Okay Holla Forums I'm a non racist conservative

WTF Holla Forums why aren't you guys doing something to stop these racist SOBs. I don't want to join this stupid racist Nazi movement, all of a sudden conservatism is being associated with Nazis, my grandfather is turning in his grave. Seriously how do we keep America sane?

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It's a latent response to the 2008 financial crisis. The violence from angered liberals and the nasty withdrawal by the conservatives are just what happens.


the night is darkest just before the dawn

Are you Jewish by any chance?


I know, but still this isn't what America should be, people are looking for answers from all the wrong places

No, you must be Holla Forums I'm probably whiter then you

Do you have religious beliefs? or atheist?
Important question.

You guys need to stop being funny and start being serious, I love America and this whole thing is tearing shit apart

its quite simple comrade, we must lower the top tax rate and pass national right to work legislation domestically. on an international scale, we must arm the jihadists so they can liberate their people against the marxist imperialists.

long live comrade reagan!!

America doesn't have the answers. They stamped out all the answers there could be, now there's just political violence. It will probably stop when they clamp down on it all and sweep it under the rug.

Yeah I'm catholic

Stop worshiping Mary.

read your fuckin holy book you dumbass

nope, too much ideology. we can't fix you or help you in any shape or form. idk seek help bye.

I was going to recommend literature but nope, conservatives are fucked up. At least a Liberal Democrat I can convince.

Thats not good we need to win a war of ideas, clamping down on it doesn't help anything, thats what every falling empire does before collapse

Fascism always comes after an economic disaster in the first world, especially when the country is too afraid give up on neoliberalism. You did it to yourself.

I think you're Jewish, or a boomer, or you are just unknowingly echoing them. No I'm not Holla Forums

well maybe the christfag here but gl. not my responsibility.

You don't even know we and are passing judgment on my beliefs, collectivism is bad

LibDems I think are worse, they preach marxism and practice liberalism at this point. Woke neolibs are the bogeyman of Mao's "Combat Liberalism"

capitalism is bad


my ass dude. I know because I was like you in the past. I don't have any ideology if thats what you think.

no, their spooks are easier to erase.

By Cuckservative I assume you're talking about "civic nationalism", which is one step removed from Holla Forums. You're in the same ideological basket as them, but with an ISRAEL FIRST attitude, and a pair of boot straps to hand out.

How am I echoing them, I'm a 22 year old catholic college student and mostly socially liberal, I just love America and don't want to see it became a racist country with no logic

then support a system that doesn't reward and enable sin

nigger what the fuck are you smoking

It's that sort of ideology combined with the clamping down on people that didn't back the corporations that own your country that got you all into this mess. It's far too little too late now to worry about the empire, the empire is gone, now you have to worry about saving the country.

Heh, I'll let you in on a little secret, kiddo.
As a blood red Marxist-Leninist.
I love America too.
So much so that I wouldn't let it be taken over by fascists. Or capitalists.
So will you fight with the Left and defend America or perish like a fucking dog?
Class war is still war my friend.


Okay you obviously don't know what your talking about, and I'm not going to sit here and explain everything I believe and why I believe it.

You think you're part of our dank communist group just cause you aren't screaming "gas the kikes"?

As living standards in the US continue to decline people are going to look to more and more radical alternatives. This was accelerated by 08 crisis and in Europe by the migration crisis but this has been slowly going on since the late 70s.


recognize the cause of your ills.

America in its current form is now destined to perish, the landmass and the people will live on, but it has taken a fatal blow. Better empires have tried to stop it, but the much lauded "human nature" will always kill an empire in the world we live in.

I completely disagree at this point. Maybe you just still believe bourgeois propaganda or something but I think capitalism can be described as the core of an onion with multiple layers of defense.

Neolibs are the first outer layer and are the shock troops, holding the center and stressing the need for peaceful dialog. They are impossible to separate from the enemy because they regularly use bastardized Marxism to analyze the world to make a more "conscious" capitalism.

I really, really, really think these people are far more worthy of opposition than a couple hundred fascists.

In fact, I bet you the few thousand "true" fascists that exist in America would become irrelevant if we did in earnest.

You clearly haven't spent enough time around college kids if you don't think this is a real phenomenon. You've never ran into some hipster fuck at a coffee shop that has a copy of the communist manifesto and purchases only "fair trade" coffee, buys homemade "organic" soap and only buys Apple products?

These motherfuckers exist and they are pure cancer. They are the real shock troops of capitalism and they are vehemently anti-Marxist, yet LARP as them 24/7. They are the edgy postmodern shitbags that will get real Marxists killed in any legit revolution.

Look obviously communism will never take hold in the west, maybe in some Latin American country yeah but America is different. I don't agree with communism because its against human nature and would never work. If human beings suddenly forsake your biology and become enlightened overnight then i would 100% percent agree with you. With that being said, we need to look at problems objectively and not play this identity politics, or ideology game. Thats what got us into this problem in the first place.


Cant watch that on Mac and don't want to download need stuff just to watch that

Ok, my post was worded shitty, but my point is that fascists are only relevant because of naive anarchists like yourself that choose some goofy "alliance" with lib dems under some notion that they can be "converted" to Marxism or anarchism and that isn't something that happens through direct struggle or something actually happening to them personally in their life.

Yeah mate, you're not saying anything we havn't heard a million times here.
If you aren't interested in learning about communism then why don't you just fuck off?

If you're sincere about your conservatism start a blog or write a book on why nazis ruined rightism.
Or write down a diary and years in the future turn it into a book about a dark period of american history.

What is human nature and how is communism against it?

America got itself into this problem and stamped out all the people that tried to stop it along the way. Nothing lasts forever, hasn't history taught you that?

if you still believe in neoliberalism after 3 decades of it in America then you're not on our side

just consider at least changing to democrat next. see:
yup, they're nazis. a lot of people probably told you but you didn't listen.

you will have to grab a book from Holla Forums too before you leave. Don't be a bitch, read. Holla Forums doesn't wants you to read, only the infographic propaganda.

dude, you should read. I was once a right wing libertarian and probably like you, "socially liberal but fiscally conservative"

your identification as a 'non racist' conservative is a contradiction on its face. you cannot have racism without capitalism. please read more books before dogmatically insisting you are 'objective' and automatically correct. you aren't.

This isn't Holla Forums

democrats suck dick but they're a little lesser evil. almost nothing tho.

This is garbage, racism and tribalism have existed throughout pretty much every economic system throughout history, its just that capitalism is one of the many that allows it to have tangible effect on society.


Capitalism and other right-wing economic systems are based on strict hierarchy, which obviously sucks for the people at the bottom, especially when the gap between them and the people on top is as huge as it is today. Racism gives those people someone to consider beneath them and blame for their problems, it helps the people at the top maintain power by diverting people's anger away from the system itself.

Yeah but just because I'm catholic doesn't mean I hate anybody who isn't or against my ideology, thats what is also pushing these Nazi freaks, people try to force ideology on people that don't want it and it makes them racists for some reason, you guys are going on about neo libs and neo cons but I'm just saying theres good hearted people like myself that don't want people to start getting gassed and massacred for become liberal or communist for that mater, I believe in liberty first and foremost and that may be bad because some fall for the racist stuff, but I still think everybody should say what they want. I recently lost a friend to this white pride bullshit, and its really making me feel like its growing

lol except it isn't garbage. you are right, but also wrong to assume racism is 'natural' and 'inevitable' and not a learned and imitated behavior

unless you think racism is 'inherent' to socialism or communism, then i'm all ears

Look I'm not going to argue this topic its pointless, and a waist of time, when the Nazis are gotten rid of then you can debate human nature and communism

lol fuck off

That's cool man - you're right, we talk too much theory here.
Where're you from? I have connections to a lot of antifa groups I could hook you up with if you wanna smash.

lol happens every time

you're everything that this board hates. yes, even more than Nazis.

As a fellow american: You probably love what america was "supposed to be".
Most of the most hardline leftists want what america is "supposed to be".

America is very different from what america is supposed to be. America has always had deep underrunning themes of heavy authoritarianism and racism.

This is the culmination of the differences between what america is and what america should be.

I'm a bit disappointed in how much a dick the others are being here. Our conservative visitor has been perfectly civil and came here in good faith.



Absolutely disgusting.

Such obvious bait.

Your bait sucks, and the fags here suck for n

Look it doesn't take a genius to see that communism is against the very essence of human nature. Marx even based the manifesto on pseudo science from his era. Everybody knows this who looks into it. I already said earlier
plus this isn't a left vs right thing this is a liberty vs fascist thing. We need to solve problems objectively and not have the answer of oh replace it with this or that just because people want to try it, which seriously makes me question there motives. the left before used intellect now its screaming and the far right is looking sane

Is this good or bad shitposting? I can't tell, it was probably never good to begin with.

Then what do you want us to do.The Nazis give people simple answers to their concerns and give them a scapegoat. If us commies are to give you an answer on how to fix this we must teach you on our ideology.

Im not baiting anybody, I'm saying while you guys are sitting here talking about theory of whatever the fuck actually Nazis are out there converting people to there cause, nobody is read my shit wtf where is the sane left rallies and meetings there are none

Again, substantiate your claims. You are not substantiating or disproving anything, you are using circular logic to justify your beliefs. What in particular about it is psuedoscience? Or have you not actually researched this at all?

The point is you are assmad the status quo won't continue when it can't continue, then come up with bullshit reasons why the status quo must continue and should. Your American empire is suffering the same fate of the USSR, it's a political collapse.

but you understand what communism is tho? the real general definition? not the bullshit that you believe about Stalin and that shit right?

Idk why you guys are even trying, all he wants to do is complain that everyone that shares his ideology is a racist now. Surely this isn't what daddy Reagan wanted!

You guys need to knock off this breaking shit and screaming and actually debate these people in public, without going full commie on them, just be a normal new deal dem like FDR or sanders and people will follow idk why nobody sees this, the communism is scaring literally everybody away

Yeah your precious America basically spent 50 years and billions of dollars infiltrating and shutting them down. It doesn't take a genius to see that America is extreme propagandized against communism, and if you aren't even going to spend 5 minutes trying to understand the ideology you'll remain the same useful idiot you always were.


Yes I do, live read on it before, Look I know my religion is failed, I know being libertarian is failed and I know communism is failed but we don't need to discuss who's more failed then others, the main things this>>1960509

yea I give up. he needs to read for himself the things.

socialism, communism, anarchy, private property, personal property, public property, etc.
He lacks knowledge to discuss here.

I'm out. Cya.

The are Socdem not Democrats.
And we are not the ones smashing that's the liberals and liberal anarchists.

What, though? What did you read? What you've done so far is spout dogma you've picked up from somewhere and had no way to substantiate it as you've done no research of your own.

The very concept of private property that capitalism is based around is anti-liberty

Nazis and other reactionaries work in favor of the ruling class, while the left seeks to do away with the concept of a ruling class altogether. Its not surprising that there's a bunch of wealthy individuals and organizations sponsoring the far right and trying to subvert or oppose the left.

The smashies in the US are mostly just opportunistic liberals and false-flaggers


If you're not baiting you're a living stereotype. You're not real to me. You are a caricature. How can anyone go through life citing "biology" as the explanation for why a political movement hasn't succeeded? Whether or not you intended it, you are a shitposter. By some, possibly ironic machinations, your real, actual concerns are ironic. You care for them, yet you know nothing about them. I hope you are a shitposter, for your own sake.

Okay wow so you guys are seriously going to stick to this communism stuff and feel proud to win a argument over the internet and blame others for stuff while your ARCH fascist enemy is out there gaining millions to there cause, literally millions look at Gen Z and how they will turn out

Dude by going "full commie" is how we have destroyed them. We're not liberals, we read books here.

So far every single debate against the alt-right has been a buttrape, we have killed it, anally debasted them easy.
We have theory, they don't. And our board is growing larger and larger.

Join us, we don't bite

what about muke tho

You all do a great job of both proving him right and being idiots. Congratulations.

I hope you all go gulag yourselves.

Become glorious Soviet Orthodox or a Gnostic

look at this unite the right stuff thats taking place tomorrow like seriously wtf I literally ten of thousands almost

The main problem with a lot of 'moderate' conservative organisations is that while they might not be explicitly racist in and of themselves, they will inevitably become a breeding ground for this type of garbage simply because they perpetuate cyclical systems which allow racial tensions to flare up.

This is why people who identify as 'left-wing' broadly try to attack these issues at the root causes, which might be perceived as extreme or not in line with the ruthless dehumanisation of the free market, but we know history and we know why this happens. People like this will inevitably flare up when times aren't that good, like for example, in the lingering backdrop of major financial crash caused by deregulated housing bubbles.

Sure, people might come off as civil and rational when times good, but when they're not, they'll turn into tribalistic monsters.

Jee willickers, I wonder why.

The only way we can beat them is either by getting the people on our side and getting rid of the status quo witch you don't want or bashing the nazis witch you also don't like, please choose one.

okay so where do I go to find sane leftists and liberals

If you can't find anyone sane in your life, maybe you're the one who's insane

You're right, we should've told him to fuck off in the first post.
He started talking about "looking for answers" in one of his first posts but refused to even discuss the idea of communism on the communist board HE came to.


Nobody bothered talking about that. Everyone instead went to talking to him about why his belief in how communism isn't human nature is wrong and ignorant. Which is exactly what he accused this group of.

The OP could have been answered in a few short sentences explaining that this really is just a place for people to talk about theory and the like more than it is to discuss serious movement. That the left is currently not fighting because it is trying to wrest itself free from the clutches of the neoliberals claiming to be "left" but really are barely different from the racist rightwing.

Im done, if you guys want to sit here and complain about how not communist people are then your just as bad as Holla Forums theres never any middle ground with you people, the only difference is the far right is 1,000 times bigger and growing, and when they make camps for you and me and your families and my families well all die commies libertarians and conservatives, liberals and the like while people that you guys scared away look like "well they where all commies anyways"

I answered him perfectly. He asked why his great country was collapsing with no resolutions, and I told him his great country had quashed all the resolutions in order to stay alive in its current form longer. Don't really see why we should make apologies for the liberals, who are also collapsing.

We just hold different politics than you, it happens. It's bound to happen.

Sargon was just trying to avoid and deflect everything the whole time instead of giving answers. So much that at some point in the end Sargon's side admitted that automated Socialism was the future anyway. They all agreed, gave totally the victory for free, they actually defended what they were supposed to attack looool.
And there were funny (but true) moments like this vid.

Really shows the difference between someone that reads and someone that justs parrots his opinion on the internet. The reader is way better.

Watch Chomsky vs Molymeme too. That one was even harder without Vaseline.

You're pleading with the wrong people. Go beg for help from Democraps or SuccDems. Any real leftist wants capitalism gone.

Unless we fight fascism with something that establishes a society where fascism does not re-emerge then I don't really wanna give my life for it.
Later homie


Also, I think there's also a tendency amongst 'moderate' conservatives to harbour moderately racist views without going full goose-stepping nazi, or at least a perception that racism is something which can be managed and controlled to their benefit.

Even Regan was making dog-whistle comments in 80s regarding implications of black 'welfare queens', ect. This shit is an endemic part of American history which no one seems to be bothered fixing.

I also subscribe somewhat to what Noam Chomsky said regarding the idea that there are vast parts of America which exist in a kind of pre-enlightenment bubble, values and politics more in line with the third-world. Religious fundamentalism is something both America and large parts of the middle-east have more in common with than they'd like to admit.

The reality is that these people are a product of their environment just as much as anyone else is. So to understand why these people came about we need to understand their environment. And that is that this is an world where capitalism, a system of ownership over productive enterprises, is crumbling.

The only way to actually solve this problem is ultimately to remove capitalism.

kill yourself

He's not wrong though.

Yeah, it's definitely more of a "Chomsky lectures Molyneux" type video.

Anyways, here's your answer OP, hope you like it

I'm not talking about Sargon, I mean the times Muke has tried to debate nazis and somehow managed to get devastated by people whose entire political raison d'etat is "jews are bad and we need to establish a big capitalism that we pretend is not capitalism.

It only happened once, and thankfully he was so ashamed he went in exile and read a fucking book. Muke is going to pay dividends more than Academic Agent is for the neolibs.

You're not a real Conservative, if you not even wish to conserve your own nation.
What are you then, are you even a Traditionalist?

Fascism was created by a Socialist.

American conservatism and internet fascism has long each been their poisonous twin, headed in the direction of soma car-crash intersection.

it's human nature to be apathetic to liberal pleas of anti-fascist coalition :^)

You're amusing, I'll give you my personal take on it. When\if the right rises, and exterminates people in mass, I think it'll be a little funny, in a sad way. Like the kid with his life ahead of him who dies tragically.
For the right to rise, it would need comitted members, and an apathetic group around it. People would have to be commited to not silencing these nazis, giving them a platform, letting them organize. When this turns on them, when they hope and cry for salvation from what they have created, there will be none, and there lack of judgement will kill them, and they will have no one but themselves to blame. I think this is not ironic, per say, but comedic none the less. The fuckery that people commit themselves to daily is going to fuck them in the end. So no, I don't plan to go and fight any Nazis, because it isn't a war effort, it's a political effort right now. Governments and people everywhere are committed to toiling for terrible, terrible people, and when they are retributed, I will shed no tears. Here are your (you)s you crave, now please leave.

SOCIALISM BTFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No it wasn't.

Seriously man read a book it's healthy for you.

I was refering to Mussilini and Mosley. Adolf Hitler was a National-Socialist, though.

as for Fascist italy
the economist of Italy was a neoliberal en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alberto_De_Stefani
here's a quote from Hayek
"From 1922 to 1925, Mussolini’s regime pursued a laissez-faire economic policy under the liberal finance minister Alberto De Stefani. De Stefani reduced taxes, regulations, and trade restrictions and allowed businesses to compete with one another. But his opposition to protectionism and business subsidies alienated some industrial leaders, and De Stefani was eventually forced to resign.” I am totally against dictatorships. But a dictatorship may be a necessary system for a transitional period. At times it is necessary for a country to have, for a time, some form or other of dictatorial power. As you will understand, it is possible for a dictator to govern in a liberal way. And it is also possible for a democracy to govern with a total lack of liberalism. Personally, I prefer a liberal dictator to democratic government lacking in liberalism. "I have not been able to find a single person even in much maligned Chile who did not agree that personal freedom was greater under Pinochet than it had been under Allende.’" "There are “many instances of authoritarian governments under which personal liberty was safer than under many democracies" "An authoritarian government may prove especially conducive to the long-run preservation of liberty: There are “many instances of authoritarian governments under which personal liberty was safer than under many democracies"-Hayek

I'd say America has its own breed of fascism and its been its DNA for as long as its been a colonial power.

From Slavery to the Salem Witch Trials, America has been plugged into the switch and suffered the itch.

Now they can feel it all over again. They can watch it on youtube.

Watch your videos all day… rewind and play… play and play and play.

That's the answer you want OP. It's not pretty. But it's an accurate diagnosis of the problem.

And North Korea is a democracy. And a gumshoe is a piece of gum stuck on a shoe. And a seahorse is a four legged creature that moves underwater. Truly your insight knows no boundaries.

Gary Johnson & Bill Weld

Mussolini was kicked out of Avanti! for not being a socialist and supporting nationalism and interventionism
but there is a grain of truth in this, the origins of left fascism are in syndicalism and even after the fascists whored themselves out to capital interests there were some who believed that fascist corporatism would help the proletariat
reality was the opposite, of course

I have no interest in helping you maintain the status quo. I've been on the wrong side my entire life. I'd rather risk losing everything in a revolution than lift a finger to keep this bullshit going. I personally cannot fall any lower and don't have anything to lose. Sadly more people are finding themselves in similar situations.

Christ-Chan is for Traditionalists.

It wasn't created by Hitler it was created by the Young Hegelians around the 1800s but you don't know because you don't read.

and consider joining a workers union so you don't get fucked over by your boss, some still exist.


Hoochie maybe if you didn't reddit space all the time people wouldn't filter you as much
your posts take up so much goddamn space

polite sage

who cares

We do too. It's a collection including such favorites as Mein Kampf and the Holy Bible.

There's Christian Communism. In fact much of what Marx and Christ preached share parallels. You can be "traditionalist", in whatever sense, and a communist

Communism isn't just social issues, it's issues of class and issues of human rights.

When you say, what has communism done for human rights? I can say right back to you how many has the Republic killed and how many has Capital? Far more than Communism could in the brief time its existed in human awareness.


Your granddad prolly casually referred to black people as spooks and refused to do business with Jews. 2017 ain't as racist in the grand scheme of American history, m8.

I can't wait for aliens to show up for just that purpose.

my autism does

What do you mean Rights? You own what you can defend.

I double space because that's what I'm used to. It's not "reddit spacing". I'm used to using double spacing in any other situation , and it's a hard habit to break. It also helps to break up ideas I'm trying to put across for me, I feel concise sentences by themselves speak louder than paragraphs.

I wonder what you'd call it if a company were to own a nation and have a complete monopoly over it? That's a tough one…

"Aliens" wouldn't enslave shit, discovering life on another planet to another lifeform would be the discovery, an entire culmination of the fruits of their scientific knowledge. Slavery would be the last thing on their minds, life is so rare.

I mean rights.

People on this board call the black race spooks anyway.

Nice reddit spacing faggot.

Rights to what? Why does anyone deserve anything?

This power fantasy BS the right spouts will be so funny, yet tragic, when they all fall equally to the frailty that is to be human. Maybe then, they'll learn the great equality of all is to be body.

*Double spacing

but it's annoying as hell to read, especially when you space every single sentence.
if you're going to space at least separate it into paragraphs.

Rights to labor. Rights to life, liberty, and the good ol' pursuit of happiness. Plenty of rights. Protected by law. Don't go in a Randian merry go round.

Nah, but they call the concept of race that.

You can be a leftist conservative.
Chomsky apparently claims to be one.

I'll try better. It's just my philosophy that people don't read paragraphs, they want short concise answers these days.

It's time YOU do something as well.
Pro tip: You can't change them they're indoctrinated but you can change yourself. See the world without doctrine.

Right to pursue, not to find.

yes, but it is a tool to be used sparingly
you should really work on the concision of your output if that is your aim

So, you are a reactionary, at least in terms of grammar.

We're all frailty no matter how smart or strong, and the collective works harder than the individual, nature has proven time and again the hive is the strongest organism.

He isn't that but yes you can be a Tankie or Nazbol but thats fucked up.

man hoochie literally can't catch a break

kill yourself with this playground logic

Wanting to be concise is reactionary? I just like the structure. I'll work on it, rock n roll

You think a race that mastered space travel and prolly flew here from millions of light-years away needs human slaves to do their dirty work? Automation's just round the corner in our species' history and we can barely make it to the moon and back, what technological level do you think aliens would be on?

A hypothetical extraterrestrial race visiting us, another life form in the universe, a phenomenon so rare it takes such advance technology to reach; I think slavery would be the last on their minds. Total documentation of life on Earth and monitoring its growth would be what they would do.

No martians in war of the worlds

I meant to enslave them, or just kill them and steal their land. Maybe they taste good.

This. That conservative "family values" and "traditionalism" shit means fuck all if you ain't white. Hell, why weren't slaves that converted to Christianity freed the second the water from their baptism touched their heads? All Christians are brothers and slavery is outlawed in The Bible, right?

I don't agree with this at all. Why would another alien species live anything like us, care for us at all? Maybe intelligence is purely biological, along with caring, and other traits. What if they determine us not to be fit? What if they have a justice system that says we deserve capital punishment? What if? What if? I don't see how aliens will surely pity us?

How about we bombard OP with books he is not going to even do the effort to read. yolo idgaf.

this thread is why namefags need to be banned

yes. but you should be sleeping, you spent to much time on the internet today. get your shit together. Lets go to sleep now.

Because life in the universe is rare to the point of being invisible, a discovery on such a scale would mean massive documentation and inquiry. Why waste energy traveling the cosmos in search of life to enslave if you already have technology that does not require slavery

It isn't pity, it's scientific intrigue

You too Hoochie gtfo to sleep now. You mofos have been up for almost half a day, you don't want to fuse with your armchairs.

Good night.

They'd prolly try to wipe us out or launch us into god knows where in space just to take over our planet. Earth's a beauty. A real one of a kind in the universe. Able to sustain life, pretty young, in a clean galaxy without much radiation and asteroids, orbiting a yellow star instead of a red dwarf that whips it with ozone layer melting solar storms all the time…

Fuck that shit. Kill all the Greys! Nazi masturbation fantasy now!


Can anyone explain how American conservatives went from "Questioning the status quo is Patriotism" to "Questioning the status quo is postmodernist cultural marxism"?

I don't think they'd for sure enslave us, but it is impossible to know how'd they treat us. They could treat us like cattle, and they wouldn't even be wrong to do so by our cultural standards if they were bigger, smarter, etc… They could kill us, or take away all of our weapons and subject us to their justice system. Maybe they value all life, or any life that can think, and they destroy us for what we've done to cows, pigs, dogs, etc… I don't think theyd have any reason to be kind to us.

The scientific value of what? Intelligence could be biological, and we could be so stupid and primitive they could dissect a fifth of their brain and get 10 of ours. Our culture? What culture? We like buying things? Enjoy amassing materials? We listen to pop-stars and look at art that might not even be art? Why would they be interested and not disgusted? I'm asking a lot of questions, I know, but it boils down to, "we have no guaranteed value to aliens, and I don't think we will measure up."

You're very simple

Pure coincidence, commie.

lol. Thanks Hoochie, really nice conversation we were having there, happy you ended it. Have an upboat.

We don't even know if sentient life exists elsewhere in the universe let alone mastered space travel. We just *think* they exist.

Question: If the universe is 13 billion-years-old and it took our species just 50-100,000-years to reach our level of scientific and technological progress where are the species way older and more advanced than us? They should be here by now or should've found us and made contact, but they ain't.

Are we alone in the universe? Do alien species get wiped out by natural disasters before they can advance enough to travel from planet to planet or is Star Trek-tier space travel simply impossible?

Just the observable universe has a radius of 46 billion light years. It's not insane to imagine they are far, far off, we could not see them for a very long time. First time I agree with an afro poster though, I don't see why aliens would come here and give us little kisses and communism, reads like an exotic porno.

Honestly…….there is no hope for conservative politics because of all the little shits who grew up on youtube and got their opinions from genuine retards.

Holy shit this thread is cancer, what the fuck happened here

reddit spacing tripfags is what happened

wew we all hate america here, both business and the gov

Read Stirner. Seriously, there are some things that are omitted from your view.

Fascists are more likely converts. Libs have to be woken up with economic shop, we should strive to put liberals in poverty wherever we can.


what's to love?

You're as bad as liberals that think they're not as oppressive as conservatives cause they're cool with gays.

There's your problem pol, left or right is intended to make you hate your country.
Guess what? It's working.

They were undermined by conservatives during the Cold War! For the longest time people and organizations have undermined leftists from the CIA to the John Birch Society and Joe McCarthy. They got rid of the actual leftists that opposed fascism and capitalism and replaced them with people who support that shit as long as it's draped in Old Glory. This has all been led up to by a century of jingoistic capitalist nationalism and you are surprised that it took a became this shit?

Abandon ridiculous notions like non-environmentalist/material conservativism.

You really have no idea about politics? Libertarians ARE liberals.

he obviously thinks that way because the term "libertarian" was perverted by Americans. Can't blame him, his knowledge is too small.

Libertarian used to mean Anarchist in the 1800s.

Anyone got the img that Holla Forums comes into Holla Forums sees a bunch of books and leaves scared?

Post it. Thanks.

What? No. The bible actually condone slavery.

The Communist Manifesto was not a scientific work. It was a political pamphlet, agitprop. If you want "scientific" Marxism, read Capital.

What did he mean by this?


Unless if you define all capitalists to be de facto racist.

If you are a catholic become a distributist my friend