Googlegate is a tactical win, but strategic loss for the Porky

Also a loss for the left moderates and a win for radicals.

First and foremost, it is an escalation of identity politics, that always make porky happy. As long as the wagecucks fight and hate each others over the breadcrumbs, instead of uniting over their most basic common interest, the labourcosts will go down, down, down.

Much more importantly however, is the fact that a terrible meme of ethical consumption, of benevolent corporations and visionary businessmen took a massive hit.

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made by day tbh

Matt Bruenig explained this well. He's taking it to court and if Google wins it will de facto give corporations much more power over who they can fire. This has direct impact on union organization. Leftists should not celebrate this.

Man you can just tell that he is an incel. Holy shit I hope I don't end up looking like that someday.

if the people in the supreme court cared all about this country, they'd declare Google a monopoly and split it up.

Thank you for this, OP.

Why do people still do this?
If anything, it's just an indication that whatever it is is pointless bullshit, now. Like adding "Gate" to stuff" is just embarassing, when there've been probably (maybe) two times since Watergate that anything substantial has come out of a "-gate."


Google is far too useful for the US government. They are basically a giant surveillance apparatus. Of course the reactionary right doesn't care about that.

Anyone find it strange how his criticism had no mention of surveillance?

No. He was an obvious fascist. You just have to read between the lines. That whole bit about cultural marxism was a dead giveaway.

To me this highlights a problem present in all corporate america. Its not really the content of the message that is the problem, but having any outspoken opinion at all.

In any corporate position its really not healthy for your career to have an political opinion that others no about at all. If you complain about women taking mens jobs or how we should unionize the workers both will equally get you fired. Its not a right/left thing its a capitalist thing.

Talking about ways to change the material conditions of your employment while at your place of employment is not allowed. Free speech and self autonomy are suspended from hours 9-5. Shut up and do your job and you can vote with the scraps you earn on the free market.

Its completely absurd that people are blowing up about Google being a leftist echo chamber when they like all for profit enterprise are hyper expansionist capitalist authoritarian parasites.

even the tamer liberals like Sargon believe in cultural marxism nowadays, it doesn't really mean anything.

I've been trying to tell people this since this debacle started user. The problems experienced by this man quite obviously stem from a lack of workplace democracy and the inherent dictatorial nature of large, private corporations. In his manifesto he attempts to argue from a centrist standpoint however I simply don't feel that what he proposes would lead to greater freedom of political opinion or greater security for employees of large multinationals like Google.

Has anyone with any power in the US government commented on this?

he was sending the memo to google higher ups so no he's not going to bitch about the thing that makes google all their money

I'm not so sure. This memo apparently went to upper management first a month ago. They ignored it until somebody decided to link the thing to the entire company, and only then did they fire him. So this is clearly being driven by the mob.

On the other hand a poll that went around the company narrowly defended the guys job, so odds are at least in his favor.

that's like asking a TV channel to stop airing commercials

memo first went to upper management? do you have a link for that claim im curious

Ironically the guy himself would probably have not stood for such dissent were he in charge. Virgin fascists are a disease.

in most first world nations unions are just another cog in the neo-liberal machine
not to hate on unions or anything but still….
unions for the most part are either useless or the absolute worse cases anti-leftist

obviously there are soom exceptions but t b h for the most part unions are a dead meme

It's in Damore's WSJ piece. I can't remember where the hell I saw a mirror, link is for all the good it'll do.

James Damore is a fucking idiot

If you are an Accelerationist, then it is a different story all together

No wonder he hates women.

Even when Holla Forums wins they lose

What did he explain? You can get fired over the slightest hint of insubordination, this guy litterally wrote a memo using psyc evo to justify why girls r dumb. Pretty straight forward. Also plenty of people have already been fired for saying pro union stuff on social media or even running for local office on leftist tickets and they weren't nearly the sad sack of crap this guy was. Whatever you and Matt are handwringing about that ship sailed long ago for poor people, you're all shocked cause now it's happening to capitalism liege educated white guys, they're supposed to be untouchable lol

oh shut the fuck up
anti trust laws keep capitalism on life support
these little baby googles would concentrate again after a decade like almost all of baby bells are now concentrated under AT&T

ugh.. leftcoms being hypocrites again, more at eleven

tell me, how can a union that fights for a bigger share of the pie for its members be another cog in the neo-liberal machine?
all neolibs are adamantly against unions of any kind

except for all the ones that do including the country i live in which the neo-libs gets support from unions in exchange for support and likely under the table benefits

t b h i do dislike unions i was just attempting to be nice…..

Why do people even give this shit attention? Ugh. Who cares if some incel tech dork with a six figure salary feels oppressed because he isn't allowed to be racist. I realize it's a big deal now because it'll have an implications for who and why corporations can fire but it should have never entered the mainstream in the first place. I mean, I'm fucking fuming. This is so stupid and pointless. I'm so fucking sick of America.

It had a huge impact on a huge company in a huge sectors of economy.
The left is loosing because there are too many people like you in it. "You are wrong because fuck you. Shut up." is such a weak argument, that it reinforces the opposition itself.

Ten pesos that this isn't gonna impact Google at all

The left is losing because I don't care about white identity bullshit?

i read that the guy was upper management and he literally wrote the memo to get his fellow women and minority engineer managers to check his muh privilege and tell him where his biases lie.

i heard it was a private email group for management where they brainstorm ideas and he said "i know some of what i think is wrong can u help me" and then someone who didn't him it sent it to everyone

This is only possible because of a lack of workplace democracy. If google were really leftest they would give at the very leased turn google into a worker owned co-op and this firing could be made by the community instead of a board of directors appealing to advertisers.

I don't know he just didn't write something like "Quotas shouldn't be enforced" and not vent for 10 fucking pages.

Oh wait those four unassuming words won't get you interviews on YT and martyr status.

this tbh

Its part of a bigger picture. Im calling it the separation of work and state.

I think its contradictory to not allow politics at work. In america the democracy is entirely capitalist, candidates are bought at sold.

So given their own values within their own system workplaces should be free speech harbors and political action should be required.

But capitalism is necessarily corporatism which is fascism and hypocrisy. Do as I say not as I do. You can't unlink democracy from wages and the workplace if your democracy is reliant on capital. Otherwise its not really a democracy.

The news is blowing up about it so that people focus on whether or not his claims of gender identity are true. This doesn't actually matter and is a distraction from the core issue of who can wield political power(corporations, owners, board of directors, shareholders) and who is prevented from political power(workers, proletariat, the people, the "middle class" white men and women, straits, queers and minorities)

They're allowed, as long as it's the corporation's politics.

are you guys still pretending to be distinct from SJWs in any meaningful way

aRE yOu gUYs StILL pREteNDIng tO Be DISTinCt FroM sjwS In aNY mEaNINGfuL WAy

This isn't really true though. You cant be outspoken in favor of company policy unless that is your job. You can get in as much trouble for reprimanding a peer instead of going through your manager or reporting it to HR and having them deal with your coworker. Its not your place to have a political opinion, your place is to do your own work and be quiet.

It's funny how you can easily guess some people's political inclination just by looking at them, even when they're not signalling it at all.

Explain yourself.

god, you're fucking retarded beyond repair

especially fucking google with its business model and the source of its revenues
you libshits will never learn it seems, turn this into coop, turn that into coop, turn nuclear energy industry into coop, turn defense industry into coop et cetera ad infinitum

…damn… fuckin human nature

'sjw' is a right wing snarlword for 'decent empathetic human being'. I know google is porky, but the firing of Damore was justified in terms of opposing fascism, that is, basic, nonpartisan human decency. White guys like Damore are considered untouchable even by capitalism, so there is nothing worng on applying pressures to corporations so they stick to at least a minimum standard of decency, in fact this is a crucial part of the left's function in an age of reaction, when fascists are trying to return to a time when women and PoC were considered inferior.

Please go back to tumblr. If he was indeed espousing those beliefs as part of a campaign to convince his superiors to stop supporting women then he deserves to be terminated for breaking solidarity with workers, not because he is a "white male".

sounds spooky

you're right, Google should be turned into magma, not a coop.



SJW is the result of successful subversion of the exploited classes by the porky through the identity politics.

White identity was, in the first place, created by the SJW movement.

The left is losing because of identity politics, and, in case of white identity - failing to address concerns of those people.

Unions are the only remnants of the Eugene Debs American Left. If they go then there's nothing left.

If he wins the court case it could be a huge win for Unions and people afraid of getting fired. The guy being a cunt shouldn't distract you from the bigger picture.

Corperations are fucking evil. They never had decency to begin with. Google is just testing the waters to see if they can get away with doing this to other political groups.


im saying "at least" be a minimum left of center, rather than right they would have to give their workers some, a little bit of, economic control, like guaranteed ownership in shares or voting power of some kind over real decisions.

I'm saying this to point out that a capitalist corporation is inherently right of center in their political alignment by virtue of their actions.

I'm not saying that left=communism=coops and if google did coops then they would be hureeel cultural marxists.

Google is pushing for neoliberalism, which is not leftist. Social democracy is not socialism but it is left of center. Neoliberalism is nearly indistinguishable american "conservatism".

So in summary.

This whole authoritarian liberal IDpol dogma has been devastating the silicon valley the last 5 years or so and is wholeheartedly embraced by the corporate suits as it is an easy effortless way to make oneself look just and moral in today's day and age.
I mean for fuck sake they used to hire speakers to visit and talk to them about similar stuff.
Really it has only been recently that these places have adopted anti-science dogma all in order to show the “woke” liberals that they are the “good” capitalists and stupid liberals fall for it every fucking time. In the long run the dogma will either be rejected by silicon valley for the next “in” thing or horribly backfire due to how unhealthy permanent victimization is for a society.

Holy shit this talk

Google in 2008
Google in 2017

The common propagators of this type of hysteria and tribalism share a common ideology based around numerous ideological absolute truths and this just like with many religions lead to some very illogical actions by even those who could be considered intelligent. These absolute truths in the minds of the religious is often extreme enough for the devout to disregard or even outright deny scientific evidence which conflicts with the established “right think”.

These people have at times completely hand waved scientific evidence and were completely shut down as consequence.

Or have straight up said that science is sexist and racist, for being a “male dominated form of knowledge” and not a “relative” form of knowledge.

Or have attacked nearly all brain, cognitive, and behavioural sciences by claiming “sexism”, that their methodologies are completely wrong by misrepresenting and strawmaning the evidence found by these disciplines as proof.

Lastly, there is some who just can’t stand(it makes their “blood boil”) that there is any research into sex differences in the first place.

Even though most social sciences agree that behaviour is a complex outcome of both biological and cultural influences. While others such as evopsy, epigenetics and behavioural sciences etc take a nature–nurture interactionism approach to understand behaviour or cultural phenomenons. These people plainly won’t give allowances to the idea that there are biological influences on behaviour despite nearly all fields in this area had moved past the nature-vs-nurture debate and are onto “nature and nurture” because its unquestionable at this point that nature has an significant influence on behavior.

A critical point constructionist seem to miss is that biology itself can influence culture and recent discoveries on how environment can influence the genome and how can it in turn influence behaviour throughout our lifetimes personally I find this exciting because it can someday possibly explain differences in prole and capitalist behaviours and no, it probably won’t be enough to make it okay to indiscriminately kill porky sadly. More evidence supporting human nature arises by the day, and it's deterrents may slow the tide, science has consistently won in the end, and they still choose to go down in history as anti-science morons along with the climate change, and evolution deniers than to adapt with the times. They have proven once again that their ideological beliefs come first, and science comes second.

Actually just listened to an NPR report about this whole thing, the Google higher-ups took it as a sign to take up another employees memo about workplace representation and making reports about the numbers minorites and women currently employed public within the company. Basically, they twisted this whole thing on its head and took it as a justification for quotas. I don't even know what to think anymore, the anons above were right.

what is porky?