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Holla Forums is more reactionary than Holla Forums


Try it on 8/v/.

It has always been trash tbh. socially retarded nerds are going to be socially retarded nerds.

just made this


as opposed to the altruistic hotwheels model II?

I also remember an user who said he got banned from /vr/ for saying something in the lines of "Corporations are capitalist and are not obligated to do hat you say"
So Holla Forums is even infesting /j/ at this point, halfchan is hopeless


Molleindustria is just another liberal adbusters type outfit.

Seems like they are just allergic to politics.

Every fucking time.

A socialist game would be like reverse Pacman where a ghost would be haunting the capitalist pacmen, but in Europe.

Pacman but with Stirner chasing all the ghosts instead

Video games is capitalist garbage to keep the masses entertained. It only serves to numb people down into beliving what they achive in the game is actually amazing, but reality is, they haven't done nothing but waste hours and hours in a fake world. South Park actually had a very good episode about this…very well put together.
Gamers must receive medical treatment because they are addicts no different than alcoholics or heroin users. I've seen in first hand what video games do to people…it completely destroys their brain.
So it's hard reaching out to those poor souls now, because they display classic addict behavior. Under socialism video games will be replaced with board games, because with board games people are together playing a game, thus raising ties between people bringing society closed together.

There's your game.

#wow #whoa

I pretty much can't play anything anymore. All games now seem either boring or bad. I try playing but give up after 10 minutes. Is this what maturity feels like?

Haha no. Don't pat yourself on the back like that.
You most likely are stewing in casual trash or in the same old genre you've been sifting through for ages. At least, that was my case until I started broadening my horizons. Also getting extra hours slaving away in the lab got me itching for just about anything when I got done with that work.

I know you're right but i still don't want to abandon videogames if we're to have socialism they're all i have. Besides you forgot the fact that they reduce attention span, which is probably part of the reason why Holla Forums is so reactionary (can't read books)

or you could just not buy it
nice ideology

this, let what happens in that gay place, but then again it probably lead into spamming on molleindustria and more Holla Forumsass shit

this is your brain on ancapism

cant vote with your dollar if you don't have millions…

The only way to free people from the state is to insert the state into literally every factor of life, right down to the most basic level. We need state run programs all the way down to your clothing. We cannot let capitalism.get in the way of state mandated freedom from absolute control over everything.

I think video games are fine if you don't base your entire identity off of them. Unfortunately a lot of people aren't able to do this so they become ultra-reactionary zombies whose entire world view is derived from million dollar ad campaigns for capitalist products.

Holla Forums truly is the second worst board on halfchan and gamer culture is fucking garbage.

What's the difference between any form of other entertainment like cinema and the like? Aren't they all pointless?

I disagree, Holla Forums usually tells Holla Forumssters to GTFO.
OP post was deleted because Holla Forumssters are drawn to it like bees to honey.