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christ americans are so dumb


wew lads

dude it's DRUMPF lmao when has his talk ever lead to anything

fucking stupid ass Holla Forums "its habbening" threads.



RIP Maduro

you have to be stupid to think Holla Forums's recent spike has nothing to do with Trump
Zizek was right and I'm glad I voted right.

Please kill yourself.

Dude war lmao

You're not fitting in, Holla Forumstard

So much noise about possible wars! What is actually going on right now?

No, you need to leave

>>>Holla Forums

you're part of the problem faggot.

Earth to @1960335, this is your problem. Own it and take responsibility for your vote.

wanna know how I know you're new?


@1960342 wanna know how I know you're new to politics?


I am, I'm taking responsibility for the resurgence of leftism that's the result of trump
just try and make me apologize, faggot

huh wow I wonder who benefits from the political discourse being polluted with chatter about various ongoing and potential wars…


What? The US is becoming way more reactionary

You're not fitting in either, faggot.

As liberalism collapses the power vacuum will be fought for by the proud boys versus black teenagers for the fate of the world's largest nuclear arsenal.

that's because we're at the watershed

Counterrevolution is inevitable in revolutionary times

see: Syria

The cold reality is that Americans will embrace fascism over communism. Even if you want to cry about Hillary, at least there could have been a serious discussion about the anger of the working class, but now it's just "dude russia" and "hurr impeach" from the neoliberals. Well congratulations, now Trump wants to go down as a wartime president.

America is the foremost imperial power. As it degenerates the various factions within the bourgeoisie, lacking the ability to effectively project power abroad, will begin fighting viciously for whatever profit can be found locally. Honestly there is little point in left wing activism in America. Your best bet is to try and leave the country before it goes full third reich and starts WW3.

Sorry bud, John Brown lives, if the left builds a bond of solidarity between the rural guy shooting up oxy in his truck and the kid dealing weed on a street corner to pay his cell phone bill, the Socialist States of America will be founded in no time. Still headed to Britain if Corbyn wins though.

Which now you can't fucking do because there is no dialogue that the neoliberal establishment can set up- they are too busy trying to impeach him

I think you underestimate how quickly the power of neoliberal established media like CNN and MSNBC is diminishing, every time they embarrass themselves and go on with the Russia shit it's like a snake's bind. They can't escape and the harder they try the more air they lose.


maybe now marxist-leninist shitbags will stop moaning about how much of a paradise this place is

also it will create the proper material conditions for a real socialist revolution instead of a bullshit tyrannical one


Dude they are in this mess because they haven't been "tyrannical" enough.

Do MLs actually support Venezuela in anything other than anti-imperialism? Less people are employed in the public sector in Venezuela than in Norway.

When Fascism rises in America, so to shall creatures of old myth.

And of course they would want the USA destroyed, any good being would.

I have never seen a Tanky support Venezuela on this board

Of course, it's just bullshit "habbening". Wake me up when the U.S. invades, for real.

So what, or are you one of the tankies that thinks Venezuela is socialist>

typical lib seeing only one step ahead


they are desperate for a war

i wish nothing but luck to venezuelans, but on the other hand, if USA has it's new afganistan. And it'll be like that, it's going to be the end of the imperium.

Afganistan and Venezuela togheder finishing USA's supremacy

imagine the u.s. doing war on venezuela, syria, and north korea all together. with very few allies thats impossible. hes just larping

I would like to see them try: the rural areas are staunchly Chavista, they are heavily forest jungle and there are a load of FARC rebels across the border either looking for a job or a cause. Vietnam 2.0.

End yourself.


Just like it didnt happen all the other times it did happen?


I want to see the Venezuelan opposition's reaction to this

They'll probably suck Trump's dick

Unfortunately it's not gonna happen because they hate one another.

yeah i didnt vote trump but seriously you're a fucking retard if you dont think hillary would have immediately taken even more action in venezuela and syria.

yeah i am surprised to see ppl at working reading a cnn article. maybe its just a boomer thing, but hooly fuck, how do you read ANY us media anymore. it is SO bad, and even if it is right, 99% of the time, there is such a retarded spin that you cant trust it.

my roommate unironically reads nyt as a neolib. it makes me wanna puke

only shit i can read anymore is like greanville post or some marxist rag because they tell you the truth

if you're a "leftist" who voted for trump, you're pretty retarded tbh. and no, that doesn't mean you should have voted for hillary either.

they're probalby like oh fuck air strikes? oh fuck oh no oh shit no we were kidding about that whole freedom thing hahaha plzz mr trump i-


i agree but if you are a burger i dont entirely blame you. yeah, stupid, but i think its unfair to dump so hard on trump and not equally dump on neolibs. otherwise, there is sooo many burgers that come out of the woodwork with 'proud lib' written all over them to claim moral superiority.

i voted green, but even then i felt like taking a cold shower afterward. voting was a true waste of time that election. it was a shit show.

Fuck off cunt

Fuck they really want me to support every low tier self denominated socialist country in the world don't they?

The Intelligence community is really trying this

I think it's unlikely the US population is up for another 20 year intercontinental escapade,not while another is still underway.

At the very least they'd have to pin a false flag attack (perhaps a port) on chavista terrorist cells or something.

Late capitalism

how fucking rad would it be if Venezuela actually off'd Marco Rubio

The Eternal Burger strikes again…and again…and again…

Get fucked, commie scum.

They lost hope in the Venezuelan armed force ages ago, and they lost hope in the opposition when the opposition coalition said they were going to participate in regional elections after the absurdly obvious vote manipulation that went on in the Constitutional Assembly election.

They're like "If I get fucked every day by americans then that's an improvement, at least I'm being fucked by someone new."

When Bush invaded Panama it was over in a month.
I'm not saying that's what's going to happen but Americans simply don't care about what goes on South of the Border. If Trump sends troops to Venezuela the media could simply choose not to cover it.

About the opposition coalition (the politicians): They're 100% against this.