the world would have to do is starve them out till they surrender. Of course that's why diplomacy and the multitude of military bases are there for, to make sure that doesn't happen.

dreaming is how you get things like fascism.
a real ideology needs to be built on philosophy.

Dont forget us fool, Latin America wholeheartedly supports the Nork brothers against burger imperialism

The strict materialism of your version of Communism is a great recruiting tool for Fascism.

They house enough troops to take over governments themselves. Major headstart in any invasion.

Again, this is a shitpost-_-…

Thanks for providing shelter to Comrade Assata Shakur for all these years.

I don't think a land invasion would accomplish anything besides a lot of dead invaders, americans, and the remaining americans being more jingoist and spooked then ever before. It's not as if burgerland doesn't have a legacy of socialist struggle, just look at the coal wars.

Come at me bro

Well you didnt exactly chose a prime specimen of the american race.

It would be better for everyone involved if it were just nuked from orbit.

There will be no conventional war between USA and Soviet Union. Its all about WMDs.

There will be no war period between the US and Soviet Union because the Soviet Union hasn't existed for more than twenty years you silly billy


it's not a bad thing, hope korea wins.

Because the only land that it borders is Canada, which is just America with funnier accents, and Mexico which can't get the gangsters out of itself.

Too quick of a solution. We have to make them suffer more. Make them taste their blood little by little. A good idea should random killings of americans tourists in europe and bombing their bases. First one is better tho.

This, it would turn all of US into the balkans