Explain to me why automation won't automatically lead to socialism

find a flaw:


I literally didn't say that though
the corporate tyrants would be overthrown during the ??? step

why not now?

depends on how accessible that automation is. If it's accessible enough to be the personal property of all individuals yes. Otherwise nope, like all things if Capitalism is still standing when that tech is a total reality they're gonna be the only owners of it, and that sucks dick.


That's why Porky is already agitating for UBI. With it, all peons can live miserable yet materially sufficient lives, and away goes the revolutionary spirit.

killbots is the biggest threat. then they wont even need to pay mercs

class conciousness isn't going to appear out of nowhere user

Because the automated MoP will still be legally owned by porky.


Revolution goes here. Aaaand look at that, Marxism already accounts for all of that.

i want to believe this is how it would go but tbh i think we are headed for fully luxury automated gay space fascism if nobody actively disturbs the existing property relations

haha. could u imagine a phukking revolution not done by humans, but sentient AI robots that read marx in their off hours and repurposed the factories to build arms? that would be a great sci fi novel i think



That's what I'm really hoping for, yes. Advancement in 3d printers, and breakthroughs in computer processing making it possible for ordinary people to create advanced AI.



Clock is ticking.

This is one of the major reasons I'm supportive of Vanguard states.


Question for OP: Why didn't the steam engine bring communism? Why didn't electricity?

Your forgetting about propaganda user

I found the flaw in line 1. Automation has lead to an increased workload, and proliferation of bullshit jobs, while reserve labour suppresses wages.

I'm worried becase automation also extends to the automation of war and law enforcement.

I feel like we're reverting to feudalism where there's a landed class of people who control the entire military privately only now the knights are flying robots.

I'm starting to think the only way we could possibly achieve socialism is if we use entryism on the police, military and alphabet soup.


it wont