Sam Harris appreciation thread

1. Since getting his PhD, he has conducted no scientific research.
2. Since getting his PhD, he has taught no university/college courses in neuroscience.
3. Since getting his PhD, he has devoted his efforts to his anti-religious think tank and publishing books, such as the one on using drugs and meditation to discover truths about our reality.
4. He received his PhD through partial funding from his own atheist organization.
5. He didn’t do any of the experiments for his own thesis work.
6. His PhD thesis was about how science can determine what is right and wrong and he turned it into a book for sale.
7. Since publishing his thesis/book, Harris has yet to use science to resolve a single moral dispute.

The guy postures as an Ambassador of Science when using his media connections to publicly mock other scientists who are religious.

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Never trust PhDs in any field.

what about Wolff?



Are you mistaking him for Sam Kriss or something?

jesus this is great

That doesn't invalidate a PhD at all, it's not unusual at all to make new discoveries with pre-existing data.

STEM PhDs are well warranted, not any idiot can obtain one especially in maths or physics.

But with regards to politics, history and anything humanities related I agree. Newt Gingrich has a PhD in history and it hasn't even given him the benefit of hindsight let alone foresight. Niall Ferguson is a professor of history yet is a reactionary moron, spooked as fuck by his flag fetish and comes across more like a fanfic writer than as an historian.


Hahaha he's such a clown. I do gotta agree that if you follow major religions to the letter, you are a bad person. If you don't follow then to the letter, you are probably just a bad person in a nice disguise.

that revisionist? not him either.


Look at all the Sam Harris posts on T_D: harris&restrict_sr=on&sort=relevance&t=all

How is he not?


life is shit

truly the greatest moral philosopher of our time

But he's "rational" and "evidence-based" so it's not bigotry/chauvinism/whatever.

t. STEMfag

Well he did get one thing right which was when Jordan Peterson got BTFO'd by him.

That happened?

look it up, Jordan was on Harris' podcast.

I'll check it out later. It just seems like whenever Sam Harris has on these right wing guys, he never actually takes them to task. There's usually a lot of agreement so it's hard for me to imagine he BTFO Jordan Peterson.

They argued about what "truth" means for 90 minutes or something. Peterson came off as spooky idiot. I'm a former Harris fan so I might be a bit biased, but I think Peterson is way worse than Harris in every way imaginable.

Well I definitely agree with that last part.

Zizek is right about Harris you know

we should advocate death penalty as long as Sam Harris is still alive